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Two Faced Lover
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** Cameron Knight is as handsome as he is dark.

He's alluring, unmistakeably enchanting, a ladies man, intelligent, kind hearted.

In fact, too kind hearted.

A trait that is recognized by all as good.

And at the same time, a trait that was the major downfall of Cameron Knight.

Cameron is left at the alter by the woman he'd loved since childhood.

She left him at the alter and eloped with his very own brother when she realised Cameron wasn't going to be appointed the CEO and heir apparent to the knight group of companies but his brother instead.

He becomes cold and heartless, entirely opposite of what he used to be.

Finally, after years of trying, Cameron attains wealth acquired by his hard work and.. Ruthlessness of course.

His life was perfect. Or so he thought. Wake up in the morning, go to work, return home, work, and work some more. Perfect, until he meets Skylar Sampson.

And then his perfect world did not seem so perfect anymore without her.

Skylar Sampson is a beautiful as her name.

Enchanting, alluring, a goddess and a sight for sore eyes.

Skylar meets Cameron.

Feelings ignite.

But.. There was a tiny problem.

Skylar is a spy and a professional con artist.

She is an ordinary fruit seller in the morning, and at night, she is a spy for the most feared gang leader in the suburb.

The leader who would move heaven and earth to destroy Cameron Knight, the ruthless man who becomes an obstacle in his line of underground business.

And so he assigns Skylar, his best seductress and spy to seduce the heartless Cameron to fall in love with her and get information.

Everything was going as planned until emotions starts to get entangled.

Her name was Skylar Sampson and she, was a two faced lover.


*** OCTOBER 17TH, 2016 *


"There goes my heart beating. 'Cuz you are the reason I'm losing my sleep, please come back now. There goes my mind racing And you are the reason That I'm still breathing I'm hopeless now. I'll climb every mountain And swim every ocean, just to be with you Fix what I've broken Oh cuz I need you to see That you are the reason. There goes my hand shaking And you are the reason..."


Bright light seeps through the closed blinds making me groan my displeasure as I toss and turn, snuggling deeper into my comforter.

Hmm. So comfortable.

So nice.

I snuggle deeper, grabbing and pulling a pillow before returning to my beauty sleep.

Yep, you heard right.

Beauty sleep.

Men too need that.

And I sure as hell need it today of all days.

Especially when I'm losing my bachelorship this day itself.

Hmm. Nothing could be better.

Nothing could change or dampen my mood.

Not even the news I received from my crook of a father last night during my bachelor's party.

My face sets into a deep scowl as I push the comforter away from my body and sit up in bed, running my fingers through my hair.

After so much hardwork.

After putting in every drop of effort I could squeeze out of my body to make the company which was almost in ruins rise to fame again, my father as amazing as he is (note the sarcasm), upped one morning and decided to make my younger brother the CEO and heir apparent to all his wealth.

It didn't bother me.

Honestly it didn't because I could care less about the wealth and power the Knight group of companies possessed.

But I'll admit it did hurt.

It f*cking damn well did hurt to see my father give everything i had invested my time and energy in to my brother who does nothing but chase every thing in skirt all day and drown his pitiable self in alcohol.

He hasn't got a damn knowledge about how to run a business but still.

I sigh, rubbing my forehead.

I climb down down the bed, padding naked towards the bathroom.

I can't let my father or nincompoop of a brother to ruin my day.

I've got a wedding to attend. My wedding. I've got vows to make and finally make Natalie mine for eternity.

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My wife.


Only mine.

A sheepish grin spreads across my face at the thought.

I can't wait. I just f*cking can't wait.

And so turning on the shower, I let the water cascade down my body as I tune into the music I was playing earlier.

You are the reason by Calum Scott.

Mine and Natalie's favourite track.

And we're certainly going to slow dance to this same song at our wedding reception.

And it's all going to be damn worth it.


10:00AM I adjust my tie for the thousand time in like five minutes.

Well damn.

What else am I supposed to do standing at the alter waiting for my bride to arrive.

It's ten am already.

She was supposed to arrive at 9:30.

But... She's a good thirty minutes late already.

Is she okay? Did something unexpected occur? Is she having doubts? Does she want to call this off? Does... F*ck! No no no! No! I shut my eyes tightly, trying to steady my accelerating heartbeat.

I can't be thinking this way.

I can't.

Natalie and I have been in love since were teenagers.

This.. All this has always been her dream.

Her dream wedding.

She loves me.

I know.

She proves it when we make love, how she holds me, kisses me, caresses me.

She's proven it a hundred and one times.

So there's no room for doubts.

No room.

I turn to cast a glance at my best man and best friend, Julian and he smiles assuringly, giving me the thumbs up.

My sister does the same as well as my mother.

I smile back at them, feeling reassured.

Natalie's just late. Just traffic. Yea. She's just late.


10:30AM. I'm getting restless.

I tug at my tie that's beginning to feel more like a rope instead around my neck as I glance at the church gate.

Still no sign.

I smile.

In spite of the dread settling in the pit of my stomach and gnawing at my sides, I still smile.

She'll come.

My bride will come.



I'm sweating now.

Sweating profusely.

I can hear whispering and murmurs across the church room.


Every invited guest.

From the commoner to the most important people in the society are all seated in the church.

I turn away, rubbing the ache rising in my chest.

She'll come.

My bride will come.


11:30AM The whispering and murmurs is getting louder by the second.

I can almost hear what their saying.

"Mr knight will the bride arrive or not? I'm sorry but I have another wedding ceremony to commemorate by 12:30"

the priest whispers in my ear.

"My bride is just running late. Just a few more minutes please"

I reply, fighting hard to believe the words I just utterred and he nods briskly. She will come.



I can't take it. I'm suffocating.

The guests are filing out of the church auditorium now.

They're leaving one by one.

As they leave I can see some cast me pitiful glances and others staring at me as though they have finally found a juicy topic for gossip on the front page of every newspaper and social media handles.

I can almost imagine how the headlines are going to be like.

"Cameron Knight, son of famous Brandon Knight of the group of Knight companies has been stood up at the alter"

I shake my head.

They don't know shit. I stand my ground.

At the alter, with my head held high as I continue to wait.

Not minding the guests who are leaving.

I can get married with only one witness and I'd be okay.

As long as my bride arrives because she will. I know she will.

That's how much faith I have in her.




"No mother. Not today. She will come"

I shrug my mother's hand off my shoulders and trudge towards the church gate with my heart as heavy as cement blocks.

Natalie will arrive.

It doesn't matter how long it takes but I'll wait.

She won't do this to me on our wedding day.

The day we've both dreamt of for months. She won't.



Every one is gone now.

Except for my family and best friend.

I'm standing outside now because another wedding is taking place.

But I don't care.

I f*cking don't.


"No mother!"

I snap and she flinches at the harshness of my tone of voice but I couldn't give a flipping f*ck.

"I know you never liked Natalie but please don't show your hatred for her today. I'm getting married to the love of my life. She's going to come. She's just running late."

I turn to stare at the streets.

Still no sign of her car.

"Running late?"

My mother retorts

"You think she's running late? Open your eyes Cameron! That girl just ditched you on your wedding day. It's been how many hours now? Three hours! Are you saying she's been stuck in traffic for three hours? Cam she just ditched you! Accept it!"

I blink. I blink and blink again.

No. Natalie won't do this to me.

She loves me as I much as I do her.. She's just late or so I think.

Because thinking that way is much much better than accepting the fact that she just left me at the alter.

And so I tune out to my mothers words and continue to wait.


I keep waiting. And never left where I was standing.

Not when all the guests I invited to my wedding had left.

Not when the priest asked me to leave because another couple had booked their wedding for one o'clock.

Not when the red lights are going off in my head.

Not when my heart begins to shatter to scrambles at the mere thought that the woman who'd promised to love me till eternity just stood me up.

Not when I stare at the the time and realise it 3:00 now.

Almost six hours.

The sun is beginning to set and the clouds are gathering.

Clear signs of rain.

I still continue to wait.

Not when the sky rumbles and thunder strikes.

I still don't leave.

I keep waiting for Natalie.

My love.

My woman and my bride-to-be.

Not when it begins to rain in torrents, wetting the hair I had spent hours styling to look good.

Wetting the white tuxedo I had worn to match my bride's wedding gown.

Wetting my shoes.

I still stood outside, in the rain like the stipid fool I hadn't realised I was until today because Natalie made the biggest fool out of me.

Realisation finally sinks in at what's really happening.

She stood me up.. She never showed up.

She left me. At the alter.

Leaving me to lick my own wounds.

Leaving me with a shattered heart never to get healed. Not in a million years to come.



Hi there! it's me and I'm back again.

I hope you liked the first chapter.

Please let me know what you think.

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Natalie squeals as her eyes as big and wide as saucers scan the entire place when we leave the elevator.

"Oh my God Cam, this is beautiful"

she gushes. 

I must say, I would have been pretty f*cking disappointed if she didn't find any of this beautiful.

I had practically gone all out for this particular date of ours.. Natalie had always wanted to have dinner on a rooftop.

And so judging by the numerous red roses which are her favourite by the way, scattered rather beautifully around the table that stood in the middle of the roof.

And several candles aligning every edge and corner of the place giving it a dimly lit yet romantic atmosphere especially since it was pretty dark outside.

I must say I'm proud of my handiwork.

It was worth spending hours to get this arranged after all.

"You like?"

I ask and she whips her head in my direction so fast I feared her neck would snap.

"Are you kidding me?"

She gapes at me

"I f*cking love Cameron!"

There it was again.. The loud thump thump of heart beating anytime she says my full name.. I Iove it when she calls me Cam.

But I f*cking love it more when she calls me by my full name.

"Well then if you love it so much, why don't you have a seat so we can eat?"

She grins excitedly as I take her dainty little fingers in mine and lead us towards the table, pulling a seat out for her.

"Such a gentleman you are"

she teases and I roll my eyes.

"Shut up and sit before I'm tempted to pull the seat back"

We stare at each other for heartbeat or two before breaking into a fitful of laughter.

"I'll never forget that day Cam"

Nat says between laughs.

I shake my head as memories of our childhood file into my head as I recall the first time out parents had introduced us.

I was ten by then and Natalie had walked in with her parents, her cute ponytail bouncing as she walked.

At first I had pegged her for a shy and quiet girl because of the way she was usually clinging onto her mothers legs and hiding behind her... But then, all that went flying out of the window when I had called her Natalia instead of Natalie.

Like a lion ready to pounce on it's prey, she had jumped from behind her mother and screamed viciously.

"It's Natalie! Na-ta-lie!!! Know the difference! Don't you attend school?!"

I was so shocked I was pretty sure my mouth was left hanging.

Even at age ten, I had a pretty huge ego so when our parents had sent us out to play, I had waited for the perfect opportunity to carry out my revenge.

I mean this bratty eight year old couldn't get away with her miss-know-it-all attitude.

There was a swing at our backyard and she had wanted to sit on it. Being the child that I was, I sneaked up behind her and waited till she jumped to sit on the swing and then swiftly pulled it from under her making her land on her butt loudly.

I had the time of my life laughing my heart out while she barked out cries loud enough to torture me for several nights.

"You were such a meanie"

Natalie laughs, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"And you were such a bratty kid"

I reply as I take a seat.

She just rolls her eyes when a waiter comes to serve us. I had preordered everything before our arrival here.

"You'd already ordered for us?.."

She pauses to lift the cover off the plate and gasps, rather dramatically may I add.

"My favourite!"

She squeals staring at the food like her most prized possession.

"Yep. Your favourite"

I drawl out in a dry tone.

She just rolls her eyes and digs in immediately as moans in delight.

I still don't understand why she loves carrot rice and vegetable sauce.

I mean there's already enough carrots in the rice so why accompany it with more vegetables? Sigh.

That's a theory I'd never get to understand.

For the next ten minutes, I watch with fascination as Natalie eats her food.

Her brown hair framing her perfect round face and cascading past her shoulders gloriously.

Her plump lips set into a thin line as she savors the taste of the food.

Her eyes sparkling with excitement.

I smile, knowing I'm the cause of such excitement.


She calls out snapping me out of my daze.


"You're staring"

she comments.

"Because I'd rather have you for dinner than eat this lousy food. You're much more tastier and delicious and definitely contain a lot of vitamins that's good for my health"

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She burst out laughing.

The sound of her laughter like a perfect melody.

"You'd say anything just to get me in your bed for the second time today won't you?"

"What can I say? You're irresistible" 

I shrug and she giggles.

"Your libido baffles me Cameron. I could never keep up with you"

she takes a sip of her juice and bites her lips, just to tease me.

"Don't tempt me sweetheart, else I wouldn't mind taking you against the wall and the entire building will hear you scream my name as I make you come"

Her eyes widen at my words, a blush rising on her cheeks. Biting her lips she goes back to her food.

Natalie is always loud and I love to shut her up my way.

I smirk as she tries to desperately avoid my eyes, hiding her face with her hair.

Oh how i love this woman.


"Son.. Son!"


I bark and turn to find my mother beside me.

"You need to change your clothes son. You know how allergic you are to rain"

she tells me but I tune out.
I don't need lecturing.

It's seven pm now and I'm home, standing In front of our gate, holding on to the little thread of hope that Natalie might show up.

I'm still drenched in my suit.

To hell with allergy. I couldn't give a bleeping f*ck right now.

Maybe later when I'm dying.

I stare out at the road. Still no sign of her car.

"Stop punishing yourself like this Cameron please. She's not worth it"

"Mother please do not bad mouth Natalie. I'm sure there's a tangible explanation as to why she didn't show up for our wedding. She might be hurt somewhere"

even I can't seem to believe my own words at this point.

Because it's easier to deny than admit the truth.

For how long I'm going to keep denying, I have no idea.

"And you think someone wouldn't have called to tell you? Answer me Cameron!"

"Perhaps she might be stranded.."

"Oh shut up Cameron! Stranded? What bride arrives at her wedding alone? Surely her parents were with her, her bridesmaids and even the driver. Surely someone would have called if anything had happened don't you think? Or you think she's still stuck in traffic? Then that must be one of a traffic don't you think?. Wake up Cam, wake the hell up! Everything is as clear as day. That girl left you. She left you at the f*cking alter without a f*cking word, when will you face the f*cking reality that she left you?!"

I visibly flinch at mother's harsh words.
Tears burning my eyes.
I refuse to cry. I refuse.

"Cameron! Cameron!"

My best friends calls, running to stand beside me.



he breathes holding up his phone in my face.

That was it.

That one word was enough to send my heart racing.

"What happened? What happened to Natalie? Tell me Julian!"

I grab him by the shoulders shaking him vigorously.

He doesn't reply, making me run mad.

"Tell me damn it! Tell me!"

"She left!"

I let go off him abruptly, stumbling back in shock, blinking rapidly.


"She left Cam. She left the country with your brother. They got married today and left"

As soon as those words leave his mouth, my eyes automatically shift to rest on the phone he was holding up.

And nothing could have been more heartbreaking and suicidal than this.

Right there on that screen, was Natalie wearing the very same wedding dress I had chosen for her when she'd sent me samples to chose from and my brother, my younger brother was wearing an unmistakably expensive tuxedo.

The same tuxedo I had bought for him as a birthday present earlier this year.
They were standing at the spot for departures at the airport.

My brother's arms around Natalie's waist, their suitcases beside them.
And... And they were kissing like there was no tomorrow.



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Gh5. Pfft! That's all I've managed to make since I came to sit here at six in the morning.

Damn it.

Five CEDI's. Five damn CEDI's? That's all? Hah! I slap the coins into my purse irritably as I slump into my wooden seat and begin to arrange my fruits angrily.

Just five CEDI's? Ah God!. Somebody shoot me now.

It's 2pm now and all I could make was five CEDI's? What will five CEDI's do for me? And to think these rich people are more generous.. Pfft! Scratch that.. The rich people in this vicinity are as stingy as stingy can get.. I had purposely brought my stuff here to sell, because I knew most of the rich people in town lived around here.

And I thought such people loved how they looked so they would do anything to keep fit and in shape.

Hereby, my healthy fruits come in to the rescue.

But turns out these stupid rich people would rather spend their money buying pills and undergo plastic surgery that'll give them the six pack abs and coca-cola shape and popping skin than buy fruits.

"Hey! Hey you! Are you f*cking deaf?!"

A deep voice cusses making me lift my head sharply.

"Are you here to sell or sleep?"

The man asks with disgust laced in his voice which he doesn't bother to hide.

I bite my lip hard, praying to the heavens my lips doesn't slip else I would have given him the insult of his life.

"I need oranges worth three CEDI's and some pineapples"

the man continues.

"How much Sir?"

I ask as politely as I can.

The man glares at me

"Apart from being stinky and poor, I didn't know you were deaf too. Why would you bother to sell when you're deaf?"

Dear God, give me strength.. Give me strength. I pray silently.

I'm so tempted to pick up this pineapple and bash his head in with it. I f*cking swear.

"I meant the pineapple sir. How much worth of pineapples do you need?"

"How much is this?"

He points to the bigger pineapples.

"Three CEDI's Sir"

"Give me two of that"

I nod and proceed to package the items in a designed polythene bag I had bought purposely for such people else I'm pretty sure this man here would have no problem chewing my head off if I dared give him his fruits in a plain black polythene.

"Would you like me to peel it sir?"

I ask making a grab for my knife.


He shouts like I had just asked for permission to shoot him the balls.

"God knows if you've disinfected that knife. Just pack it"

I bite my lip harder.

I swear if murder wasn't a crime, I would have murdered this rude, potbellied man, rich ass man, butchered him and sold his meat in a coldstore.

I'm sure I'd get so much money from his meat that probably contains fat.

Done, I give him the fruits and he hands me the money before trudging away.. I count.

F*cking man.

Upon all the rudeness he couldn't even have the decency to give me a tip.. He gave me exactly the amount.

Would it have killed him to give me some tip? Stingy ass people.

Stingy old potbellied man.

I push the money into my purse and begin to pack up. I need to get home before the clock strikes three thirty.



The moment I stepped into my single room apartment, I hear the familiar honking of the school bus and I know what's next.


Little footsteps stomp their way into the house.

I turn to grin at my little bundle of joy, all my worries from earlier shrinking away into oblivion.

"Hey little man. Did you enjoy school?"

"Yes.. Yes!"

He nods excitedly.

I chuckle, bending to his height and proceed to take his school bag off and then take off his uniform.

I can't have him soiling it.

There's not enough water for washing until Tuesday In this neighbourhood.

He'll probably have to wear it again on Monday after I've drycleaned it.

"Okay little man are you hungry?"

I ask though I already know what his answer is going to be.. I sigh, getting up as I walk to the fridge, take out the leftover orange juice I had made yesterday.

Pour into a cup and add a few biscuits.

I had wanted to drink this last cup of orange juice and prepare something before my son gets home but I guess luck isn't really on my side.

I'll just have to settle for one of the oranges or watermelons.

"Eat this Sean. Mummy will go prepare you something yummy to eat yeah?"

He only nods, taking the glass of juice and biscuits and proceeds to eat turning his attention to the TV that looked like it was about to fall apart any minute.

I blink back tears as I make my way to the kitchen, wondering what to prepare for dinner and probably breakfast tomorrow.

What can I do? It's just me and Sean.

No parents, no siblings and no extended family members that I know off.

I barely made ten CEDI's today and it's not enough to put a decent meal on the table.

Except of course, if I decide on indomie or spaghetti and I'm not ready to subject my son to be eating junk food.

I'm just glad my son didn't turn out to be whiny and demanding like other kids.

He was always content with whatever I gave him and never asked questions.

I bite my lip, looking around the kitchen suddenly remembering we still have some left over tomato stew from yesterday.

I contemplate on making jollof rice with some eggs but then I change my mind because making jollof rice means I'll have to use up all the stew.. I sigh.. I guess I'll have to settle for rice and stew then.

At least I could manage the stew with the rice.


Later at night when I've managed to put Sean to sleep, I lean back against the headboard thinking about my life like I do every single night.

I know what you must be thinking.

That why is a twenty four year old lady taking care of a three year old boy all by herself.. Yep, I'm only 24 and I have a son.

I'm an orphan too might I add.

My story isn't something to write home about.

At all.. I get questioning stares everywhere I go just because I'm a single mother.

Being a single mother doesn't bother me.

Not one bit. I love my son to death.

I do love him but the problem is I do not know who his father is.

I spend every night and day wondering if he'll ever show up.

Wondering what he looks like.

Wondering if he knows he got me pregnant.

Wondering if his child is alive somewhere.

Wondering if he's searching for us maybe.

No, I'm not a slut or a prostitute if that's you're thinking.. I'm neither of these.

The truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

It's something that jerks me awake every night wondering who Sean's father is.

Because believe it or not, I only realised I was pregnant after four months when I went for a check up because I was getting too sick often.. I had realised I had been gaining a few pounds too.

I had fainted when the doctor had pronounced me four months pregnant.

Hell! I thought the doctor was playing some stupid April fool's trick on me but no.

I had ordered for another test because damn I could never accept that fact, which by the way turned out positive too.. To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement.

I was shocked to the bone. In fact I was in shock for an entire month.

You may think I might be exaggerating but wait until I tell you why.

The problem is, I've never.

And when I say never, I mean never ever ever in my life had sexual inter course.

Yes, I've never slept with a man before. And yes, you guessed right.. I got pregnant while I was a Virgin.

A 100% virgin girl with her hymen still intact.

I was carrying a child yet I had no idea how it happened.

Because I was a Virgin and yet... Yet I had a son.

But that's not at all.


Aside from being a fruit seller and a virgin mother, I'm also a spy and a con-artist.

Yes, as shameful as this sounds, I work as a spy for the most notorious gang leader you could ever come across.

And how I became a spy, it's a long ass story.



Good morning lovelies.

I hope I'm not confusing anyone?



I let out a yawn as I flip the eggs in the pan, rubbing my tired eyes.

I barely had any sleep last night and I'm pretty sure I have dark lines beneath my eyes.

I sigh, turning off the burner before placing the eggs into a plate. I proceed to make pineapple juice with a little touch of ginger.

Initially, I had wanted to make orange juice but then I discarded the thought immediately.

I mean, I can't have my son drinking the same thing everyday right? When I'm sure my fruit have been blended enough, I turn off the switch and pour the contents into two glasses and then trudge into the living room.

Sean was laying on his stomach just as I predicted, both hands supporting his chin as he watched his favourite Saturday morning cartoon show with keen interest.

"Sean baby, come and have your food"

I call out setting the breakfast on a small table in front of him since I can't afford a dining table yet.

Just like I expected Sean ignores me completely as he continued to watch his show.

I almost groan.

I need to make sure he has his breakfast before I leave him with our neighbour and then proceed to take my fruits out to sell since I barely made any money yesterday.

Since it's weekend, I hope and pray to get more costumers just so I can have enough money for the weekend.

"Sean have your food now"

I push the cup of tea and plate of toast and eggs towards him.

And the pineapple juice I had poured into his bottle.

He ignores me yet again.

Groaning in annoyance, I reach for the remote and turn off the TV.

That definitely gets his attention because he snaps his head in my direction probably to see who switched the TV off while was watching his favourite show.. I raise an eyebrow at him, pointing to the food before him and he pouts knowing he isn't getting any TV until he's finished with his breakfast.

"No food, no TV"

"But mummy!!!"

He whines loudly, giving me the puppy eye look.

"Eat up little man. Mummy is getting late"

I grab the cup of tea and take it to his mouth as he takes a sip before biting hungrily into the bread and egg.

I roll my eyes, a smile tugging at the corners of my lips. So much for not wanting to eat.


"Thank you so much Miss Glen"

I say to the older woman as I hand over Sean's bag containing all the necessities.

"I've told you time and again to stop thanking me. I love having Sean around"

she waves me off with a smile.

I smile back, glancing at my son who has already made himself comfortable on the sofa watching his show.

I sigh, knowing he's in good hands.

Miss Glen is an older woman in her early fifties, without a husband and without children.

She'd been the one to rush me to the hospital when I was in labour after I'd moved into this neighbourhood three years ago when I could no longer take the ridicule and mockery listening to people refer to me as the second virgin Mary.

She'd loved Sean just like her very own and had taken it upon her to look after Sean anytime I was out selling or on a mission.

But for how long will I let her take care of my son while I was away? My son needed my attention too. And I need the money to take care of him also.

How will I feed and clothe him if I didn't work? I sigh.

"I'll be back before you know it"

I assure her.

"Take all the time you want sweetheart"

I nod and look up at Sean.

"Bye baby!"

He turns to me and waves dramatically only for a second before he turns his attention back to the TV.

I let out a small laugh exiting the room. One day Sean.. One day I'm going to give you a better life. A life that you deserve.


I barely managed to finish arranging the fruits in the huge basket I'd be taking out to sell today when my phone dings with a message.

I groan stepping away from the basket as I open the message.

I pray to the heavens it's just some default message from these network companies.

Opening the message to read, my heart drops instantly as dread fills the pit of my stomach.

"Meet me now"

That three word sentence was enough to send my entire day spiralling in the opposite direction.

I drop the phone.

Son of a b*tch.

He only messages or calls me when he needs me to do his dirty work.

Never has he even paid me.

Not even when I manage to dupe some rich business men of their money, he doesn't even give me a quarter of it.

Not that duping rich men of their money is a good thing but at least he could appreciate me.

Every time I seduce and dupe rich men according to his orders by the way, I'm always at a risk of getting arrested.

The fact that I've never been arrested before doesn't mean I'm safe.

I may run out of luck one day.

And once a powerful rich man wants you arrested, he'd do anything to keep you in jail.

And I wasn't ready to get caught up in such a web. If this happens then my son will suffer the consequences.


I'm not going. He can go f*ck himself.

I'm sure he wants me for another dirty job again.

But what if i refuse to go? I know exactly well what he's capable of.

I know he won't hesitate to take it out on my son if I dare refuse him.

I sigh, knowing that like every other day, I have no choice but to succumb to his twisted wishes like a loyal dog. I'm trapped.

Pfft! Who am I kiding, I've always been strapped ever since I set eyes on him.


An hour later, I make my way into the cream coloured mansion.

I'm sure he must be watching me on the CCTV camera he's installed in every single corner of the mansion.

"Welcome Sky"

the cold and distant voice greets me as soon I enter the office too luxurious to be called an office in the first place.

I nod, shutting the door quietly behind me, bending my head low as I fold my arms behind me like a slave.

Just like he wants it.

He doesn't like it when you look him in the eye.

According to his twisted way of thinking, it's disrespectful.

"How are you faring my beautiful Sky"

he asks and I can swear on my parent's grave that he's currently twirling around in his seat with that nasty signature smirk of his.

I remain quiet waiting for him to go to straight to the point.

Rule 1: When the boss asks you how you're doing, you do not answer.. Until you're commanded to.

"Words Sky. Words"

he commands.

"I'm faring well sir"

I can almost hear him nodding in approval.

"Good. Let's just cut to the chase then. I called you here because..."

There it is. The real reason he called me here. To give me another job.

"..i want you to pack a few things. Important things mostly and meet me at the airport in an hour"

he finishes.

And the moment his words sink in, I commit the grave mistake of snapping my head up to stare at him In shock.


He narrows his eyes dangerously.

"Surely you aren't deaf Skylar. We're leaving the country. The police are going to raid this place in a few hours or less. Someone snitched on us. We need to take the next flight which takes off in an hour and few minutes. Your papers are ready."

How the hell did he even know the police will raid this place? How did he even manage to make me a passport and secure me a Visa? Okay that isn't my main focus now.

"Leaving the country? We? As in you and I? What the f*ck?!"

I regret it instantly the minute the words leave my mouth. Like a bolt of lightning, he had sprang off his seat and crushed into me, pinning me against the wall with a dagger pointing at my neck.

How and where he produced the dagger that fast, I had no idea.

"Two offences at go Skylar Sampson. First, you dare look me in the eye and the second, you had the audacity to cuss at me"

His voice was dangerously low and calm.

But his eyes were as red and blazing with anger told me otherwise One move, one wrong move and my head will be chopped off my body in a second.

I may be one of his best spies but I'm not irreplaceable.

I gulp.

"O...okay.. I'm truly sorry."

I lower my eyes very aware of the dagger pressing into my skin.

"I'll go and get my son"

"Your son?"

He replied so quietly I almost didn't hear.

"You think you're bringing that thing along? I have already made arrangements and he'll be taken to an orphanage to.."

My eyes flies back to his again.

"No way. Wherever I go, Sean goes with me. I'm not leaving him in some orphanage. I'm his mother and until I'm alive, my son goes wherever I go. He's my son. My. Son. Mine and mine alone!"

I say with as much conviction as I can.. There was a long stretch of silence until he finally pulls away from me.

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

I mean how could the boss even think of wanting to send my three year old son to an orphanage? He's got a problem with me.

I'm his slave and not my son.

My son goes wherever I go.

"Do you see this?"

The boss' sudden question snaps me out of my reverie.

I look up to find him holding up a beautiful antique box.

I squint my eyes.

"They're very lovely aren't they?"

He smiles cynically, opening the box.

My Instincts kick in immediately as a loud scream escapes from my throat at the sight. Blood.

Thick red blood.

The box was filled with blood. Fresh blood.

And not just that. In the pool of blood lay fingers.

Human fingers.

Five human fingers.

I stumble back in shock, fighting the urge to gag and vomit at the horrendous sight.

Oh my God.

"Either your son stays in the orphanage like the pretty little boy he is, or the next fingers to occupy this box will be your son dearest. You choose"



My heart was pounding in my chest, so rapidly I could almost hear it.

I swallowed hard, looking away instantly, fighting the urge to throw up.

I'm sure that image of blood and human fingers wouldn't leave my head anytime soon.

It was stuck to my brain.

And I'm sure I'm going to be having nightmares wondering who those fingers belonged to.

"I'm still waiting for your answer Sky. Time waits for no man"

his voice cuts through my thoughts as I look up, regretting instantly.

He had dipped his hand into the box and took out a finger, waving it in front of me.

I cover my mouth with both hands immediately as I begin to feel nauseous.

Oh God, could anyone get any sicker?.. I gulp hard. I can't let him take Sean away from me.

He's my life.

He's all I've got.

I will take Sean across the country, changing his schools every month if that's what it takes but never can I leave him behind.

I can't. I know he isn't bringing only me along out of the country.

He's taking the rest too.. Oh yes, I'm not his only slave.

There are others, lots of them. Who work in different departments.

Some are serial killers, others are spies and con artists like myself and others are just his mistresses.

His f*ck toys.

Mostly women.

Because women are much more effective when it comes to deceiving and being discreet.

It was also easier to enslave a woman than a man.. I know for a fact that he's going to send all those slaves through different airlines and then we'll all meet at one place in a a different country.

If the police ransacks this place, they won't find anyone because he won't leave his slaves behind.

I can't leave Sean behind.

And so I do what I do best.


Going on my knees, I bow my head so I don't commit the mistake of looking him in the eye as I clasp my hands together in a prayer fashion.

"Please. Please don't take my son away from me. He's all I've got. I'll travel out of the country with you. I'd go anywhere you command me to but please, please for God's sake don't seperate me from Sean. Please.. I'll do anything. Anything. Please... Please"

my voice cracks and I realise the tears are already flowing.

"Please, don't take him away from me"

He remains silent and I know he's considering it.

Afterall this is what he wants.

To have everyone on their knees before him at his mercy. He likes to have control over peoples lives.

And he'll do anything to corner them so they hand over their life to him.


He starts slowly

"Let's imagine that I have agreed to let your son come with us. What will you give me in return?"

I knew it.

He always wants something in return.

Even if it's something as ridiculous as letting me have my own son.

My very own flesh and blood. I do not waste time in answering.

"My loyalty. In return you'll have my full loyalty. I'll remain loyal to you my entire life" 

I say.

Regret fills me as soon as I utter those words.

But it's worth it.

As long as I have my son with me.

I could never offer him my body in return.


I'd rather die than become his mistress.

"Very well then. Go pack your things and arrive at the airport with your son in forty minutes"

I'll regret this. 

I know I'll regret this decision.

It'll hunt me.

It'll come back to bite me in the ass one day.

Just like the promise I made two years ago is still hunting me.



"I'm sorry miss Sampson but I can't help you further. Your son has hole-in-heart and to perform such surgery we need specialists from outside the country. And you know specialists do charge humongous amount. I'm sorry but we can't perform this surgery until you pay at least more than half of the bills"

My heart sinks at the doctors words.

Where will I get such money to save my son? He's only a year old.

I won't even be able to have that money if I sell my house.

Sean had been diagnosed with hole in heart just a few months after his birth.

Initially, he used to cry a lot anytime he had to cough or sneeze.

I had gotten him admitted to a community hospital where he'd been put on a heart-lung machine to keep the blood circulating and blood flowing properly.

But later the doctors had asked that I make a deposit for an open-heart surgery to be performed on Sean.

They had said a certain hole in Sean's heart didn't close properly after his birth the way it should have.

Sean couldn't keep living on a heart-lung machine attached to him all his life.

He was only one year old and the surgery was a must.

I couldn't lose my son.

The money I had been able to gather with what miss Glen had given me didn't amount to anything.

The surgery was hella expensive.

I had lost hope.

I was going to lose my son.

The doctors had decided to stop Sean's treatment because the deposit I'd made wasn't enough. I'd used the money I was saving up to enter the university to pay his bills.. I had no friend to go to for help.

At least I thought I had friends until they all suddenly found it amusing to mock me with the name 'the second Virgin Mary'.

My extended family members had cut all ties with me after my parent's death.

I was always aware my parents had been in some sort of shady business but I never got to find out until they'd died in the plane crash.

I never even got to see them for the last time.

Their bodies had been burnt to ashes.

That was what the police officers had told me.

I was alone, with no one to run to for help. 

I couldn't even go for loan from the bank.

What was I even going to use as a guarantee? I didbt even have a decent house to use as collateral.

I remember sitting in front of the hospital, bawling my eyes out.

After everything I'd endured to give birth to Sean, God was just going to take him away from me just like that. 

I recall a man approaching me that day.


he had greeted rather sweetly.

I looked away.

I wasn't in the mood to listen to some sex starved man try to sweet talk me into his bed.

"I had overhead your conversation with the doctor regarding your child's surgery"

he said after a while

"I can help you. I'll pay for the surgery"

,I was suspicious.

He was a stranger yet he was willing to help me.

He didn't bother to ask for my name, what I did for a living.


He just went ahead to offer me help.

As tempting as it was.

"Why? You barely know me"

I sniffed getting up from the concrete I sat on.

The man smiled sadly.

"My sister was diagnosed of hole in heart years back. She died because the doctors had stopped treating her when we couldn't pay the bills on time. I couldn't save her then but I can save your son"

"And what do you want in return? S*x?"

I had blurted out without thinking.

"I could offer you a job. You'll work for me and pay me little by little. Your call. I just want to help"

The offer was tempting. Too tempting.

"I.. I don't have any degree. Just an shs certificate."

"Even old men and women without qualifications work as cleaners in some companies don't they?"

He smiled. 

I could handle being a cleaner.


"Here's my card. Call me if you change your mind. I'll be most willing to help."

He slipped a business card in my hand and walked back into the hospital. I stared at the card.

"Park Greene"

was his name... Such a strange and an unusual name I had thought.

Later, that night when I sat by my son in the hospital, I realised I couldn't lose him.

He was too young.

He was my life.

And I was willing to do anything to save him.

Maybe Mr Park was a God sent.

So I had fished out my phone and without second thought, called him.

Accepting his offer.

To work in his company, even as a toilet cleaner to repay him.

Two days later, Sean had his open-heart surgery.

But if only I knew that by agreeing to his offer I had handed over my life to the devil himself on a silver platter so I could save my son's life, I wouldn't have.. But it was already too late.

Mr Park Greene wasn't even his real name.. It was just a name he used in his underground business, selling and shipping weapons, duping people, selling drugs, organizing illegal underground fights.

He didn't even own a company.

And he never had a sister who suffered from hole in heart.

He was only looking for more people to recruit to do his dirty work for him while he sat back to enjoy the benefit.. And that day two years ago, he'd found the perfect opportunity to lure me when I was at my weakness.

In order to save Sean's life, I had handed him my freedom on a silver platter.

And I was going to keep being his slave, until I repay the money he had used to settle the bills for Sean's surgery.

But I knew better, that I'll never ever finish repaying him. I was trapped.. With no way out.


A/NGood morning.

I hope your answers are starting to get answered little by little?


*** OCTOBER 19TH, 2016 * CAMERON'S POV ****

She loves me.

I miserably pluck out a petal from the rose flower in my hand.

"She loves me not"

I pluck another.

"She loves me"


"She loves me not"

Another pluck. Lazily, I stretch my hand out, feeling around blindly for the bottle. The damn bottle.

Ah! Grinning, I grab the almost empty bottle and lift it to my face.

There you are, my pretty friend.

At least you won't break my heart. 

I gulp down the alcohol, relishing in the way the liquid burns it's way through my throat.

I gulp some more.

My unfocused eyes gazing at the rose flower in my hand that has only two petals left. 

I already know what my answer is going to be yet I continue this lousy game.

After all it so much fun!

"She loves me"

I continue plucking another petal.

"She loves me not"

I pluck the last petal, letting the rose drop to the floor.. "She loves me not, she loves me not"

I repeat like a prayer as I continue to gulp more alcohol. 

I keep gulping until it begins to taste tasteless.

Just like water is.

I have never been one to take in alcohol.

Maybe occasionally but never enough to get drunk.

I never understood why some people love to get drunk on a daily basis.

But I think I finally understand why.

Once you get drunk, you feel like you're on top of the world.

You feel like you've suddenly developed wings and you can fly.

Hell, you even start to see everything in double.

And the most amazing part? The more you drink, the more it washes away your pain.

The more the liquid takes over your senses, it sinks into your system and invades every artery and capillary until you feel numb.

So numb that you can barely feel any pain.

Just like I do now.

I feel numb.

Numb to the pain In my aching chest.

But damn, I still feel it. It hurts.

It f*cking hurts.

No amount of alcohol can get me numb enough to this particular feeling.

It's everywhere.. She's everywhere.

Her memory, her sweet Jasmine smell, her laughter, her high pitched squeals, the aftermath of our scents lingering after every love making session.

She's everywhere.

F*ck! I can't even stay in my own room without getting reminded of her.

I need to leave.

I feel suffocated.

I'm going to die.

Wait! That'll be perfect.

If I just died.

Won't it? Grinning, I push the covers away from my body as I hop off the bed onto the floor, losing my balance immediately.

I blink. Oops.

Every thing seems like it is spinning.

Is the world coming to an end? Is it rapture yet?.

Oh I sure hope so.

If so, that b*tch can get to be taken by Lucifer and sent straight into the pits of hell where she belongs.

Clutching my bottle tightly, I straighten up and try to walk.

Oops.. Guess my legs aren't favouring me today.

"Hey man, you're drunk. Let's get you in the shower"

"Piss off" 

I swat the hand away knowing very well it's Julian's.

He's the only one who'd be stupid enough to come before me at a time like this.

"Please Cameron don't do this to yourself. It's been two days already and you wouldn't stop drinking. Please just stop, please"

he pleads but I couldn't give a f*ck right now.

"Piss off"

I mutter as I stagger oyr of the helplessly.

*** OCTOBER 20th, 2016 6:00AM.

I should have known.

I should have known all she was ever after was the money.. I should have known the moment I had began to tell her how I was suspecting my father of making my brother the CEO.

She would always remain quiet afterwards.. I should have known the night before our wedding when I had called her because my mother was too Keen on following the stupid tradition of the bride and groom not meeting each other till the wedding.

That evening before Julian had dragged me to the club for my bachelor's party, I had told her my father had handed over the post of CEO to Christian, she'd been quiet after that.

Never saying a word until she gave me the flimsy of being tired, promising to call me soon.

Guess what? She never called.

She was busy planning the wedding with Christian.

As loving as I was, I hadn't put too much meaning in to it and had let it go.

Afterall she was my wife-to-be and it was my duty to let her know of everything that was going on with me.

All those hints she used to drop gradually.

When she'd suddenly lose interest when we were speaking on phone, or never pay me attention whenever we were out on a date, or how she suddenly went from chatty to quiet anytime the topic of my brother came up.

I had used to think it was just pre-weddimg jitters.

But I should have known better.

That double crossing b*tch.

I should have known she was finding her own way to cut me off so she could catch the next big fish in the ocean.

Which of course, was my brother dearest.

I Ioved her dearly.

I loved her to death.

I still do... But.. I grab my suitcase from the bed.

Not anymore.

That word love has got nothing to do with me.

Not from today.

Not from now onwards.

Being sweet and kind and extremely charming was my downfall.

Natalie managed such a fool out of me and got away with it because I've been kind. Much too kind and loving. But no more of that now.

I'm done wallowing in self pity.

And I'm certaunly done with being the good guy here. I'm so done.. "Cameron? Where are you going with your bags?"

Mother's voice drift me from my thoughts.


I deadpan and continue walking.

"Travelling? Where to my son?"

"New York"

I say nonchalantly.

"New York? Why?"

I don't bother to answer her.

I stare at her waiting for her to put the pieces together and come to her own conclusions. And she does because her eyes suddenly widen.

"New York? B..but that's where... Your.."

She trails off biting her lips as if she's scared I'll break down like a f*cking scaredycat and cry when I hear their name.

I roll my eyes.

"You can mention their names you know. I'm not going to get a heart attack and die just by hearing their names. And yes New York, the same city where Natalie and my brother are. There I said it. Happy?"

She looks taken aback for a moment, digesting the information I just fed her.

"But.. But why New York of all places? I'm not stopping you son but couldn't you go somewhere else?"

"Why should I go elsewhere mother. Those two aren't entitled to New York. I go where I please. And right now I feel like going to New York. It's as simple to read and understand as ABC."

"You're going there for revenge aren't you? To make their lives a living hell? Is that it Cam?"

"No shit Sherlock"

I mutter, sarcasm dripping off my voice as I roll my eyes again.

"Since when did you start talking like this? Pease Cam, don't do this. I know you're hurt but please for God's sake don't let your anger cloud your sense of judgement. I love you son and it'll break my heart to see you getting drowned in anger and revenge. It's like a leech. Once it gets attached to it's host, it settles down and begins to feed off you until there's nothing more to feed on. Untill you're drained. That's how anger is. Once you give it a place it in your heart, it settles itself and after a while begins to morph into the unquenchable thirst for revenge. It sinks into you and feeds off you. Don't go down that path my son.Please get rid of this anger in your heart my son. It'll rob you off your good virtues and leave you with nothing. Cameron please, It'll destroy you"

I grab my suitcase and shrug mother's hand off my shoulders.

"Stop lecturing me mother. I never said I was going there for revenge. I've got better things to do"

"Like what? Tell me Cameron like what? If you aren't going to New York, the same city where Natalie and your brother are to get revenge then tell me why you're going there? Why?!. Don't tell me this is just a coincidence because you and I know it's a lie. So tell me, what are you going to do there Cam?"

I begin to drag my suitcase behind me and without sparing mother glance, I reply.

"Something I should have done a long time ago"




I chuckle as Sean clashes into me, wrapping his arms around my legs as soon as I step into Miss Glen's compound almost making me lose my balance.

He'd been playing with the toy car Miss Glen had gotten for him on his third birthday.


I bend to his height, placing a kiss to both his cheeks as he giggles.

"I've been gone for barely three hours and you miss me?"

He nods enthusiastically although I'm pretty sure he didn't understand anything I just said.

"I miss you too honey"

I pull his small frame in for a hug, wondering why I'm suddenly feeling emotional. Maybe the thought of never seeing him again had stuck a cord. I could hear pans and pots clashing and I knew Miss Glen was probably in the kitchen.

I sigh.

I have only a few minutes to talk to Sean and then get packing. I don't even have time to say goodbye to Miss Glen.

I'd just have to settle for a letter then.

Yes a letter.

I'd write her a letter and stick it under her door.

Goodbyes are easier said that way.

"Come Sean"

I lead my son out of Miss Glen's compound toward's our small house.

I'd already packed a suitcase with our clothes.

"Sean baby listen to me..umm"

Okay how the hell do you explain to a three year old that you're moving him out of the country, away from his school, friends, environment and possibly never to return? I sigh.

It's better to take the easiest route out of this.

"Do you want to sit on ae-ro-pl-ane??"

I drag out the words moving my hands in the air for emphasis.

Sean squints his eyes in cofusion for a moment, focusing on the movements of my hands.

Then suddenly his eyes widen in realisation as he runs into the house, returns later with his favourite plane toy.

He waves it in front of me excitedly.

"Yes baby. Do you want to sit inside? A very big one?"

I spread my hands wide as he claps excitedly.

"Yes. Yes. I want to see!"

I laugh.

Perfect. At least he was excited with the idea of sitting in the original version of his plane toy.

"Good. Go and get your school bag and let's go"

he nods enthusiastically before running inside.

I quickly use the opportunity to send Miss Glen a text message telling her I've come to pick Sean up and apologising profuse it for leaving impromptu like this.

It may take a while before she finds the letter I tucked under her door.

I don't want her searching the entire neighbourhood for fear of Sean being missing. Sean comes back out right then, his bag at his back.

"Mummy let's go!"

He tugs at my skirt impatiently.

I chuckle. Someone seems to be more excited than I am.

"Okay okay. Come on"

I grab his hand and pull the other suitcase with my other hand as we wall out of the compound to catch a cab.

I cast a last glance at Miss Glen's compound.

"I'm so sorry"

I'll come back. For you. One day. I promise.


Thirty minutes later, Sean and I are making our way towards the checkpoint.

After we were checked and cleared, we made our way towards the departure hall where I spotted three more slaves, who were also spies like myself.

If I'm not mistaken, I'm sure the others would be split into groups and travel with different airlines or they'd most likely be smuggled out if the country.

I'd bet on a million CEDI's that it's the latter.

The boss loves his money too much to spend on buying travel tickets for each slave.

"What took you so long? I gave you forty minutes and it's been fifty minutes already"

the boss sneers in a low voice as he approaches.

Jeez, it's not like I was an hour late. I mentally roll my eyes.

"I'm sorry"

I apologise.


he mutters, shifting his attention to Sean who was staring around the airport in awe.

"Hello little man. It's a pleasure to meet you"

he extends a hand towards Sean who backs away with a frown immediately, hiding behind me.

Well, seems like someone doesn't like him.

"It seems your son doesn't like me"

he chuckles getting up. Because you're a narcissistic piece of sh*t.

I almost blurt out..

"That's how he is with strangers sir"

I say instead.

"Hmm" he doesn't say a word as he regards Sean thoughtfully for a while before shifting his gaze to me, eyes resting on my face.

"I love that blonde wig on you, wear it more often"

he says.

It's a disguise you stupid fool! I was tempted to shout but I knew better than to blurt that out.

I had wore this wig that had incredibly thick bangs that covered my forehead and almost my eyes too for disguise just in case someone I had duped decides to show up and recognize me.

Call it intuition, but I had a bad feeling.

Afterall most of them were rich, well known men so it wouldn't be impossible to run into one of them here right? Rich men travel as frequently as they drink water.

And I pray to the heavens I don't run into any of them.

I tug at Sean's hand leading him towards one of the seats when I spot someone.

My heart sinks to the pit of my stomach When I say someone, I mean more like the last person I had been asked to dupe a month ago.

He was an old rich man who decided to outsmart Mr Park or should I say the boss a few months ago when he'd ordered for ten girls.

Yep, you read right. Ordered.

The stupid man ordered for ten girls like he was ordering for a pair of shoes online.

Don't ask me where the boss manages to get the girls from because honestly I have no idea.

All I know is the girls are brought in.

By sea or by land, I do not know.

But my best guess is that the boss is even into human trafficking.. And this old man had taken the girls, spent the night with each of them for several days, or perhaps shared them among his rich friends during a party, alternating in between, as sick and twisted as it was, paid the boss half of the amount initially agreed.

Claiming most of the girls were too skinny and whiny in bed.

Enraged, the boss had asked me to seduce and dupe him of his money.

Something which was unusual because normally, he would have ordered the man to be killed for cheating and taking him for a fool.

But I guess he wanted a way to keep his most eligible customer and have the money he had been cheated off back at the same time.

That way, the old man continues been his customer and I dupe him of his money.

Killing two birds with one stone without killing the man himself.

Yea, the boss could play dirty like that. I'm not sure the man was ever aware I was working for Mr Park.

But right now, if he sees me and recognizes me standing with the boss, he's going to put two and two together and figure it all out.

It had been broadcasted on the news that he'd been duped more than half of his assets. By whom and why?.

It was never stated. I'm sure he was protecting his reputation by not telling anyone he was duped by a girl he wanted to sleep with.

But if this man recognizes me, it'll take only a second for him to call the police on me and get me arrested.

Sh*t. How did I get myself into this mess? I turn away instantly, avoiding eye contact. But it was too late.

His eyes had caught mine and he was walkihg towards me.

Oh no. F*ck no!

"Fancy seeing you here Mr White"

the boss steps forward immediately distracting the old man for a second.

"Hello Mr Park"

he greets in return, shifting his gaze to me again.

Sh*t! Why did he have to be here, at the airport, of all places in the world, of all days? Damn it.

My eyes catches Mr Park and I see him giving me the eye.

That look, I know so well.

That look that says 'when you get caught, you're on your own'.

I have to get out of here.

If this man recognizes me, I'm sure the boss will pretend he doesn't know me.

He will willingly sell me to the dogs than lose a customer like Mr White who brings him more cash than I do on daily basis.

I have to save my ass. I grab Sean's hand tighter, searching for the nearest exit, ready to bolt and run for my life.

Even this wig can't save me from being recognized now.

"Well hello there, what do we have here?"

Mr White side steps Mr Park as he makes his way towards me.

He stops right in front of me, looking at me intently, scanning my face, like he's studying me, more like trying to recall where he's seen my face before.

"You look awfully familiar. You remind me of..."

Sh*t. This was it.. I had to get out of here. Fast!.




I step out of the bathroom, padding naked towards the glass window and stepping out onto the balcony of my penthouse, leaving droplets of water on my trail.

Stretching my hand, I grab the last cigarette from the small glass table and light it, pushing it into my mouth and take a long drag relishing in the smoke that exits my nostrils..I lean against the wall, watching the city with total disinterest.

My gaze fixated on the roundabout in front of my home.

The same roundabout that leads to Natalie and her f*cking husband's home.

The path that I've come to memorise so well I could shut my eyes and walk there, return and walk back there without hurdles.

I take another long drag, watching the road.

Knowing fully well that their house is just a few miles away.

Sure I know where they're living. I've known for the past three years since I moved to New York.

I know where they live, where they work, what time they leave for work in the morning and what time they return.

I know of their favourite restaurant where they go to eat every Saturday. 

I know everything.

No, I'm not stalking them and no they don't know I'm in new York and I haven't bothered to go see them or cross paths with them.

Because the day I do, the day I allow them set eyes on me again after that heartwrenching betrayal, I'd make sure to make it such a memorable day for them.

As memorable as my wedding day was for me.

They day I willingly go to see them, I'd have them eating from the palm of my hand.

I'll have them rolling on the floor in dirt.

But that day hasn't arrived yet. It hasn't. But soon it will.. Soon.

The knocking at my door snaps me out of my thoughts as I turn, walking back into the bedroom to grab some clothes to wear.


I watch the door slide open as the familiar face enters.

I roll my eyes.

"What now?"

"You destroyed the punching bags again Cam. And this time, you destroyed two"

he drops the bags at my feet, irritation clear in his voice


"So you and I are going out to buy new ones. I can't have you destroying them while I end up buying more to replace them"

"You just need an excuse to make me step out of the house Julian." 

I deadpan, taking another drag of my cigarette.

"Nope, not today. I'm serious. It's High time you start going out to buy new punching bags yourself anytime you destroy it. And also you start doing grocery shopping by yourself. I'm not your mama for heaven's sake!"

He says dramatically.

"Aww but I always thought you were my mama until today Julie"

I say purposely to aggravate him. And it works.

"Stop calling me Julie you douche, it's Julian. Stupid dork"

I chuckle when he glares at me.

"Stop laughing. I'm serious. I mean come on! You basically use all sort of weapons on an innocent punching bag. Who does that? That's twisted. Note, the key word is punching. Repeat after me pu-nch-ing. You punch it not use knives and other weapons you have on it"

he explains like he's talking to a five year old. I snort.

"I know what a punching bag is used for thank you. Besides it's not my fault I like to view the bag as my opponent. Punching won't be enough to take down an opponent in a ring you know"

"Whatever. Get up, we're leaving for the market"

"Can't you like go alone?"

"No. Get up else were both going to starve in this house. You have a fught tonight Cameron, you don't want to fight on an empty stomach do you? Because If that happens you're gonna lose for the first time"

My face darkens at his words.

Ever since I joined the illegal underground fighting, two years ago, I've never lost a match.

I channeled whatever anger and hateful feelings I harboured into the fight and I never stopped kicking and punching until my opponent was face down .

I sigh, getting up as I pick my Wallet.

"Come on,let's go"

I grumble.. I hate grocery shopping.

"And stop smoking Cam, drop that thing" I roll my eyes

"Yes mama".

I dip the butt of the cigarette into the ash till it burns out.


he mutters


I retort following him.



Wiping the sweat off my brow, I remove the apron and hang it in the kitchen.

I walk toward the dinning table and look over everything before nodding in approval.. Everything is set for dinner for the Monroe's tonight.

I stare around the living room and then nod again feeling satisfied with my work.

The house is sparkling clean and dinner is set.

Grabbing my small bag, I walk out onto the veranda where Mrs Monroe is seated on a lazy chair reading some sort of magazine.. "I'm done ma'am"

I say as I go to stand before her.

She closes the magazine and looks up at me before smiling.

"Oh, I almost forgot you're still here Sky"

she tells me, pulling her purse from the bag that sat beside her.

Pulling out several wads of noted, she hands me my money.. "Here this is 70$"

"Thank you Mrs Monroe"

I grin as take the money, pocketing it.

"See you tomorrow ma'am"

"See you Sky and say hi to Sean for me"

"Will do"

I reply as I sprint towards the gate.

Sean must be home by now waiting for me.

I stayed much longer than usual today.

I began working as Mrs Monroe's cleaner almost a year ago. 

I had been job hunting for months, jumping from one menial job to another.

No permanent job. I was getting frustrated.

No one wanted to hire a high school drop out especially in this part of New York.. Yep, the boss had brought us all to new York where I must say his shady business keeps increasing a thousand folds than it did back in Ghana.

If there anything I don't regret, it's coming here because after that near death experience I had with Mr White who almost recognised me at the airport three years ago, I decided not to return to Ghana.

At least for a while.

I couldn't risk getting seen. 

I almost had a heart attack when Mr White wanted to know my name that day.

Luckily, our time for departure was announced just then and I rushed, more like run out of there towards the plane without looking back.

It was a close save.

I may not be lucky next time. So yeah, I met Mrs Monroe during another one of my numerous job haunting when she was doing grocery shopping.. Her purse had fallen down while she picked up some foodstuffs from the stand.

A signed cheque along with a few jeweleries and some money fell from the purse.

I had chased Mrs Monroe all the way to the other side of the market to give her back her purse.

When I found her, she was bawling her eyes out after realising she couldn't find her purse containing such huge amounts of money.

She had thanked me profusely when I handed it to her after telling her I saw it fall from her bag.

She had told me she was going to use the items to pay a debt she had been owing. She had given me her card and asked me to call her and that's how I landed the partime job of being her cleaner.

I couldn't afford to do it full-time because of Sean, he too needed my time and attention though he claims he's a big boy now.

As for the cooking, she had pleaded with me once to help her cook when she couldn't arrive home early to cook for her husband and children.

Let's just say ever since, I occasionally prepared dinner as part of my job and she also increased my pay.

It's a win-win situation I must say. 

I sigh, counting the money once more as I walk on the streets before tucking it back into my pocket, taking a bend towards the nearest supermarket I'd buy something nice for Sean on my way back.

Perhaps His favorite pretzels or pickles? Hmm.

I think pretzels will do.

He loves them I think... Suddenly, I bump into a hard wall.


Okay, ouch. I take a step back, rubbing my chin when my eyes come into contact with a grey shirt.

Walls do not wear shirt right? I let my eyes travel up, my eyes widening as I notice the hard ripped muscles beneath the grey shirt.

The shirt clings to the body so perfectly I can almost count the packs.

Okay, guess it was a man afterall and not a wall.

My eyes continue to travel up, ready to apologise to whoever I just bumped into when I stop short.

F*ck!. Brown. Deep brown eyes is what I'm met with as soon I look up.

So brown it reminds me of chocolate.


Sharp, pointed nose seated perfectly on his face.

And his lips.

Oh someone shoot me now.

Small, yet plump dark lips.

So inviting.

My eyes travel back up and that's when I notice hair.

Long flowing hair in loose faux braids are falling effortlessly over the man's shoulders. Oh my God.. I've never been a fan of men with braids but damn, this man makes wearing braids so damn perfect.

He's the epitome of beauty.

Never have I come across such a beautiful man.

His eyes, so brown, so intense as they stare back at me.

"Are you blind girl?!"

Mr chocolate eyes barks at me, snapping me out of my daydream.

I blink.

Did he.. Did he just call me a girl? Me? A girl? Do I look like a girl?. Oh hell, I'm a full grown ripe woman.

My nostrils flare, anger surging through me.. "I'm no girl Mr chocolate eyes, I'm a woman!"

I wag my finger in front of him. 

I hear chuckles and that's when I notice another man beside Mr chocolate eyes.

He too is handsome.

Very hot except, he's got short cropped hair.

"And I'm not blind! You bumped into me, so let's apologise together!"

I add. Okay what's wrong with me all of a sudden.

Mr chocolate eyes frowns.

"Apologise? You've got to be f*cking kidding me girl. You're delusional. I apologise to no one"

he says.. Okay, this man is rude. I don't find him attractive anymore.

"Delusional? How dare you. Are you this rude?"

"My apologies ma'am. My friend here is in a bad mood. Come on Cameron, let's go"

Mr second handsome man says. At least he's polite. And oh, Mr chocolate eyes name is Cameron? Such a nice name for a rude man.

"Why are you apologising Julian? She's supposed to be apologizing. She bumped into me not the other way around. We should check our pockets, I've heard this is the new strategy for pickpockets. They bump into you, distract you with stupid talks and by the time they're gone, you realise your wallet is missing. She could either be one of them or some whore looking for her next target"

Mr chocolate eyes says nonchalantly like he's been learning the word 'whore' his entire life. 

I gasp, did he just insinuate I'm a thief or whore? No one has disrespected me in public like this before.

Anger surges through me as I lift my hand without second thoughts and slap him across the face, hard.

"If you didn't want to apologise you could have walked away. No big deal. There was no need to insult me in such a manner. Don't you have respect? What kind of a man are you?!" 

I spit. I watch as Mr chocolate eyes darkens further with fury as he advances towards me.

In the blink of an eye, I'm pushed against a wall hard.

I wince when my back collides with the hard surface. Mr chocolate eyes grips my neck, squeezing.. He looks like an entirely different person.

Like he hates me.

My eyes widen as I struggle to breath, trying desperately to pry his hands away.

"What kind of a man am I? You dare ask what kind of a man am I? After everything I did for you, you have the f*cking effrontery to spew rubbish in my face. You b*tch!"

He growls. Okay what is he talking about? What does he mean by after everything he did for me?

"I'll make you pay. I swear by what I hold dearest. I'll make you wallow in mud by the time I'm done with you. You dare ask what kind of a man I am? I f*cking hate you. I loathe you with every fibre in me"

Oh my God, is this how I'm going to die? Getting strangled by a stranger who's mistaken my identity for someone else.

Black dots blinds my vision.

I see the guy who Mr chocolate eyes called Julian rushes to him, grabbing his hands.

"Stop it Cameron! You're creating a scene. You'll kill her. Stop it!"

His efforts were useless as Mr chocolate eyes stares at me with so much hatred. Do I know him?

"Snap out of it Cameron! Snap out! She's not Natalie! Stop it damn it!"

Julian yells and immediately he let's go off me, so fast like I'm fire and I'm burning him.

I drop to the ground heaving loudly.

Mr chocolate eyes storms past me angrily.. What the hell just happened? And who the f*ck is Natalie!



Hi guys, so sorry for making you wait so long.

I've been feeling under the weather for over a week now and so I was unable to write.. I hope this chapter is long enough to compensate? and I hope you like this chapter too!.

Let me know.

Good day



I push the door to the penthouse open and storm past the living room towards my bedroom.

Stopping near my bed, I pull the first drawer open taking out a fresh packet of cigarette together with a lighter.

Ripping the packet open, I pull out one and light it pushing it into mouth immediately, taking a long drag, allowing the smoke burn my throat for a while before lettimg it leave through my nostrils.

I take another long drag, again and again until my nerves begin to go back to normal.

The door suddenly burst open and I make no move to acknowledge the intruder.. I'm beyond pissed at the moment I could snap someone's neck.

"What the f*ck was that Cameron!"

Julian screams, banging the door behind him loudly as he makes his way towards me. I don't turn.

"I'm talking you dammit! What the f*ck was that stunt you pulled out there, strangling an innocent lady? Cameron I'm talking to you!"

I take another long drag, rolling the cigarette between my fingers.

"Not now Julian. I need to be alone"

"This is not the time to be alone. And... F*ck are you even listening? Give me that!".

I growl when he snatches the cigarette from me, dumping it onto the floor and crushes it under his feet.. Without another word, I turn to grab another cigarette when he grabs the entire packet and throws it out the window.

"What the f*ck Julian? I bought those with money dammit!"

"And you're definitely going to use the same f*cking money to treat lung cancer if you keep smoking this stupid sh*t!"

He snaps.. I take a deep breath to calm my raging self. Only Julian can talk shit like that to me and still walk away free.

"What's your problem?"

"My problem? You are asking me what's my problem?!"

He yells incredulously like he can't believe I'm asking such a question.

"Why did you almost kill that lady Cameron?"

Oh so we're back to that again.

"Because she was so damn annoying and talks too much. She was getting on my nerves"

I say turning away.

"You could have walked away"

"What's the fun in that?"

"Oh cut the crap! I know you very well to know there's more to it than the eyes sees. Why did you strangle that lady?"

"You seem to care an awful lot about that girl"

I smirk earning a deeper frown from him.

"Don't change the subject Cameron".

I sigh in agitation rubbing my temple.

Julian just won't let this go until I tell him.

"Natalie said similar words to me when I demanded why she chose to stand me up at the alter like that"

I frown at the memory.

"What? But you and Natalie never spoke after...."

He trails off, realisation dawning on him.

"You called her?".

I nod

"Yes. A day after the wedding was called off. I bought a new sim card and called her. I needed answers"




The sweet voice I had grown so accustomed to says when she answers the call.

I hold my breath.

"Hello? Who's this? Speak up else I'll hang up and report this number"

"D..don't hang up"

I manage to say. Silence.

I could hear her sharp intake of breath as soon as I spoke.

Of course she'd recognize my voice anywhere.

"Nat? Are you there?"

I had to ask to be sure after a while of silence.

"What do you what Cameron?"

Is she f*cking kidding me? She really has the guts to ask me what I want?

"Answers Natalie. I need answers. I want to know why you did what you did yesterday, leaving me at the alter. I've tried so hard yet I can't seem to wrap my head around anything. I just can't. True, I saw the pictures and all but sometimes looks can be deceiving. What you see isn't always the truth. There are two sides to every story and I've heard everybody's side. I'm yet to hear your side of the story because that's how much I trust you. Please tell me Natalie, did you really never love me? Or you were forced to do this? Tell me Natalie, I'll understand. If you were forced then I'll do everything in my power to..."

"That's your problem Cameron"

she cuts me off rudely

"This. This is the exact same reason I chose you brother"

"What... What kind of a woman are you?"

I ask in daze as her words hit me like a moving train, struggling to find the right words.. "You should be asking yourself that Cameron. What kind of a man are you? Do you know the kind of man you are? Because you're everything I do not want in a man. You're too soft, much too dull for my liking. So dull that you cant even give me rough s*x. You're not ambitious. You're not spontaneous. You're stagnant, like a choked gutter. Neither do you move backwards nor forward. You're always in the same position which is why your father handed over the company to your brother because he's strong willed....."

I hung up immediately smashing the phone against the nearest wall, unable to hear more of the words that felt like a thousand shards of glass penetrating through me. What kind of a man am I?. I'm everything she doesn't want in a man?. Those words, will always linger in my head. Never will I forget her betrayal. Never.



"It was after that phone call that I packed everything and left the country. I'd gotten the answers I didn't need to hear"

I clear my throat roughly, noticing Julian staring at me like, he feels bad for me. I don't need anyone feeling pity for me.

"Now now Julian don't stare at me like you feel sorry for me. I'm over it. Now that my story telling time is over, I need to go find something to eat and proceed with training. I have a few hours left for my next fight"

I turn away and exit, making my way towards the kitchen.



I kill the engine as I park near the rest of the cars in the designated parking lot.

I pull the key from the ignition and alight, Julian does the same.

"You know I'll never be in support of you being involved with this illegal business"

he says as we walk together.

"And what's stopping you from chewing my head off today?"

I ask. Julian always made his priority to chew my head off anytime I was getting ready for a fight for the past two years, simply because he thinks it's too illegal.

Well if it's illegal, I'm not exactly a saint either.

Besides, these fights bring in more money than the small company I'm currently running.

This is just a side business to bring in more money. Everybody loves money right? But Surprisingly, he's not yelling at me.

"Well that's because I figured it's much better to have you channel your anger and strangle your opponent during a fight rather than have you go about strangling strangers at market places"

he replies making me groan as we reach the entrance of the high profile club, hand them our IDs before we're allowed entrance.

I snort..

"You'll never let me hear the end of this will you?"

He laughs.

"It's fun having something to hold over your head"

"It was just once Julian. I don't go around strangling people in market places like you said. Besides that girl talks too much. Too annoying"

I snort again, remembering that lousy talker from the market.

She didn't even apologise for bumping into me. Pfft!

"Hey Mr chocolate eyes, I'm no girl! I'm a woman!"

Julian shrieks in an incredibly disturbing girly voice as he mimics the girl from earlier, wagging his finger in my face just like she had done.

We both burst out laughing at that.

I've never come across a lady who gets disturbed because she's addressed as a girl.

"Next time don't address a woman as a girl. Know the difference dude"

I roll my eyes as we get to the last door at the corner, pushing it open, the guards welcome us in without asking for our IDs.

With the way this club was such a high profiled place, meant for only the wealthy, I doubt anyone would ever guess there's another inner room behind the club where all these fights are held.. I make my way towards the changing room.

Judging by the time, I have about twenty five minutes to change, warm up a little bit before the fight begins.

I move towards the dresser, ready to change my clothes when a knock sounds on the door.


The MC/ instructor strolls in.

"The match doesn't begin until 8:30"

I say to him.

"I know. I'm not here to call you for the match. Rather for a different reason"

I turn to face him.

"Oh? What is it then?"

"The boss, I mean the owner of this fighting arena. The one who started with this business. Is asking for your audience"

I raise a brow.

"Yeah? Why? I mean he's never showed up to watch a single match. His job is to sit somewhere else, keeping track of the best fighters while loading his bank account with the money coming from here so why is here today? Asking to see me too?"

"I don't know. We'll find out when you go see him"

he shrugs.

"Okay then"

"And becareful, I've heard he's as merciless and dangerous as it could get. Do not mess with him please, I know how much of a douche you can be when you want"

He warns making me scoff.

"Really? What's this Boss of yours name by the way?"

"Umm.. I think it's.. Park. Yea. His name is Park Greene"



I get tackled the second I push the door open and step foot into the small room.


I chuckle.

Well who else? I bend towards his height, ruffling his hair as I plant sloppy kisses to his cheeks.

He whines in protest.


I ask with a slight pout as I pull back.

"You don't want mummy to kiss you?"

"I'm a big boy now!"

He huffs. "Oh really? Who told you you were a big boy now?"

"Umm aunty Maya.. Umm.. She says I'm a big big now. She says I can beat the bad guys who disturb you!"

He huffs again, pushing his glasses up his nose as he shows me his invisible biceps.

Maya is the one with whom I share this room.

She's also a spy just like me.

Except, she chose to be a spy and work for Mr Park willingly while I on the other hand aren't doing this willingly neither did I chose to be a spy.

Maya's reasons for choosing such a slavery as a job instead of finding a real job out there, are best known to her.

I laugh.

He must have been practicing that a lot.

"Sean baby, you're still my little boy hmm?"

"No! I'm a very big boy now"

Ookay, guess it'll take a while to get this notion out of his head.

"Sure sure, my Sean is such a very big boy now" I humor him,loving the huge grin that spreads across his face. I straighten up, walking towards the bed. "Mummy what's that?"

Sean asks pointing to the huge bag I had brought.

Oh right, I almost forgot.

"Come, come sit and I'll show you"

he quickly runs towards me, climbing onto the bed, watching me eagerly as I empty the bag.

On my way home after that rather unpleasant encounter with Mr chocolate eyes, I had bought a box of pizza, a carton of juice, a packet of pickles and a toy car that has a remote controller.

Sean's eyes widen with excitement at the items and then confusions clouds his features.

He looks up at me.

"Is today my birthday?"

"No? Why do you ask baby?"

"Because.. Because you only give me pizza and toys on my birthday"

he mutters so silently I almost didn't hear him.

My heart breaks.. Has he really noticed all this? I blink, pulling him closer to my chest.

"Mummy doesn't need to wait for your birthday before she buys you pizza and toys.".

Sean pulls away, peering into my face curiously.

"Really mom?"

"Yes my love, now start eating before it gets cold. You need to go to bed early, it's past your bed time little man don't think I've forgotten"

I say as I open the box of pizza, hand him a slice and then proceed to pour juice into a glass from the carton.

"But mummy, tomorrow is Saturday! That means no school!"

He exclaims as he takes a huge bite of the slice.


I pick up a slice, pulling up my legs onto the bed as I chew.

"So no bedtime mummy"

he tells me like it's the news of the century.. I scoff.. No bedtime means, he gets to stay up all night watching TV and doing whatever the hell he wants until he decides he's sleepy enough to go to bed.

"No way Sean. No way. Finish your food, brush your teeth and go to bed"

Sean grunts his disapproval as he goes back to eating.. I sigh leaning against the headboard, Mr chocolate eyes invading my thoughts.

Such hotness, provided to one man.. He's like a Greek God.

So perfect, no flaws.

Pfft!. What the hell is wrong with you Skylar? That man may be handsome and all but damn that man is so rude, disrespectful.

To top it all, he's a damn psycho.

My hand instinctively goes to my neck where I'm sure he left his finger imprints from gripping so hard.

I swear to all things holy, if I ever set eyes on him again, I'm gonna give him a dose of his own medicine.


I push that psycho out of my thoughts as I enjoy my pizza.



"Park Greene?"

I ask

"That's an awfully strange name"

I mutter to myself.

"That's what I thought too but hey, parents these days name their kids even after their favourite TV show."

The MC who's name is Michael shrugs again.

My best guess is that it's a fake name he uses just so incase of any mishap, no one can trace it back to him.

I keep my thoughts to myself. It'll come in handy later.. "Alright I guess I should get going"

"Come with me"

he gestures towards the door and I follow.

Five minutes later, we stop in front of a door.

"Go ahead. And please don't anger him, no matter what"

Michael warns again.

I roll my eyes.

What's so special about this Park man that he keeps warning me not to anger him? It's not like I walk around with a sign on my forehead that says

"Anger dustributer"

If he doesn't give me any reason to anger him, then I won't.. As simple as that.

But if he does, then rest assured I'm gonna give it to him right back.

I take shit from no one.

"Can't make any promises"

I say over my shoulder and without waiting for his reply, I push the door open and enter.

The entire room is pitch black save for the tiny light from the moon that illuminates through the window into the room, giving me the silhouette of the presumed Park Greene standing by the window with his arms crossed over his chest as he looks out the window onto the streets.

"Glad to have your audience Mr knight"

he says without turning to look at me. I frown.. Okay first off, this is a major turn off.

Firstly, he invites me into a dark room to have a discussion.

Couldn't he at least turn on the light? It's not like there's power outage or anything.

That's disrespectful.

Secondly, if this is his way of greeting people then It's a no no.

Thirdly, he spoke without having the need turn to me, to acknowledge me.

And the tone he used in speaking.

It's almost like he's speaking to his slave.

When you talk to someone, you make eye contact, you don't turn your back like that. Should I f*cking talk to his back?

"I'm a man of few words and so without beating about the bush, I'd go straight to the point"

he continues with this back still turned to me.

"As you already know, I'm Park Greene, the owner of this arena. The founder"

Yeah, so? I almost snort. No need to blow your own horn in my face old man.. If he thinks founding an illegal fighting arena is a damn achievement to gloat about then he's got a lot of homework to do.. He's already boring me.

"I called you here because I just need one thing from you. The match today, yours specifically is a very important one. There's a lot of money at stake here. People have placed huge amounts of money betting on your loss. And as you know 80% of the betting money goes to me. Some newbies who seem to not know what the real deal is about around here, placed those outrageous bets and as stupid as I think they are for betting on your loss, I do not want to lose my money. If I do, 80% of that money just goes away. So I called you here to ask you of one thing. Tap out of the game, allow yourself to lose or whatever but the bottom line is I need you to lose this match"

I blink.

"Excuses me?"

Who the f*ck does this man think he is?.

To demand me to intentionally lose the game just so he gets the money.

Money which isn't even his in the first place.

The money he's talking about are peoples bets.

And he wants me to lose just so he won't lose money? Is he so selfish he can't forfeit the profit of a single match?

"I know you've never lost a match Mr knight. So losing just one match won't affect you. I'm sure. I just need my money"

"Well excuse me, but losing just one match is like a stain in my shirt. And I hate to have stains in my shirt"

I almost growl.

"Stains can always be washed away with soap and water can't they?"

"I do not wash away stains. I throw away any shirt that gets stained into the trashcan. This offer is just absurd Mr Park, sorry to say this but I can't accept this offer. I'm not forfeiting this match..I'm only a dew weeks away from the ultimate match that'll give me the highest rank and losing a fight, will be very bad for me. I'm sorry".

I'm not sorry. Suddenly, he turns to face me, so fast I thought his neck will break.

"You defy my orders Mr Knight?"

He ask in a dangerous tone

"Oh forgive me but this is not an order at least not to me. Just because you own this arena doesn't make you the boss of me. I answer to no one. I'm my own boss so don't come here talking to me about defying orders. I won't lose a match just for your selfish gains"

I snap. It was dark, but I could clearly see he was fuming with rage, threatening to burst.

"Think again Mr Knight because trust me, you wouldn't want to get on my bad side. It'll be hell for you if you do".

I scoff.

"I too have a bad side too you know? You wouldn't want to get on it either. If that's all, I'll take my leave now, I've got a match to prepare for"

I turn and walk towards the door.

"You walk out the door and you'll regret it for the rest of your life. I swear by all things holy Mr Knight, I'll make you regret it. I'm going to f*cking destroy you and crush you beneath my feet, trust me!"

Wow, hes threatening me because I refused him? This man surely got ego problems. I grab the door handle and turn.

"Do your worst Mr Park or whatever you damn name is, I'm not scared of your empty threats. F*cking do your worst".

I push the door open and step out, banging the door loudly behind me. Who the f*ck does he think he is? To even threaten me? He can shove it up his f*cking ass.

I don't give a flying f*ck.

Now more than ever, I'm going to make sure I win this fight tonight and let's see how he's going to destroy me.

I'd like to see him try.


*** "I heard Mr Park was searching for you"

Julian says as he notices his friend walking down the narrow hall towards the training room.


was his curt reply as he pulled his shirt over his head, in the middle of the hallway.

"And? What happened?"

"Nothing I can't handle"

Julian narrows his eyes at his answer as he follows Cameron into the training room, shutting the door behind.

"Spill it Cameron. What happened?"

He questioned as he made himself comfortable on the single chair in the room, watching Cameron strip to his boxers positioning himself in front of the punching bag that dangled from the ceiling.

"It's nothing serious Julian. That old man decided it was the right time to play silly jokes on me by asking me to lose the fight on purpose"

Cameron answers in a detached voice, punching the bags.

"What? But the biggest match this season is approaching soon and he wants you to lose the fight?"

Julian frowns, trying to understand the situation.


Cameron stops with his punching as he turns to face his friend

"Apparently, some newbies have joined the arena and the lot of them have placed huge amounts of money on bets. The bet being that I'm going to lose. And the gracious Mr park doesn't want to lose his money since he's so aware of my capabilities so he asked... No scratch that, he ordered me to tap out of the game so he doesn't lose his part of the money that comes with the bet" Julian furrows his eyebrows.

"Okay forgive me but that's the most stupidest thing I've ever heard. Can't he forfeit just one game. Afterall there are about three to four matches almost every single night."

"Exactly. That man is sick in the head..."

Cameron turns his attention back to the punching bag.

"Yes but.."

Julian was cut off by the sounds of the door opening. They both turned.

"It's time Cam. You should be in the ring in five yeah?"

Michael says as he glances at his wristwatch.

"Sure. Be there in a minute"

Cameron grabs a face towel and dabs the sweat off his face with it. Changing into a comfortable shorts, he grabs a bottled water and makes for the door. "Go kick some asses man!"

Julian grins following him.

"You can be sure Julian. I'm so gonna kick some asses tonight"

Cameron smirks arrogantly as they make their way towards the ring, the entire place crowded as they cheered for him while he walked towards the ring.

Julian disappearing into the crowd, finding a perfect spot to stand and watch his friend.

Now more than ever, Cameron was going to make sure he came out of that fight victorious without a single scratch on his body.

No body was his boss.

He was his own boss.


Park couldn't stop pacing frantically in his office.

It was still dark.

He didn't bother turning on the light.

He hated lights.

He could hear the crowd go crazy with loud hoots and cheers, screaming Cameron's name.

The ladies squealing in abandon delight.

Park stared at his phone. It was 8:30. It was time.

He hoped.

He hoped that stupid insolent boy would lose the fight like he'd told him to, for his own sake.

If not.

If not.

He cracks his knuckles.

That Cameron guy better do as he had asked.

He better.. That money is such a huge sum.

Such opportunity couldn't pass him by.

Ten minutes.

Fifteen minutes.. Twenty minutes passed.. His eardrums were suddenly filled with Loud cheers and hoots.

He could outrightly hear the crowd cheering for Cameron.

Park shut his eyes.

This can't be.

This couldn't be.

He couldn't have won the fight could he?

"Sir... Cameron Knight won the match"

the door to his office burst open as the announcer announced the final verdict of the match.

Park suddenly saw red.

He flew out of his seat, grabbing the nearest thing he could find and threw it at the announcer.

The poor boy ducked, just time for the heavy object to fly past his head, missing him by just a few inches.

He didn't need to be told.

Bowing his head in respect, he turned as quickly as he could and shut the door behind him.

He wasn't going to be at the receiving end of Park's anger.


Park was livid... He was like a raging bull.

He was about to burst with anger.

He drove into the mansion, climbing out of the car immediately and made his way inside without bothering to close the car door.

"Get me my drink!"

He yelled into the quiet night.

He slammed the door behind him like a mad man, rage blinding him as he made his way towards his study.

One of his personal slaves running behind him, holding a tray of tequila.

As soon as Park stepped into the study, she hurried behind him, and proceeded to pour him a glass of tequila with her head bowed.

She wasn't ready to receive his wrath.

As soon as she was done pouring the drink, she handed Park a glass who snatched it harshly.

She turned to leave when he grabbed her, pulling her to himself, his hands pulling her skirt aside with one swift motion.

His hands roamed over her thighs until he tugged her panties down, entering her with all five fingers.

She whimpered in disgust and pain as he began to move his hand inside of her as harshly as he could.

Park was mad... How dare he? True to his word, he had won the competition.. He didn't tap out like he'd told him to.

And now, he had lost so much money because of that.. He'd lost a huge sum. And who?.

Who better than Cameron to pay back his money? Afterall he was the one who'd made him lose so much money.

That little bastard. On his way home, Park had decided to kill that stupid Cameron.

It would have been easy.

Too easy to kill him.

But then again, death was too easy a punishment for that stupid boy.

To Park, death was the easiest way out of anything.

And he didn't want that.

Besides, how was he going to get back his money if he died?.

Park preferred to see a person live in suffering and pain, begging for death to come for him.

That was what gave him pleasure.

To see his victims alive yet dead on the inside.

Just like the living dead And Cameron was going to be non exception.

He was going to pay.

He was going to pay for calling the shit on him and going ahead to win the fight purposely.

No one had openly disrespected him like this.

Never! Park was going to make him pay. In such a way that he wouldn't see it coming.

But before everything, he needed every information he could get on that Cameron guy.

Who he was, where he came from, his favourite food, his friends, what he does for a living, his favourite restaurant, where he Lives, who his parents are, if he has a wife or lover, or child.. Everything. Every f*cking thing.

Every tiny detail could serve as a weapon of mass destruction.

After all, it was easier for a friend to destroy another friend because they knew every dark secret about one another.

That was why, you never have to make your friend your enemy.

Because a friend who becomes your enemy is worse than Lucifer.

Afterall, even Jesus Christ was betrayed by one of his own disciple, Judas. His very own friend.

If a whole Jesus who was worshipped by stupid people could be betrayed in the worst way by a mere human being, then even he could do much much worse. And to destroy someone, you need to have every information you need.

That way, you can have them eating out of your palm.

Everyone had a weakness too.

And dark secret.

Everyone had a skeleton in their cupboard.

Grinning crookedly, Park removes his hand from inside the slave's core and pushes her away.. He smirks.

Cameron wasn't going to know what hit him.

No one would suspect a woman.

Yhat's how much power a woman could wield.

A woman can make you and destroy you at the same time. 

Awoman's silence was much more dangerous than her words.. A woman's beauty was the epitome of destruction for a man.. Even Delilah in the Bible was able to bring an untouchable man like Sampson to his lowest right? See? Even he was applying Bible logic to all this so it was no big deal right? So far, his Bible had taught him that a woman was most vulnerable on the outside yet she was worse than a nuclear bomb.. And oh, he was so going to honor the words of the Bible.. Especially the songs of Solomon.. Oh how he loved to read the songs of Solomon.. Hmm, that reminds him of Jezebel in the Bible.

Even she was a woman right? Ha!. Perfect. Just perfect. Cameron stupid Knight wouldn't see it coming.

He was going to pay.

And he got the perfect person for this job.

"Put on your clothes and go get me Skylar."

"I've got a job for her"



I'm so sorry Guys.

Writer's block is the worst thing ever..I'll post the next chapter soon.. thanks.. Love you..



"And that's why the tortoise has broken shells"

I conclude my folktale with a heavy sigh as Sean sleeps beside me, staring at me with wide eyes.

I sigh.

He may be five, turning six in a few months yet he wouldn't go to sleep without hearing another folktale about animals... So much for being a big boy.

With the way hes staring at me, I can tell he's no where near sleepy.

Either he doesn't really want to go to bed and is using listening to stories as an excuse or he just wants me to keep going.

This is my third story in one hour for goodness sake.

Can't mama have some rest too?

"And that's the end of our bedtime story son. Now close your eyes and sleep" 

I pull the covers over his body.. He doesn't resist this time.. Thank God.. I lean back against the headboard, shutting my eyes for a brief moment before Sean's voice startles me.


"Yes Sean?" 

I turn to face him.

"Will daddy ever come down from heaven to visit me?"

My chest constricts painfully as my heart begins to beat faster the moment those words leave Sean's lips. 

I suck in a breath, trying to form up sentences in my head before I spew them out.

"Of course son. Why would you think that?"

I ask, stroking his hair which was growing longer.

The weather here is good for him.

"I miss him mom. Every one at school has a papa. Even Jake and Jude have a papa. But I don't" 

I blink rapidly, trying to keep the tears pooling in my eyes at bay.

"Don't say that Sean. Of course you have a papa. He's just... Very very far. Heaven is very far from where we are but he'll come soon. He'll come to see you soon"


"I promise. Now go to sleep"

I keep stroking his hair as he shuts his eyes again, obviously buying my lie.

Few minutes later, I hear his breathing become steady and slow and I know he's fallen asleep.

I blink.

Forgive me Sean.

Forgive me for lying to you so much.

But what can I do? Even I am helpless.

How do I tell you where your papa is when I don't even know what he looks like?.

Forgive me but I had to lie.

I sigh.. Lying has been able to keep him from asking about his father everyday but still, I know the question still lingers at the back of his head.

I may lie to him and get away with it.

But not forever.

He's still growing up.

And in two or three years to come, he's going to figure out there's no such thing as travelling to heaven.. He will start demanding for answers.

Demanding to see his father, talk to him, see photos of him.

And what will I say to him when the time comes? That time is fast approaching and I hope that by then, I can tell him something much more believable.

Forgive me Sean.. I bend to kiss him.

A knock sounding on the door snaps me back to reality.

"Come in"

A girl walks in, both her shirt and skirt torn.

I don't need to ask to know what had happened to her.

"The boss seeks your audience"

she says and then exits quickly.

I groan, stepping out of bed as I grab a robe to wear over my night gown.. I glance at the wall clock.

It's past ten pm.

What could he possibly want with me at such an ungodly hour? Can't it wait till tomorrow?.

I walk out of the room and shut the door to our part of the boys quarters and stroll onto the main compound towards the mansion.


As I make my way into the study, I hear shouts and grunts followed by the sound of objects crashing.

I wince as I stop in front of the door.

Someone must have gotten Mr Park really riled up to get him this angry.

He was usually, calm, collected and precise.

Even when he was angry, he preferred to smile. 

A smile that always explained

"the calm before the storm"

His smile was dangerous than frown.

But not in this case.

As I stand behind the door, I can hear him cussing profanities as he continues to smash things about.

Wow, I smirk in satisfaction.

Mr Park has really lost his cool.

I salute who ever had such guts to stand up to him and rile him up this much.. I wish I could meet with that person and give him a medal personally.. I clear my throat, slapping myself mentally at my thoughts as I wipe the smirk off my face and knock slightly.

I'll smirk all I want later, in the comfort of my bed.

The grunting stops immediately save for heavy breathimg.

"Come in" 

I waste no time.

Grabbing onto the door knob, I twist and push the door open, stepping inside. 

I bow my head, folding my hands behind me.

"I've got a job for you Skylar"

he says.

I don't reply. 

I hate being a spy or a con-artist.

I barely escaped few years ago.

And I don't want to gain attention in this environment also.

Luck has favoured me all this while, it's just a matter of time before my luck runs out and one of my victims exposes me.

I sigh.

If only I had a way out..

If only. My thoughts are interrupted when Mr Parks callous fingers grips my chin harshly and lifts my head up.

"Look into my eyes"

he orders menacingly.

I gulp as I slowly lift my eyes to meet his.

His eyes are blooshot red.

Anger, fury, rage and all shades of anger are swimming his eyes.

He was gritting his teeth, jaw clicking at the movement. God, he really is mad.. I don't want to provoke him.

"You Skylar, will bring him to me. I don't care how you do it. I f*cking don't care. Get him to trust you, gather every single information about him, get close to him, infiltrate his life and his mind, so much to the extent that you have him eating off your palm like a baby. I want you to weild your control over his life. Make sure you make a space for yourself in his life. Let him make you his confidant. Seduce him, anything I just don't care. All I need is for you to get information about him. His darkest secret, his weakness. Every f*cking damn thing, Is that clear Skylar?"

His cigarette filled breath blows on my face as I nod.

He steps away from me for a second and returns holding out something.

"That's him".

It was a cut out picture of a man.

"You have two months to do what you have to do Sky. Two months and then you bring him to me. Get it?"

I nod again.

"Good, I'll call you tomorrow to give you information on where you'll most likely bump into him. now get the f*ck out of here!"

I exit the room immediately, pushing the photo into the pocket of my robe.

I won't even look at it.

It's probably another old rich man who has angered him.

As I exit the mansion and walk towards the boys quarters, I can't help but wonder who I'm supposed to spy on again.

Curiosity takes over me.

I finger the photo in my robe pocket before momentarily taking it out to have a look. Just a single look.

I spread the picture and stare, freezing momentarily.

I stand rooted to the spot, gazing at the shirtless man in the photo.

I blink.

Blink and blink again.

No.. No way.

My eyes run over the long faux braids, cascading graciously over his shoulders down his very prominent abs.

And then, those eyes.

Those chocolate brown captivating and enchanting eyes. 

I blink.

Is he the one I'm supposed to spy on?

You've got to be f*cking kidding me.

What kind of game is the universe playing with me? F*ck!




"Hey Skylar"

"Skylar! Earth to Skylar! Hey!"

I jump, almost shoving my hands into the hot frying pan as the voice startles me from my daydream.

I turn.

"Where was your mind? I've been calling you for a whille now and look, you almost burned the food"

Mrs Monroe scold me. I turn and realise she'd turned off the stove. I sigh.

"I'm sorry Mrs Monroe. I'm just peachy today"

I lie. Well how am I supposed to say the truth when even I don't know why I'm feeling this way? For some strange reason, ever since I had glanced at that picture and realised it was none other than Mr chocolate eyes, I've been restless.

I barely slept a wink last night.

And now, I'm even restless while working.

To the extent I almost burnt the lunch I was preparing.. I'm confused. So confused.

This has never happened before.

Anytime I get tasked to do a job, I don't think about it at all.

I just go for the kill, do whatever I'm supposed to do and when it's done, I sit back down and let the guilt swallow me up.

I've never mixed emotions when on an assignment.

It never ends well.

Mixing emotions starts with thinking, then soon I begin to over think and before I realise, I'm feeling guilty for duping someone or spying on them.

And once the guilt, settles in, I'm not able to concentrate.

It just messes me up and I end up messing up too. And once that happens, only one outcome is expected.. Exposed.

I'll get exposed.

It takes a lot of guts to dupe people.

You have to be on your 'A' game.

Alert at all times.

Because when on an assignment, I never use my real name, real age or even a real face.

I only use my real face on a rare occasions.

And once I let emotions get involved, I'm most likely to slip up.

What if I mistakenly say my real name?.

Or I forget to put on a wig with my piercings? I sigh.. I shouldn't be feelings this way.

Not now. I don't even know the guy.

I've just met him once so why am I thinking so much? Don't think Skylar.

Don't think.

"Its okay. I'll just dish out the food and serve to the boys"

Mrs Monroe's voice cuts through my thoughts yet again as she grabs a spatula and scoops reasonable portions onto two plates.

"Thank you"

"I've told you to stop thanking me Sky. Sean is a lovely boy"

she says as she exits and I follow.

I watch her place a plate of omelette in front of Sean and her youngest son who's the same age as Sean.

She hands them a fork and I watch like the proud mama that I am as Sean mumbles a thank you to her with a polite smile, pushing his glasses up his nose before digging into his food.

As if sensing my presence, Sean turns, his eyes searching for me.

And when they land on me standing at the doorway of the kitchen, he flashes me a smile waving the fork.

"See mom? I'm using a fork!"

He shouts excitedly making me chuckle.

"Shhh! Mummy says no talking when eating!"

Christian, Mrs Monroe's son scolds Sean. S

Sean sticks his tongue out at him like the child he is and goes back to eating.. I smile watching him.

This. This is the only reason that keeps me going.

My son.

And I have to keep going. I can't start over thinking things now and then slip up even before the job begins.

Mr chocolate eyes doesn't seem like an easy mam to deceive.

So I need to be careful.

And I can be careful only when my mind is alert.

Making up my mind, I walk back into the kitchen, adjusting my apron as I grab some onions and fresh tomatoes and begin to chop.

If I need to leave, I'll have to start preparing dinner now.

Then I can leave by six and arrive at the address the boss had given me by seven.


By six fifteen pm, I was finally done.

Wiping the sweat off my brow, I proceed to untie the apron and hang it. 

I stare at everything I had prepared.

I wonder why Mrs Monroe asked me to prepare so much food for just dinner. 

I shrug.

Oh well, it's none of my business as long as I get my money.

I make my way out of the kitchen to meet Mrs Monroe already making her way towards me.

I thank her as she hands me my money.

"Umm can I ask you for a favour?"

"Sure tell me Sky"


I glance over at Sean who doesn't look the least bit tired as he and Christian solve cartoon puzzles as they lay on the tiled floor.

"Could you.. Could please let Sean stay here for a few more hours? Probably two or three more? I...uhh I have something very urgent to do. I'll come to pick him up as soon I'm done I promise" 

I always bring Sean here along with me on weekends.

I'm not going to take any chance by leaving him alone in that mansion.

Mr park would have probably sold him by now.

Mrs Monroe smiles warmly at me.

"Sure. You don't need to ask. Christian is very find of Sean. Just go, he's in safe hands"

I smile, relieved.

"Thank you so much Mrs Monroe. I really appreciate.. And umm.. Can I change my clothes in your bathroom please?"

"Just go into one of the guestrooms and change sweetheart"

"Thank you".

I walk to the living room.


He looks up at me.

"Are we going home mom?"

He pouts.

Well, seems like someone doesn't want to go home soon.

"Well... Mummy has to go somewhere but you need to stay here with Christian until I come back to pick you alright?"

He grins immediately.


"Be a good boy Sean" 

I kiss his cheeks.

"Bye mom"

"Bye aunty Sky"

Christian waves as I run into the guestoom to change.


Sh*t. Sh*t. I'm late.

I collect the ID from the huge guard as I'm allowed entry into the arena and look around.

No sign of Cameron anywhere.. I check my wrist watch. It's past 8. Shit! I'm late. What if he's left already? I run my fingers through my hair.

And then run my hands over my red knee length sleeveless dress.

I didn't wear a wig or piercings because I'd already met Mr chocolate eyes.

If I disguise myself, it won't take long before he recognizes me.

My voice or something could give me away easily.

So there was really no need to disguise.

I'll just make it look like a coincidence.

Yes, I nod slightly at my thoughts.

I'll make it look like we met here coincidentally and then I'll see where this goes.

I've got only two months for this.

For mine and Sean's sake I pray I don't slip up.

"You can do this Sky. You can do..."

My chanting gets cuts off the moment I bump into a rather hard body.

I lose my balance momentarily and slip. 

I feel myself falling until strong arms grip my waist, steadying me.

Oh wow.

Tingles shoot up my spine at the touch.

I lift my head to look at my captor. Ah not again.

"Are you blind girl?"

He barks with his deep voice.

I blink, straightening up as he takes his hands off my waist... Wait. I blink.

Did he.. Did he just call me a girl? Again?.

Okay I'm offended!

"Hey Mr man, I'm no girl. Do I look like a girl? Does this.."

I pause, gesturing to my boobs and my backside

"....Look girlish to you? Have some respect dude!"

He narrows those beautiful chocolate eyes at me, realisation flashing in them.

"Oh f*ck me! You again?"

He groans.

"Yes me again!"

I jab at my chest before wagging it in front of him.

"And stop calling me girl everytime you bump into me. It's insulting"

He snorts loudly like a madman.

"I'll call you however I want. You got a f*cking problem with that? Girl?"

He sneers the last word, like he's openly taunting me.

I fume.

Okay why am I even mad? I have no right to be mad. Right?

"You... Mr man... Are an infuriating egotistic pig!".

Fury flashes in his eyes as he takes a step closer. 

I back away, bumping into someone.

With all the noise and shouts from the massive crowd here at the ongoing match, I doubt anyone is paying attention to us.

"Stay... S..stay away" 

I stutter as he keeps advancing towards me, his cologne wafting into my nostrils.

He smells good.

Okay, concentrate sky! You're here on a mission and your target is standing right before you.

"D..don't come closer"

God why am I stuttering?. He's just a man.

A beautiful man.

Oh shut up!.

I yell at myself mentally.

"You've gone mad girl"

Mr chocolate eyes says and.. Oh, did I yell outloud? Pfft whatever.

"It takes one mad man to recognize another. And don't call me that again" 

I roll my eyes.

"Else what?"

He challenges.

I remain silent, searching my brain for a perfect comeback.

"You're just an annoying stupid girl who talks like a parrot on end"

I gasp. Oh no he didn't.

"You insult me again and I'll... I will...I..."

Sh*t! Where are all my threats when I need them.

"Else what girl?"

Okay that's it!

"Else I'll tell everybody here that you've got a d*ck as tiny as my littie finger!"

I yell and his eyes widen.. Aha! Gotcha! I wonder what's so special about a d*ck that men hold it like a prized possession I smirk.

"How's that... Little boy?"

I watch as his eyes darkens further.. Great.

He likes to call me a girl yet he hates it when his manhood is questioned?


He growls

"Ah ah! I wouldn't try that if I were you. Apologize for calling me stupid"

Oh God, this conversation keeps getting dumb.

But I need to keep talking to him, become friends even? But this f*cking beautiful hardheaded man is making it hella difficult for me.

He's like a walking time bomb.

Any tiny thing gets him angry.

"Watch your mouth girl!"

"Else what little boy?"

He takes in a deep breath likes he is trying to calm his nerves.

"Why am I even wasting my time on you? This is dumb"

he says and turns to walk away.

Oh no.. I need to become his friend at all cost.

I run after him towards the Hall way.

"Are you scared boy? Is mama's boy running because he's scared I'll tell everyone he's got a d*ck as tiny as my little finger?"

I taunt purposely.

"Shut the f*ck up girl!"

he growls and keeps walking. Oh God, why is he so difficult? Why can't he take the bait just once.

You've got only two months Sky. Just 8 weeks! Do something.

"Hey mama's boy? Where to? Are you running to hide under your mama's wings? Aww poor boy... You've got a...."

I don't get to finish my taunting when Mr chocolate eyes suddenly spins around to face me.

Before I can register what's happening, his hands goes to his belt, unbuckles it and then pushes both his jeans and boxers down at a go, his minnie-me which might i add, doesn't look tiny like I had described spring out from his shorts.


I shout in shock, shutting my eyes immediately. Oh God. Someone tell me I didn't see what I just saw.

"Does this look as tiny as your little finger girl? No it's not. Now do me a favour and shut the f*ck up and stop following me with your loud obnoxious girly voice"

he sneers and then walks away, pulling his jeans and boxers up with him. 

I blink.

And blink again.

Oh God, Lord of Abraham, Lord of Isaac, Lord of Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego, Lord of Moses, Lord of Elijah please forgive me for I have sinned.

Forgive me for my eyes have sinned.. My eyes have seen a snake. 

A sinful snake. F*ck! Cameron f*cking Knight is absolutely insane!


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Pulling out a cigarette, I drop the packet to the table as I reach for a lighter to light it. 

I push the cigarette into my mouth, taking a long drag, letting the smoke sit for a while before releasing it through my mouth and nostrils I make my way towards the window, pushing it slightly to stare at the hallway of the club that leads to the restroom only for my eyes to land on an old man with two young ladies servicing him good. F*cking animals.

I shut the window and turn, taking another drag of my cigarettes when I hear snickering.

I turn to glare at Julian as hard as I can yet that seems to tickle him the more because he breaks into loud fits of laughter, throwing his head back onto the headrest of the chair, slapping his stomach multiple times as he keeps laughing.. I groan.. What the hell is wrong with everyone today? Everyone around me seems to have gone crazy.

First that.... That girl.. I cringe inwardly just thinking about her..and now Julian too is sitting here laughing manically like a spell has been cast on him.

"You need to get your head checked Julian. Probably, a few screws have gone missing."

He ignores me only to laugh louder.

"You... Lord of Abraham,... L...lord of Isaac.. Lord of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed...Abed....Ahaahahah"

he breaks into another round of laughter before he can construct a full sentence.

I frown, his words registering in my brain.. Ohhhh, I get it now.

He's talking about the prayer that girl was muttering ridiculously when I showed her my d*ck.

"You saw us" I deadpan, rolling the cigarette between my fingers as he nods, trying to regain his composure.

"Sh*t. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. I saw you. And I saw the look on her face when you pulled down your boxers and showed her you...your... Oh my God..."

He breaks into another fit of laughter.

I sigh.

Julian is completely hopeless.

I turn towards the window, recalling the look on her face.

Served her right.

She just keeps talking and talking and talking like she had an inbuilt microphone in her body.

I so love her expression when I dropped my boxers.

How I'd love to see that again.

"You're smiling"

a voice rings in my ear.

I turn to find Julian now standing beside me, serious look etched on his face.


"You're smiling"

he repeats.

It takes me a moment to realise that and I immediately frown, wiping any traces of smiles left.

"This is the second time you've smiled genuinely in a long time Cam. And both times you smiled, it was after meeting that lady. First at the market, now here"

I scoff.. What the f*ck? I smiled so? Big deal.

"Oh don't be ridiculous Julian. That girl gives me nothing but headache"

"Look Cam don't you think it's time you..."

I don't let him finish when I cut him off.

"Don't go getting ideas Julian. I smiled so? We all smile don't we? Don't use this as an opportunity to start lecturing me about finding myself a girlfriend and blah blah blah because that's a whole lot of bullsh*t. I'm fine just the way I am"

"Cam I know but at least give yourself a chance to..."

"End of discussion Jul, I'm going to watch the match. Stay here ic you want." 

I turn and walk out.

Who says I want a relationship? No way.. The girls come, they want s*x? Cool.

I f*ck them and they go their f*cking way. I'm not handing my heart out to some girl on a silver platter. I'm way past that sh*t.



Damn it! Damn it!. Where is he?.

I turn towards the other hallway and realise I'm walking towards the same part I had gone just a few minutes ago.

Damn it.

This place is like a damn puzzle.

I've been trying to find my way around this godamn place yet I seem to always arrive at the same spot I had started again and again.

I glance at my wrist watch and sigh.

An hour has passed since I got here.

Thirty minutes. I've got thirty minutes left before I return to get Sean home.

Two months may seen like a long time, but to me, two months is too f*cking short to meet someone, become friends with them and get them to trust you so much so that they tell you about their deepest and darkest secrets.

I mean who the hell will trust someone they met with such kind of information within two months?.

No one in their right minds for sure.. Well, except you take a bullet for them.

That's the fastest way to gain someone's trust.. But I'm not willing to take a bullet for anyone.

What if I die? Who'll take of my Sean? So with that being said, that option is cancelled out.

Now I need to find Cameron soon.

I can't seem to find him after he walked out on me after... After.. I blink, heat rising to my cheeks as I blush at the memory of Mr chocolate eyes' Minnie-me. Concentrate sky.

Now's not the time to be thinking of his Minnie-me.


I bite my lip.

I have to get Cameron's attention.

What to do, what to do? I need a plan.

What's the best way to get a man's attention?.

Seduce him or act like a victim? Like a damsel in distress? The first option? No.

Cameron doesn't strike me as the type of man who'll let himself get seduced. So no.

Scratch that.

The second?.

I'm sure despite the hard exterior he puts up, he's still soft on the inside and wouldn't like to see any woman getting harassed. Harrased?.

Yes, perfect! Why didn't I think of this before? I turn around frantically until my eyes land on a man walking towards me.

"Excuse me sir"

He stops.


"Umm there's this guy that I like so much and he's among the crowd out there could you please help me get his attention"

I ask like a lovestruck puppy.

The man looks genuinely amused as he smiles.

"Oh yeah? And how do I help you? It's rare to come across a girl taking the first step to approach a guy she likes so shoot"

"Umm..umm. Could you.. Could you pretend to umm harras me? You know, you just have to come closer and I scream for help. Please sir. I've done all I can to get his attention and I really like..."

I don't get to finish my explanation when the man, grabs me by the waist and then pushes me to the wall, my back colliding into the hard wall.

I wince as the pain shoots through my entire body.

"You mean like this?"

The man says, his lips inches from mine mine. I smell alcohol from his breath. Alarm. Get out of here Sky.

"No...umm... let me go... I.. I actually need to pee.. I'll be back" 

I lie trying to get out of his hold. I've seen the look in his eyes several times.


That's all I see in his eyes as they rake over my body in hunger.. I think I just walked into my own trap.

Why are you so stupid Skylar?

"Why in such a hurry princes? Has anyone told you you're beautiful"

he slurs, his hands skimming over my thighs.

He sniffs my hair.

I squirm in disgust, alarms ringing off in my head... This can't be good.

This can't be good.

"Let me go.. Please"

"Don't you want me to help you get the attention of the guy you like Anymore? Hmm? Relax princess, let me help you"

He kisses my earlobe.

I shudder in disgust.

"No..not anymore. If you'll excuse me"

I twist out of his grip only for him to pin me back against the wall.

He may be drunk but he's quite strong.

Dear Lord.

Without thinking, I rear my leg back with the little space between us and knee him where the sun doesn't shine... He groans, crouching a bit, loosening his grip on me.

I know I didn't kick him hard enough to weaken him so I reach for the vase near me to hit him in the head when I feel strong hands push me forward harshly.

The force propels me forward making me crash into the table on which the vase sat.

I fall together with the table and vase, sounds of the vase breaking fills my ear.

Fear grips me, with hands trembling, I begin to crawl away to reach for one pieces of the broken vase, anything to use as a weapon when I feel his hands grab my legs and drag me backwards, my palm dugging into the sharp ends of the boken pieces.

I let out a scream, when I feel the broken piece piercing further into my skin as I try hopelessly to fight him off.

"Let me go! Let me go! Please just let me go. Please!"

My scream fell on deaf ears, and I felt him hovering over me in the dark hallway, his hands roaming over my thighs, making their way between my legs.

I whimper, tears leaving my eyes as I shut them as tightly as I can.

"Be a good girl yeah? It's not gonna hurt, I promise"

I can't fight. Even if I want to.

"Please... Please don't"

I can feel the blood seeping through the huge gash in my palm like a tap.

Black spots cloud my vision as I try hard to say awake.

I can't back down without a fight.

He can't take advantage of me.

Not like this.

Please no God. No.

You can't let him do this to me.

Help me.

Send someone.

Please. Another tear flows.

My vision gets more blurry.


My Sean.

My baby.

I blink again, fighting to stay awake when I spot a familiar face a little further away, just before another wave of pain hits me as the bastard sinks his nails into my thighs, gripping so hard I'm sure he tore a flesh.

The next thing I know, the hands are no longer on my thighs as the man was suddenly lifted off me, and then sent flying across the hallway crashing into the wall. Grunts and groans are followed by kicks and punches.. I try to get up.

I can't. My body seems glued to the floor.

"Hey..hey girl are you okay?"

And right now, I know I've never been happier to hear him call me


I blink. I feel his arms go around my shoulders lifting me off the ground.

"Hey.. Sh*t. You're losing so much blood. Stay with me girl. I got you"

Chocolate eyes are the last thing I see before darkness engulfs me, slipping into unconsciousness.



"Just cut it out already!"

I say for the thousand time as I walk down the lonely corridor, Julian following.

"Why are you being so difficult Cam?"

"It's you who's being so damn difficult by refusing to drop the f*cking topic"

I reply without stopping to look at him.

"But you don't even know what I want to say"

he protests further. I groan out of frustration, stopping to face him.

"I don't need to hear you say it in order to know what's going on in that head of yours. And whatever you have in your mind, better leave me out of it" 

I turn and continue walking.

"I don't even know why you've suddenly brought this topic out of the blue.. I just don't..." 

I stop short, my words getting clogged in my throat when a high pitched scream echoes through the hallways.

"...let me go. Please!"

The same high pitched voice echoes again a while later.

I turn to look at Julian.

He's staring right back at me, alarm evident in his eyes.

Without exchanging words, we both run towards the direction from where the sound emanated.

I pass a few restrooms.

Male restrooms, I notice.

What would a girl be doing in the male restrooms? I speed up, suddenly coming to a halt at the sight a few metres away from me.

Laying on the ground beside a fallen table and several scattered pieces of what used to be a vase was a girl wearing familiar clothing.

Red, sleeveless dress.

And a man was on top of her, as she struggled, his hands between her thighs.

I hate to think of what his hands are probably doing there.

"Be a good girl yeah? It's not gonna hurt. I promise"

Nothing more could have disgusted me the moment those words leave the f*cking psycho's mouth.

I see red.

Fury burns through my system as I charge forward, pouncing on the stupid retard of a man and drag him off the lady, throwing him against the wall with every strength I could muster.

As he crashes into the wall, I don't wait for him to recover before I pounce on him again, kicking and punching just like I do to my punching bags.

F*cking bastard.

A disgrace to manhood.

"Let him go Cameron I'll take care of this piece of sh*t here. Go get the girl."

Julian nudges me, grabbing the stupid man who groans pathetically.

Breathing heavily, I get off the bastard but not before delivering one last punch.. I jog towards the girl who's still laying on the floor. 

I bend over, recognizing her immediately.

This girl again?.

Why can't she stay out of trouble for once?

"Hey..hey girl are you okay?"

F*ck Cameron.

Stupid question, of course she's not okay.

I slide my arms around her shoulders lifting her carefully off the ground when I notice the large amount of blood pooling around the very huge gash in her palm.

"Hey.. Sh*t. You're losing so much blood. Stay with me girl. I got you"

She passes out just then.

"She's passed out Julian!".

"Get her to safety Cameron. I'll take care of this"

I nod as I lift her fully off the ground and carry her.

"Make sure you f*ck this bastard up real good, he forgets his mama's name"

"Will do master"

Julian grins wickedly. 

I smile sauntering away with the girl in my hands.

This is why, Julian and I are best buddies.


I nod absentmindedly at my house help handing her the first aid kit after I cleaned and bandaged the girls wound. 

I sigh, staring at her.

She looks so nice and... Beautiful even when she's asleep.

But when she's awakr, she's like a f*cking parrot.

Talking and chirping like a recording device has been installed in her system.

She's much more tolerable asleep.. And pretty too.

Her long lashes lay over her closed eye lids.

I wonder.

I wonder what her eye color is.

I blink, shooting off the bed so quickly like it's fire burning me.

Now's not the time Cameron.

Now's not the f*cking time to be describing a girl whom you hardly know while she's asleep.. In your bed!.

Your f*cking bed! F*ck! Why did I bring her to my home?.

No girl has ever been allowed entrance into my home for three years now.. All my flings and one night stand, go as far as hotels, guesthouses or even bathrooms when we decide to have s*x there and then we go our separate ways.

I bite my lip, staring at the girl.

F*cking hell!.

Everything is going wrong.

F*ck! ***



I wake up to white washed ceilings and walls.

Everything is white, including the tiles.

Except for all the furniture that are shades of black and grey.

The woolen carpet gracing the doorstep is grey.

Even the bed is.. Bed.. Wait bed?.

I'm in a bed, who's bed? I look around, panic settling in.. That man... My hands begin to roam around my thighs, searching for any evidence of being violated when my eyes land on the bandage around my left hand. 

I wince.

I blink, trying to recall what happened.

Chocolate eyes.. That was the last thing I remember.. And 'girl'.

He called me girl.

I blink, realisation setting in.. Cameron Knight saved me.

And I'm in his room, judging by the small picture frame that sat on a study table at the corner.

I did it.. I managed to get Cameron's attention. 

I did it.

Seven weeks Sky.. I've got seven weeks and six days left to do my job.

I look up at the ceilings, muttering a silent thanks to the entities when something snaps.


Oh my God, Sean.

My eyes land on the wall clock.

Quarter to eleven.

Oh my God.. It's a quarter to eleven.

Sh*t! My son.. I scramble off the bed, in a hurry ignoring the pain shooting up my hand as I support my weight with my arms.

As I get off the bed, I notice my purse lying on the bedside table.

Grabbing it, I tiptoe towards the door, grab the handle and push the door open.. I stick my head out.

Searching if the coast is clear to escape.

Grunts and kicks fill my ears as I cautiously make way into the living room.

There's a room, with a door slightly opened. I poke my head and find Cameron, shirtless, punching the bags hanging from the ceiling.

I've got to leave.

Now!. Turning, I tiptoe faster and faster until I reach the main door.

Letting out a sigh of relief, I push the door and then stop.

If I leave what's the chance we're going to meet again.

Slim chances that's for sure.

Hardheaded Cameron will be happy to get rid of me. How do I ensure this doesn't occur? I bite my lip, smirking as an idea occurs to me.

Rummaging through my purse, I pull out my ID card and throw it onto the couch, watching it miss the target, slipping onto the floor.

Surely, if Cameron sees this he will think I had left it mistakenly and then he'll search for me to give me back my ID.

Hmm. Nice Sky. Nice. 

I pat myself.

Good thinking.

I turn and then stop.

What if he never searches for me? As hardheaded and stubborn as Cameron is, I'm sure he will dump my ID into a dustbin the moment he sees it.

Hmm, what to do? How do I ensure we meet again by hook or crook? My eyes roam around, stopping on the black pretty blazer sprawled on the couch.


I grab the blazer and put it on, hiding the torn parts of my dress thanks to that animal. Cameron's Cologne invades my nostrils immediately.


I spot a gold watch on the glass table.

I pick it, shoving it into the pocket of the blazer.

I turn and walk out, smiling triumphantly.. If Mr chocolate eyes doesn't search for me to give me back my ID, then I'll surely go looking for him to return his watch and jacket.

See you soon Cameron.. I shut the door behind me.

You aren't getting rid of me so easily.



"How is she doing now?"

"Don't know"

I reply curtly, increasing the speed of the treadmill I was running on.

"Is she badly hurt?"

"Don't know" "Is she awake?"

"Don't know"

"Has she.."

"Don't know"

I cut in.

I don't wanna know.

"Cameron? What's up with you? What do you mean you don't know if the girl is badly hurt or awake?"

I stop the treadmill, get off, grab a water bottle, uncork the lid and drink.

Placing the bottle back down, I walk towards the numerous dumbbells on the other side of my private gym.

Grab the not-so-heavy one and begin to lift.

"Don't ignore me Cameron! I f*cking asked you a question!"

"What do you want from me Julian? I've done what every godamn Samaritan is supposed to do isn't it? I f*cking brought her to my home!"

I drop the dumbbell, picking up my face towel to wipe my face. I walk past Julian into the living room, ignoring his piercing looks.

"So that's it? You're mad because you broke your rule by bringing her into your home?"

He questions. And into my f*cking bed! I wanted to add but kept my mouth shut.

"....I thought we agreed that bringing her here would be much more safer because if we had taken her to a hospital, the doctors would have realised the finger prints on her body, the bruises. It Won't take them long to realise she had been harrased. They would then ask us to make a report with the police and then investigations will begin. Considering the fact that that we are foreigners, once these New Yorkers smell anything fishy, they'll dig and dug until they find out about your illegal fighting business and racing cars. You wouldn't want that do you?"

I ignore him, walking into the kitchen to grab a couple of croissants onto a plate and pour myself a cup of juice.

"Forget about the fact that you brought her into your home. Be happy that you were able to get to her on time"

he continues.

"You can grab some croissants giry yourself. There's more"

I say ignoring his statements, chewing on a croissant.

I don't really wanna talk about this.

Julian sighs, clearly aggravated by my lack of cooperation.

"You're such a bipolar mess. I'll go check on her to see if she's awake and probably get her something to eat!"

He sneers the last part for emphasis like I'm a monster for not feeding her.


He disappears making way towards my bedroom.

I sigh, placing my plate on the dinning table.

I can't even answer any of Julian's questions.

I'm so mad at myself.

F*cking enraged. First I brought her to my home and as if than wasn't enough, I personally cleaned and bandaged her wound when the house help had clearly wanted to do it. But no, stupid me wanted to do it.

Then I couldn't help staring at her.. Admiring her. Calling her.. F*ck!.

You've been in control of your emotions for years now Cameron.

You can do it.

You can still do it. Push down any thoughts of her down the drain before a simple admiration turns into a stronger emotion.

An emotion that'll most likely leave you heartbroken again. Push it down Cameron.

Push it down. I push another croissant into my mouth.

"Cam.. She's gone. The girl is gone" Julian says coming up behind me.

"What do you mean she's gone?"

"She left. Her shoes and purse are missing."

She must have left while I was in the gym.

Well for once she took a good decision by leaving.

"Well good riddance"

I mutter, fiunally relaxing.

"What the f*ck Cameron? Don't you care the tiniest bit? Shouldn't we go search for her?"

I scoff.

"Search for her? And bring her back to where? My house? No way. She left because she could handle herself. Let's leave it at that. I have to be at the office tomorrow very early. Can't afford losing sleep searching for some girl"

"'re insufferable Cameron. I wonder why I put up with you"

He asks running his fingers through his hair "Because you love me, isn't that obvious?" I shrug, chugging down the entire juice.

"Yes. I do love you.."

He admits, frowning.

"No I didn't mean it that way. I love you yes, but no homo. I'm straight ASF. I love my women okay"

I laugh, getting up and strolling towards the couch when I notice something.

Wait. I frown... Where's my jacket? My eyes move to the table.

My watch?.

Where the f*ck are my jacket and watch? I pause.

That .. That b*itch! I should have f*cking known she was like the rest.



"Oh my God, Sky are you okay? What happened?"

Mrs Monroe's cornered voice snaps me out of my thoughts.

I look up to realise I was at the front porch of her home.

I rake my hand through my hair.

It's so messy, sticking out in all directions.

The blazer I'm wearing isn't even big enough to cover the torn parts of my clothes.

Even the hem of my clothes is torn into a slit exposing my thighs. I sigh. I just wish Cameron calls me.

After I took his blazer and watch, I just couldn't find it in me to leave like that.

He would have probably thought I'm a disgusting thief and that would make things more difficult.

I'm already having a hard time trying to get a conversation out of him.

So after stepping out of the elevator, I had asked the guard on duty downstairs for a pen and paper, apologised to Cameron for leaving so impromptu and taking his jacket and watch.

I had explained in the letter that I took them in order to make sure I see him again.

I had even added my cell phone number and pushed it under his door.

An hour has passed and he hasn't called. Maybe he hasn't found it yet?


"Earth to Skylar!"

I blink looking up at Mrs Monroe.

"You zoned out again Sky. What happened?"

She asked opening the door for me to enter. I do.

"I'm sorry... Things just didn't go well as I wanted. And don't mind my dress, it got caught between the car door when I tried to alight and because I was in a hurry, I pulled my dress so hard it split into two"

the lie rolls off my tongue smoothly as I watch Mrs Monroe relax visibly.

"Come, go get changed. Sean is sleeping in Christian's room."

I mumble a thanks and turn towards the stairs.

"Oh and Sky?"

I stop.


"You don't have to come to work tomorrow. I asked you to prepare so much food for a reason. There's still a lot more than can take is through tomorrow"

"But the cleaning?"

"Cleaning can wait till monday"

"Thank you ma'am. I'm grateful"

I smile in appreciation. She waves me off.

"Not a problem. Go get your son, he was waiting for you"

I turn and continue up the stairs. I have a day off tomorrow.

But with the kind of life that I live, I can't afford to have a day off.

Even though my son attends the cheapest community school in the area, Sean's school fees still need to be paid.

He's growing up. I have to sew him new school uniforms, get him a new lunch box. And save money for the future.

I'll just have to go back to the market tomorrow to sell the remaining fruits I have.

It's been a while since I sold my fruits.

After changing my clothes, I walk towards Christian's room and push it slowly open.

They were both asleep.

I walk over to the bed bending to caress his hair, taking off his glasses and folding it inside it's case.

Sean stirs at my touch, opening his eyes groggily.

"Mom, you came"

"Of course baby. I would never leave you. Let's get you home okay?"

I say softly and he nods, yawning as I carry him off the bed... Jeez, he getting heavier.

"Sleep Sean. Go to sleep"

I pat his back soothingly, until I feel his grip on my neck losen, his breath coming out slow and steady, a prove that he's gone back to sleep.

I sigh, walking out.


The moment I step out of the cab and make my way into the mansion, the same girl from yesterday is standing on the compound.

"The boss has asked for you"

she tells me swiftly.

"I'll put Sean to bed and be there"

I tell her. She nods and disappears.

I walk towards the boys quarter's and into my room, laying Sean gently on the bed and then covering him with the duvet.

My roommate was asleep also. I grab a comb from the bedside table and comb my hair as quickly as I can before exiting.


"So... I reckon everything went as planned?"

Mr park asks me as soon I make my entry.

He was twirling his chair, rolling a huge tobacco between his fingers.

My head may be bowed but I can feel the heat of his stare on me.

I nod in affirmative.

"Hmm... You sure Skylar? I hate glitches and that's why I called you here. To make sure you can handle this before I let you go on. That way I can easily replace you. Should I get someone else for the job hmm?"

I clench my fists behind me, refusing to let it show on my face.

He's not giving me the opportunity to back out.

Neither is he making sure of any godamn sh*t.

I can hear the malice behind his sweet voice.

By replacing me with someone else, he means death.

For him, death is the only way to get a replacement.

And talking about death, he's talking about my son.

Either he kills me or my son.

Either way it's my son that's going to suffer.

If I get killed, Sean will be left alone and only God knows what'll happen to him.

If Sean gets killed, he still gets to suffer... F*cking bustard.

He called me here only to put more fear in me, use Sean as a leverage so I do my job well, just incase I decide to pull a fast one on him.

And it's working. Because Sean is my greatest weakness.

I'd die just to see him live.

"I do not need a replacement sir"

I answer through clenched teeth.. He chuckled darkly. God help me.

"Good. I thought so too."

"Before you retire for the night I just want to know one thing because I'm hoping you've already met Mr Knight. So, did you see him come into the arena with anyone. Did you notice anyone approaching him? Someone he seems to be on friendly terms with?"

He asks.

I suddenly remember the guy I had seen walking alongside Cameron when he'd come to save me just before I passed out.. I remember he was the same guy Cameron was with when we had first met at the market place.

He had apologized to me on behalf of Cameron when we had bumped into each other.

I remember Cameron calling him Julian.. I'm sure their friends. I peer at Mr park through my lowered eyelashes.

Judging by the look on his face, he's planning something.

He's thinking of something and whatever it is?.

It isn't good.

The next words that leave my mouth, wasn't at all planned.

"No. Mr Knight was alone the entire time. I didn't see anyone talking to him either"

I lie.

"Hmm. Very well then. You may retire for the night"

he dismisses.

Nodding, I turn and walk out, realisation hitting me like a moving train. I just lied... For the first time I just told a lie without thinking about the consequences.. I f*cking lied for Cameron.



Happy new month people!




"These are the documents you asked for sir"

my secretary says as she enters.

"Did you e-mail them to me before bringing me the hard copy?"

I question without looking at her as I type away on the keyboard.

Silence greets me instead.

"I asked you a godamn question Lydia!"

"S..sir I thought you said..."

I stop typing, lifting a finger up in the air to stop her stupid rants.

"In here, you don't think. You do as you're told while I do all the thinking is that clear?"

"Y..yes Sir. Very clear"

"Take those documents back and do not come before me until you've emailed them to me. Now get out" 

I hear clicking of heels, followed by the sound of my four shutting.

I sigh, finally looking up from my desktop to grab the cup of coffee and take a sip.

I place the cup down, my eyes landing on the paper. 

I groan.

Why did I bring this f*cking paper along? Julian had found it tucked underneath my door when he was leaving last night. 

I had refused to open it. I was so damn angry after finding my watch and jacket missing.

The only thing I got in return for playing the good Samaritan was an ID and a thief.. That damn girl's ID.

My eyes automatically fly to the ID beside my desktop on top of the stacks of papers piled up.

Skylar Sampson. Was on the ID.

Such a beautiful name for a dark hearted woman.

Stop it Cameron.

You're doing it again.

You're thinking of her.

Don't do it. Don't go down that path.. F*ck, I need a distraction.

Involuntarily, I open the letter and begin to read.

"Dear Mr chocolate eyes..". 

I snort louder than I intended to.

Who else would call me that except for that Skylar girl.

Who even addresses a letter like that? This girl definitely has lost a few screws in the head. I continue reading.

".. I know you must be fuming with rage after finding out I left and took your jacket and wrist watch .".

Oh like hell I am! Okay, shut up and read. I sigh going back to reading.

".. It doesn't speak well of me especially after you saved my life and my dignity. But I had no choice. I needed your jacket to cover up and well as for watch, let's just say I needed something, anything to use as an excuse to see you again..."

I must agree, this lady is quite courageous.

Going as far as stealing my items just so she can see me again? At least she's being honest.

"I just didn't know how to approach you because you're like a ticking time bomb.."

Okay is she she apologising to me or she's insulting me?

"I'd really like to see you again, of course to give you back your items since I reckon you wouldn't like it if I showed up at your house.. Please call me soon Mr Knight. PS: I will be waiting... Signed.... GIRL"

I snort again.. Did she just address herself as girl?. This girl is nuts. I stare at the cell phone number she had written at the bottom of the paper.

Come to think of it, I'm starting to have this feeling that she left her ID on purpose so that in case I decide not to call, I'll still be obliged to call her because I need to return her ID.

I scoff, pushing the paper under the stacks of documents. So typical. If she thinks she can use this as an excuse to see me again, then she's got another thing coming. Because I'm not calling her, ever and I sure as hell don't wana see her ever again.. It's best this way.

To stay as far away from each other as possible.

I'm not gonna let some girl get attached to me neither am I gonna get attached.. So far as she left a paper apologising, I'm good. She didn't steal my items.

That's all I needed to know. And now, I'm back to moving on.



Two days. It's been two days since I left Cameron's home.

Two days since I left him the letter and he hasn't called.. I've been checking my phone every minute and still nothing.

Did he get my letter? Is he ever gonna call? Why isn't he calling?


"Yes?" I sigh rubbing my face.

"Are you sick mom?"

Sean asks, looking at me worriedly. I guess I zoned out again. I've been doing that a lot that lately.

"No Sean. Mummy is just thinking"


he hums pushing a bread into his mouth.

"Big people are always thinking"

My eyebrows shoot up at that, laughter bubbling out of me. Where the hell did he get that?.

"Oh really? I thought you said you're a big boy too?" 

I tease, slicing more bread for him. It's a Monday.

Another school day.

"Yes mom. I'm a big boy but I'm not very very very big"

he exaggerates, spreading his arms wide for emphasis.

I chuckle.

"If you're a big boy then why don't you eat these vegetables hmm?"

I push the plate on which he'd put the leaves he separated from the bread on.

He scrunches his face in disgust.

"No mom. It tastes like eww, yuck!" 

I roll my eyes, grabbing the half eaten bread from him and put the lettuce and sliced tomatoes back in.

"Here. Eat.."

He grumbles.

"You don't want to get sick right? Because when you get sick, the doctor will put long needles in your bum. Do you like that?"


He shouts snatching the sandwich and then takes a huge bite. 

I laugh, going back to my breakfast. When Sean finished with his breakfast, I pack his lunch into his bag.

"Come in Sean. Let's go before we miss the school bus"

He jumps down the chair, grabs his school bag and wears it without waiting for me to do it.. I smile.. Someone is growing up too fast.

"Come on"

I take his hand, leading him out.



"...And the winner is..... 'The mighty one!"

The announcer shouts, holding up Cameron's hand as the crowd goes into a frenzy of cheers and claps.

The opponent whom he'd been fighting lay on the floor of the ring, trying to catch his breath.

I got here almost twenty minutes ago to catch only half of Cameron's fight after dropping off Sean with Mrs Monroe. 

I had no idea Cameron was also a fighter. 

I thought he only came here to watch the match, place a bet or get a few drinks.

But he was actually a fighter, the one everyone called 'the mighty one' Hmm.

Why would Mr park want to destroy a mere fighter in his own arena?.

I sigh, watching the all sweaty Cameron climb down the ring, his very well defined six pack abs, forming a V-line that disappeared into his shorts and his very prominent muscles on full display as the ladies rush towards him like a swarm of bees, swooning and giggling like idiots. 

I watch as Cameron ignores them.all, heading towards the narrow hallways.

A feeling of happiness washes over me when he totally ignores all the ladies throwing them selves.

I take a step back, crouching into a dark corner, watching, waiting for Cameron to appear.

I wait and wait and wait but he doesn't appear.

Is he staying much longer? Does he have another match?.

Why isn't he coming out? It's been what, fifteen minutes since he dissapears down the Hall way.

Should I go search for him myself? Maybe I should. I'm just wasting time.

If he won't come to me, I'd have to go to him.

Stepping out of the corner, I brace myself to face him when I see him making his way out, towards the door.. He was fully dressed, a duffel bag slung at his back.

He was frowning deeply, like he was mad.

Well, Cameron always wore a frown but this time, it was so much more than just a frown.

He looked like he was in a Hurry too.

Oh no, Cameron not today too.

Pushing my way through the crowd, I follow him catching up with him as he passes the guard at the front door and enters the club.

I jump in front of him, making him stop.


He eyes me for a while, still silent..

"Umm. You didn't call me so I thought I'd come searching for you instead...umm to give you back your items and get back my ID of course"

I say sheepishly.

He just stares at me.

Oh God, this man.

Stretching out the small gift bag containing his jacket and watch, I said.


He doesn't take it, he just stares at me more before brushing past me... Oh my God, what got stuck up his ass? Ah.

Why does he make everything so difficult? I run after him, just in time to see him about to open the door of his car..

"Cameron wait!"


He barks so dangerously I halt in my steps, flinching at the harshness in his voice. I blink.

"I..just wanted to give you these"

I stretch the gift bag.

"Can I have my ID please?".

He frowns.

"Look girl, I know why you're doing all this. You think I don't know you left your ID on purpose? Let me make this clear so it gets into your skull, I'm not one of those guys whom you can easily seduce into your pants and then have them wrapped around your little finger while you suck them dry. You're not getting me into your bed neither are you getting into my bank account got it? Go dusturb some other gullible man" 

I blink again.

"I... Don't want your money neither do I want to sleep with you. I.. Just want to be your friend"

I reply in a small voice, his words crushing me.

He stares at me in shock for a while and then burst out laughing. It was a laughter of mockery.

"You? Be my friend? Pfft! That's the most lamest excuse I've ever heard since my existence. Pleas girl, go pr*stitute yourself else where.. Go into that club, you'll find a lot of old stupid men who have no use for Money. They'll sleep with you and give you money too"

he sneers.. I blink again, a tear falling.. His words are like daggers to my chest.

" can't speak to me like that. You don't know me" 

I sniff.

"Exactly! I do not f*cking know and I prefer it stays that away. So do me a favor, and get the f*ck out of my way and life. I hate girls of your kind. You reek of nothing but gold diggers. I'm sure that's what you were doing two nights ago which resulted in you almost getting raped"

he sneers.

I whimper, unable to stop the tears.

Dropping the gift bag to the floor, I wipe my face. 

"Iget your point Mr Knight. You don't have to insult me"

I turn away to walk away when I notice a red mustang parked a few metres away, begin to move slowly in my direction.

I step out of the way thinking it needed to park beside Cameron's car but then as soon as I step away, the car picks up speed aiming in Cameron's direction.. I look around, there's no one else in the parking lot except for Cameron and I Dread fills me. The car is moving much faster now.

Cameron is standing, near his cardoor, his back turned as he bends to collect the gift bag I dropped. I blink.


F*ck!. I start to think the driver has lost control of his brakes but then as he whirles past me, I catch the look of determination in his eyes as they stare directly ahead at Cameron..


I shout, running back towards him.

Cameron turns.

"Get out of the way!"

Without thinking, I lunge forward, pushing him out of the way just a second before I feel an excruciating pain in my ribs, shooting up my entire body as the car slams into me, blood sprouting from my mouth.

Everything turning black instantly



It all happened within the blink of an eye.

One moment I was standing near my car, staring at the bag that contained my blazer and wrist watch after that Sky girl had walked away. 

I was mad, enraged..

After my match, I had gotten a call from Julian while in the changing room.

I hadn't waited for Julian to complete his sentence before I knew what was going on.

That f*cking bastard was two timing me.

Three nights ago, after leaving the club I had gone to the secluded park because I needed to be there.

I almost died that day.

Save for the nagging voice in my head that had told me to check everything through and though before getting into the car.

Yes, I'm not just a fighter.

I'm a racer too.

I race cars.

Sport cars to be precise on a secluded park with a whole lot of others.

Well, it's illegal too but I couldn't care less. It's the fastest and harmless way to earn money.

Well, I didn't really need the money considering I have a small company that I'm running.

I won't call it big because it's not not.

But still, I'm able to feed and clothe myself and pay my workers.

Let's just say fighting and racing are just distractions.

Distractions to keep me busy.

So my mind doesn't have to wander off into the past anytime I get an alone time... And three nights ago, I was due for another racing competition and miraculously just before the whistle was blown, I found out my brakes had been tampered with.

I would have f*cking died if I had gotten into the car.. And Julian had called because he found out who cut my brakes. 

I already had a guess.. That stupid stupid bastard.

I was enraged and blinded with fury, letting it all out on Skylar when she approached.. I had said everything I felt about her, describing her as the prostitute and opportunist I though she was and all.

I was supposed to feel good after but I did not.

Watching the tears flow freely down her cheeks as I insulted her sent an unfamiliar emotion surging through me.

And when she turned and walked away, I was suddenly empty.

I was still cursing myself for letting my anger override my sense of judgement when I heard it.. Her screams.

The horrible, loud screeching of car tyres.


The shout came again.. I turned.

"Get out of the way"

my head snapped, my eyes landing on the red mustang speeding towards me.. F*ck! Before my brain could register what was happening, I was suddenly pushed aggressively and I landed on the floor, a few metres away from the gift bag. 

A strained, painful groan fills by ear.. I look up.

I wasn't prepared for what my eyes beheld.

The car crashed into Skylar, sending her toppling over the hood of my car, falling on the other side.

Horror fills me as I scramble off the ground just as the red mustang reverses and drives away, speeding as fast as it had come.


Later I would find out who stared to do this.

People were rushing out of the club now, hearing the commotion.. With my heart in my mouth, I run over to her.. She lay limply on the ground, a huge gash on her forehead, her entire face bloodied.

A small line of blood flowed down the side of her lips.

Damn it.

It was her.. She pushed me out of the way and got hit instead.. Even after everything I said to her, she still returned to save me.

Why Skylar, why? Why won't you let me continue being a bastard without feeling remorse?

"This is not a f*cking comedy show. Someone pick their f*cking phone and f*cking call an ambulance!" 

I yell at the damn gossips who've surrounded the parking lot staring at me like we're shooting a f*cking movie scene.

"F*cking call an ambulance!"

You're gonna be okay Skylar.

Stay with me.


I stare at the small cell phone I had taken out from Skylar's purse when we arrived at the hospital.

It has been ringing nonstop for the past thirty minutes. 

I really do not know if I should answer it or not.

Will I be breaching her privacy? Because I sure as hell would hate it if anyone answered my calls without my permission..

"You should answer it. Whoever is calling has the right to know the girl's been hospitalised. She needs to go in surgery as well and a family member needs to sign the authorization forms first"

Julian says from beside me.


I say.. "What?"

"Her name is Skylar. Not girl"

I correct him.

"Umm. Oh.. Right yeah Skylar. Please answer her phone Cam."

I sigh. Mrs Monroe flashes on the screen as it begins to ring again. Pressing the answer the button,I place it against my ears.. "Hello? Skylar? Oh my God I'm so worried. You promised to return in an hour and it's been almost three hours now. Hello? Sky? Please tell me you're okay. Sean won't rest until he speaks to you. Say something! Sky?"

The woman bombards me with questions.

"Umm.. "

I clear my throat. There was silence at the end of the line untill she spoke up.

"Who is this? And what are you doing with Sky's phone?"

"Actually ma'am.. She got into an accident. And we're currently at the hospital"

"Oh...oh my God... Accident?"

She shrieks. Guilt prickles me.

"Yes ma'am. I will text you the name of the hospital and address"

"Okay. Please do... I'm on my way..."

She hangs up and I proceed to text the address to the number.. Done, I let out a sigh leaning back in my seat.

Please.. Please let her be okay..


Almost thirty minutes later, a middle aged white woman rushes into the hospital, walking straight to the receptionist asking her something with an agitated look on her face.

The receptionist pointed towards our direction and she turned, walking towards us, her eyes darting around frantically .

"Are you Mrs Monroe?"

I ask her when she gets closer.

Her head snaps in my direction.

"You were the one who picked the call?" 

I nod, handing out the cell phone and purse to her.

"Where is she? I want to see her"

"Umm actually ma'am she needs to be operated on and..."

The doctor barges out of the ward just then, a disapproving look on his face.

"Who's going to sign the authorization form? We can't wait any longer"

"Authorization form?"

Mrs Monroe questions, turning to face him.. "Yes. The patient needs surgery and there's still no family member available"

" Actually Skylar has no family. I'm the closest thing she has to a family"

she woman says. My eyebrows shoot up at the information.. She has no family?

"Please let me sign it. I'll take care of the bills and everything"

"Alright then, please follow me"

the doctor beckons to her as they walk away. I let out a frustrated sigh, running my hands through my hair.

"It's going to be okay Cam. She'll pull through. You'll see"

Julian pats me on the shoulders.

I hope so. I f*cking hope so.




I wake up to bright light piercing my eyes as a painful migraine assaults me.

I groan, leaning back instantly.

I blink my eyes open again.

"Uhh.. Light" 

I groan.

I feel shuffling somewhere in the room and a moment later, I open my eyes again to much dimmer room.


"How are you feeling?" 

A deep, masculine voice asks.

How am I feeling?. I feel like sh*t.

"I feel like sh*t" I say and the masculine voice chuckles. But wait, why do I feel like I've been run over by a truck. That's because you were run over by a certain red mustang.. Oh.. I blink, images of last night scenes flashing in my brain. I lift my head and come face to face with the owner of the masculine voice. Cameron. He was staring at me. Suddenly, every insult I received from him, from our last conversation coming back to me, the words hurting much more than the last time.

"Umm..a woman.. Mrs Monroe was here the entire night. She left about an hour ago to get a change of clothes and bring you something to eat"

Cameron tells me. Mrs Monroe was here?. I left Sean at her home.. Oh my God.. Sean. 

I have to go to him. He must be worried sick about me.

I promised him I would return early to tell him his favourite bed time folktale. And now the entire night has passed, giving way to the morning.

I have to go.

Pulling the covers off my body, I proceed to pull the drip from my hand when Cameron stops me, his hands covering mine.

"Don't... You just got out of surgery"

I snort slightly, snatching my hand.

"So? It's not like you care. You do not give two sh*ts about me"

"You saved my life"

"Tell me something I don't know"

sarcasm drips off my voice as I glare at him. I haven't forgotten how he easily branded me a prostitue and a gold digger.

" don't know me yet you.."

"I don't need to know people before I save or help them Mr knight. I'm much better than that"

I cut him off, wincing slightly at the pain in my head and my ribs. Dizziness washes over me. I have to see Sean. Has he eaten? Was he able to sleep last night without me? I'm sure he didn't. Oh God, my son.

"Look..ermm..about last night.. I..I'm.."

Cameron's voice startles me out of my thoughts.

His eyes darts around nervously.

I shake my head slightly.

"There's no need. You don't have to say anything just because I saved your life. Me saving your life doesn't mean anything. Judging by last night, you already have your opinions about me so please let it stay that way. Imagine this never happened so that your thoughts abouts me can be maintained"

"Please I didn't mean..."

He reaches out to touch me but I jerk away. A certain emotion flickers in his eyes at my action, so quickly I couldn't detect it.

"There nothing more left to say Mr Knight. We don't have to see each other from henceforth. I won't be humiliated by you again, just because I wanted to be friends. I have a dignity to protect regardless of what you think. Goodbye."

I look away, struggling to get off the bed without hurting myself when I feel Cameron's warm and strong arms encircle my waist, pulling me to him when I sway slightly from dizziness.

"Stay.. Please stay Skylar. Don't go"


*** "Go to the boy's quarters, and sleep with any of the ladies you desire"

Mr Park announces as he twirled happily in his chair, grinning ear to ear.

All fifty men whom he had summoned into his living room, turn to stare at each other in puzzlement.

"You can even have threesome's or foursome's. Whatever suits your taste. Go on"

he continues, pouring himself a glass of wine and then taking a huge gulp. Hmm.

So sweet.

Park turns to face his fifty guards who were still rooted to the ground, unsure if their boss was actually serious or was playing a stupid prank on them.

They couldn't tell.

Afterall, Park was always smiling.

Even when he was completely enraged.

It was hard to tell.

His smile was known to be dangerous than a two edged sword.

"What are you waiting for? This offer doesn't stand for long you know. So go on. I know you want to so just go ahead. Sleep with any girl you like, as long as you want. I've received a certain good news so just go on hmm?"

He urges smiling.

Reluctantly, the guards turn, some with a smile on their faces at the prospect of having to chose any girl they desired to sleep with.

"And oh. Bring me two virgins yeah? I too need to have some fun"

Park calls out when they were almost the door.

"Yes sir"

they all chorus and disappear, eager to go find the beautiful ladies before their colleagues did.

Park leans back into his sofa, sighing satisfactorily.

His informant had arrived in the early hours of the morning to give him great news.. He had told him Skylar had been rushed to the hospital after jumping in to save the guy she had been tasked to spy on.

Sure, he had sent her on a mission but that doesn't mean he was going to let her lie or do anything gyushy behind his back.. So he had sent one of his men to follow her to see what she was up to.

To see if she was doing what he had ordered her.

And sure enough, he was quite surprised when his informant had returned with this news.

He knew Skylar was capable enough but to do this? She surely went over the bar.

Though it was risky, jumping in front of the car like that, it was still the easiest way to gain someone's trust.

Risking your life to save them.

And his spy had done just that.. A brilliant job.

And right now, she was at the hospital getting attended to.

From here on, he was sure her work was going to be so much more easy.

Probably end sooner than the two months he'd given her.

And then he'll teach that bastard a lesson.


"Stay. Please stay Skylar. Don't go"

his smooth sultry voice rang in her ears as he held on to her, preventing her from falling.

Skylar refused to answer.

She knew very well it was his guilt that was speaking.

The real Cameron Knight, the one she had become accustomed to didn't speak softly like this.

Neither did he ever say the word 'please'.

She blinks, wincing as the pain in her ribs increased due to her awkward standing position.

"Lie down please. Your wound is still fresh. Please"

he pleads with her as she groans shaking her head stubbornly.

She had to go to Sean.

She struggled to get out of his hold, but she was weak and too dizzy to even fight.

Her eyelids were heavy with sleep, drooping every now and then begging to be shut.


she mumbles, leaning into Cameron who carries her off her feet, laying her on the bed gently before covering her.

"Please.. Let... Go.. Let me go.. To him... Sean.. Sean"

she mumbles continuously, fighting the sleep threatening to take over.

Cameron frowns, not the liking the way she was continuously mentioning some guys name like he was her f*cking world. Sean?. Is he her husband? Boyfriend?.


Who the f*ck is Sean and why does he hate the fact that she cares so much about him even in her sleep induced state? The door to the ward opens just then before he could stop his train of thoughts, Mrs Monroe stepping into the room, a little boy of about four of five, holding on to her hand tightly as they strolled in.

Even with the glasses he was wearing, Cameron still didn't miss the sullen look in his eyes behind the glasses.

The boy looked around the room carefully, his eyes landing on him immediately.

He watches as the boy, let's his eyes rake him from head to toe and then up and down again.. Cameron raises his eyebrows at the boy..

"You're so big"

was the first thing the boy said looking up at Cameron through his glasses.


he cleared his throat.

What was he supposed to say?.

"Are you a macho man? Who are you? Do you know my mom? What..."

"Are you forgetting something Sean?"

Mrs Monroe cuts through the boys rants much to Cameron's appreciation. He turns to look at her, confused.

"We came here to see your mama not to be asking about macho men"

"Yes.. I want to see mom."

The boy nods eagerly. Sean?.

So this little boy is the Sean Skylar couldn't keep quiet about?.

This little boy?.

And did he just say mom? Like mom as in mother?.

Like mother mother? So Skylar has a son? He shakes his head.

But if he remembered correctly, Mrs Monroe had outrightly told the doctor yesterday that she had no family?.

Meaning she had no husband?.

So.. She was a single mother? Then.. "Hey huge man!"

Sean's voice tore Cameron out of this thoughts as he looks down at the boy tugging at his trousers.

"I want to see my mom"

the boy frowns.

Cameron turns to stare at Skylar who'd fallen asleep again, the anaesthetic having not weared from her system yet.

He turns back to the boy.

"Go and see her then"

"Move! You're blocking my way. You're too big!"

Cameron's mouth drops open at his audacity as Mrs Monroe chuckles, trying hard to stuffle a laugh..

Okay what the f*ck! This boy was just as annoying as his mother.

And a talkative too.

It surely runs in the blood.

Quietly, he steps out of the way, watching the boy rush towards the bed, touching Skylar's forehead with his little hand.. Guilt prickes Cameron again.

This was his fault.

"I didn't want to bring him but he just wouldn't stop insisting. He even refused to eat anything."

Mrs Monroe tells him, stepping further into the room.

Cameron only nods, his eyes fixated on the mother and son duo.

He watches Sean stare at his mother for several minutes before, climbing onto the chair and then proceeding to climb onto the bed, laying beside her.

A moment later, his eyes began to droop slowly at intervals until he gave up, falling asleep beside his mother, clutching her hands tightly.

"He barely slept last night"

Mrs Monroe's quiet voice cut through the tension.

Cameron only nods, unable to tear his gaze from the mother and son.

A feeling of protectiveness washing over him. Feeling to protect this boy and his mother.



Ding, dong.

Ding, dong.

The bell rang continuously much to the annoyance of the older woman who'd only retired to bed barely an hour ago after making sure she had washed all the plates and pans used during dinner and mopped the kitchen clean.

Not that she was complaining because it was her job as a maid.

She'd been this family's house help and nanny to her employers two son's for ten years and she loved her job.

She really did but who the bleeping hell would be ringing the door bell like a maniac at almost 12:00 in the night? Grumbling profanities, the older woman got out of bed, searching blindly for her robe. Finding it, she puts it on and walks out of her room and onto the compound. Ding, dong! The ringing came much louder.

"Ah! I said I'm coming!"

She shouts irritably. If this goes on, the noise would wake her employers up. Reaching the gate, the security guard marches up to her.

"There's a woman out there asking the Mr Knight"

"A woman? Asking for Mr knight? At this ungodly hour?"

She questions.

"No not the boss. His son. His eldest son"

the guard corrects making her frown.. Who would be searching for her boss' eldest son by this time?. Didn't they know he left the country three years back?

"I'll see who's there"

she tells the guard who opens the gate, allowing her to step out to meet the visitor.

Under the streetlight, a young sophisticated looking woman stood, clutching her sweater tightly to her body as the cold brezze swept over her.

The older woman's skeyeoy eyes was suddenly filled with rage the moment she recognized the visitor.

"How may I help you?"

She asks rudely.. "Can you let me in first? It's cold out here"

the lady replied.

"You should have thought about before embarking on a journey so late in the night. It's almost 23:00am for heaven's sake! Are yiyu a witch?"

The lady frowns, her calm posture melting into a puddle.

"How dare you talk to me like that? You're just a maid. Just call Cameron for me or better still give way let me go to him"

she made to walk further when the older woman stepped forward, blocking her path.

The lady frowns, hating this.

"What the hell is wrong with you old woman?"

As rude and disrespectful as ever.

The older woman mused silently.

She had never liked her ever since her boss' son had brought her home introducing her as his girlfriend.

And she was right after all.. This girl turned out to be nothing but a gold digging scum. "Go back to where you came from lady"

She would rather lose her job over this than let this opportunist step her cursed foot into this house again.

She wasn't even going to bother telling her Cameron left the country years back.

If she had no idea Cameron left, then that just shows how much she never gave a f*ck about Cameron.

She never cared. And she sure doesn't care now.

She's here because she probably run out of money.

"Who the hell are you to stop me from going inside huh old dirty woman?! Get the f*ck out of my way!"

the young lady snaps, resisting the urge to push this nosy old woman out of her way.

The woman stares at her squarely in her eyes.

"And who the hell are you to come looking for the man whom you left at the alter and got married to his brother on the same day? Who the hell do you think you are? To even come here searching for him? Are you not ashamed? You really have the guts don't you?"

She barks at her.


**** The young lady's nostril's flared, her eyes red and blazing with anger under the streetlights as she glares at the nosy woman who for some reason couldn't keep her godamn mouth shut.

If only murder wasn't a crime, she would have buthchered this woman to pieces.

"How dare you...."

She didn't get to finish her screams when she was interrupted yet again.

"Do not waste your time here because over my dead body are you meeting Cameron. Now get out of here Natalia"

"Natalie! It's Natalie! Not f*cking Natalia!"

She yells her screams echoing through the silent night.

"Keep your voice down will you? People are going to think you're mentally deranged. Not that it's a lie because you really are sick in the head."

The older woman continues

"And it doesn't matter if your name is Natalie or Natalia. It still doesn't change the fact that you're nothing but a leech. Hopping from one host to another, sucking them dry."

Natalie taps her foot to the ground again and again, her jaw ticking from holding back so much anger.

"You just wait woman. Just wait. You'll be the first one I fire like a stray dog the moment I return"

she seethes. Return? Where? To this house?. The woman snorted

"Yea keep dreaming Natalie. It doesn't hurt to dream"

With that she turns and shuts the gate in her face. She let's out a sigh, stepping fully into the compound.. "That was her wasn't it?"

The guard asks immediately, approaching her.

"That was who?"

"The one who two timed the Knight brothers."

The guard answers.

The older woman was tempted to ask him how he knew about that story considering the fact that he was employed barely three months ago.

But tyeyj again, the wedding of the ever popular Mr Knight's eldest son had been the talk of the town for weeks and when Natalie had left him at the alter, it had turned out to be a huge scandal.

Every social media blogger wasted no time in posting about it, adding their own fabricated stories to spice things up.

It was all over town.

And when pictures of the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be's brother popped up on the internet showing them kissing at the airport with her in her wedding attire, a huge diamond ring on her finger and their suitcases beside them, it had gone haywire.

People couldn't stop whispering about how the bride had jilted her husband at the alter only to get married to his younger brother.

It was the main reason Cameron had left the country barely a week after the incident.

He couldn't take the humiliation.

And she had watched the mother of both son's crying each day for her children.

Her first son had been betrayed by none other than her second son.

She sighs.

"Yes, that was her. Please do not let her in when she shows up again, at all costs."

The guard nods, watching her disappear into the house.


U.S.A.. NEW YORK.. 12:00AM.


My eyelids flutter open, a massive headache being the first thing that registers in my brain. 

I groan.

Someone get me a f*cking painkiller.

I look carefully around, there's no one else in the room. 

I sigh, eyeing the jug of water that sat on the makeshift wooden table beside me.

My throat feels dry.. I'm thirsty.

There's no one around to help me.

I sigh.

Guess I'll have to do it myself.

Lifting myself slightly, I reach out with my good arm as the other was in a sling, when I realise my arms was stuck. What the... I turn to look at my side where the weight was pressing into me.

Precisely where my ribs hurt.

My eyes land on a small body, curled up beside me, arms tucked underneath the head that lay on my belly.


I blink in surprise, happiness bursting through me at the sight of my son, tiralkyy forgetting about the pain in my ribs.

I listen to his slow, steady breaths.

He's asleep. My baby.

I want to reach out.

To touch him, caress him but I'm stuck.

And my other arm is wounded.

Half of his body is laying on me.

Nevertheless, I try to sit up, groaning instantly.. "Hey careful"

I frown, recognizing the voice immediately.

"You're still here? Why don't you just go? It'll be so much easier to get rid of me this way" I snap.

"I'm sor.."

"Don't... Don't say it because I know you're not."

I don't know why but I can't seem to forget the look of disgust in his eyes when he insulted me the way he did.

He might say he's sorry and he didn't mean it and so an and so forth but I'm sure he meant every word he said.

I could see it all in his eyes last night.

And right now, it's his guilty conscience speaking. 

I turn away when Sean stirs beside me, his eyelids moving.

He opens his eyes, stretching and yawning as he tries to sit up.

"Hey baby"

I ruffle his hair.

He turns, facing me, a smile breaking on his face.


He lunges himself at me, hugging me tight. I wince.

"Careful baby, mom is hurt" 

I tell him. He pulls away with a pout.

"Aunty Monroe says you ate germs so the doctor put the big needle in your bum. Is it true?"

He asks with eyes wide with curiosity. I laugh

"No. The doctor didn't put the needle in my bum. The needle is only for bad boys"


he nods thinking.

"I'm a good boy mom.. So no needle for me?"

I laugh again.

"No needle for you"

I hug him tightly, still aware of Cameron's presence.. I don't like the fact that he's here, watching me interact with my son.

And I do not like the fact that, he knows I have a child.

It's not a bad thing to have a child or be a single mother but this wasn't part of my job.

I had wanted to keep my personal life and information as far away from him as possible until my job was done.. Mixing personal life with a mission never ended well. And now, he already knows I have a son.

I'm sure he knows I'm a single mother already too, judging from the questions swimming in his eyes.

I look away, pretending to listen to Sean's continuous rumbling of his adventures with his friend Christian. I sigh, pressing him tighter to my body.



I stand at the corner of the room like an unwanted intruder, watching mother and don't interact.

My eyes are fixated on Skylar who's smiling at the stories her son was telling her.. It was a genuine smile.

And that look in her eyes when she stared at him.

It was a look of adoration, love, pride, joy.

Something I had been lacking for years.

I blink, realising where my thoughts are headed.

F*ck. I take a deep breath.

You're fine just the way you are Cam.. I tell myself mentally.

You're fine... You don't need anyone's attention or love or companionship.

You've been on your own for years now.

And you were fine.

You always have been.

Was I? The doubt settles in immediately.

Was I ever fine? Of course I've never been fine.

Putting up a tough front, and masking my emotions was something I had to learn.

Most of the times, I used to find myself asking if I was never good enough for Natalie. Asking myself where I went wrong.

Asking myself if I should have been much more ambitious.

Those thoughts always drove me to the brink of insanity.

Pushing me to the edge.

And that was how I joined the underground fights and illegal racing.

Those were the only things that distracted me long enough until I felt the need to sleep at night after returning from the office.

Those things were the only things that kept me sane.

"Good day Mr Knight" 

a voice brings me out of my reverie.

I blink looking up to fiymf the doctor smiling warmly.

I give a brief nod.

"Can I go home now?"

Skylar speaks up first.

"You aren't fit to leave yet miss Sampson.You suffered a cut to the forehead which had been freshly stitched and could reopen at the sligheest movement. You also have a broken rib. And a broken arm. You need to be monitored constantly" 

he turns to her.

"But I can't stay here"

she pouts slightly.

Her son's lips were also puckered in the same way.

Just like his mother.

"I can't discharge you miss Sampson. But if you still want to insist, then I'll have to assign you a nurse who'll take care of you at home until you're feut enough"

Skylar's frown deepens at that.

"But I have to go to work, take Sean to school. I.. I can't rest"

she mutters to herself and then remains quiet as if weighing the pros and cons of the situation.

A moment later, she lifts her head up, a determined look etched on her face. "Okay.. You can discharge me"

Discharge?. My eyebrows shoot up.

She wants to be discharged? She was admitted just last night.

How will she take care of herself and her son with a broken rib, a broken arm and a concussion? I had asked Mrs Monroe if she lived with Skylar while she was still sleeping about an hour ago.. Call me nosy but I just couldn't help it.

She had told me Skylar only worked for her.

So if Skylar doesn't live with her and she's got no family.. Then this means she lives alone? Right? So why does she want to be discharged?

"Are you sure miss Sampson? I will assign you a nurse but she would only work during her shifts and leave. Someone needs to be by your side all the time so I think it will best if..."

"I will take care of her doctor"

I interrupt before I could stop myself. The doctor turns to me.

"How long does she need to recuperate?"

"Two to three weeks at most"

he replies and I nod.

"You can prepare her discharge papers and assign her a nurse.

I'll be taking care of her"

"Very well then.. As you wish"

the doctor says and exits and at that the moment, Skylar's head snaps in my direction.


She seethes obviously angry I didn't ask her before taking such a decision but f*ck.

If she really lives alone, then she can't take care of herself with those injuries.

Not that I care or anything. I'm being a good Samaritan.

I shrug.

"You're getting discharged girl and I'm taking you and your son to my home at least until you're better."

I say and just then something snaps in me and I blink, realisation dawning on me at what I've just done. I'm taking her to my home to take care of her for three weeks? Damn it.

Why can't you keep your f*cking mouth shut Cameron? I'm taking her to my house? To take care of her? And her son? Ah! Somebody shoot me now.




"What.. Did. You. Just. Say?"

I glare at him with all my might.

What does he mean by he will take care of me?.

And what the bleeping hell does he mean by he's taking me to his home? Me and my son? I narrow my eyes at him.

I mean anyone would be happy about the fact that a handsome hulk like Cameron is willing to take care of them.

But this? I just can't find it in me to be joyous especially when it'll be much more easier to get closer to him this way.

But I can't.

If I move In with him, my personal life would be bare right before him.

And I do not want that.

He would be indirectly invading my personal space. 

I won't be able to keep certain things away from him. And knowing Cameron, he's as observant and sharp as a cat.

The minute he notices something is off, he would stop at nothing to get to the root.. and I can't have that.. I can't let my son get attached to him either.

Considering the fact that my son has never had any father figure in his life before.

"You should have at least asked he first" 

I say with resignation, leaning back against the bed rest.

"You would have refused if I asked you"

he answers nonchalantly with a shrug.

"Is my mom going to live with you?"

Dean asks after a while, his eyes narrowed at Cameron.

"Yes. And you too"


Cameron raises an eyebrow, obviously stunned at his question.

"Because your mom is sick and I want to take care of her"

I would have been happy if he didn't say that out of guilt.

"I can take care of my mommy! I'm a big boy!"

Sean exclaims puffing out his chest.

I roll my eyes.

Yeah right.

"I know you're a big boy but I still want to take care your mom"

Cameron replies, an amused look on his face. Was my son making him smile?. Wow, that's a first.

"And I'll play video games with you too"

he adds after a while making Sean's eyes lit up with excitement.

Oh no.. There's no going back now.

"Really?! Video games? I play video games with Christian every dayyyy... But we don't have some at home"

he pouts sadly.

I wish Sean. 

I wish I could give you all that and more.

My heart breaks.

"Don't worry little man. We'll play as much as you want and I'll even give it to you to take home. But you'll have to promise to learn hard"

"Yes! I'll learn.. Yes.. Can we go with uncle? Please mom!"

He tugs at the hospital gown I was in, giving me the puppy eye look.

I hate when he does that. I can't say no.

I turn to glare at Cameron who only smirks in return.

F*cking bastard.

He did it on purpose so he could trap me into saying yes.

"Mom please! Please!"

I sigh.

"Fine Sean.. Fine"

I give in reluctantly, flipping Cameron the bird discreetly so Sean doesn't notice.

Raising a perfect eyebrow at me, he gives me the middle finger right back.

I gasp.

How dare he? So disrespectful.

I've never come across a man who flips a lady the bird like that. 

I narrowly my eyes at him, mentally insulting him in a thousand languages.

Casting me a smug look, he speaks up.

"I'll go get you both some food. What do you want little man?"

He directs the question at Sean.

He didn't even ask me.

So rude.

"Burger and fries! And.. Milkshake too!"

He exclaims.


he adds after a while. Good, I nod in satisfaction.

I taught my son well.

Cameron casts me another smug look before walking out.

He didn't even ask me if I wanted some food too.

F*ck I want to strangle this man so bad.


It was almost five pm when the car pulled up in front of the five storey building, Cameron's penthouse being on the fourth floor.

The last time I had been here, it had been under different conditions and I had no time to look at the surroundings.

The building was situated in a very remote and quiet area.

A place that seemed like it was meant for the rich only.

The automatic gate opens as we step out.


I hiss. My ribs. Cameron was by my side in a second, leaving his friend to park the car in the parking lot along with Sean as he bent to carry me bridal style.

I gasp, wringing my good arm around his neck.

"You could have warned me!"

"Scared you'll fall?"

He says smugly, his breath fanning my face.

"Knowing you Mr chocolate eyes, you'll easily drop me like a sack of potatoes. You're wicked like that"

I snort, ignoring the tingles making their way up my body completely aware of Cameron's strong arms around me, his Cologne invading my nostrils.

Damnit! Rolling his eyes, he proceeds into the reception and towards the elevator, Sean and Julian entering beside us.

Once the elevator comes to a stop, we step out, arriving in front of a door.

I watch as Julian punches the passwords and the door opens.

We step inside. I marvel at the room.. I hadn't taken time to look at it the last time I was here.. The walls were painted in white.

It looked like it had been painted just yesterday.

It was so clean, void of any spots.

Either that, or Cameron didn't stay here often.

I glance at the grey coloured sofas arranged in a circle in the middle of the room with white throw pillows scattered beautifully on them.

The white and gold chandeliers hanging from the ceiling was a definition of how well-to-do Cameron was.

I didn't even get to look at the kitchen when I was interrupted.

"Alright little man, my friend you to your room and then you take a shower then we can play the video games okay?"

Cameron tells him.

"I'll have to bath him"

I mutter

"No mom! I'm a big boy! Don't wash my bum for me!"

He exclaims in horror. Both men chuckle as I roll my eyes.

Julian leads him to the farthest end where they big disappear to.

"Bum? Really?"

Cameron mocks as he begins to walk with me still in his arms.

"Shut up!"

He doesn't say a word until he pushes a door open with his shoulders, stepping into the room.

He sets me on my feet, dizziness washing over me almost immediately.

"Sh*t! I knew I shouldn't have agreed to your discharge"

Cameron cusses as he grabs my waist to steady me. 

I blink, letting him hold me.

"The nurse will be here soon and..." The rests of his words are cut off when I sway again. F*ck, I think I'm going to pass out.

"I don't feel so good"

I mumble

"Of course you don't feel good. You're injured for f*cks sake! Why do you have to be so stubborn!"

He snaps at me.

"Don't scold me..please"

I rest my head on his chest, my feet barely touching the floor as he continues to hold me.

"Come... You need to rest and do not argue with me"

I nod slowly as he carries me, setting me on the bed. I sigh in contentment. This bed is so f*cking comfortable.

"Thank you Mr chocolate eyes"

I mutter. Silence.

"I like your bed"

I say again.

Still silence?. Is he going back to being cold again? Why isn't he answering me? I open my eyes.

They land on Cameron who's head is bowed, his eyes fixated on my bare stomach which was exposed after my shirt had shifted.. I open my mouth to insult him for being such a pervert when I see it.

The look in his eyes.. They're dark and dangerous.


Something registers in my Brain.

F*ck!. F*ck! He saw it.

He has seen it.

I don't need to look down to know he's staring at the big scar covering half of my belly.

Damn it!.

This is what I was avoiding.. He was going to start questioning me and I wasn't ready to relieve the past.

Quickly, I pull down my shirt with my good hand to cover my belly when his hands shoots out, stopping me.

"How did you get this scar?"


"Answer me!"

He growls making me flinch.

"It's.. It's nothing"

I look away.

This is what I was avoiding.. I shouldn't have come here.

Damn it.

"Don't tell me this is nothing because it's definitely something. Tell me Skylar. Who did this to you?"

My lips curk in an unnatural smirk.

"So you know my name afterall"


he warns, his eyes darkening with rage.

"Why? Do you care that much about me?" I smirk more, trying to change the subject.

"Do not f*ck with me Skylar!"

He seethes.

"Why do you want to know? Up until yesterday you wanted so bad to get rid of me and now you want to know how I got my scars?"

I know.

I know I should be happy that at least someone cares enough to ask me this.

No one has ever cared enough to ask.

But I just can't tell him.

I had sworn to keep my personal life out of this mission. And he's making it hard for me.

"Just...drop it Cameron" "No i won't. I want to know"

"It's just a tiny scar nothing else. You're just exaggerating"

Cameron let's out an animalistic growls as he yanks my shirt back up before I could stop him.

The scars stretching from my navel area to undernearh my breasts on full display.

I wince. Great. Now he's seen it all. "You call this a tiny scar? You think I'm exaggerating? Huh? This is a f*cking scar caused from hot iron.

Who the f*ck burnt you with an iron like this?". I blink, tears prickling my eyes at the memory. "I...I can't tell you..'s nothing"

I mutter slowly.

Cameron was by my side instantly, his hands cupping my face gently, urging me to look in his eyes.. And I do.

They were filled with rage and concern.

"Who did this you Skylar? Who burnt you like this?" 

I look away again.

He can't know.. I can't drag him into my mess. I'm in too deep.

"F*cking answer me damnit! God help me because I'm going to f*cking lose it. Who the f*ck did this!"



I stare at her.

My breathing coming out ragged and shallow.

My eyes involuntarily move to her bare belly, resting on the huge scar that covered her entire belly.


I hiss, running a shaking hand through my hair, releasing it from the ponytail in the process as it falls over my face and down my shoulders.

But I couldn't care less right now. I'm angry.

F*cking enraged.

Who could have done this to her?.

No one.

No one deserves to be treated like this.

It doesn't matter If she always gets on my nerves, she still doesn't deserve it.

"Answer me Skylar"

"And do not tell me it's nothing or just a tiny scar because that looks like it was done intentionally"

I warn.

Like I expected, she doesn't reply.

She just keeps her bead bowed, fisting the bedsheets tightly as she bites her lip. 

I let out a sigh, feeling beyond frustrated and helpless.

Why do I feel this way?.

Why do I feel like punching something right now to curb my rising anger.

Why do I want to so badly haunt whoever did this to her whether accidentally or not and beat the shit out of them?.

Why do I feel like commiting murder right now would make me feel so good?.

Damn it Cameron, what's happening to you? A choked sob cuts through my thoughts and I look up to see her shoulders shaking violently.

Damn It, she's crying?.

Of course she is.

What do I do? I sit by her on the bed, wondering what to do.

I've never been good at handling crying girls..

"Skylar I didn't mean to upset you. I'm..."

The air is suddenly knocked out of my lungs when she throws herself at me, wrapping one arm around me, burying her face in my chest as her sobs increase, tears staining my shirt.

I stiffen at the unfamiliarity yet warmness radiating off her touch.

I've never hugged anyone this close for years now.

Sure, I do have numerous one night stands but I never cuddle.

It was always just banging and then I'm out.

But this right now?.

Feels weird yet warm.

I clench my fist wondering if I should hug her back.

Involuntarily my arms move on their own accord, resting on her back. She continues to cry.

I let her.

"P..please don't ask me Cameron. I..c..can't tell you.. hurts to talk about it.. Please!"

She cries, sending my chest heavy with worry.. I can feel her shaking violently with tears.

Oh God, what at all has she been through?.

Is her cheeful and talkative attitude just a front she puts on for the world? Just like me?

"I'm sorry. I won't ever ask you about this again. But please stop crying. I'm sorry"

I pat her back.

She doesn't reply.

Her arm loosens around me. 

I pull away slightly from her only for her to slump onto the bed.


My hand shoots out to hold her head so it doesn't hit the headboard.

I ease her onto the bed.. She's fainted.

I wipe the tears from her face slowly, relishing in the softness and smoothness of her skin.

The door opens suddenly, snapping me back to reality as I snatch my hand way from her face..

"Hey Cam. Sean fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed. The boy must be pretty exhausted.."

He pauses when his eyes land on Skylar.

"Oh.. Guess the mother fell asleep too"

"She passed out"

I correct him as he steps fully into the room.


"I...I saw a burn mark on her belly. A mark caused by a hot iron to be precise. I suddenly started to think about worst things. That she'd been abused. I questioned her, she started to cry, begging me not to ask her about her past and then she just passed out"

"It must have been pretty serious then"

I just nod, unable to keep my gaze away from her.

There doorbell rang just then.

"I'll go get it"

Julian says as he exits.. I sigh.

He returns later with a nurse.

"Good evening my name is Betty King"

she greets.

"We've been expecting you. Please check on her. She just passed out"

I say to the nurse as I get up from the bed, allowing her space to work.

She nods and then goes to work, listening to Skylar's heartbeat with the stethoscope, checking her vital signs, doing all the things nurses do and then gives her an injection.

She then proceeds to set up a drip, hanging it on a small nail sticking out of the wall.

Done she turns to me, handing me a bag of drip.

"Once this drip gets finished please connect this immediately. It should be enough to take her through the night. Just pull out the I.V and connect it to the bag like this"

she explains showing me how it's done.

"I've given her an injection too. She'll probably sleep through the entire night. I'll come by in the morning"

"Thank you" "You're welcome"

"I'll escort you out"

Julian follows her out, leaving me to my thoughts.



The first thing that greets me the moment I blink my eyes open was the completely dim room, making it difficult to tell what time of the day it was.

I sigh.

The door opens just then and Cameron strolls in, shirtless and holding a tray of sandwiches and steaming green tea.

Damn it! My mouth waters.

How could someone look so effortlessly hot and s*xy? How would it feel like to wake up every morning with him holding a tray of breakfast, shirtless and his hair falling over his shoulders as he kisses me good morning? I wonder.

"Good morning"

he greets setting the food on my lap.

"Uh. Good morning.. Wait.. Morning?"

Just how long have I been asleep?

"Yes morning. You passed out last night so the nurse had to give you an injection to make you sleep through the night".

I passed out?.. The last thing I recall was Cameron demanding answers about my scars.

And then.. I.. I broke down crying.

I hugged him too.. I think I must have passed out after that. 

I bite my lip, suddenly feeling embarrassed for crying in front of him like that.

"Eat up. You need to have your medicines"

his smooty voice cuts through my thoughts.

Nodding, I take a sip of the tea and bite into the sandwich.

"Sorry if it doesn't taste good. My house help only comes on weekends so I prepared it myself"

he rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.

My heart stupidly swells.

No one has ever prepared me breakfast before.

Cameron reaches out, grand my wounded arm softly before tugging off the IV I hadn't realised was there from my hand. I wince..

"Sorry. The drip is finished so I had to remove it"

"It's okay"

I say and he nods before getting up to leave.. Dropping the sandwich, I reach out, grabbing his wrist to stop him. 

I feel him stiffen under my touch.

He doesn't move away.

He just turns to face me, an unreadable expression on his face.

"I'm sorry.. For last night. I didn't want you to see me like that."

"Don't be sorry Skylar. I should be apologising instead for asking you such personal questions. There's nothing to be sorry about."

"Thank you...I mean it. Thank you "

"You're welcome Skylar"

My lips curl into a smile involuntarily.

" know my name?"

I ask and he rolls his eyes.

"How did you know my name? You asked my son? You could have just asked me for my name like any gentleman would"

"And the annoying girl is back. Glad to know the accident didn't affect your brain" he sighs dramatically.

"And the ever annoying, irritating Mr chocolate eyes is back" 

I reply sarcastically. He chuckles with a shake if his head.

"Get some rest girl. You need it"

"Do not call me girl!"

I snap just as he shuts the door, his laughter echoing far away.

A smile plays the corners of my lips as I lean back, sighting mh cell phone on the beside table immediately.

There was a charger connected to it.

Thank God.

At least Mr chocolate eyes charged my phone for me.

Unplugging it, I check through my call log to see several missed calls from Mr Park.. I frown.

I can never escape him no matter where I am can I? Sighing, I dial hos number. It doesn't take long before he answers it.


he commands.

Wow, nice way to greet someone.

"Everything is going well"

I say, knowing perfectly well that's why he was calling.

"Good. Perfect. Where are you?"

I can almost hear his cynical smile

"In his home"

"Perfect. Perfect. You managed to get into his home. I knew you were my best spy. Now do not waste time. Snoop around. Look for anything in his room. Something you think will be useful to me. Got it?"

"Yes Sir"... I pause when I feel eyes on me.

I turn, my heart catching in my throat when I spot Julian leaning against the door, staring down at me.

When did he enter?.

How long has he been standing there? Did he hear anything? How much did he hear? Oh God.

"How are you feeling?"

He questions.

Julian and I haven't really spoken face to face.

He's just as intimidating as Cameron.

"I'm fine. Thank you"

I reply and he nods, walking closer.

I gulp, pressing the red button and ending the call.

I drop the phone to the table.

His eyes move to the phone and then to me.

I look away feeling uncomfortable.

"Your son is having his breakfast. He wanted to come see you but I persuaded him to eat first"

he tells me.

Something with the tone if voice he used was unsettling.

"Thank you"

"You know something miss Sampson, you're very pretty"

he begins.

"Beautiful in fact. Very beautiful and it'll take you no more than five seconds to seduce any man"

Oh my God.

My heart begins to beat faster than usual at his words.

I gulp, looking away, my hands trembling.

My breakfast totally forgotten.

"I see Cameron brought you breakfast.. Nice... Now listen to me very carefully, Cameron is my best friend. He's much more than a friend. He's like a brother to me. And I've seen him getting crumbled. I've seen him cry like a baby. I've seen him getting reduced to nothing because of a woman. I've seen him at the his lowest and it has taken him years to get back on his feet" 

Julian was right in my face as he spoke, his eyes staring directly into mine.

"It has been hard. And so I wouldn't stand by and watch him get hurt again. If you're here to deceive him or for your own selfish reasons, I suggest you pack your things and get the f*ck out of here before it's too late"

I flinch at the harshness in his tone..

"But if your intentions are clear, then you're welcome to stay. If not... If not and you so much as hurt a single hair on his head, God help me miss Sampson, because I will crush you. If you're here to hurt Cameron, you better leave now because if I find out you're here for other reasons, I will f*cking destroy you. I won't let the past repeat itself. Take this as a warning"

he sneers and walks out, shutting the door quietly like he didn't just threaten me.

Oh my God. I whimper, clutching the bedsheets so tightly my knuckles hurt.

Does Julian suspect me already? Did he overhear my phone conversation? What did he hear when I was talking to Mr Park on phone? What does he know about me?



"What are you doing?"

I turn at the tiny voice, grabbing a face towel to dab the sweat off my face.

"I'm training"


He asks, glancing around at the gym curiously.


I hum, taking a seat on a bench.

"I want to train too"

I lift myself up, raising an eyebrow

"Really? Why?"

"Because I want to be like you. Very macho"

he taps his tiny arm making me laugh.

"Well little man, you'll have to wait to grow up a little bit okay?"

"I'm a big boy!"

He huffs like I had just offended him with my words.

It reminds me of how angry Skylar gets when I address her as a girl. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree afterall.

I sigh.

With the little knowledge I know about kids, when they find something fascinating and set their eyes on it, there's nothing in the world that can make them change their minds.

I stare at Sean who's eyeing the dumbell in my hand. Great, guess I'll have to distract him.

Dropping the dumbbell, I wrap the towel around my neck, grabbing a bottle of water along.

"Come on little man, let's go play video games"

"I want to watch The Lion King before playing the game.. Please?"

I almost snort.

This doesn't sound like he's asking me.

He's ordering me and adding please to make it sound polite.

He's so much like his mother.

I groan at the prospect of having to be stuck with watching such a lame movie.

"Alright little man... The Lion King it is"

He yelps happily, running past me into the living room.

I shake my head following him out.

Julian stood leaning against the door that led to my gym, arksy crossed over his chest, watching me like a hawk.

"What? Is anything on my face?"

"Don't get attached to that Kid"

he blurts out.

I had to do a double take to make sure I heard right. Okay, what?


"Do not get attached to that kid. Stop now"

he repeats nonchalantly like he's reciting A,B,C.

"He's just a kid Julian. I'm not going to ignore him"

Am I getting attached?

"Just don't Cameron. I've seen how you look at him. And I've definitely seen how you looked at his mother when she was unconscious last night"

What nonsense!.

"What has gotten into you Julian? How do I look at Skylar? And pray tell me how do I look at the boy?"

"Like you want to protect him."

He deadpans and my eyes widen. I open my mouth to deny when he beats me to it..

"Do not bother to deny it Cameron. We've known each for years and I can tell what you're thinking by just looking at you. Ever since that accident, ever since you got to know she has no family whatsoever, something has changed. You look at her differently"

"So what's your f*cking point? What are you trying to prove here?"

I'm at my wits end. I f*cking swear.

"You like her don't you?"

I let his words sink in, and when it does, I burst out laughing hysterically unable to stop.

"Me? Like who? That girl? Skylar?" 

I laugh again.

"What the f*ck Julian? Are you high on weed? I don't do love neither do I like anyone. By the way what's it to you if I like her? That's what's you've been trying to get me to do for years now right? Advising me to let myself fall in love and blah blah blah... So what happened now? Are you suddenly against it?"

F*ck, I love this man but he's really getting on my nerves I might just punch him.

"I'm not going against it Cameron. I just don't want you to fall in love with Skylar. She's up to no good. She's deceiving you"

I roll my eyes.

"So what if she's deceiving me? Do I look like I give a sh*t? She's only here because I feel guilty. That's the least I can do. Once she gets well, she's out"

"What if it was all staged? What if it was all a plan, to get your attention? The car, her jumping in front of the car to save your life? What if it was all planned? To get into your house to steal information? What if..."

"Okay shut up Julian! Shut the f*ck up! Enough of these useless assumptions. You may be my friend but I'm this close to punching the sh*t out of you!."

"I'm only looking out for you Cameron. I wouldn't want to see you get hurt the second time"

he says, his voice much softer now.

"I appreciate that but I'm not that daft. I'm not about to fall in love with her or any girl for that matter. Once she gets well, she leaves. That's it"

I walk past him, to find Sean waiting for me to put on The Lion King.

"Hey Buddy. Let's watch the movie shall we?"

I force a smile, joining him on the sofa...


1:00PM... SAME DAY. 

I waited until the nurse finished changing Skylar's bandages after helping her take a bath. 

I stroll into the guestroom, my eyes finding hers immediately.

She was propped up against the headboard, her hand caressing Sean's hair who had fallen asleep on her lap an hour who.


her lips curl into a smile as I stroll in.


I nod, wondering what I'm doing here in the first place.

"So.. How are you feeling?"

I ask, feeling awkward.

"Much better thank you"

I nod again.

F*ck what am I doing here?.

"I'm sorry Cameron"

her voice cuts through my thoughts.


"Yes. Sorry for any inconveniece my son and I are causing you".

I open my mouth to tell her it's okay when a voice behind me interrupts..

"Are you, really?"

I sigh as Julian strolls in..

"Are you really sorry miss Sampson?"

He sneers. Okay what's gotten into him today?

"Umm... Yes. I really am.. I.. Could leave if my presence is making you uncomfortable"

Skylar gulps

"Oh no please by all means stay. You know you want to"

"Julian stop it"

I grab his arm to stop him but he ignores me and continues.

"Who are you really miss Sampson? What's your motive? Why are you here?"

Skylar's eyes widen at his accusations.

"W..what are you talking about?"

"Oh you know... You're really a good actress you know. Playing the part of a helpless young woman without a family who's also a single mother"

Julian snorts like he can't believe it.

Skylar blinks rapidly, her arm going around Sean protectively.

She doesn't reply.

"What exactly do you want? Are you here to gather information to give to your masters? Who sent you? Sean's father? The man you love so much? I've heard women do a lot for love so is this one of them? Where are you from?"

"Ghana" Skylar answers, ignoring his earlier jabs.

"Oh would you look at that? She's a Ghanaian too just like us!"

Julian exclaims with fake enthusiasm.

"Julian that's enough"

I grit my teeth.

He's going too far now.

It's okay to be suspicious but this is too much.

"She's hiding something from you damnit! Why can't you see it Cameron? She's decieving you."

He tells me, making me blink in surprise.. He turns his attention back to Skylar, who has began trembling.

"Who is Sean's father? Was he the one who who sent you? Answer me miss Sampson. You're in our house so we have every f*cking right to ask you this."

"I do not know Sean's father"

she reples silently.

"Oh? Would you look at that? You've been sleeping around? A little prostitute?"

"Julian what the f*ck? stop this!"

I snap.

F*ck I'm gonna punch him.

I had called Skylar a prostitute once and I regretted it.

Julian is doing the same damn thing.

What the f*ck is he suspicious about? Why is he interrogating her like she has been declared the main suspect for murder?

"Stop what Cameron? The fact that I'm saving you from an impending disaster? Is that what I should stop? Just.. Just look at her..."

He points a finger in Skylar's direction.. She was trembling.

Whether with rage or pain, I couldn't tell.

"See that?..."

Julian continues

"That's what she wants. She wants you to see her vulnerable and bare, an easy target. That way, it would draw you closer to her. You know how men are suckers for pretty damsels in distress? She's f*cking up to something Cameron. Just think for a second man, why hasn't she received any calls? You've been with her phone since her accident right? And no one called to ask of her. Neither did she call anyone because they'd probably be worried about her? Does she have no friends? And the one time, she decides to make a call, I hear her talking to the person in cryptic messages. Isn't this fishy? Can't you even see how she's using that boy to gain your trust? it's easier to relax around him because he's just a kid. Sweet, innocent and naive..."

"F*ck Julian that's enough! Why do you keep talking about Sean?"

I growl.

Damnit, he's making me angry.

"That's because she's using him as a bait! Trust me Cameron she's deceiving us. She's here for a purpose and that boy is a bait. A perfect unquestionable bait."

"Damnit Julian! You're going too far with this. I'm not asking you to trust her because I do not either but do not bring her son into this conversation. You're going too damn far with..."


Skylar suddenly yells, her voice echoing through the room.

Breathing hard from so much anger at Julian's sudden stupidity, I watch as she eases Sean from her laps, resting his head on the pillow.

She plants her feet on the ground and stands up, wincing immediately.

Out of habit, I rush to help her but she holds up her hand as a warning, making me stop in my tracks.

"Do not come near"

Using the wall as support, she takes slow steady steps until she was in front of Julian and lifts her eyes to stare a him.

Her eyes were red, bloodshot.

She blinks once, and the tears start to flow.

Her eyes were hard, angry.

"You can say every f*cking thing you want about me. all me a prostitue, gold digger.. Anything you want because I've heard worse. But on no account will you ever, ever in your damn life speak anything about my son do you get that? You are not allowed to say one f*cking thing about him. And for the record, Sean doesn't have a f*cking father because I have no idea who his father is. I don't even know how I got pregnant. I arrived at a clinic one day to go for check up because I hadn't been feeling well. And you know what? I was confirmed pregnant. More than two months pregnant and I had no idea how it happened because I was a f*cking Virgin!"

She hisses and then burst out laughing hysterically. Julian stiffens beside me, her words registering in his brian. I blink. Pregnant? Yet she was a virgin? Skylar continues to laugh with tears streaming down her cheeks, a sign of the turmoils of emotions running through her system..

"I had never slept with a man before yet I was f*cking pregnant. For a moment, I used to think someone had performed artificial insemination while I was unconscious somewhere on me because that is the only way to get a lady pregnant without having s*xual inter course with her but then f*ck it! Why does it matter anyway? The bottom line is, I still gave birth without knowing who's child I was carrying. I had to go through caesarian section in order to have my son. And a few months after he was born, he was diagnosed with hole-in-heart. A f*cking hole-in-heart.. And he was barely a year old. So do not f*cking stand there and tell me I'm using my son as a bait because I would never in my f*cking dreams use my son as a bait whatsoever after everything I've gone through to have him. Do not ever talk about my son like that ever, ever again. Do you f*cking get that?!"

She growls, eyes dark and blazing with fury.



It took more than several seconds for my brain to analyze every single word that was coming out of Skylar's mouth.

And when I finally do, I blink.


What did she just say? That she got pregnant despite being a virgin? A Virgin as in she had never ever had any sexual inter course with any one?.

And she gave birth through caesarian section? And.. And Sean was diagnosed with hole-in-heart a few months after his birth. Involuntarily, my eyes snap in the boys direction who was thankfully still asleep.

This boy was operated on?

"You don't know anything"

Skylar says with a shake of her head as she leaned against the walk.

Her eyes were no longer filled with anger like it was moments ago.

Instead it was blank, completely devoid of any emotion. She was crumpling. I could see it.

Her walls were crumbling down.

"You don't know anything. Nothing at all. You don't know what I have to do just to survive. You don't know how I go by every single day of my life. You don't know what I need to do just to give my son a roof over his head, a place to school and food to eat. You don't know how I manage to survive. The only reason I'm still alive and breathing is my son. He's my only source of strength. And yes, you were saying something about me playing the part of the pathetic single mother who has no family. What do you think? That I will actually be here if I had a family? A real family? A place to call home? No... You wouldn't even catch a whiff of my scent. I lost my parents in a plane crash. I lost both of them on the same day. My extended family members only came for the funeral and then took their share of the property away leaving me penny less and on the streets. I have to survive the hard way. You know absolutely nothing about me. Nothing"

she finishes, her eyes drooping slightly as she begins to walk back to the bed.

Julian was silent.

But I can't remain silent.

Not after everything I've just heard.

I used to think I had a rough past but f*ck it, Skylar's past is much much worse. 

I take a step towards and she lifts a hand again.

"Don't come near me.."


I begin

"Save it"

she cuts me off coldly.

Reaching the bed, she begins to tap her son until he stirs in his sleep..


"Yes baby. Get up. Get up now son"

"But I really want to sleep mom. Are we going somewhere?"

He rubs his eyes tiredly.

"We are Sean. We are leaving"

My eyes widen

"What Skylar.. The doctor said.."

"Forget about what the doctor said. I know I'm only here because of your guilty conscience. There's no need to worry about what the doctor said. I can take care of myself. I'd rather not spend another second in this house. Come on Sean, get up".

"But mom uncle Cam pronised to play video.. "

"That's enough now Sean!"

She snaps at her son who flinches obviously not used to his mother's harshness.

"Enough. He's not your uncle. And forget about the video games. You can play with Christian. now come on. And do not argue with me do you get that?"

The boy whimpers, biting his lips as he climbs down the bed.

"Skylar you don't have to.."

I try again yet she interrupts me again

"Not another word Mr knight. Do not speak to me ever again. I've overstayed my welcome and it's time I left. Thank you for your hospitality."

She takes another step only to hiss in pain, clutching her side.. It takes every ounce of strength in me not to walk over to her, throw her over my shoulders, drop her back on the bed and tie her up so she doesn't move again.. She's f*cking stubborn.

"Sean grab my phone for me. It's on the bed"

The boy does as he's told and brings the phone to her.

She dials a number on the phone before placing it against her ear.


"Yes Mrs Monroe it's me.. I.. Was wondering if you could call me a cab. I'm actually not familiar with this surroundings so if you could call me a cab and give them directions... What! No you don't have to come pick me up.. Yes... No really its fine.. Okay..Thank you..".

She hangs up and walks back to the bed, proping herself against the headboard.

"Do you still want to sleep while we wait for Mrs Monroe to come pick us up?"

Skylar asks her son who nods immediately, climbing onto the bed and crawling onto her lap. She caresses his hair as he sleeps.




There's too much tension in the room.

I can feel both men's eyes on me.

Determined not to look at either of them, I keep my gaze fixed on Sean's hair as I massage his scalp softly.

Julian hasn't said a single word since my outburst.


He's the last person I want to talk to right now.

I hope Mrs Monroe arrives early.

I don't want to be in this house a minute longer.

Julian's words keep replaying in my mind over and over again.

Sure I don't blame him for suspecting me but to call me names? Talk about my son like that? I can't forget it.

I better leave before everything goes haywire than it already has. 

I shut my eyes, memories of the past flashing in my memory like a movie.

I bite my lip, trying to trap the sob threatening to escape yet I fail miserably.. Another sob escapes me.

Another and another.

Before I can stop it, the tears are already flowing.

F*ck! I hate this.

I hate being so weak.


The smooth, deep voice calls.

And just like that, I look up gazing into Cameron's brown eyes.. He was sitting at the edge of the bed, a distinct look in his eyes.

"Don't...." I say softly "Don't feel pity for me"

"I don't pity you. I would never.. Its Just... I'm sorry. I'm really sorry"

he runs a hand through his hair.

I could literally feel the warmth radiating off him from where he sat. 

I wanted to be engulfed in that warmth.

I wanted his arms around me.

I wanted him to hold me make me feel comforted like I was last night.. I wanted to hear him say my name like he does.

No.. I shake my head. Fight it Skylar. Fight it.

You aren't here to mix emotions with a Job.

You did that once and you've already been suspected.

Fight it Skylar.

You don't need him.

You don't. Do I? F*ck I need him.

I throw my arm around him, burying my face in his chest as I cry, harder than I've ever done... Cameron's arms come around me immediately, pulling me to him until we were pressed chest to chest, with no space between us. 

I let myself enjoy his warmth, his strong arms making me feel wonderfully cocooned. 

I let my self relish in the moment, inhaling his manly scent as much as I can because I know once I leave I wouldn't feel this safe.

"I don't like being weak Cameron. I don't. I don't want to be weak" 

I sob clutching onto his shirt.

I feel his arms go to my head, fingers tangling in my hair.

For a split second I thought I felt him kiss my forehead but it was too light.

Too light I almost didn't feel anything.

"You aren't weak Skylar. Crying doesn't make you weak. These tears have been stored up in your body for a long time. Just let it out.. I'm right here"

For some reason, his words brought me peace.

Something I hadn't encountered in a long time.

I sniffle.

I'm leaving.

Right? What's there to lose? After all I've already made my job gone haywire with all these emotions.

There's nothing I can do now.

I can't keep staying here.

I'll just have to tell him the truth about who I really am and then leave.

I'll just have to form a lie to tell Mr park.

Then again, Maybe I wouldn't have to lie anymore.

Once I leave here, it won't be necessary to go back to the mansion right?.

I could just ask Mrs Monroe to take me someplace far away.

Someplace no one knows me.

A place Mr Park won't find me.

I'm not going back there. 

I just can't.

I've already failed this mission and I've given up to make matters worse.

Staying here will jeopardize everything.

It will give Julian more chances to figure me out.

Mr Park will just murder me either way.

I'm still going to lose either way so it's better I speak up now.

Sighing I pull away from Cameron.

"Before I leave, there's something I need to tell you"

"No Skylar. You don't have to tell me anything"

he reaches out to wipe a tear with his thumb and I gasp at the shivers that run down my spine at his touch.

"I have to Cameron. I need to"

Taking a deep breath, I speak up..

"I'm not who you think I am.."

I begin only for my phone to chime loudly with an incoming message.

Muttering an apology I pick up the phone to check.. It doesn't matter how many times I'm interrupted, I'll have to tell him the truth.


I open the message to read, dread filling the pit of my stomach instantly.

My heart sinks as I read the message.

"My dear Skylar. You're such a predictable little thing aren't you?. Did you think I would send you on a mission with taking precaution? Tsk tsk tsk, sorry to interrupt your confession sweetheart. Oh, Before I forget, the woman you work for is on her way to pick you up right? She's with her son too. What's his name? Ah yes Christian. Now, you've got two choices. Either you shut your mouth, stay there like the pretty obedient girl that you are and continue our mission until it's done or, the first bullet from my beautiful gun will be released in Mrs Monroe's head. That's her name right?. And the second bullet, will go straight into her son's chest who's eating chips right now as we speak. Choose wisely, princess. You open your f*cking mouth, and they're dead. I'm sure you're aware of how much of a sharp shooter I am? Damn, it's been while I killed someone. It will be so much fun. Again, choose wisely. Tsk, tsk tsk."



"I'm not who you think I am.."

My heart skips a beat the moment she utters those words.. Before she could say more, her phone chimes and I curse under my breath as she mutters a silent apology, picks up her phone and begins to check through it.

Uneasiness fills me as a few seconds begin to feel like eternity while I wait for her to finish whatever she was doing on that damned phone.

Suddenly, a loud crashing voice draws my attention and I lift my head.

Skylar was seated on the bed, her body tense and rigid, eyes wide open with shock as she stares around the room in a very weird way.

"Are you okay?"

I ask, eyeing her carefully.. She doesn't respond.

She continues to sit rigid, like she was in some sort of trance.


I call out again, my brows creasing with confusion.

She still doesn't snap out of it.

"Skylar? Hey!"

I grab her left arm, shaking her violently until her eyes snaps to mine.

She blinks once and then as if remembering something, she begins to dart her eyes around frantically.

When her eyes land on the phone which she had dropped on the floor, she picks it up immediately.

The phone wasn't broken, thankfully.

Such a strong phone.

Mine would probably have a cracked screen by now.

I watch as she dials a number and speaks for a few minutes.

When she's done, she hangs up, lifting her eyes to meet mine.

"Why did you just call Mrs Monroe not to come pick you up anymore?"

I ask. I mean it's not that I didn't want her to leave.

She was still wounded but suddenly changing her mind in a few minutes? That's questionable.

Did it have anything to do with the message she got? Why does she have so much fear in her eyes.

"See? Did you see that?"

Julian who seemed to have finally snapped out of his trance spoke up, his voice laced with disgust..

"See what Julian?"

I grit my teeth in annoyance.

"Did you see how she suddenly changed her mind? After after..."

He trails off, marching past me and then snatches the phone from Skylar.

He looks at the screen for a while until his expression hardens.

"I was right. I was f*cking right! This bitch!"

Alright I've had enough now.

"Okay shut the f*ck up Julian. Now. I mean now. Zip it. Zip your damn mouth will you? Cut her some slack, what the f*ck!"

"No.. Look at this...."

He pushes the phone into my hand.

I don't look. I want her to explain everything from her own mouth, if there's any matter.

"Shut up Julian"

I glare at him before turning to Skylar.. She was holding up a piece of paper that was previously lying on the beside table.

Her hands were trembling.

There was a writing on the paper.

It was scribbled haphazardly like she had written it with her left hand since her right was injured. Did she just write it? Squinting my eyes, I bend to read what was written.

"Your house had been wired. Please take us somewhere else and I'll tell you all you need to know. Leave your phones here too or switch it off, they might be tapped too. Please. I'll tell you everything"

"What the..."

I stare at my cell phone in my hand and then at her.

Her eyes were pleading.


Why the f* k would my house be wired?.

And how the hell did she know this? I frown, not liking this one bit. I'm starting to believe Julian's words.

"This better be worth it, else I'm gonna f*ck you up real bad if I find out you're not who you say you are"

I write at the back of the paper and show it to her.. She nods in understanding and I nod curtly in return.

I take her outside, waiting for Julian to do whatever he has to do so no one realises we are out of the house for a while.

Anyone who's monitoring us won't realise we are gone.



Once we arrive in what seems like Julian's house judging from his pictures hanging on the wall, Julian drops Sean gently on the bed just as Cameron drops me on my feet so harshly my ribs ache.

I wince looking up at him but his face was stoic, hard and unreadable just like when I'd first met him.

I stagger towards the bed and sit.

"Do you still want a microphone before you start talking bitch?"

Julian snaps and I flinch inwardly.

I sigh.

Whether I tell them or not, I'm still going to be the loser anyway.. If I don't disclose it now, they'll hate me later when they find out.

If I disclose it now, they'll Still hate me and Mr Park will have my head on a platter for betrayal.

So what's the point? "Please just... Promise me you'll hear me out before drawing to conclusions" I mutter avoiding eye contact. Cameron snorts.

"Don't you think you're not in the position to be making demands?"

"Cameron please.."

"F*cking shut up and talk else I'll hand you over to the police for breach of privacy seeing as you had my home wired"

he sneers

"I didn't wire your house Cameron trust me"


For some reason, his lack of trust hurt me more than it should have. Why was he supposed to trust me anyway?

"I...I'm a spy"

I begin watching their expression wearily.

Cameron's jaw tightens at my words as his eyes flashes with anger.

With clenched fists, he averts his eyes.

"F*cking b*tch I knew it! Get the f*ck out of here" Julian grabs me by my broken arm and pulls me up sharply. I groan in pain.

"You're hurting me... P..please.."

I plead.

It was painful.

There was a cut on my shoulder and I could see it getting stained with blood as he dragged me out harshly.

The pain in my ribs not helping it one bit as I was forced to walk faster to keep up with his pace.

When we reach the door, I trip and none of them make any move to help me as my side crashes to the floor, unbearable pain searing through me.

I couldn't help but scream in agony, the pain in my arm throbbing wildly.

"I've been working for the boss for years"

I wheeze out painfully, blinking back tears that clouded my vision.

It hurts.

My entire body hurts like hell.

Damit, I fell really hard.. I continue nevertheless

"I've been working as his spy and con artist. Sometimes he makes me seduce rich old men who'd gotten into his bad books and dupe them then either kills them or let's them live after. That's the kind of work I did.. Wait did I say work?"

I laugh bitterly, watching the blood pouring down my shoulder from the open wound.

I've watched myself bleed so many times, I don't feel anything when I see my own blood. It's almost like another liquid to me.

"I don't work... No... Work is not the right word. Slave. Yep. I slave for him. I'm his slave. I'm like a dog with a leash and tag around it's neck that is dragged everywhere by it's master. That's how pathetic I am. So..."

I pause to stare at them smiling bitterly, memories coming back to haunt me..

"Long story short, let's just say you here Mr Knight got on my boss bad side. I do not know what you did but he ordered me to spy on you. Get every information I could gather. Seduce you.. Use any godamn tactics to get you to trust me. Infiltrate your home, anything and report back to him.. I couldn't say no. Because I have no right to say no to my boss, my maker. That's how he describes himself, my maker. You see this?"

I stretch my broken arm and lift my shirt up showcasing the burns on my belly.

Funny, my arm doesn't even hurt.

It doesn't hurt compared to what I suffered when the hot iron was pressed to my flesh.

"This mark here is a result of my defiance. Yep. My boss asked me to dupe a very powerful man once and I refused. That was the first time he sent me on a Job. I refused. I thought I could handle him. I thought I was tough but when he pressed that hot iron to my naked flesh for several minutes while the only scent that filled my nostrils was my burning flesh, I realised I wasn't. I wasn't at all"

I stop when I feel arms around me


I smile at Cameron. His fingers reach out to wipe my tears. Oh was I crying? I chuckle. "I didn't realise I was crying. Sorry dude"

"You're bleeding"

"No sh*t Sherlock. You didn't seem to care when your friend was dragging me like a ragged doll until I fell and reopened my wounds. Don't tell me you suddenly care after hearing my pity story. Oh well you aren't supposed to care"

"Skylar don't.. Just don't"

"Don't what?"

I smile numbly "Just...."

He starts when he shakes his head

"How did this all start? Why did you get involved with a guy like that?"

"I didn't. It happened. I needed money for Sean's surgery. He appeared, offered to help me in exchange for a job so I could work and pay him back in bits"

"And you believed him?"

That was Julian.

"I didn't. I was in doubt until he told me his own sister died of hole-in-heart because he had no money to treat her then. So he wanted to help me and I...I believed him.. I.. I was vulnerable.. I didn't want my son to die. He was all I had. Sean was all I had.."

My shoulders begin to heave up and down as my hard facade crumbles to pieces, my vulnerable side surfacing once again.

F*ck I hate this. I hate crying.

I seemed to cry a lot around Cameron.

"Oh my God Sky"

he pulls me to him, rubbing my back as I let the tears come undone.

I'm unable to stop.

So many years of pent up frustration and pain coming undone, bare right infront of him.

"I didn't want to do this Cameron. To deceive you. But I had no choice. I had to protect Sean. He's my only weakness. I did it for my son. He'd nearly sold my son away for adoption and I can't have that. He won't hesitate to kill my son I know it... I didn't want to do this believe me"



A pang of pain hits me as she sobs harder than I've seen any woman cry, her tears and blood staining my shirt but I couldn't care less.

All I could care about was this broken woman in front of me who's world was her son.

Who had to endure such just so her son could live.

None of this was her fault. It never was.

She was trapped when she was most vulnerable and now her debts are being used against her.

Such surgeries cost millions and it'll take someone like her to rob a bank to pay such amounts.

Skylar was just just another pawn in this.

My mind goes back to the burn marks and I fume, anger pumping in my veins

"How many times has he hurt you?"

I pull back from the hug to peer into her tearstained face.

She smiles.

A smile that doesn't reach her eyes.

"As many times as I can count"

My jaws clench

"He's been abusing you?"

I growl. She shrugs

"That's how f*cked up I am"

I clench my fists harder, my nails digging into my palm so hard.

He's abused her so much that she now talks about it as if she's telling a romance tale? Damn it.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please forgive me you both. I admit it wasn't my intention to waltz into your lives to decieve you but it still doesn't justify the fact that I still did it. I.. Don't want you to get involved any deeper than you already are"

Another tear falls and I'm tempted to catch it.

Those tears aren't meant to be shed for some stupid man with twisted thoughts. "We've already been involved six feet under ever since we met"

I say to her.

"And there's no going back now"

Julian chips in earning a smile from me.

Now that's the best friend I know.

"What? No... You can't get involved. I'll lie my way out of this. I can't let you get hurt. Please don't do anything. Just pretend I haven't told you anything.. Please"

she was beginning to act hysterical now, her eyes snapping back and forth between Julian and I.

I grab her face, trapping them in between my hands as I force her to look at me.

"Look at me Skylar. Look at me. Give your eyes to me. Only me"

Her eyes slowly snaps to mine

"You can't talk me out of this Skylar. I was involved in this the moment you stepped foot into my house. We are in this together now Sky. It doesn't have to be you. I'm with you. Julian is with you. He's got a problem with me, that's why he sent you to me. But now I've got a f*cking problem with him too whoever he is. It's not just you against the world now. This time.."

I caress her cheeks, making sure she's listening to every godamn word that comes out of my mouth.

"This time Skylar, it's you and I against the world"


Sorry for the long wait guys.

Writers block got me for a while.



"..This time, it's you and I against the world"

Cameron says in the most softest voice he'd had ever used in a very long time.

I shift from foot to foot watching awkwardly as Skylar flings herself at my friend once again, louder sobs escaped her. Cameron stiffens at the touch yet he doesn't pull away.

He awkwardly pats her back slowly as she clings unto him for dear life. It seemed to me as though she needed his hugs.

Scratch that. She craved his touch, warmth. She yearned for it. Maybe neither of them had realised it but I had watched them hug and hold on to each other more than thrice in the last few minutes.

A smile tugs at the corner of my lips as I slowly move away to get some first aid kit.

They didn't even notice me stow away.

I had wanted to apologize for being such a dickhead but then I guess I'll have to wait. I leave them to it.

Maybe Cameron hasn't realised it, but he's growing a soft spot for mother and son.

I hope he doesn't realise it soon because if he does, he's surely going to crawl back into his shell afraid of letting himself go.

That's how much of an idiot my friend can be.

Too scared to fall in love.

Too scared of commitment.

Hell, he doesnt even like weddings.

Perhaps I should come up with a plan to get them closer.

I grin at the prospect.. Oh it's been so long since I played Cupid.

This is gonna be exciting.



I begin to pull away after a while, the hug getting too comfortable for me.

I hate how I want to keep sniffing the minty scent in her hair.

I hate how I love the feel of her soft hair spread wildly, cascading down my chest as her face was pressed into my neck.

I hate how I love the feel of her soft skin.

I f*cking hate how I want to keep holding her.

She's so damn tiny for heaven's sake. I pull away when she grips me immediately, shaking her head while biting her lips, her hair swaying in the process F*ck.

I almost growl.. That's so s*xy. She's sexy.

"No..p..please just... Hug me for a little longer please.. I... I just want your a..arms around me... They make me feel.. C..comfortable"

she sputters the words out, a blush rising up her rosy cheeks as she ducks covering her face with her hair in an attempt to hide her blush. I let out a chuckle at her innocence.


"Come here princess"

I spread my arms out.

She blushes deeply at my endearment before embracing me again, nuzzling her face in my chest.

She does that a lot.

We stay that way for a few more minutes before she pulls away, sniffing.

"Feeling better?"

I ask

"Yes. Thank you"

she says quietly.

I clench my fists tempted to push a strand of hair behind her ears.

"Come.. Let's head back to my house and pretend everything is okay"

I hold her hand to help her up when she groans.


Her arm.

Julian had dragged her harshly.

Her wound was bleeding too.

"Damnit.. Your arm. I'm so sorry princes."

"'s fine"

she protests acting like it doesn't hurt when it probably hurts a ton.

"I'll go get the first aid kit. No arguments"

I carry her, setting her on the sofa before turning, suddenly realising Julian's absence.

Where's he? He should be apologising to Skylar for misjudging and hurting her like that. My eyes finally find him resting against the door to his kitchen.

He was staring at me. Making stupid kissy faces and a love sign with his hands.

"F*ck you"

I scowl flipping him the bird.

He turns and sticks his ass out wiggling at me. I roll my eyes.

He's such an idiot.

I hear soft giggling and I turn to find Skylar staring at us amusedly as she giggled.

"Sorry. He's an idiot most of the time"

I say to her and rush towards the kitchen, shutting the door behind me so Skylar doesn't see us.

"You're such an idiot Julian"

I growl lowly.

"You like her"

he says wiggling his eyebrows.

I blink, opening my mouth to insult him or Better yet deny it but nothing comes out.

I try again yet I can't get any words out.

My mouth just keeps opening and closing like a fish out of water.

Why can't I speak? I blink again.

"You like her Cam"

he says again and this time his words hit me hard. Do I like her? No I don't.. I certainly do not. I don't. I can't like her. I don't. I do not like her.

F*ck I do not.

"Don't Cam. Don't coil back into your shell again. Let it go. Let it go and you'll realise falling In love isn't so bad. Not evey woman is like Natalie you know.. Just.."

"No.. Bullshit. I do not like her Julian do keep your damn assumptions to yourself"

I turn around, completely forgetting about finding the first aid kit and storm out, ignoring Skylar.

I know it was stupid but it was the only thing I could think of doing.. Running.. Running from the truth.



The room was entirely dark save for them dim lamp that was on when I come to and I realise it's night time already.

The bed felt familiar and the walls too.

I immediately realise I'm back in Cameron's home.

I sigh.

I must have passed out after all that bleeding.

I look over my shoulder and realise there's a new bandage and new sling on my arm too.

My throat feels clammy and dry. I'm thirsty.

I try to sit up when arms suddenly stretch out to stop me.

"Careful. You'll hurt him"

Cameron was here all along while I slept? I look to my side to find Sean asleep.

I let out another sigh.

This illness Is beginning to wear him down making him tired and sleepy after a tiny activity.

I need to start taking him for check ups again. It's been long.

"You'll hurt yourself too. Relax. The nurse almost bit our heads off when she came by some hours ago and found out your would had reopened. She even threatened to arrange for an ambulance to take you back to the hospital. God knows it took a million promises to look after you very well before she let go. So please relax"

he adds and I nod, resting back.

He pours me a glass of water, bringing it to my mouth and helps me drink.

I watch him as he sets the glass down, wondering what's going through his mind.

Back at Julian's house, he was nice to me for a while and then he suddenly ignored me.

Maybe he hates you Skylar.

For deceiving him.

My subconscious mind chides.

"I don't hate you"

His deep smooth voice cuts through my thoughts almost like he was reading my mind.

"I didn't ignore you earlier because I hate you or anything. I'm just f*cked up. I haven't had a normal relationship with anyone in a long time. Julian is the only one I interact with that's why. I'm sorry for being a douche"

"You don't owe me an apology. It's okay Cameron"

I say softly.

"D..don't" he mutters through clenched teeth like he's in pain

"Don't what?"

I ask in confusion.

"Don't say my name like that"

"How Cameron?"

My brows furrow further not understanding a single thing.

"When you say my name like that, it just..."

He runs a hand through his hair sighing heavily.

"..wanna makes me kiss you so damn bad. You drive me crazy girl. You just lay there, with your hair all over the place and still manage to look so damn beautiful. So f*cking beautiful it hurts. And I just want those lips on mine, savoring them, kissing them, have my tongue swim around in your mouth just to have a taste."

I suck in a sharp breath at his outburst, my cheeks heating up as I feel a blush rising. How can a man be so unapologetically vulgar yet so hot at the same time? Damm it, who tied my hair behind me? I could have covered my face with it.

I peek at him from under my eyelashes and realise his eyes are on my lips, staring at them, a dark look In his eyes.

Oh God. Involuntarily my eyes move to his lips.

Let me pass out now.

Crimson full lips that look so soft.

Oh God, will they taste as soft as they look? Dear Lord, what am I thinking? My eyes snap back to his to find him already staring at me. So hard I almost felt he was staring right through my soul.


I say before I can stop myself, a sudden need, overwhelming me, intensifying by the second.

His penetrating gaze only doing so much as igniting the flame burning in me.

Just to have him..


he mutters lowly, like a growl. I bite my lip, hearing him cuss instantly.

"Would you.."

He trails off leaning in to caress my cheeks.

I sigh, leaning in to his touch.

God help me.

"Would you slap me if I kissed you right now princess? Because I'll gladly take all those slaps just to have a taste your lips right this very second princess"



"I so badly want to kiss you. You just... You just pull me in like a magnet does to metallic objects. You pull me in regardless of how hard I try to resist" Cameron continues, his hand still cupping my face, dark brown eyes looking intently at me. He leans forward, resting his forehead gently against mine. I sigh in contentment, loving how innocent our closeness was yet felt intimate. It felt right. "Would you slap me if I kissed you princess?"

His thumb caresses my cheeks bones softly. I peek at him through my eyelashes, wetting my lips with my tongue.


I say, too quietly I almost didn't hear my self.

Letting out a low growl, he slides his hands away from my face to the back of my head, tangling his fingers in my hair as he pulls me closer, lips already hovering over mine.

So close I could feel his warm breath on my face.

"I'm going to kiss you. You still have time to stop me girl"

I gulp, making no move to stop him whatsoever.

God knows I couldn't resist.

He says I'm like a magnet, pulling him in regardless.

But what he doesn't know, is the fact that he is the only magnet here.

Pulling me to him so swiftly. I've never anticipated anything as much I do this kiss I want his lips.

On mine.. Badly How does it feel to be kissed?.

Like really and truly kissed without being forced? I wanted to know.

Suddenly, I feel Cameron's lips on mine.

I inhale sharply at the contact, tingles rising up my toes and spreading through my entire body.

His lips were soft, just like I had imagined.

I tilt my head, capturing his upper lips just as he captures my lower ones. His lips were firm too.

He kisses me softly, almost passionately I could feel every emotion with each kiss.

I groan involuntarily when he nibbles on my lips, biting and pulling between his teeth softly and then swallowing my lips again.. Oh God.

He bites my lips again and I gasp this time.

Taking the opportunity, he slips in his tongue, letting it dance with mine, twirling with it.

I wrap an arm around him, slipping my tongue in so I could have taste of him too.

He tasted better.

So much better.

He tasted of chocolate.

Just like his eyes.

A sweet, soft and sensual kiss soon turn into a passionate and needy.

I tug at the roots of Cameron's hair and he groans at the action, slipping an arm around my waist and kissing me harder.

We continue to kiss, never coming up for air until our lungs gave out..we pull back, gasping for air.

I dart my eyes immediately, a blush rising up my cheeks.

A moment later, I feel his hand under my chin, fingers lifting my chin up.

"You're beautiful"

his voice was raw. So raw I could feel the honesty and sincerity behind his words.


my voice comes out squeaky, like a mouse making him chuckle.

"You... You're handsome too"

I add after a while when he didn't say anything.

"I'm quite handsome aren't I?"

He chuckles again and I snort at his arrogance rolling my eyes.

"You're so cocky jeez. You aren't even that good looking"

I reply in a bit to deflate his ego but it seems to do the opposite as he smirks smugly at me. I groan.

"You're so cocky it hurts. I shouldn't have said anything"

"Oh you don't need to say anything princess. You always tell me how hot I am with your constant eye-r*ping"

I gasp

"I do not! I do not eye-rape you! Why would I stare at you when you even aren't that good looking!"

"Oh yeah? I've caught you stealing glances at me when you think I'm not looking"

he adds salts to my wounds as my cheeks heat up more and more.

Well so what if I stare at him? It's not my fault he's so damn hot.

"I stare at you a lot too princess so I guess we're even"

My eyes widen at the confession.


He doesn't reply, he just leans in to plant a kiss to my forehead and gets up.

"I'll bring you dinner" and he walks out. Just like that. Without answering my question, leaving me a blush mess.

This man will be the death of me, I lean back on the bed, my arm going around Sean's sleeping form as I replay the kiss over and over again.


She bites her lip, tapping her feet impatiently on the tiled floor, slender, well mamucured fingers tapping on the table as she stares at the small circle on the screen going round and round, waiting for her video call to connect.

F*ck, the internet was so damn slow.

She almost groans when the small circle disappears as a young man appears on the screen, holding what seemed like a coffee as he sipped.

"Run out of money already?"

The man speaks up making her roll her eyes.

"I do not need your money to survive Chris"

she mutters in a clipped tone.

"Yeah right. I'm sure"

the man on the screen snorts in return, placing his cup on the table and begins to twirl the ring on his finger.

"So why did you call?"

He asks "I couldn't see him.."


Chris raises an eyebrow.

"Yes. I went to your parent's home but the stupid nanny wouldn't let me in"

He smirks, rubbing his beard softly.

"Oh Natalie, Natalie. Tsk tsk tsk. Too hotheaded as ever aren't you? You should have informed me about your intentions of leaving for Ghana. I would have spared you the hussle"

"Hussle? Really Chris?"

Natalie flares up, glaring at her husband through the screen of her laptop.

"I'm doing all this to save your ass you ungrateful man. We need him can't you see?"

"And what makes you think you'll find Cameron at our parent's home hmm? My brother hasn't been in the country for a while now. He left Ghana"

"Cameron isn't in Ghana? And you didn't tell me?"

"You never asked"

Chris shrugs unperturbed.

"Well you could have at least said something!"

Natalie accuses

"And of what importance would it have been Natalie? Whether my brother is in Ghana or not, it's none of your business. You're married to me not him. You're my wife. My wife. I'm supposed to be your business not Cameron!" He snaps

"Yes I'm your wife. You don't have to remind me of that every f*cking day. I've been staying the same house and room with you for three years. And this ring I'm wearing reminds me enough of the fact that we're married isn't it?"

Natalie retorts, nose flaring in anger

"And it's because of this same title, being 'your wife' is the reason I flew from New York to Ghana in search of Cameron. He's the only one who can help bring the Knight group of companies back on it's feet since you singlehandedly ruined it"

"And what makes you think Cameron will be willing to help bring the company back on it's feet? Considering you left him at the alter. You think he'll want to see your face?"

Chris questions

"To marry you!"

Natalie yells, jabbing a finger at the laptop screen

"I left him at the alter to marry you so do not dare accuse me okay? Cameron has to help. Firstly, it's his father's company's and the family's legacy. He did it once when the company was ruined. He brought back glory to the company. The same company which was handed over to you. The same company which you've managed to ruin all over again in just three years by spending it on buying cars and houses, travelling around the world every damn week and so many frivolous things!"

"I spent the money on you too sweetheart"

Chris says to his wife, smirking unbothered about the fact that the Knight group of companies was almost close to shutting down.

He hadn't paid the workers for three months now and most of them were resigning already. He didn't care.

He never did.

He wanted Cameron to see the company he had worked so hard to bring back on it's feet collapse right under his care.

He knew his brother loved the company, dearly which was why he let the company go down the drain easily.

He knew it would hurt his brother to see the company getting shut down and he was doing just that. Just to see him in pain.

The same way he'd done when he married the woman his brother loved.

Cameron had always been the perfect one.

Very handsome, without acne or pimple problems since they hit their teenage years, a lady's man, intelligent, very good when it came to maths, always scored the highest grade.

Caneron was always the centre of attention.

And he hated it.

He was too perfect and he? He was always in the shadow, and only regarded as the little brother nothing more.

He didn't love Natalie.


He only lusted after her and he was sure Natalie didn't love him either.

She easily switched teams when he was handed the position of CEO instead if his brother so he was sure she was with him only for money... Either way, it was a win-win situation.

"Just... Let's not begin an argument right now... I don't know his I'll do it, but I need to convince Cameron one way or the other. Tell him a lie. Make him believe I never betrayed him or something.. Just.. "

Natalie sighs, rubbing her temple, Brazilian wig framing her face.

"You know where he lives?"

"Yup. You want his address wifey?"

Chris grins

"Yes. Please e-mail it to me.. I'm taking the next flight back to the U.S. I'm going to see Cameron".



"Yes. Please e-mail it to me.. I'm taking the next flight back to the U.S. I'm going to see Cameron".

Natalie tells her husband, picking up her phone, scrolling through her contact.

She needed to book the next flight back.

"Uhh.. E-mail what?"

Chris' question cut through her thoughts and she stopped scrolling to look up at him.

"His address of course"

she replies annoyed.

"Oh? Sorry sweetheart but I do not have his address"

"What? You just told me you knew where he lives. What's this game you're playing?"

She demands

"I'm not playing games Natalie. I'm being honest, cross my heart"

he does the cross sign on his chest dramatically.

"I don't know where he is. I told you I knew where he lives not his address. Meaning, I know the town in which he lives but I don't have his address. Sorry princess"

he lies. Of course he was lying.

He knew where his brother lived. He knew his brother was doing quite well.

He knew he lived in an expensive penthouse on the fourth floor of a five storey luxurious building in a beautiful neighbourhood.

He knew all that but that doesn't mean he was going to say anything.. He wasn't going to send the predator straight into the prey's mouth.

Maybe Natalie ditched him years ago, but that doesn't change the fact that she and Cameron shared a childhood.

They'd grown together.

Spent years together as friends until they decided to date and then get engaged.

And so he knew that, for the sake of the friendship they once shared, his wife still held a place for Cameron in her heart.

There was still a tiny fondness lingering there that could morph into something greater when given the slightest chance.

Maybe Natalie never said anything out loud, but he always saw the longing in her eyes.

He always saw her staring discreetly at Cameron's picture when she thought he wasn't looking.

He always saw it all.

He wasn't stupid or blind.

He just didn't love her enough to care about the fact that his wife was thinking about another man, his elder brother to be precise.

He didn't care about her at all, but it was nice having the one thing his brother wanted and yet could never have.

Let's just say they were both in this marriage for selfish reasons.

"Oh look, I've got a meeting. Got to go. Talk later babe"

Chris says and the call was cut off leaving her to stare at the blank screen.

Cussing loudly, she shut the laptop.

She was going to get Cameron's address by hook or crook and not even her bastard of a husband could do anything to stop it.. She had to see him. She needed to see him.



I was still laying on the bed, feeling useless when the door opens and Julian strolls in with a tray of food.

My dinner I guess.

My shoulders slump in disappointment when I realise it's not Cameron bringing me dinner.

"Cameron asked me to bring you something to eat.

He had to go out for a while"

Julian says as if reading my thoughts. He went out? By this time of the night? For what? Oh God, I'm beginning to sound like a nagging wife already.

Get a grip Sky.

Plastering a forced smile on my face, I nod.

"Is it okay if I come in?"

He asks still standing by the door.

"Please do. You don't need to ask"

he nods curtly, strolling in, his shoulders stiff and tense, completely alert reminding me of Cameron.

I watch as he places the tray of food on my lap, the smell of rice and garden egg stew filing my nostrils immediately. I sigh contentedly.

It's been so long since I had food from my homeland.

"Cam wanted to cook you something more Ghanaian"

Julian tells me, straightening up.

"He prepared this?"

My eyes are wide, taking a small portion of the stew on the side, mixing with some rice before scooping into my mouth.

Damn, so delicious. Julian snorts

"Cameron can't cook to save his life".

I chuckle, scooping some more rice and chewing.

"So who prepared this?"

"Me of course. Who else?"

"You? Wow, your future wife is gonna be so damn lucky"

I comment

"Damn right. Any lady would be extremely lucky to have someone like me as a husband. Men like me are rare"

I can literally feel the arrogance and cockiness radiating off him.

I roll my eyes.

He's as cocky as his friend.. Silence falls between us as I eat in silence, feeling his gaze boring holes into the back of my head.

"Hey Skylar?"

He calls after a while and I drop my spoon, giving him my attention.. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry.. I went overboard with my suspicions. I hurt you in the process, said things I shouldn't have said.. I'm..".

"You don't have to say anything Julian. I'm glad you love your friend that much to look out for him. I'm glad everything is okay now."

I say with a shake of my Head.

"Sooo we're good?"

"Yes, we are good"

I reply.

He nods and I go back to eating.

"Uhh hey, you were saying something about losing your parents?"

Julian asks after a while.

I open my mouth to reply when Cameron strolls in, looking as hot as ever.

"Why do you ask Julian?"

"I just wanted to know Cam, besides I wasn't asking you"

Julian snorts making Cameron roll his eyes as he comes to sit beside me, taking the tray from my lap and then proceeding to feed me. I purse my lips, refusing to open up for him.

"I lost my parents in a plane crash. The crash was a very big issue so I'm sure you'll find everything about it when you Google it. It happened in the year 2000 and.."

I don't finish when a spoon of rice is shoved into my mouth.

I glare at Cameron who ignores me, scooping more rice.

"Great got it"

Julian answers and strolls out leaving me confused.

Why is he asking about my parents?

"Don't mind Julian Sky. He's a computer freek. He's the greatest hacker I know. If he's asking about your parents, I'm sure he's just curious to know the full story. That's all"

Cam says as if reading my thoughts..

"he won't find anything. It's been years"

I grumble under my breath, not liking the topic regarding my parents.


Cameron drops the spoon, lifting his hand to cup my face softly and I lean in.

"I like your touch so much"

I whisper, slapping my stupid mouth mentally for saying that. I expected him to pull away after my statement like he usually did, but he didn't, instead his thumb begins to stroke my cheeks.

I look up to find him staring at me already.

There was this look in his eyes as he stared at me. It made me feel self conscious, giddy and.. Shy? I bite my lip, his eyes following my movement, letting his gaze linger on my lips for a while longer before they snap back up to my face.. His thumb travels down my cheeks, softly, torturously slow until they find my lower lips and he traces the outline of my lips like he's memorizing them.

Oh God, what's happening? Why do I feel so unnaturally attracted to this man? Why does his touch make me feel so different? Cameron's eyes travel to my lips again, a dark look crossing in his eyes. Was he going to kiss me again? I bite my lip again, and a low growl escapes his throat as he grips my waist in a swift motion.

He leans in and I do same too, breaths mixing together, Lips almost touching when the door suddenly burst open and Julian barges in.

We jump apart so fast like we've been caught stealing.

Cameron cusses under his breath at his friend's ungodly interruption, muttering swear words I hadn't even heard before.

I almost giggled at the look on frustration on his face when I notice the sullen look on Julian's face.


I clear my throat

"Is everything alright?"

Julian's eyes snaps to mine, stares at me for a while before shaking his head.

He runs his fingers through his thick afro hair pacing to and fro.


I call out again and he stops pacing to stare at me again, the same sullen look evident.

"Are you..." He pauses only to shake his head.

"Are you sure your parents are dead Skylar?"

He questions and my brows furrow in confusion.


"Did you see their dead bodies?"

I frown deeper, recalling that I didn't.

"No I didn't. They were burnt to ashes. No flesh remained to be identified. It was only the clothes they wore that day and their personal stuff they had with then that was provided as evidence"

"So you saying you didn't see their dead bodies?"

"No. I already told you it was burnt beyond recognition. Why are you even asking?"

"From the photos that I saw online, the plane that crashed wasn't even that burnt. If a plane that carried passengers wasn't that destroyed beyond saving, how then do the passengers get burnt to ashes? Unless you're trying to say there was another explosion inside the plane. That could pretty much be a logical explanation but in this case, it's not."

I gulp hard, dread filling the pit of my stomach.

My mind goes back to all those years ago.

I remember how burnt the plane was, but not enough to burn it's passengers.

I recall how many people had been retrieved alive yet injured.

A few were dead, I'm sure it was from collision or over inhalation of smoke.

I remember none of them had burnt to ashes but I was too grief stricken to think about the fact that any foul play was involved.

I was just a child then.

The loss of my parents were my only concern.

I blink rapidly.

I hope it's not what I'm thinking.

I hope not. I hope not.

"Skylar think about it. The plane was almost forcefully landing as the pilot had detected something wrong before it crashed. The plane crashed just a few metres away from land before it landed so how could have your parents burnt to ashes like that? Do you know what it takes it to burn a human to ashes without leaving even bones?"

Julian questions further and I blink, recalling how the doctor refused to let me get close to the morgue.

The only thing they gave me were the clothes my parents wore that day.

I never thought about it, because thinking about it was painful enough.

And So to protect myself, I blocked all memories of that day.

Wait! I jump off the bed. If my parents had burnt to ashes then how come their clothes weren't burnt? Were they naked in the plane?.

Eyes wide, I glance at Cameron who's eyes are as wide as saucers, realisation flashing in them. I stagger back in shock whimpering, the truth hitting me hard. No, no. This is all a nightmare. A f*cking nightmare.

"Skylar even if your parents had reportedly burnt to death like you say, how come the clothes they were wearing wasn't harmed and was presented as proof? Surely They weren't naked when they got on the plane were they? Or they decided to have a change of clothes on the plane?"

A sob escapes me at this point.

No this can't be. It can't be.

My mind is reeling from so many assumptions in every direction.

My brain a jumbled mess.

This can't be.

My parents can't do this me right? Right?

"You've been lied to Skylar. They played on your innicejcs because you were just a child then"

Julian continues nevertheless.

"Either your parents lied to you and faked their deaths, or someone conspired to make you believe this. Either way, one this is for sure, your parent's are alive somewhere. They aren't dead."



I glare at Julian hard, hoping he would see the look I'm giving him so he can f*cking shut his mouth for a second.

I mean can't he see Skylar shivering at the news? Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry that he's telling Skylar an information as crucial as this.

But how could he blurt out everything like he's telling some sort of bedtime story? Moreover has he forgotten this house has been wired? Anyone could be listening in on us right this very second.

Damn it.

cuss when Skylar jumps off the bed and starts backing away, her eyes wide as saucers flicking back and forth between Julian and I and shaking her head disbelievingly.

"This can't be.. No.. This can't be"

she mutters continuously, gripping her hair and tugging at it's roots.

I wince at the action.

That must hurt.


Julian opens his mouth to talk again when I shush him this time.


"That's enough now dude. How could you drop such an information on her like that? Hell, don't you know this house has been wired?"

I demand through clenched teeth.

I'm losing it.

I hate to see my girl like this, emotionally disoriented. 

I hate it.

"I took care of it. No one would hear what we're saying for a few more minutes"

Choosing not to reply him, I drop the tray of food on the bedside table and make my way towards Skylar who backs away instantly.


I shake my head.

She's doing it again.

Detaching herself from the world. 

I know that look in her eyes very well.

I've seen it in my own eyes whenever I looked in the mirror.

It's sickening. 

I hate it.

It's so much easier to detach yourself when such an information is dropped on you.

It begins with denial, doubts, refusal to accept reality.

And I see it all in Skylar's eyes. In the way she shakes her head repeatedly, doubts swimming in her eyes.

"Let it out Sky. Let it all out. Cry.. Just cry"

I pull her into my arms and she comes willingly, not resisting yet not a single sound made.

She doesn't hug me back either.

Her posture is completely rigid.

I pull back to cup her face in my hands.

She has to let it out.

She can't bottle up her emotions like I once did. 

I don't want her turning into someone like me.

"Cry princess. You know you want to.. Let it out"

I coax again, smoothing my thumb over her cheeks gently out of instinct, watching her lips begin to quiver, eyes getting watery.

She blinks, a single tear falls followed by heart wrecking sobs.

I gather her into my arms again, holding on to her like I've never done in years, letting her cry her heart out until her eyes began to droop slowly.

Leading her back to the bed, I ease her gently onto the bed, laying down with her, chest to chest, her face pressed into my neck, arms gripping my shirt tightly. I kiss her hair, inhaling the sweet minty smell.

"Go to sleep princess... Sleep"

I rub soothing curcles on her back, over and over again until her grip on my shoulders loosens and her breathing becomes steady.

I sigh, not saying a word as Julian picks up the tray of food Skylar didn't finish and walks out. I don't glance at him.

I'm pissed.

So f*cking pissed.

He sometimes just doesn't know when to shut up.

And now my girl is in this condition.

I hug her tighter, my eyes resting on Sean who hadn't woken up after all the shouting. Then I begin to wonder.

Wonder what it will feel like to go to bed every night with a woman I love who equally loves me back with our little kids sleeping in their cots and waking up every morning to kisses.

These thoughts are triggered with images of Skylar, running around in my minds eye until sleep comes knocking on my door, with her in my arms.

I've never slept this peacefully in years.




I groan turning away from the sloppy lips that were administering thousand kisses to my face.

"Good morning!"

The voice comes again, much louder.. Can't a girl catch a break? I frown, blinking one eye open.


I call out groggily.

"Good morning mom"

he greets, biting an apple he was holding.

"Well someone seems happy today"

I sit up fully, rubbing my eyes with a yawn.

Why do I feel so energized this morning? Maybe because the bed felt strangely comfortable the entire night.

"Yes mom. I'm going to school. Uncle Cam already put my lunch in my bag!"

He announces and that's when I realise the school bag at his back.

What does he mean he's going to school?

"What do you mean you're going to school? Your school uniform and everything aren't here.. And...wait where did you get that bag from?"

I raise a brow at him.

"I gave it to him"

a deep voice replies, head poking through the door before his full body follows.

"You gave him a bag? Why?"

"Because he needs to go to school girl. I called Mrs Monroe last night to ask her which school Sean attended. Then I searched for the school online, got their contact and arranged for new school uniforms for him which we'll be getting on arrival at the school. Which explains why he's wearing normal clothes as of now."

He explains and my mouth drops open.

My head is spinning.

How and when did he do all this? It's embarrassing enough to have let him see me so vulnerable last night and now, he's the one taking my son to school? I didn't come here to be a burden.

"And before you ask how I did all this, I stole Mrs Monroe's number from your phone and this little man here misses his friends and teachers at school isn't that right buddy"

Cameron turns to Sean who gives him a wide grin before they fist bump. I blink. Since when did this start? I don't even get a chance to talk when Cameron's speaks up again.

"Okay little man, say goodbye to mum. Uncle Julian will drop you off at school then I'll come pick you up after school, sounds good?"

"Very good"

my son exclaims as he turns to me, kisses me and then waves goodbye before disappearing out the door.

He's too excited.

Maybe because he's never had a male figure in his life.

It's always been me, Miss Glen and then Mrs Monroe.

If he gets too attached and the time comes for be me to leave, it'll hurt him.


Cameron's voice snaps me back to reality and I look up to find him staring down at me, the same familiar look flashing im his eyes before it disappears as quickly as it came like always.

"You don't have to worry. I know you don't want me spending money on you but I just want to. Besides I'm trying to get into the good books of your son if I want to know his mommy better"

He wiggles his eyebrows at me and I chuckle.

"You're trying to buy my son's loyalty isn't it?"

"Is it working?"

He asks making me chuckle again, my expression dulling instantly as I frown.

"It's just.. I'm worried about Sean. You noticed how he slept almost the entire day yesterday. It's been long since I took him for a checkup. When he had the surgery, the doctor advised us to go for regular check ups because he was still a baby then and the more he grew, the more his internal organs grew and enlarged to accommodate his size and this might cause a few changes especially if he needs to have another surgery to tighten the stitches which would most likely loosen after a few years. It wasn't a permanent surgery. And I'm worried he would go to school, and jump around until his heart can't take it. His heart isn't healthy like you and I"

I explain, wondering why I'm explaining all this to Cameron when he didn't even ask in the first place I guess I just need someone to talk to and Cam was a good listener. He would always give me his undivided attention, staring at me so intently making me feel wanted and needed.

"Go wash your face, I'll be waiting"

he finally speaks up and I look at him in confusion.


"Just go wash your face. I'll call the principal of the school to make sure Sean is well taken care of. Even if I have to assign him bodyguards to make sure he is okay, I will. And the moment I pick him up from school, we will go straight to a hospital for his check up but for now even you need to be taken care of. I know you're sick of staying in bed all day so we are going for a little walk outside and then get back before the nurse arrives. Sounds good?"

"But you have to go to work"

"I'm the boss princess. I'll work from home. Don't worry"

He says and I stare at him in awe.

He appears all Mafia and nonchalant on the outside but on the inside, he's clearly a saint.

A softy and an extremely generous man.

Without thinking, I lean in to plant a kiss on his cheeks.

My action took him surprise as he stiffened, but I didn't stay long to watch his expression because I climbed down the bed and trotted towards the bathroom to wash my face like he instructed. 

I feel energized, Happy even.

Not even the information I got yesterday will dampen my mood.

As for the issue about my parents, I choose not to think about it.

Not now, not today.

Right now, I want to be happy.

And Cameron makes be feel that and more.

A big grin is plastered on my face as I limp back towards Cameron.

He meets me half way and helps me wear a jacket over my pyjamas.

"No need to change clothes, we are just going to walk around the compound"

he tells me as he pushes his hand into my hair.

I look up at him in confusion and then gasp suddenly when he rips the ribbon holding my hair together, tearing it to pieces.

How dare he tear my precious ribbon.

I open my mouth ready to insult him with every word in my dictionary when he beats me to it.

"You look exceptionally beautiful with your hair down"

his words immediately put out the anger that was rising in me, leaving me in a puddle mess.

A blushing mess.

Oh God, this man. 

I bite my lip as he runs his fingers through my hair, straightening it over my shoulder, pushing a few strands over the bandage around my head.

I'd never been one to take care of my hair.

I was always busy changing wigs to hide my identity back in Ghana but I use them less in this country.

My hair has incredibly gained length and volume over the years.

The weather here must be pretty good for hair growth. Either that, or the hair products they sell here work wonders.

"Good.. You look perfect. Come on"

he takes my hand and leads me out.

The cold breeze hits my face immediately we reach the first floor of the building and step out.

I sigh in contentment.

Being in bed all day, doing nothing sucks.

"How are your ribs?"

Cameron asks as we take small walks towards the gate.

"The painkillers are doing a magnificent job"

I reply.

"Wow. You could have just told me it's getting better instead of using such a long sentence"

he mutters with a eye roll and I snort.

This man.

We walk for a few minutes more until Cameron suddenly comes to a halt, his grip on my hand tightening incredibly hard.

I wince.

I look up at him.

His expression was hard, posture stiff and tense. I realise he's looking at something ahead and my eyes follow.

They land on a young man, walking towards us, a smile on his face.

His smile was charming to say but I could tell it was a mocking smile.

I'd seen such smiles so many times I could detect if a smile was genuine or not.

Getting closer, I realise he had brown eyes, just like Cameron.

Sharp jaw just like Cameron.

Wait... This man looks so much like Cameron.

Are they brothers? The man stops in front of us, twirling the ring on his left hand.

I notice Cameron's expression harden even more as he sees the ring in the man's finger.

Why do I feel like there's so much tension in the air? The man's eyes flickers to mine, letting it roam up and down my body.

He was practically undressing me with his eyes.

I cringe, moving closer to Cameron.

This man looks like a complete asswipe.

A total douche.

"Hello dearest brother. Long time no see huh? I see you got yourself a new chick?"



"Hello dearest brother. Long time no see huh? I see you got yourself a new chick"

Cameron grips my hand tighter, his jaw ticking at those words, temptation gnawing at him. I could tell he was restraining himself from punching this man so bad.

"Aren't you going to invite me in and offer me some coffee? It's so cold this morning, I could use some hot coffee"

he continues, voice sweet and charming yet full of malice.

Cameron remains quiet, his eyes hard, fists clenching and unclenching.. His anger was reaching it's peak.

It would take very little push to make him snap. 

I squeeze his hand in assurance yet he doesn't react.

"You must be really angry. I know. Even I am angry at myself. I didn't invite you to my wedding. So sorry bro"

the man moves forward, stretching out his hand to squeeze Cameron's shoulder.

Cameron tenses even further immediately at the unwanted touch.

"..but don't you worry. Natalie is in very good hands. I've been taking good care of my wife these past few years and I must say married life with her has been nothing short of Bliss. I'm sure that's what you've always wanted for me right? To be unconditionally happy? Well I'm here to tell you I'm very happy. Natalie makes me very happy"

he continues nevertheless.

I blink. Natalie again?.

What's up with this name and trouble?.

Whenever I hear this name, trouble follows.

The first time I heard this name, I was almost strangled to death at a market place.. And now this.

Cameron takes a dangerous step forward and I reach out, immediately grabbing his hand back to stop him.

He was close to snapping, I knew it.

I have to stop him.

I've seen him fight once at the arena..

The moment he throws a single punch, he isn't going to stop until his opponent is lying in a puddle of his own blood.

This stupid man thinks he can get into his head by saying annoying words, he doesn't know what's coming.

"Don't Cameron.. Please don't"

I slip myself between both men facing Cam as I place my hand on his chest, shaking my head at him, eyes pleading.

"Don't.. Please.. Don't let him get into your head"

I cup his cheeks, forcing him to look at me.

He takes in a long deep breath before his eyes flicks to mine.

"Please don't. He's not worth it"

I tell him softly. Turning to the intruder, I glare at him.

"And you, next time you want to come and cause trouble, make sure to do some research because obviously you suck at it. Pftt! What I'm I even saying? You obviously suck at everything considering the fact that you had to come all the way here. Instead of coming here to intimidate us, why don't you go back home to your wife hmm? The one with whom you're happily married? Some other man may be screwing her in your bed right this very moment. You never know. I've heard that men who have successful marriages such as yours as you claim, are incapable of satisfying their wives in bed. They have d*cks as tiny as my little finger yet they go about bragging about their marriages. Take this as an advice from a sister hmm?"

I shrug innocently, hearing Cameron snickering behind me.

"Run along now boy."

I shoo him.with my fingers.

Cameron's snickering get louder as he bursts into a full blown laughter.

I turn away, ignoring the shocked looked on the intruders face.

"Shall we Mr chocolate eyes?"

I ask sweetly

"Certainly princess"

he replies equally in a sweet tone and hooks his arm with mine as we walk away.

"You know I could have handled him alone but Damn princess, you're such a badass"

he grins as we enter the elevator.

"I'm glad you find me funny enough"

I try to sound displeased yet I can't help the smile that creeps up my face.

When the elevator stops at the fourth floor, we step out and head towards the first hallway. 

I wait as Cameron punches in the code and then follow him inside.

I watch him closely.

His eyes were still shining from laughter, his lips stretched into a wide goofy grin, an aftermath of a good belly's laugh.

I suddenly realise I've never actually seen him laugh ever since we met.

He usually had an expressionless face and would sometimes smile slightly or chuckle.

But he laughed today, because of me.

"I love the sound of your laughter"

I blurt out before I can stop myself and he turns to look at me.

I lower my gaze instantly, cussing myself for having such a big mouth.


He asks, voice deeper and much huskier.

"Uhhh.. I've never really heard you.laugh"

I say biting my lip.

"There are so many things I've never really done in a long time Skylar"

he says moving closer, I move back instantly, suddenly afraid of his closeness.

God, I love how he says my name.

He makes me nervous.


"..until I met you Skylar"

he finishes and my heart skips a beat.

Damn it. 

I don't reply, instead I find my feet suddenly very interesting as I gaze at them, refusing to look him in the eye.

I can practically feel the heat from his body radiating off and I just wanna cocoon myself in this beautiful workpiece of a man.

"Do I make you nervous girl?"

he asks, voice getting deeper with each word muttered.


damn it, why am I stuttering?

"Look at me girl. Eyes on me"

he demands and my body immediately obeys, my eyes lifting to find his dark brown ones.

His eyes were hooded with an emotion I couldn't quite place a finger on.

He advances towards me, I take a step back.

He keeps advancing towards me and I keep retreating until my back hits the door.. F*ck.

"Do I make you make you nervous princess?"

He questions again, his hands coming up to cup my cheeks. 

I shudder involuntarily at how tender his touch is.

This wasn't the first time he'd gotten so close to me or touched me.

But this time, it feels different, intimate.

I can't help the shivers running down my spine at his touch. 

I whimper slightly when his thumb skims over my lips.

Oh God.

"Do I make you nervous princess?"

He questions for the third time, leaning in, lips hovering over mine.

Oh God I'm tempted.

So tempted to have those lips on mine.

If I could just stand on tiptoe, our lips would touch.

Leaning away from the wall, I proceed to stand on tiptoe when pain from my ribs lances through me sharply.

I wince.

Shit I forgot..

"You okay?"

Cameron's arms grip my waist to steady me.


I manage to say.

"Come on. The nurse will be arriving any minute"

he leads me by the waist towards the guestroom where I occupied.

True enough, the nurse arrives a few minutes after our near-kiss encounter.

Cameron steps outside to give us some privacy as nurse Betty helps me with a sponge bath, change into fresh clothes and then clean my wounds and change my bandages.

"Thank you" 

I tell her as she pushes her supplies into her bag.

Taking off her gloves, she smiles warmly at me.

"You're weocome. See you tomorrow."

I nod as she exits.

Cameron enters shortly, hands in his pockets looking everywhere but me.

Was he avoiding me again?

"Uhh breakfast?"

"I'm not yet hungry. Thanks" 

I reply

"Uhh okay.. I'll go check through some work related files and get back to you."

He says quickly and dashes out like something evil was chasing after him.

Well that was weird.

What's up with him? Sighing, I turn, feeling around for the remote.

I need to watch some TV.

Finding the remote, I switch it on and put it on Netflix immediately, searching for my favourite serial movie.

Finding it, I settle back into the bed.

Fifteen minutes into the movie, I hear shouting and bangs and then followed by cussing.

Lots of cussing.

What's going on?.

I grab the remote to lower the volume so I can hear what the commotion is all about.

"...I warned you Cam damnit!"

I hear Julian yell in an angry voice.

He's back from dropping my son at school? I don't hear Cameron's reply after that.

There was silence for a while before the commotion starts again, footsteps making their way towards my direction.

"We need to get her out of here right this very second Cameron. They can't find her!"

Julian yells again, footstep getting closer and closer.

Get who out of here? Me?. Are they talking about me? And who don't they want to find me?

" don't get it do you? Sh*t I warned you. I warned you not to get involved with these people. They're f*cking monsters. They don't care who's blood they have to spill to get what they want. I warned you but you're just too stubborn! We have to get her out of here!"

My eyebrows furrow in confusion.

Who has Cameron involved himself with? Who are these monsters Julian is talking about? And why do they have to get me out of here? Before I can understand a thing, both men barge into the guestroom, arguing loudly. I gasp when my eyes rest on Julian.

There was blood on his shirt and face.. I blink, only one thing registering in my head.

"W..where's Sean?" 

I demand. Oh God, I hope he's okay. Julian went to drop him off at school right?

"I said where's my son?!"

I shout, panic swelling in me.. Cameron runs a hand through his hair in frustration.

Julian walks towards me and I flinch.

"Tell me my son is okay please. Please tell me that's not his blood on your shirt. Please tell me I beg you"

I plead, tears welling up in my eyes.

"I'm sorry Skylar. But I have to do this. It's for your own good"

he tells me instead. What's he sorry for? "Sorry for wha...??"

My words get stuck in my throat when I see him pull out a syringe.

Cameron sees it too.

"Julian no! don't!"

Cameron runs to stop his friend but he was too late.. Before I could react, Julian stabs my arm with the syringe, sharp needle piercing into my flesh as he injects the liquid into me.

"I'm sorry"

he says pulling out the syringe from my arm.

I groan. My eyes get hazy instantly, getting heavy with sleep.. I feel so sleepy.

I hear Cameron yelling for me.

And it's the last thing I hear before I slump into unconsciousness.



"Damn you! Answer me!"

Another shout.. I sigh, stepping into the small apartment with Skylar in my arms and drop her gently on the bed.

I had bought this apartment which was situated out of town for emergency purposes.

I knew it would come in handy someday.

When you have an idiot such as Cameron for a friend who solves everything with his fists, you got to find a place where you can run to for safety. I never really used it until today and I'm glad I bought this place.

"I asked you a question. F*cking answer me!"

Cameron bellows from behind me. I sigh.

He's been shouting at me, yelling and screaming cuss words at me ever since I sedated Skylar and forced him out of the penthouse.

"What did you do to my girl? What did you inject her with? Damnit I'll f*cking kill you. Forget you're my best friend!"

Wow, he calls Skylar his girl now?.. Has it gotten that deep so soon? I don't think he realises he just called her his. "Okay Cam you need calm...f*ck!"

My head snaps to the side with the force with which Cameron hit me.

He f*cking punched me!.

I rub my cheeks, feeling the blood trickling down my lips.

Wow, I'm bleeding already from just one punch? I think I finally understand why Cameron has so many enemies.

He throws a really hard punch, damn.

"For the last time Julian what did you do? And where is Sean? Do not make me hit you again because I'm f*cking pissed!"

He seethes, eyes red with rage.

"It's just a sedative Cameron. I didn't do anything to her. She's just asleep" 

I explain.

"And the boy? Where's he?"

"He's at school. I already dropped him off. He's safe"

"And the blood? How do you explain the blood on your shirt hmm? How!"

"Calm down geez Cameron. On my way back I encountered some thugs. I just had to beat up a few"

I shrug, taking off my shirt and wiping my face with it.

He sighs, shifting his attention to Skylar who was still asleep.

I don't miss the look of longing and adoration in his eyes as he stares at her. Okay that's new. Interesting.

"There was no need to force me out of my own home Julian. Whoever they were, I could have handled them"

he suddenly snaps and I groan out of frustration..

"Sure. I'm aware of your capabilities and I know you could have handled them easily. But what about Skylar? Would you have risked them seeing her? How would you even hide her when she's wounded? How will you protect her when you'd obviously be fighting off those damn thugs? Answer me. The moment they set eyes on Skylar, they'd easily use her as a bait. A leverage to get to you. There was no way we could have fought them off in the penthouse too with heavy security downstairs. This isn't Ghana dude, and the police would have appeared with the slightest commotion heard. You should be thanking me instead of frying my ass!"

"You're right I'm sorry.. I was just worried"

he sighs.. Yeah worried about your girl.

"What did you do Cameron? Why were those thugs searching for you?"

He remains quiet at my question. Great, he has definitely done something. I suddenly recall that he went out last night. Just before I was done preparing dinner, he stepped out.

"Last night you asked me to bring Skylar dinner when you should have been the one to give it to her instead. Where did you go Cameron? And do not lie to me. You went to cause trouble didn't you?"

I narrow my eyes at him. He never listens.

"I just went to settle some scores"

he shrugs like it's not important.

"With who? The sharks?"

"Yea the sharks or antelope. Whatever it is they are called. Did you really think I'd let them go scot free? Have you forgotten they tried to get me killed during the race when they tampered with my car brakes? I haven't forgotten Julian. And perhaps they won't ever forget after what I did to them".

"What did you do?"

This friend of mine can never put his fists in his pockets.

Always going about punching people.

"Let's just say I gave the one who masterminded the entire plan a good beating. Heard he's in the hospital. He's probably got a few broken bones"

I shake my head at his reply.

"And don't you dare tell me that f*cker didn't deserve it because he damn well did. He tried to kill me" he points an accusing finger at me and I lift my hands in surrender, fighting the smile creeping up my face.

"Oh they deserved it"

I say

"F*ck yes they did!"

Cameron snaps and I laugh.

He'll never change.

Now I guess those thugs are gonna be hot on our tail henceforth.


"Looking for someone?"

He appears behind the men who stood near a beaten up truck, deep scowls etched on each of their faces...

"He's not here"

the man continues, ignoring the fact that the men were throwing death glares at him. He fought the urge to roll his eyes.

"F*ck off old man" 

a tall, bulky man who had a red scarf tied around his head grounded out.

Park stares at him, eyeing him from head to toe.. He seemed to be the leader of the gang.

"The person you're looking for is no where near around"

Park continues nevertheless, gesturing around the quiet estate where Cameron lived.

"How do you know who we are looking for? And who the f*ck are you anyway?"

The man with the red scarf bellows again.

Park only chuckles.

He'd been bored.

Bored of listening in on Skylar's conversation with Cameron kinight and his friend every single day.

Their conversation were always so boring.

Either that guy named Julian was always heard playing with Skylar's stupid son or Cameron was acting all lovey dovey with his spy.

Sure he was happy enough to know that his spy had managed to infiltrate their home so easily.

She was doing a great job.

He could almost feel how fast Mr Knight was falling for his spy.

With the way he sometimes begged to kiss her, offered her breakfast like he was her personal chef and how he always called her princess.

He scoffs.

So pathetic.

Their romantic conversation had gotten him so riled up, he had stopped listening to them through the listening device he had installed in the penthouse with the help of the tracker he put on Skylar's phone which he used to track down their location.

But today, he wanted to know what his spy was up to so he resumed listening and by miracle, he heard the commotion.

He heard how that Julian of a guy was warning Mr Knight about some monsters he had gotten himself involved with and how they needed to leave as quickly as possible.

To say he was overjoyed was an understatement.

Finally, he felt like he wasn't the only enemy Cameron had so he had to come down here himself.

After all, an enemy's enemy is a friend right? And upon arrival, he spots six to seven men standing by some ugly truck.

Park took his time to eye each of them carefully.

Judging by their dressing, they looked like these typical homeless thugs who lived in slums and dirty neighbourhood, without proper education and would do anything to get little money in their pocket.

The kind of guys who split themselves into groups, carried weapons around and gave themselves ridiculous nicknames.

They were like dogs that bark all day but didn't know how to bite yet when they were angered, they were capable of putting a bullet through someone's skull. And it seemed like dear Mr Knight had stepped on their toes.

He laughs.

"Cameron Knight. He's the one you are here for isn't it?"

The leader of the gang steps forward, eyes narrowed, scrutinizing the nosy old man who couldn't get the damn memo and get the hell out.

"Yeah so? What if we are looking for that bastard? What ya gon' do huh?"

He spoke in a slurred American accent.

"You gon' fight us? Or report us? What ya gon do huh?!"

"Jeez calm down boy. Trust me, you don't wanna know what I can do. It'll be in your best interest if you don't get on my nerves because you won't like it. I'm only here for a peace talk and I'd hate to return home with nothing but your blood filling my cup as wine and your fingers on a plate as my lunch. It'll taste so good accompanied with salad don't you think?"

Park smiles menacingly, voice too sweet to be considered good.

Eyes dark with threat.

The young men stare each other, communicating silently with themselves until the leader of the gang speaks up.

"Whatcha want ol' man?"

"First of all, do not call me old man. You call me Park. Park. Got it?"

The young man nods, fighting the urge to roll his eyes.

"Good. Your name?"

He eyes Park for a while before answering.


"Great Pete. I have a proposal for you but before anything, I'd like to know what relationship you have with Cameron Knight?"

Pete's jaw ticked with anger at the mention of Cameron.

"That motherf*cker! I'm gonna slay him and send his chopped body to his mama! He messed with one of our own and when you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!" He roars, the men behind him nodding their heads in approval. "Tsk tsk tsk. Mr Knight can't keep himself out of trouble can he? He loves making enemies" Park grins. "Look ol' man we got some scores to settle so ya better get on it if ya have anything better to say"

"He's my enemy too you know and a little Birdie told me you men were on your way to teach him a lesson but let me tell you something Pete. Anger gets you no where. I'm never angry you know why? I channel my anger into something more useful. Revenge is much more sweeter when you take your time to plan. You hit when your victim is off guard. What did you think you were going to achieve by running into this estate holding guns and weapons to search for Mr Knight? Incase you've forgotten this place isn't like the slums where anyone comes and goes. This estate is for the rich. It's heavily guarded with armed men who'll make sure to check you thoroughly before allowing you entry. And when they find these weapons on you, Pfftt! straight to jail. I like you. You guys are rough around the edges, determined to do anything. You got the manpower and I? I've got the supplies. I've got the money, the connection, the weapons. Name it. We have one enemy in common. Cameron Knight is my enemy too. And an enemy's enemy is a friend right? Why don't we join forces to destroy one man? You give me your loyalty, I give you the money and every other luxury you could ever dream of.." 

Park pauses and snaps his fingers.

A bulky man steps out of the Ferrari he drove and walks towards him with a briefcase.

The thugs eyes bulge at the Ferrari.

They hadn't noticed it earlier.

They hadn't noticed the pure diamonds necklace adorning Park's neck.

Their eyes even bulge further when Park opens the briefcase to reveal several crisp bundle notes of dollars.

Park could see the greed in their eyes.

He could see the big dollar sign blinking in their eyes.

He smirks.

These were just men after all.

Thugs who lived in slums and did several illegal things to survive.

They looked like fraud boys no doubt.

The dirty kind of fraud boys of course.

He was sure they hadn't seen such money their entire lives.

"You see this money? It shall all be yours once you agree to join hands with me. So what do you say. Do we have a deal gentlemen?"

They eye the briefcase full of money for a while, deliberating silently between themselves until Pete spoke up again.

"If we say yes, keep it in mind that never will ya intefere in our business. We do so many things to survive in our part of the world and that won't stop just 'cause we made a deal with ya. We give ya our loyalty, ya give us the money. We don't interfere in your business, you don't interfere in ours. We only come together when it concerns Cameron f*cking Knight. Take it or leave it"

he crosses his arms over his chest, the rest behind him nodding in approval.

"I take it"

Park answers holding out the briefcase to them.

"Do we have a deal gentlemen?"

They all grin.




"There's no need"

Julian's voice interrupts my thoughts and I lift my head, blinking once.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I said there is no need to keep staring at her like that if you aren't going to accept these feelings you're developing for her. You've been staring at her for like twenty minutes straight up"

I blink again, my fingers leaving Skylar's cheeks which I'd been caressing.

I hadn't realised I had been watching her sleep for so long. It's been almost an hour since we arrived in Julian's apartment.

For some strange reason, I felt drawn to her.

So drawn I didn't realise when I sat at the edge of the bed to watch her while she slept.

Studying every contour and crevice of her beautiful face.

She was beautiful.

No two ways about it.

Utterly beautiful.

Big, round dark eyes which always went wide anytime she was nervous or impressed.

Nose that was seated perfectly just above luscious full lips.

Lips that had the power to talk non stop and at the same time, melt me into a puddle when I kiss them.

I sigh, willing myself to look away but my body just can't seem to comply.

It's like she's got me enchanted, bewitched, hooked.

So much so that she's all I see these days.

It's like a photo of her has been imprinted in my brain enabling me to see only her all the godamn time.

I'm getting attracted so fast it scares me.

Finally, I manage to look away from her sleeping form, rubbing my temple.

" think I like her?" 

I question, afraid that I might know the answer already. Julian gives me a small smile.

"I think you already have the answer to that question Cam"

I shut my eyes.


This can't be happening.

What happened to you Cameron? What happened to the strong willed man who never glanced at any women for more than a second? How could you be attracted to someone you've known barely two weeks.

Two frigging weeks damnit!.

"I'm so damn confused"

I mutter in all honesty, running a hand through my hair

"Just let yourself feel whatever it is you feel. Don't try to block it. Everything will fall into place. You'll see."

He taps me on the shoulder and walks away leaving me with my confused thoughts.



A groan escapes my throat as my eyes flutter open, blinking at the unfamiliar surroundings.

Where am I? How did I get here? Right of course.

Julian was saying something about being sorry and then.. The syringe.. The blood.

Wait.. I jump off the bed in an instant, panic swelling inside of me. Strong arms engulfs me immediately.

"Skylar calm down"

I snap my head in his direction, rage filing me.

Without second thoughts, I push him away from me ignoring the pain that seared through my broken arm. I was far too angry to care.

"Stay away from me!"

"Skylar relax.."

"Where's my son? Where's he Cameron? I swear to God if you so much as touched a single hair on his head, I'll f*cking kill you!"

I spit, eyes darting around for any sharp object.

"Do you have no trust in me princess?"

He asks quietly. I would have drooled at the way he called me princess but I couldn't care right now.


I shake my head

"Given the circumstances I don't trust you"

Hurt flashes in Cameron's eyes at my words but he blinks it away immediately, I almost thought I imagined it.

"Fair enough. Come"

he moves to hold me and I move away.

He flinches like I slapped him.

He pushes both hands into his pockets, a single braid falling over his eyes.

"Sean is safe. Julian dropped school. He injected you because he had to sedate you and get you out of there because some people were after him. Or should I say they were after me. They are crooks and we didn't want you to get involved. I'm sorry. I didn't want you to get hurt. There's no way I would have let any harm come to you"

I bite my lip, suddenly feeling guilty at my outburst. We both stand in silence for a while, none of us saying a word.

"Okay.. I'll get you breakfast. It's almost ten am. I have to leave for work soon"

he speaks up without glancing at me and my heart drops.

Di I make him mad? He didn't call me princess or girl like he used to.

Again, without thinking, I follow him, wincing with every step I take at the pain in my sides until I find him in the kitchen, gathering fresh vegetables to wash.

There was a tablet propped up.against the kitchen wall. 

I could see him reading some instruction.

I think it's a recipe for the food he's trying to prepare. 

I stand there awkwardly, fuddling with the hem of my knee length dress.

What am I even doing here in the first place? Oh right, I came here to make sure Cameron isn't mad at me I seem to be doing less and less of thinking these days.

I clear my throat to gain his attention.

He turns, the braid still falling over his eyes.

Oh God, I want to push that strand of hair away from his beautiful face.


I squeak.

Hi? Seriously? What's wrong with you Skylar? I mentally face palm.

"You should be in bed Skylar"

Cameron answers, turning away from me to take out the vegetables from the water while grabbing a knife from the rack.

"I wanted to apologise for my outburst earlier.. I didn't know.."

"You don't have to Skylar. It's okay trust me"

he replies, without looking at ne.

Why won't he call me princess? We stand in silence as I watch him pick up an onion, reads something on the tablet and begins to chop the onion rather miserably.

I giggle, slapping my mouth immediately when his head snaps in my direction.

"What's so funny girl?"

He snaps looking irritated.

"You don't chop onions like that. It's like you're murdering them"

I reply, amused. He glares at me.

'What are you preparing?"

"Carrot rice and stir fry"

he huffs making me giggle.

"But that's so easy to make. Let me help" 

I move to take another knife from the rack when he stops me.

"What do you think you're doing princess? You're wounded. Get back inside". 

I roll my eyes dropping my knife.

"I'm wounded not handicapped. Besides you clearly don't know what you're doing. I'll help you so we can do this faster."

He sighs.

"Fine. But don't you dare do any tedious work else I'll carry you on my shoulders"

"Yes Sir"

I salute and he rolls his eyes, dropping the knife and coming closer.

"So what do I begin with?"

"Let's start with the rice first. Sounds good?"


he nods, my eyes trailing over the hair still lingering over his eyes.

I bring my hand up, fingers pushing the strand away from his face and tucking it behind his hair.

He sucks in a breath like my touch affected him as his eyes trail my every movement.

Entranced, I can't help but spread my hand on his cheeks, cupping his face softly as my thumb brushes over his eyebrows, eyelashes that were so long and curly it got me jealous, his nose and the finally his lips.

As my thumb skims over his lips, he parts his lips and bites my thumb slightly before placing a chaste a kiss to it.

Unable to look away, I continue to stare, unfamiliar tingles running up my spine.

"So beautiful"

Cameron growls under his breath.

I blink, my eyes snapping to meet his.

I blush immediately, looking away.

I was so caught up in my thoughts I hadn't realised he was staring at me just as I was.

"T..thank you"

"Let's prepare breakfast shall we princess?"

He asks in a quiet voice, studying me carefully.

I only nod, stepping away slightly, letting my hands slip from his face. He nods in return, turning to face the stove once again. 

I sigh.

There's so much s*xual tension in the air.

Can he feel it too? I wonder.

" I doing it right?"

Cameron suddenly asks jolting me out of my thoughts.

I look up to find he'd already started chopping the onions iagain.

I bite my lip.

"Not bad"

I comment.

At least he was chopping them much smaller now.

"Just keep your head away as much as you can. We don't want you crying by the time you're done slicing them" 

I add and he nods going back to his work.

I turn, trying to locate a utensil so I can start with the carrot rice.


I let out a loud sigh, collapsing onto the chair.

Finally after almost two hours, the meal was ready, all thanks to Cameron who took almost ten minutes to chop every damn vegetable after refusing my help.

"I can't believe it took you an hour to prepare stir fry"

I grumble under my breath as he sets a plate of rice before me.

I can literally feel his glare without having to look up.

"Well forgive me your highness, I'm not such a good cook"

he snaps sitting opposite me with his own plate of food.

I roll my eyes, grabbing a spoon.

"That's why you should have accepted my help. I mean it was stir fry. It's doesn't take long to prepare. You basically have to stir while it fries. It's not like we were preparing stew yet the Almighty Cameron knight wouldn't listen. He had to read every damn instruction before even pouring oil. You even had to measure the godamn oil!"

I scream in exasperation.

"Okay I admit I should have accepted your help. Happy?"

He narrows his eyes, pushing a spoon of rice into his mouth.

Damn, how does he make eating so sexy?

"That's because I'm s*xy like that princess."

He replies smugly and I bite my lip.

I didn't say that out loud did I?

"You're not that s*xy. Don't be so cocky now"

I huff.

"Sure princess. Whatever sails your boat"

he drawls the words, smirking smugly.

I roll my eyes, concentrating on my food.

At least it doesn't taste so bad.

We eat in silence for a while until I decide to speak up again.

"Are you this boring?"

I blurt out making his head snap up.


"I said are you this boring? Can't you at least make a conversation? it's so quite here. Julian too has disappeared to God knows where"

"Oh..umm.. What do you want to talk about?"

He looks uncomfortable.


Doesn't he ever have normal conversation with the opposite s*x? It sure looks like it.

"Well for example you could tell me something about yourself. Or vice versa"

I shrug.


He scratches the back of his head awkwardly.

So adorable.

"What's your favorite color?"

So clich.

"Blue. Sea blue specifically. What's yours?"


he shrugs. My eyes widen.

"You've got to be kidding me Mr chocolate eyes. Black? It isn't even a color. It's a shade" 

I push a spoon of minced meat into my mouth, savoring it's taste.

"Why do you call me chocolate eyes anyway?"

He asks ignoring what I said.

"It's the first thing I noticed about you when we met. Your dark brown eyes. They reminded me of chocolate" 

I answer sincerely as he stares at me intently.

He opens his mouth to say something when the door opens and Julian strolls in, paper bags in both hands.

"Where were with you?"

Cam asks immediately.

Julian rolls his eyes.

"I'm sorry I didn't ask for permission before going out mama. I only went to get a few groceries. It won't happen again mama"

he apologises making me giggle.

Cameron glares at his friend, grumbling profanities under his breath.

My phone starts ringing from somewhere in the room just about the sane time.

Thinking perhaps it had something to do with Sean, I push my chair backwards immediately and get up, rushing to pick the phone up.

My heart drops instantly at the name that flashes on my screen.

I can never get rid of him can I?

"Who is it?"

Cam asks worried, getting up and walking away from the dining table towards me.

I don't reply.

I turn the phone, letting him have a glimpse of the screen.

His eyes widen, scanning over the words carefully.

"Park Greene? Wait.. The same Oark.."

"Yes. The same Park Greene who owns the arena where you fight and my boss too" 

I cut him off with a wince, the word


tasting like rat poison in my mouth.

I notice Cameron's jaw tick in anger.

"So it's him.. F*cking retard"

he seethes clenching his fists.

I stare at the screen as the call ends.

It starts to ring almost immediately again.



"Answer the call Skylar"

Cameron repeats, nodding at Julian who nods in return and disappears into one of the rooms.

"I..I can't Cam... I'm scared.. I can't keep lying to him... He'll eventually find out..and.."

I'm freaking out.

"You don't have to lie Skylar. If he asks you anything about me or what you've found about me, do not lie. Tell him everything you know about me so far"

"What? That's outrageous.. It's like you're feeding yourself to the lion willingly.."

Cameron grabs me by the shoulders, cutting off my rants

"Do you trust me girl?"

I find myself nodding in the affirmative.

"I do. I trust you"


he strokes my cheek softly just as the call ends again, ringing immediately.

"Answer the call"

Julian appears again with a laptop in his hand, typing furiously.

"W..what.. Are you sure?"

I ask, still uncertain.. I don't feel good about giving out information about Cameron to the devil.

"Yes. Just make sure he stays on the line longer."

"You ready?"

He turns to Julian who gives him a thumbs up.

"I have access to your phone now Skylar. Answer the call"

he tells me, still typing. Wait.. What does he mean by he has access to my phone now? Did he just hack into my phone? What's going on?

"Answer the call girl. Your boss wants to play dirty? We'll surely give him dirty. Answer it"

I nod slightly before pressing the answer button.




I'm so sorry guys.

This week has been so hectic and tiring.

I'll post another episode by evening to make it up to you.

I promise.

Lots of love..



I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding as I drop the phone onto the dining table after pressing the red button, ending the call. 

I clasp both hands together.

I had told Mr Park everything I'd found out so far.

From Cameron's best friend's name to the near attack on him this morning.

I even told him Cameron owned a company.

Not that it was necessary because knowing Mr Park he'd probably found all that out by listening to our conversation through the listening device he had installed in the penthouse.

He knew it all, yet he called to ask me if I'd found out anything.

My best guess is that he was testing me.

He was testing my loyalty.

To see if I'd lie or tell the truth considering it would be so much easier to lie since I was far away from him.

It's not hard for him to tell that I'd most probably escape from him the least chance I get.


Cameron's soothing voice drifts into my thoughts and I look up as he engulfs me in a hug, resting his chin on my head. I sigh, leaning in.

"You did good Skylar. Relax"

he coaxes and I nod slightly, watching Julian still typing.


he pulls away, taking my hand and leading me to the table.

"Finish your food" he says handing me the plate. I take it.

"Julian and I need to go to the office to take care of some things. I have a meeting. Will you be okay?"

He asks going back to his food.

"Don't let me keep you away from work. I'll be fine"

"Everything you need is in the fridge. Make yourself comfortable"

he tells me, pushing his chair back and getting up after one last bite.

He disappears into one of the rooms probably to get ready.. I let out another sigh, going back to my food


"Take care of yourself. If you feel uncomfortable just give me a call"

Cameron tells me, emerging from the room adjusting his tie.

God he looks so hot in a business attire.

"I do not have your number"

I shake my head at my thoughts. Concentrate Sky.

He gives me that signature arrogant smirk of his as he stops in front of me.

"Check your phone princess" 

I roll my eyes.

Of course.

Only Cameron will put his number on my phone without my knowledge.

"So cocky"

I grumble.

He chuckles, pulling me and places a kiss to my forehead.

"I'll be back before you know it princess"


I reply, watching him step out, Julian following closely shutting the door behind him.

I sigh again, suddenly feeling lonely, the only thing keeping me company being the lingering kiss Cam left on my forehead and his immaculate cologne.

Grabbing my phone, I walk over to the sofa, that was made in an L-shape making it very comfy to lay on. Lying down, my fingers hover over the keypads for a while before I press the call button.. I've missed Mrs Monroe.

I need to at least know how she's doing.

Propping my head up on a throw pillow, I press the phone to my ear and wait for her to answer.



Six frigging pm and still no sign of Cameron or my son.

He'd told me he'd be the one to pick him up after school yet nothing.

I've been trying to call him yet somehow miraculously, his phone is suddenly turned off.

I tap my feet continuously to the tiled floor, biting my nails, worst case scenarios popping up in my head one after the other like a damn slide show in fast motion.

Sean should have been home by three pm.

And it's six now. Oh God.. I don't want to think about the possibility that something happened to.. No Sky.


Don't even go there.

Don't even think about it. I blink rapidly.

Don't you think about it. Sean is fine.

He's fine.

He must be.

He has to be.

I jump suddenly when the door to the apartment is pushed open.. I turn sharply, my eyes falling on Sean immediately who was slung over Cameron's shoulder, his school bag still hanging on his back.

I panic immediately.

"What's wrong with him? Why are you carrying him? What took you so long to.."

"Shhhh.. Nothing happened.. He's just fallen asleep"

Cameron whispers walking ahead to the room I occupied and placed him gently on the bed, after taking off his bag and shoes.

"I promised you I'll take him to see a doctor right?"

Oh. I bite my lip, calming down immediately.

"I took him to the hospital immediately I picked him up and we had to wait for nearly an hour for the doctor who was on afternoon shift. I'm sorry I got you worried"

"I should be the one apologising to you Cam not the other way round" I sink into the soft mattress, unbuttoning his school uniform.

"So..what happened?"

I ask.

"We were asked to make an appointment. Which falls on next week Thursday. As for the normal checkup, his results came out good. He just needs to stay away from vigorous exercises which will cause him to get easily tired"

Cam explains and Sean's yawns just then, turning on his side and continues sleeping. I caress his hair.

"He must be really tired"

I mutter silently..

"He is. Fell asleep as soon I got him something to eat. Turns out the boy loves pickles more than his own life"

I chuckle at that.

"It baffles me how he eats them an entire week without stopping"

Silence settles between us as I concentrate on taking off Sean's uniform before covering him up with the duvet.

"He'll be fine. You'll see"

Cam's finger swipes over my cheeks and I blink.

I hadnt realised I was crying.

"I know.. I'm just... He's all I've got and..."

"Shhh.. Come here girl"

I comply immediately, practically jumping on him as he engulfs me in a hug, his aura and nearness bringing me some sort of relief instantly.

I let him hold on to me, focusing on his steady heartbeat and wonderful hand running through my hair.

I don't know what this is.

I don't know why I'm beginning to feel this way when it comes to Cameron. It's magical, surreal, beautiful yet scary.

But one thing is for sure, whatever it is, I don't want to stop feeling it, ever.


A WEEK LATER... I yawn loudly, stretching my arms as I feel the ray of sunlight seeping into the room.

The sling on my arm was taken off by the nurse and replaced with a bandage on the cut on my shoulder which was thankfully healing and it feels so good to be able to use both arms again.

The only thing left is for the bandage around my head to be taken off and the pain in my side to subside and I'll be as good as new.

Sighing in contentment, I blink one eye open, jumping immediately at the sight I was met with.

Placing a hand on my chest to steady my heartbeat, I glare at Cameron who's face was inches away from mine, grinning sheepishly.

He's been doing a lot of that lately.

Can't say I'm complaining.

"You scared me!"

"Sorry princess"

he shrugs telling me he's not really sorry.

I hear giggling and I turn to find Sean standing beside Cameron.

I roll my eyes.

"I'm glad you find me funny"

"Good morning mom!"

He chirpes loudly Wow, someone is in a very good mood today. I wonder why.

"Good morning Sean. Come on let's get ready for school" I say climbing out of bed.

"No school mom"

he says and I stop in my tracks.

"No school? As far as I'm concerned today is Wednesday and it's not a holiday either"

"Uncle can says I'm not going to school today" and he runs out after. I turn to Cam.

"Really Cameron?"

I narrow my eyes at him.



"Because we're going out for a vacation"

"Wait vacation?"

I furrow my eyebrows and he nods.

"Yes vacation. You, me and my little man. Here, take this"

he stretches out a box to me.

Stealing glances at him, I open the box and gasp.

It's a dress.

A very beautiful white sundress.

I turn to him..

"Cameron? T..this dress"

I blink. He's been extremely nice to me this past week it's got ne wondering several times what this is.. Sure I love the attention he's giving me but I don't know where I stand in his life.

Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

He has only gone to the fighting arena three times since he brought me to his home and according to Julian it's a miracle.

He told me Cameron was always either buried in work, or he was fighting or at the gym or racing cars.

Literally, he never had time for himself, or in Julian's words,

"He preferred to keep himself busy because it was the only thing keeping him sane".

Now that he's withdrawing from that habit, does that mean I'm the one keeping him sane now? I don't know.

"I want you to get ready princess. Wear this dress, make yourself pretty and meet me outside"

"B..but why?"

I stare at the pretty dress.

Cameron walks up to me, gripping my waist.

I gasp at the sensation running through me at his touch. Oh God.

"Because I'm taking you out"

he answers, lips hovering over mine. I gulp.


I manage to ask, trying hard to ignore the delicious sensations the mere presence of this man is giving me.

He makes me weak to the kness oh God I can't deny it anymore.

I can't. I'm getting attracted. F*ck attraction, I think I like Cameron. I've liked him for a while now.

I look up into his heavily eyes.


he answers softly, kissing the corner of my lips.

"I'm taking you on a date princess. You know why?"

He asks, placing another kiss on my lips. Oh God.


I ask quietly, biting my lip.

"Because I think like you princess. A lot. And there's no way I can keep on denying it. I've been denying for so long and honestly, I'm tired. I admit it now, I f*cking like you girl. So much. Please go on a date with me?"



"I'm taking you on a date princess. You know why?"

I ask, placing another kiss on her lips. Oh God. She's so intoxicating.

So intoxicating I might as well end up getting drunk.

Drunk in her kisses.

Drunk in every damn thing about her.


She asks, so quietly I almost didn't hear. She bites her lips.. S*xy.

I almost growl, tightening my grip around her waist.

"Because I think I like you princess. A lot. And there's no way I can keep on denying it. I've been denying it for so long and honestly, I'm tired. I admit it now, I f*cking like you girl. So much. Please Go on a date with me?"

I answer, resting my forehead against hers, sweet, delicious sensations I haven't felt since Natalie coursing through me like never before. It's intense, strong yet intoxicating. I'm in love with this new feeling.

It's like I've been reborn.

It's energizing. For the past three years, anger and hatred was all I'd ever been capable of feeling.

I'd drowned myself in work all day long and if I ever happened to have a free time, thoughts of betrayal occupied my brain immediately which was why I joined the arena.

But now, there's an additional emotion to what I'm used to and I can't say I don't like it.

I do.

I've spent the previous week in denial and all it has done is to increase my attraction towards her.

I can't fight it any longer.

"Say something Skylar"

I plead after a moment of deafening silence.

I pull away slightly, cupping her face softly.

She looks up at me with wide eyes.

"I...I... You like me?"

She squeaks.

" want to go on a date with me?"

She adds, looking at me like she can't believe it. I can't believe it myself.

"I do"

I reply with all honestly.

"I...I.just.." She lowers her eyes, fidgeting with the hem of the pyjamas she wore.

"I've never really done this before Cam"

Have I mentioned how I love it when she says my name? I think I have.

A million times.

"Come" I lead her to the bed, pushing her to sit. I do same, taking both hands in mine.

"Trust me princess, I haven't done something like this in years. I haven't felt this way about any woman in a long time also and honestly, I'm done living in denial. I'm not asking you to be my girlfriend, no. I just want you to give me the chance. Give us the chance to take this beyond friendship level. Get to know each other well and then we'll take it from there. What do you say?"

She stares at me for a second longer before breaking into a smile.

"I wouldn't let this dress go to waste for anything in the world"

I chuckle. Smooth. Only Skylar will say yes to going on a date in a smart manner.


I get up. "I'll leave you to get ready. Please don't take ten hours.

I know how you women take fifty minutes to apply just to apply make up"

I tease and she rolls her eyes, shoving me out.

"Get out Mr Knight!"

She giggles.

And just like that, I knew I wouldn't have it any other way.



Shutting the door to the bathroom behind me, I walk towards the big mirror and stand in front of it studying my expression.

My cheeks look flushed and my eyes are bright and lively.

A goofy grin adorning my face. I bite down on my lip hard to prevent the squeal threatening to explode out of me.

I step out of my pyjamas, dropping it somewhere and then gathering my hair up into a shower cap.

Stepping into the shower, I turn it on, reaching for my sponge and squirting a good amount of my favourite shower gel as the cold water courses over my body.

Cameron likes me. Cameron f*cking Knight said he likes me.

I squeal this time unable to control it, the splashing water drowning my voice.

And I'm going on a damn date with the hottest guy ever to live on planet earth.

Okay well, maybe he isn't the hottest guy to have ever lived but you get my point.

I giggle foolishly at my thoughts.

God I sound like a thirteen year old who's crush just asked her out for a dance.

Control Sky.

As I wash myself, I can't help but wonder where Mr chocolate eyes will be taking me for our date.

Wherever it is, I know I'm going to love it, as long as he's with me.


I make my way into the living room about thirty minutes later to find Cameron dressed casually in a blue T-shirt that clung to his body like second skin, revealing ever contour of his muscled and taut body.

Hmm hot.

He stops whatever he was doing as I make my appearance and his eyes skims over me from head to toe.

I bite my lip, feeling self conscious.

The dress he got me was beautiful, a perfect fit.

It was neither tight nor loose.

"Ugh..did I over dress?"

I ask.

I had applied a little make up.

I'd never used it since he bought it for me along with a few clothes days ago.

"No princess. You look beautiful. Perfect"

he says and I blush. Suddenly I hear a loud groan of annoyance.

"Mom, uncle Cam let's go. I'm sooo hungry!"

Sean whines making us both laugh. Sean can be really grumpy when there no food in his stomach.

"I hope it's okay that I'm bring Sean along with us?" Cameron asks and I can't help but smile.. The fact that he included my son in this is just enough to make my heart soar.

"I'm more than okay. Thank you"

I reply.

"Shall we then miss Sampson?"

He curls his hand, elbow sticking out. I link my arm to his nodding.

"We shall Mr Knight"

"Come on Sean" "Finally!" Sean yells in exasperation and I laugh as we exit the penthouse.


"Where are we going?"

I must have asked that for the hundredth time because Cameron only wiggles his eyebrows at me.

"Oh come on! I hate suspense!"

I whine

"Oh but I love suspense girl."

I pout, leaning back into my seat.

"All I can say is we're going to have breakfast at a beautiful restaurant and then we are off to the most beautiful beach in the whole of Brooklyn."

"Really?" My ears perk up at that "Which of the beaches? I've been researching and I found this amazing beach..."

"Calm your horses girl"

Cameron laughs cutting off my rant.

"First, let's have some breakfast yeah?"

"Humph" I pout Several minutes later, I look out and see a sign.

"Water street"

it read. I raise an eyebrow.

He drove us all the way to Water Street to have breakfast? Hmm.

Soon, Cameron killed the engine as the car came to a stop.

I step out first, helping Sean out of the backseat. "Shake Shack" I read the large sign as my eyes scan over the restaurant.


Cameron beckons and we follow.

A waitress was waiting by the door the moment we stepped in and she ushered us to an empty seat.

A menu was brought immediately and I didn't need to look through to decide what I'll have.

"What will you have princess?"

"Umm. I'll have the veggie burger, fries and strawberry shake"

I tell the waitress who writes it down.

"You want chicken burger?"

I turn to Sean.

He only nods eagerly.

"And fries"

he adds immediately.

"And also chocolate shake for him please"

I add.

"I'll have the same as the lady except for the shake. Please pack it for us. We'll be taking it out"

Cameron says and the waitress nods, walking away.

"We're not eating here?"

I ask.

"Yes. We are going to eat at someplace even better"

he winks and I hum leaning back into my seat, scanning the environment.

It was beautiful and comfy.

As my eyes wander around, they settle on a man I presume to be not more than thirty, sitting alone, sipping something that looked like juice.

He looked like any other normal customer but the difference was his eyes were trained on me.

I swear I saw a tiny smirk playing at the corner of his lips. I look away immediately, something about his stare giving me the chills.

I count to thirty silently and peep again.

He was still staring.

Now I want to get out of here. I hope our food comes quickly. Luckily, the waitress approaches few minutes later and hands us us our food in paper bags along with the bill.

Cameron pays and I get up immediately, grabbing Sean's hand.

As we exit, I turn one last time and sure enough, the creepy man was still staring.

This time not at me.

He was watching my son.. Tightening my grip on my son, I shield him with my body, hoping to block the man's vision, walking faster towards Cam's car.

Once inside, I let out a sigh of relief.

"You okay?"

Cam's voice jolts me out of my reverie.

He must have noticed my uneasiness.

"Y..yeah.. I'm fine"

I attempt a smile, failng miserably.

He cups my cheeks.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm fine."

He watches me intently for a while before leaning back, starting the engine. We drive in silence for a while before the car comes to a stop.


I hear Sean exclaim from the backseat and that's when I look up, my eyes lighting up at the beautiful scenery.

"Brooklyn Bridge Park"

the huge signboard read.

So this is the infamous Brooklyn bridge park.

"This is where we are going to have our breakfast princess"

Cameron winks, climbing out of the car.

I do same, helping Sean out.

My eyes take in the beautiful park as we walk to find a bench.

The bridge was beautiful, I'm sure it looks so much better at night time.

There were numerous white doves scattered across the park.

I could see few people had set up picnic at certain spots.

I even caught a couple heavily making out.

I blush looking away instantly.

People in this country aren't shy at all.

You can't make out like this in Africa.

Cameron catches my eye and he wiggles his eyebrows.

"Don't say a word"

I warn and he laughs.

Finally we find an empty bench and we settle down to unwrap our food. I make to grab the chicken burger to feed Sean when I find him already eating all by himself.

I roll my eyes. I forgot someone is a big boy.

"Why didn't you take the strawberry shake?"

I ask Cameron taking a bite of my burger.

"I don't take girly stuff princess"

Okay that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard

. "Since when was strawberry labelled a girly stuff?"

"Since human was created. Even Sean knows that, that's why he ordered chocolate shake"

"Point of correction. I ordered the chocolate shake for him"

It was his turn to roll his eyes, pushing a fry into his mouth.

"Yeah yeah, same thing"

I shake my head, going back to my food, taking in my surroundings.

"it's so beautiful and peaceful around here"

"This is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait till I show you more of the surprises"

Cameron says and my heart swells with adoration.. I wonder where else he's taking me.


Sean calls out.


"Take it"

he holds out a single lettuce. I sigh.

"Vegetables are good for you Sean. You should eat it"

I tell him to which he takes a big bite of the chicken he'd pulled out of the burger.

I roll my eyes, taking the lettuce and chewing.

I turn, my eyes finding a certain familiar person. I look up.. There he was. The man from the restaurant, standing a few feet away.

He had dark glasses on but I can swear he was staring right at Sean. Was he folowimg us? Unconsciously, I pull Sean to myself. The man begins to walk closer, slowly, unnoticed by Cameron who's back was facing him. My eyes bulge.

He's not walking towards us is he? Suddenly he stops walking, pulls the sleeve of his shirt up, all the while staring right at me, revealing a round big black mark on his wrist.

A mark I had seen so many times.

The burger slips from my hand, falling to the floor with a thud.

"Skylar? What's wrong? You okay? Don't you like the food? Sky?"

I can hear Cameron calling out for me but I can't bring myself to reply.

I feel the air rushing out of my lungs.

I feel suffocated. I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack. I blink.

No this can't be.

The man smirks, like he's loving my reaction. This can't be. No!.

"Skylar what's wrong? Skylar look at me!"

I hear shouting but I can't move.

I feel like I'm going to pass out any second.

That mark.

That mark.

Slowly, my heads snaps to my son who was still eating, completely unaware of any thing.

I look at his left wrist. And there it was.

The same round big black birthmark on his wrist.

I look back to the man who was now waving his hand mockingly at me slightly.

The same mark on his hand.

He was smirking, lips moving like he was talking.

I squint my eyes, trying to read his lips.

"I've. Been. Searching. For. You"

I manage to make out the words and a loud gasp escapes my lips.


This can't be.

It can't be.

No God please no!.



"Skylar hey! Look at me!"

Strong arms grab me by the shoulders, shaking me violently and it seems to snap me out of whatever trance I was in.


I whimper.

"What happened princess? Say something"

"H..him...he's following us"


"That man..I.. Saw him staring at me in the restaurant and now he's here, staring at me"


He asks again, cupping my cheeks.

"B..behind you"

I point to the spot where he was standing but then to my utmost surprise, it was empty.

There was no one there. I blink, eyes darting to and fro.

"There's no one there Skylar"

"I...I..swear I saw him.. H..he was standing there, smirking at me.. I swear" 

I saw him.. I swear I did.

He was just here.

He couldn't have disappeared withing a second right? I'm not hallucinating. I saw him..

"Cameron believe me..I..saw.."

"Hey..relax.. Calm down.. Relax"

he strokes his thumb over my cheeks softly, soothing my nerves a little.

I wrap my arms around him and he let me, holding me.

"It's okay princess. Breathe, just breathe. Probably you're being paranoid. Calm down"

He thinks I'm being paranoid.

He thinks I'm imagining things.

He doesn't believe me. 

I let out a tearless sob, clutching on to him tighter. I'm not imagining things.

I swear.

"Mom? Are you okay?"

I disengage from Cameron and turn. Sean was staring at me with worried eyes.

I wipe my eyes immediately. He shouldn't see me like this.

"Yes baby. I'm fine. Something got stuck in my eye"

I lie.

"Is it gone now?"

He asks inching closer to take a look at my eye. I smile, kissing him on the cheek.

"Yes it's gone now. Finish your food"

I say and he just stares at me.

"I love you mom. You're the best"

he suddenly says and I almost break down.

I pull him to me, hugging him briefly.

"I love you too Sean. More than my life"

I reply and he grins, giving me a peck.

"Eat now. Go on"

He nods, going back to his food.

"Hey girl"

I turn to face him.

"I'm fine. My emotions are just all over the place. I guess it's almost that time of the month"

I lie again.

I had my period just two weeks ago.

Cameron watches me for a while, like he's finding a hard time believing me.

Eventually he let's it go and sighs, staring at the burger I dropped.

"I guess we'll have to share my burger now"

he says.

"Sorry about that"

I mutter sheepishly.

"Not a problem. Go on eat. I'm good with the fries anyway"

he tells me, dipping a fry into the sauce and eats.

As we eat, my eyes keep wandering around every now and then hoping to catch a glimpse of the creepy man to prove Cameron wrong.

To prove myself wrong, that I was in no way imagining things.

Yet I don't see him anywhere.

Not even a glimpse of his shadow.

Did I really imagine it? Am I being paranoid?

"Hey are you done? I think we should get going" 

I blink.

I'd been do engrossed in my own thoughts I didn't even have time to enjoy the beautiful scenery Cameron brought me to.

I smile tightly as he hands me my shake. I take sip.

"Do you have water?" 

I ask.


he nods handing me a bottled water.

I take it and thank him, turning to Sean as I uncork the bottle.

"Wash your hands Sean"

I say to him. He will most probably wipe his hands on his shirt out of sheer laziness.

He stretches out his hands and I wash them.

Done, I wipe it dry with a handkerchief.

"Now drink you shake" 

I fix the straw and hand it to him.

When I turn, Cameron had packed the leftovers and dropped them into the bin.

"Shall we?"

I nod getting up, pulling Sean up with me. 

I may be paranoid but I'm not letting him out of my sight for a second.

"Where next are we going?"

I ask.

"Patience girl"

I roll my eyes in response, getting into the car.


It wasn't until a while later that the car came to a stop and I look out, the cold breeze sweeping over my face.

"Manhattan beach? You brought ne to the Manhattan beach?" 

I ask in awe.

This is like one of the most beautiful beaches in New York.

Without thinking, I lunge myself at Cameron, hugging him.

"Thank you. Really thank you" 

I mutter, inhaling in his scent.

"You're welcome princess"

he squeezes me slightly before pulling away.

"Shall we go have some fun?"

He flicks my nose and I swat his hand away playfully.

I turn to grab Sean's hand when I realise he's not near me.

I hear loud giggles and turn again only to find him, sitting with a girl not more than four, chatting amicably. I raise an eyebrow.


"Seems like someone's learning how to toast girls quite early"

Cameron's comments with a chuckle and I roll my eyes.

Sean jogs back towards us, waving at the little girl who waves back happily.

"You made a new friend?"

I ask, taking his hand in mine as we walk towards the shore.

"Yes. I taught her how to make a brick house"

he says with pride..

"Okay that's good but don't you go anywhere without telling me okay?"

I scold. Call me paranoid but I'm not willing to take any chances.

"Okay mom. Can we go build sand castles over there?"

He points to an empty spot beneath a tall coconut tree.

"Sure. Come on"

We walk towards the spot and make ourselves comfortable.

"Join us uncle Cam"

Sean beckons to Cameron who refuses immediately.

"I brought you two here to have fun so go ahead".

"Please uncle Cam. Please!"

Sean pouts giving him one of his infamous pouts.

Cameron looks undecided for a while before he sighs, muttering a low


As he settles himself between Sean and I, I discreetly dig my hand into his pocket and pull out his phone.

While he struggles to make the sand castles, I take a quick picture.

"Delete that"

his head snaps to mine.

"No" "Skylar" "No" "Delete that now"

"Else what?"

I challenge taking more pictures.

He grunts and goes back to what he was doing.

This is the first time I've seen him so relaxed, unguarded and calm and I want to have a permanent reminder of this.

I continue to take more pictures ignoring his glares.

Suddenly, I hear music being played.

More like a live band performing a certain Spanish song.

I gasp turning to Cameron with the most innocent look I could muster.


he warns before I can even get a word out.

"Oh come on! Don't be such a party pooper. Let's dance, damn that song is making my feet itch"

"Well then itch it right back"

he shrugs and I groan.

He's no fun.

I spot the small bucket Sean was using to fetch the sand and grab it, walking to the shore, an idea occurring to me.

I scoop some reasonable amount of water and walk back to our spot and then splash the water onto Cameron's face watching with satisfaction as the water drips onto his shirt.

He freezes, lifting his head in slow motion, eyes glaring at me. Oops..

"You did not just do that miss Sampson"


I scratch my head for answers when something hits my face. Before I can react, I feel something else being poured on my head. I gasp.

"You did not just pour sand on me Mr Knight. You did not!" 

I wiggle, feeling sand particles pouring into my bra and underwear.

Oh Jesus.

How do I walk comfortably now? He even poured some in my hair too.

Oh God.

"Oh I sure did miss Sampson. How's that for a payback?"

He smirks. I smirk in return, completely forgetting my ruined hair, loving this new playful side of Cameron.

"You could have done much better Mr Knight"

I taunt, slapping his face with the sand I discreetly collected.

"Oh you're so gonna get it"

he suddenly gets up and springs up towards me. 

I squeal, turning to run.

My ribs were still healing and the beach sand was making it more difficult to run.

I roll my eyes when Cameron's catches up with me, tackling me to the ground.

His body on top of mine.

"You look so beautiful with sand in your hair"

he whispers, bathing my hair with more sand. I don't react.

He's already ruined it anyways.

Taking the opportunity, I wrap my arms around his neck making him stop his assault on my hair as he looks at me, brown orbs penetrating into mine.

My eyes drop to his lips, suddenly having the urge to kiss him so bad.

I'd never initiated any of the kisses we had shared so far.

What was holding me back? Nothing Sky.

Absolutely nothing.

Lifting my head slightly, my lips find his.

I kiss him softly at first, nibbling on his lips, tasting the strawberry flavour from the shake I'd forced him to drink.

He groans, placing both hands on either side of my head, keeping his weight from crushing me.

He bites my lips, seeking for entrance but I don't allow.

I continue my slow torturous methods, biting and nibbling on his lips, occasionally swiping my tongue over them.

"F*ck Sky" he growls, grabbing the back of my neck and forcing my mouth open, slipping in his tongue immediately, groaning in satisfaction. I kiss him back fervently, letting his lips take me far and beyond. His kisses make me feel lightheaded. No matter how many times our lips connect, he always leaves me yearning for more. I feel his hand on my waist, slightly moving up slowly, torturously slow and I squirm, suddenly wanting his touch so bad. "Cameron"

I whimper against his lips, unable to control my raging needs.

I kiss him harder than ever, tightening my grip around his neck as I feel his hands caressing my belly, upwards and when he reaches the valley between my br*asts, his fingers make their way up slowly, as he breaks the kiss, his lips finding my neck immediately, planting soft, featherlight kisses to my skin.

I let out a moan, wanting more, needing more.

My fingers find his hair and I grip, pulling at the base as he continues to deliver kisses to my neck.

I feel his teeth sink into my skin and I hiss in slight pain.

The pain was immediately replaced by sweet sensations when I felt his tongue on the spot he'd just bitten, running soothing circles, lips driving me crazy.

"Mom! Uncle Cam I'm still here and I can see everyyy thing!"

Sean suddenly yells snapping us out of our trance.

We suddenly remember we were in public, on a damn beach and Cameron pushes himself off me.

I blush. oh God I just heavily made out with a man in front of my son and in public.

How much worse could this get? I look around and thankfully, everyone was mindind their business.

I turn to Cameron to find him staring at me already.

"Did I tell you that I like you too Mr Knight?" 

I say suddenly watching his eyes light up. He pulls me closer, wrapping his arms around me. " got the key to my heart girl"

he kisses my forehead and my heart swells. I lean closer to him. Right this very moment, I couldn't care that we're both covered in sand from head to toe. I don't care that whatever is between may most likely be short lived.

All I care about is this moment. With him. Just him and I. And no one else.


As I pull away from our hug, Cameron uses the opportunity to get up, stretching his hand out for me to take.

"What a gentleman you are"

I mutter sarcastically earning an eye roll from him.

I slip my hands into his and he pulls me up, wrapping his arms around my waist, never letting me go.

"Hear that?"

He asks and I squint my eyebrows, trying to understand what he meant when I hear the music.

For a moment I'd momentarily forgotten there was a music band just a few metres away. I raise an eyebrow


They were playing soft and cool RNB songs now.

"May I have this dance?"

He asks, stepping away from me with an outstretched hand.

"I thought you didn't want to dance?"

This man confuses me.

He refused to dance just a while ago and now he's asking me to dance.

"I didn't want to, doesn't mean I can't dance"

he shrugs.

I bite my lip, looking over at Sean who was too busy building a sand castle to even remember he had a mother.


I say as nonchalantly as I can yet heaven knows my insides are turning with excitement and anticipation.

I take a step forward, linking my arms around Cameron's neck just as he places both hands on my hips.

I have to bite my lip to stop myself from letting out a moan.

His touches send me in a state of frenzy.

We begin to slow dance to the soft music that was being played.

"I don't know how to slow dance"

I whisper, peeking at him through my eyelashes.

"Just follow your instincts princess. Move along with me"

he replies, swaying side to side.

I follow his footsteps and we continue dancing.

Suddenly, he steps back and twirls me. I gasp.


He teases and I shake my head, biting my lips.

"I could never be scared when I'm with you Cam"

I answer, leaning in, letting our foreheads touch, noses gliding over each other softly.

"I love this. You and I"

I say after a while.

There was silence for a moment as Cameron doesn't say anything.

I look up at him to find him peering down at me,eyes squinted.

"I love this too princess"

he replies with a smile, a smile that was forced. I look into his eyes carefully and all I see is fear.

Behind that hard exterior was a man who was scared of letting himself go. A man who was scared of living his life to the fullest.


I say softly, releasing one arm from his neck and cupping his cheeks. Brown orbs gaze at me curiously. "I'm not going to hurt you Cameron.

I won't. I can never. I don't know what happened to you in the past but I want you to be rest assured that history won't repeat itself. I won't ever hurt you Cameron, I'd rather die..."

"Shhh" he suddenly cuts me off with a finger on my lips, shaking his head sternly.

"Don't finish that sentence Skylar"

"I..just.. I see doubts in your eyes Cameron. One moment, you're happy and letting it all go and then the next your eyes are filled with questions. You can't deny it"

"I'm not going to deny it Skylar. Because I'd be lying to you then. But you should know I'm trying my best. I've lived like this for three years and this habit isn't going to disappear in one second. I'm a work in progress baby"

he says and I smile.

"You called me baby" He grins. "Would you prefer princess?"

"I'm okay with whatever you call me. Even pig"

He laughs, nuzzling his face in my hair.

"You're one crazy woman Skylar Sampson"

"And you're one cocky man Cameron Knight"

We stay like that for a while, in each others arms, slow dancing until Sean's voice interrupts us.

We both turn.

"I want to go into the water" he says, getting up from the heap of sand he'd created. "But you can't swim"

I say disapprovingly.

"I want to learn mom"

he insists.

"I'll take him"

Cam cuts in.

"I'll take care of him. Don't worry we won't go far. We'll just be at the shore"

I turn to look at Sean who was bouncing on his feet in excitement.

I sigh. I guess I should let him have fun.

"Okay fine. But make sure you stay with uncle Cam at all times, is that clear?"

"Yes mom. I love you"

"Love you too baby"

"I never thought I'd find motherhood so sexy. Makes me wana impregnate you"

Who else will say something like this? I snort loudly at his ridiculous comment.

"I wonder how you manage to come up with such comments"

"Talent baby. Pure God given talent"

he smirks smugly and I shove him before he can continue.

"Okay off you go" Cameron takes off his shirt leaving me drooling at the sight.

"You should take a picture princess. That way, you can stare at my beautiful body all day long"

I roll my eyes. Way to kill the mood. I take Sean's shirt off too and jeans leaving him in his shorts. "Go now before I change my mind"

Sean grabs Cam's hand and drags him towards the water. I retreat to my spot under the coconut tree, folding the clothes carefully and placing them on my lap.

I watch them for a while until I begin to feel thirsty.

My eyes dart around searching for Cam's water bottle.

I remember him bringing it along so where is it? I search for a while before I spot it a little farther away lying aimlessly on the sand.

Someone must have kicked it. Getting up, I place the clothes carefully on the sand.

Oh well, the clothes were already dirty anyways. I trudge towards the water bottle to pick it up when suddenly, I feel a hand on my mouth and then my waist.

Before I could react, I'm dragged harshly backwards until my back hits a hard object.

The hand covering my mouth pulls away and I look up, my knees almost giving away instantly as I come face to face with my captor.

He was real. I wasn't imagining it when I saw him at the restaurant and I definitely wasn't imagining it when I saw him at the park. It was all real.

"Finally I get to meet with you one on one without the interruption of your boyfriend. I must say, you have a great choice in men. He's hot"

the strange man wipes an imaginary sweat off his forehead, grinning.

"W..what do you want? What's your deal? Why are you following me?"

I demand, a part of me knowing the answer already.

"I think you know why Skylar"

He knows my name.

"I..I do not know what you're talking about" "Oh? you don't know or you're in denial?" "What do you want from me!"

I shout suddenly, everything closing in on me. Panic filling every part of my being.


the earlier grin was wiped off his face, replaced with a scowl as he grips my elbows harshly, nails digging into my skin. I wince, the sling may have been taken off but I still felt a lingering pain in my arm.

"I wouldn't shout if I were you. You wouldn't want to cut short the fun Sean is having right?"

He knows my son's name too.

"Who the f*ck are you? What do you want with me?!"

I can feel the tears burning my eyes.

"Oh Skylar, Skylar. Why ask questions to which you already have the answers?"

He smirks.

"You've given me a hell of a time Skylar. I must say, impressive. Imagine taking tracks on you for years and then I wake up one morning to be told you're out of the country? Such bullsh*t. Had to hire a private investigator to search for you. Got nothing for two years. Travelled down here last year to search for you myself and found you finally. Damn.. Thank God for the call you made to Patricia"

I squint my eyes.

What rubbish? Who the hell is Patricia? This man is completely nuts.

"What nonsense? Who the hell is Patricia? I don't know anyone by that name. You're crazy, delusional!"

I try to push him away yet he tightens his grip.

"Oh? Silly me. I forgot you call her... Umm what's it again? Aha, Miss Glen. I'm pretty sure that's how you always called her. But I prefer to call her Patricia. Yep"

he smirks evilly.

My knees give away instantly as I crumple to the floor.

No...this can't be. Miss Glen? No no no! She's one of the very few people I'd trusted.. I even left Sean with her anytime I had to go and sell.

Hell, she'd helped me through my pregnancy.

She gave me food when I had none. Lies!

"Oh tsk tsk. I'm sorry Skylar, I didn't know.. Did you really think that woman was always helping you come rain or shine because she felt like a good Samaritan? Pfft! I always knew you were dumb but I didn't think you were so dumb. Patricia, or Miss Glen as you like to call her was working under my instructions. Keeping an eye on you. Making sure my boy was growing well. Did you really think she was just some lonely woman in her fifties who'd never gotten married or has no children? God you're dumb. She's married and her husband in fact works in my company. Let's just say I threatened her into working for me. You see I didn't have s*x with you Skylar. Nah... I didn't sleep with you. Nope. I'm not one to go around sleeping with strangers. I just needed someone to carry my child. Some poor, homeless, orphan girl to give me a child, an heir to all my wealth. Imagine my luck when I found you asleep while selling some fruits one fateful day? I knew you were the perfect one so I had you inseminated with my sp*rm. I'm sure you don't remember anything because you aren't supposed to remember anything sweetheart. Oh and I hope you know what artificial insemination means? It's the process where the sp*rm of a man is injected into a woman's.."

"Shut up" I cut him off, covering my ears, tears flowing. No. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Lies! All lies! You're lying! Shut up! Stop talking! You're lying! No! Lies!"

I yell uncontrollably, my breath coming in short spams. He laughs in my face and only continues.

"I'm guessing you know what artificial insemination means then. So back to my story, I kept a close eye on you until I found out you'd gotten pregnant. Imagine my joy. You know, mostly when it comes to artificial insemination, it usually takes more than one try to get a woman pregnant but then luckily, your ov*ries were ready to be fertilized at that time of the month and boom, I hit the jackpot.. Fast forward, months later Miss Glen called to tell me you were going to have a boy after she went with you to the hospital to have an ultrasound. I was having a boy, damn I was so happy. I told her to keep an eye on you, take care of you, more like take care of my son because I don't care two sh*ts about you obviously.. When Sean was born, I wanted to come for him but then it wasn't the perfect thing to do, do I letting him stay with you so you could breastfeed him until he was grown up. Imagine my shock when Miss Glen calls one day to tell me you and Sean had disappeared into thin air, leaving only a letter under her door saying you were leaving for America? I mean, what the hell?"

He pauses.

"I was mad, livid. I wanted my son. I sent private investigators after you, yet they couldn't find you. I must say you know how to hide pretty well. But luckily, I got a call from miss Glen saying you had finally called and told her you were now settled in Newyork, Brooklyn to be precise. I flew straight here and after several months I finally find you. Damn girl, you gave me a hard time"

At this point, I was shaking, crying.

I'd always dreamt of knowing who's Sean's father is but not like this.

No. This is way too harsh. Too painful. Miss Glen had been deceiving me all along? No.. No. Lies. I don't believe it.

I can't.


He's lying.

He must be lying.

Please God, tell me it's all a f*cking nightmare. Please!

"Lies.. All lies.. Lies.. Lies. No! You're lying. Sean is mine. My son. He's mine. Mine alone. All mine you hear?? He's my son! Mine alone! Alone!"

I chant repeatedly like a mad woman, rocking myself to and fro, shaking uncontrollably.

No.. It can't be. Lies! All Lies! No!

"Oh shut the f*ck up will you?! I don't want you Skylar so you can be calm. I only wanted someone to carry my child. I'm not one of those men to fall in love, get married, have a family and all that sh*t. I just want a child from a woman to whom I owe nothing. A child that I will singlehandedly train to take over my empire. And if I'm correct, Sean is almost six years right? I'm sure he's old enough to sleep in his own room now. He doesn't need his mama's breast milk anymore."

"So with that being said, let me get straight to the point. I'm here to take my son away and no one, I mean no f*cking one, not even you or your f*cking boyfriend can stop me."



"Okay buddy, get back here"

I groan, grabbing Sean out of the water.

He whines stubbornly just like his mother.

"I thought I saw a fish and I wanted to catch it and make it my pet"

he pouts and I shake my head slightly.


"You can't do that Sean. The fish will die"

His eyes widen in sheer innocence.


I bite my lip, scolding myself mentally.

What do I do now?

How do you cheer up a five year old?

"Uhh.. I'll get you an aquarium"

I blurt out.

Way to go Cameron.

Way to go.

"What's an aqua.. Aquar.."

He scrunches his eyebrows trying to get the words out.

"Aquarium. It's a tank made of glass which is filled with water and you can keep any kind of fish you like inside"

"Really? You'll get me one? I will take care of the fish I promise"

his eyes widen even more with excitement and hope. What have I done now? Promising to give him an aquarium?. Really?.

"Yes I'll get you one. Now I've got to go search for your mom. You have five more minutes to play and then we're going home, got it?"

"Got it!"

He nods happily as I turn, my eyes darting around in hopes of finding Skylar under the coconut tree but she wasn't in sight. 

I scrunch my eyebrows.


She was just there few minutes ago so where could she have disappeared.

Reaching our spot, I grab my clothes which were lying on the ground and put them back.


I call out, eyes darting around. Where could she be? I walk further walking past the coconut tree.

My hands sink into my pockets, to retrieve my phone when I cuss.

My phone is with her.

"Skylar? Princess where are you? If this is a game then it isn't funny" 

I call out again. She could easily get missing.

I sigh, raking a hand through my hair.

I look around one more time and turn to search elsewhere when I hear muffled screams.

"Lies! All lies. You're lying. Shut up!"

The voice chants repeatedly.



"Lies! He's mine! Mine alone!"

The chants begin again and this time, panic settles within my being at the agony I feel behind those words.

I quicken my pace, calling out her name repeatedly.

After what seemed like endless running, I finally come across her, curled up into a ball, head resting on both knees while rocking her body to and fro.

She crying, body shivering.

My heart breaks at the sight and I don't know why. I rush to her, scooping her in my arms.. "Skylar baby what happened?"

I ask as softly as I can even though there's a turmoil of emotions working me up from inside.

I need to stay calm.

For her.

For my princess.

"Princess what's wrong?"

I forcefully lift her head up,forcing her eyes to meet mine.

They were red, bloodshot.

"Talk to me"

I urge, cupping her face, wiping her tears with my thumb.

She doesn't reply.

She just looks down again, Her shoulders heaving up and down as she bit on her lips hard, trying to control the urge to breakdown.


I can't believe how broken my own voice sounds as I call her name.

God, she affects me so much.

"Say something princess. What happened? Please tell me"

She lifts her eyes back up to meet mine, lips still quivering.

Suddenly, she lunges herself at me so hard I stumble back, my ass landing on the heap of sand with her on top.

She doesn't seem to care because she wraps her arms so tightly around my neck I thought I would choke.

She buries her face in the crook of my neck and let's out an extremely loud painful sob, letting my body muffle her screams.

Goosebumps appear on my skin at the magnitude of pain concealed behind every sob.

Chills run down my spine as I hold her tighter to myself, planting soft kisses to the side of her head letting her cry it all out.

I need her to tell her me what happened to get her this shaken but before that, I need her calm first.

I just hope it's not what I'm thinking because if it is, God help me I'll hunt down whoever that f*cking bastard is and tear him to pieces.

I ball my hands to fists, feeling the urge to hit something so bad. It's been a week since I hit the gym and I'll gladly use a human for a punching bag.

"There princess. There now"

I rub her back soothingly after a while when her sobs have decreased leaving hiccups as the evidence of her crying too hard. 

I feel her grip on my neck loosen slightly as she snuggles much closer, curling herself into a ball in my embrace with her face hidden in my chest. I sigh. She looks so small, defeated.

"Wanna talk about it princess?"

I ask softly, ignoring the fact that she's crushing me with her entire weight given the awkward sitting position I'm In.


her voice comes out scratchy.

"Please take me back Cam. I'm tired"

she mutters in a small voice after a while.

I oblige immediately, adjusting her frame and slipping an arm under her thighs and getting up along with her, carrying her bridal style.

Her arms lock around my neck while she rests her head on my chest, eyes closed as I walk with her towards my car which was thankfully not parked far.

Getting to my car, I set her gently onto the passenger seat, taking my phone from her.

She curls herself into a ball again, bringing her legs up into the seat.

"I'll go get Sean. I'll be right back yeah?"

I caress her face.

She doesn't reply.

She just sighs, letting me know she heard me perfectly well.

Backing away, I walk back to the beach to get Sean.

A perfect day gone entirely wrong and to think I hadn't even gone through with half of the surprises I had planned.

That f*cktard better get away as fast as he can before I find him.

My instincts tell me it had something to do with the man Skylar had said was staring suspiciously back at the restaurant.

Whoever it is, they're gonna have to pay for doing this to my girl.

Fishing out my cell phone, I place a call to Julian.

"Meet me at your apartment ASAP"

I hung up immediately quickening my steps.



"What happened?"

Julian asks, turning to stare at his friend who couldn't stop cussing and running his hands through his hair in sheer frustration.

"Where's Sean?"

He questions instead.

"He's having his lunch and playing some games."

Julian answers walking over to place a hand on his friend's shoulder, squeezing reassuringly.

Cameron stares at Skylar who was currently curled into a ball, who's eyes were wide open yet staring blankly into space.

He felt a tug at his heart yet again at the broken girl before him.

They had arrived at Julian's apartment a little over an hour ago and she hadn't says a single word.

There was no trace of emotion on her face, something Cameron hadn't seen before. She was such a talkative, so bubbly, always teasing him and making sassy remarks.


He hisses loudly at the pain tearing him apart.

He needed to hit something so bad.

Turning, he storms off to find the small room Julian turned into his own gym.

He couldn't hold it In any longer, he was desperate to hit something.

Get this swirling emotions out of him.

Finding the small dark room, Cameron didn't bother to turn on the lights as he trudged towards the treadmill, knowing perfectly well the punching bag will be hanging somewhere near it.

And he was right, the moment he moved away from the treadmill, his shoulders bumped into the punching bag that was dangling from the ceiling.

Slipping off his shirt, he throws it blindly across the room and doesn't bother to protect his knuckles before starting to punch the dangling bag, hit after hit.

This was all his fault.

His f*cking fault.

He growls, hitting the bag.

He shouldn't have taken her out.


He should have f*cking listened to her when she warned him about the creepy man following them.


Dammit! Another punch.

He hated to admit it, but his heart was tearing to shreds.


It was almost like the pain he used to feel anytime Natalie hurt herself or got seriously sick.


Because this time, the pain was much stronger.

It was like he was feeling Skylar's pain.

The prospect of someone hurting her angered him the more.

He growls again, punching the bag repeatedly until sweat formed on his forehead, trickling down his face.

He could feel his knuckles beginning to bruise yet he was too skin deep to care.


The small voice snaps him out of reverie.

He turns just as he hears the switch being flipped and the light comes on a second later.

There she stood with bloodshot eyes, fiddling with the hem of her dress.


He trudges towards her, a concerned look etched on his face.

"It was the man from the restaurant"

she begins in a small voice, staring down at her feet. Before he could say anything, she continued.

"He's Sean's father. He's come back for my son. He said he's going to take away my son even if it means taking me to court"

she briefed, recalling how he was still threatening to take her to court and disappeared just before Cameron found her at the beach.

Court? Cameron balled his fists.

"Is he rich?"

He asks to which she nods.

That was all he needed to know. If Sean's father, the bastard who got her inseminated without her knowledge takes this natter to court, then there'll only be one outcome.

Skylar was going to lose custody of Sean for sure.

"Skylar I have an idea but you may not like it"

She looks up at him, biting hard on her lips to stop another sob from leaking. Hope lit in her eyes.

"I'd do anything to have my son Cameron. Anything"

she clasps both hands in front of her in a pleading manner. Cameron immediately grasps her hands, planting a kiss to it.

"Do you trust me?"

"I do"

she nods. He nods in return.

He wanted to smash that bastard's face for reappearing in Skylar's life only to threaten her but that can come later.

For now, Sean was what was most important.

That needs to be dealt with first.

"Do you think he is capable of taking you court for Sean's custody?" He asks leading her to sit on the bench in the gym.

"Yes. He wasn't bluffing"

His jaw clenches.

F*cking bastard.

"Then we can't let that happen because if it does, you'll surely lose custody of Sean. Money can buy the judge Skylar"

She begins to panic but he cups her face, skimming his thumb over her cheeks soothingly.

"Listen, when it comes to fighting for custody of a child, a judge doesn't care about a mother's love. All the judge will be looking for is who amongst the two parents will give the child a comfortable life. And in this case Skylar, you don't have the necessary things needed to make a child comfortable. I'm sure Sean sleeps on the same bed with you. He doesn't have his own room. He only gets to eat his favorite food when you have the money. He doesn't have toys like most kids do. You can't take him for his regular checkup because you don't have the money, hell you don't even have a steady job. But Sean's father, wherever he came from is rich like you said. He can provide Sean all these things. Quality education, healthcare, comfortable life you, name it. When it comes to having custody of a child, the judge is only concerned with who amongst the parents is More settled in life and in this case, you'll most definitely lose. It doesn't matter how much you love your son or how much he loves you, the judge will give him to Sean's father"

Skylar's tears were flowing already now.

She knew he was right.

If she was to be taken to court, she'll stand no chance.

She'll lose.

She can't even afford three square meals a day, how then will the judge rule in favour of her? If Sean's father should take her to court, she'd lose.

"I c...can't lose him"

she cries, gripping his shoulders for support.

"You won't lose him princess. Remember I said this before. That it's you and I against the world now. You're not alone. You don't have to be"

he tells her with all sincerity.

He shuts his eyes, cussing silently for the decision he was about to make.

Never in a thousand years did he think he'd ever do something like this.

After Natalie, he'd vowed never to think or talk about marriage but now, he was.


"Marry me" he blurts out before he could chicken out.

Skylar's eyes widen to saucers.


"It's the only way. No judge can rule against a complete family. You'll be my wife, and automatically Sean will be my stepson. I'll even adopt him so he can legally be my son. I can't say I'm very wealthy but at least I've got my own house and a company I'm running. Sean will have a perfect and complete family."

He explains. Skylar blinks rapidly trying to digest the information. Marriage? Her son loves Cameron. Would he love him as a stepfather too? Was she ready to do this?

"I'm not ready for this either but for Sean. For you, hell I'd do just about anything. So what do you say Skylar? Do you want to give Sean a real family? Will you help me give Sean a family? Will you marry me?"



I stare at him, completely dumbfounded. I blink several times, words getting stuck in my throat. Is he really...??

"You don't need to give me an answer right away princess. You have all the time in the world to make a decision. And if you manage to come up with another idea to tackle this entire situation, then I'll be by your side regardless"

his voice cuts through my thoughts sending warmth through me as he pulls me close, kissing my cheeks so softly his lips on my skin sent shivers down my spine.

I let out a shaky breath, leaning in to his touch.

"Take all the time you need to think about it yeah?"

He whispers and I can only nod, my throat feeling so dry from so much crying. Cameron gets up suddenly, stretching out his hand.

I look up at him in confusion.

"Come with me princess"

I slip my hands into his large ones as he leads me out of the gym into the guestroom.

We pass by Sean who was busy watching his favorite cartoon show.

Once we get inside the room, Cameron shuts the door and walks to the closet, pulling out a large pink towel and handing it to me.

"Do you prefer bubble bath or a normal bath?"


"You need to take a shower Skylar and wash away the sand from your hair"

Oh, I'd forgotten about that. Uh wait.. Is he going to bath me? He must have noticed the look of horror on my face because he shakes his head

"It's not what you think. Trust me"\

I nod slowly, biting my lip.. I just want to sleep.

"I'll go prepare your bath and meanwhile, you can take off your clothes and wrap yourself in the towel. I'll be back"

he disappears into the adjoining bathroom as I quickly begin to take off my clothes so he doesn't return to find me naked.

I like him a lot but I'm not ready to take that step with him yet.

Few minutes later, Cameron steps out and beckons me to follow him.

I do so, following timidly behind him into the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, I marvel at the bubble bath he'd prepared.

There were red petals floating on the water and the bathroom smelled suspiciously good. I turn to him.

"Oh I kind of added a bit of Jasmine scented oil into the water. I hope you like it?"

He asks. I only nod.

"You can get into the water and hang your towel up there"

he tells me as he turns away, his back facing me.

He was giving me privacy and I appreciated it.

Slipping off the towel, I hang it and step into the bathtub, my body disappearing into the water leaving my shoulder upwards out of the water.

I bring my knees up, wrapping my arms around my legs as I rest the side of my face on my knees.



I reply and he turns, grabbing a shampoo from the small shelf containing bottle of shampoos and bathing essentials.

Kneeling beside me on the bathroom floor, I watch as he squirts a good amount of shampoo on his hand.

I catch a whiff of the scent.

It smelt like coconut.

Just like Cameron.

Probably it's his shampoo.

"I'm gonna wash you hair now princess yeah?"

He asks, smearing the cool liquid into my hair.

I nod again and he sighs. I know he was probably expecting me to reply with words but I'd barely said a few words ever since we returned from the beach and it's probably disturbing him but I just can't seem to bring my cheerful side back.

I sigh In content as he begins to massage my scalp, washing my hair with utmost care and gentleness.

No hairdresser had ever washed my hair like this.

I liked this so much.

My eyes automatically fall close, my body concentrating on the wonderful feel of his fingers in my hair.

He washes my hair for a while and then I feel him scoop some bubble into his hand and smear on my arms and bare back.

That was as far as he could go.

Tomorrow I'd take a proper bath with sponge and all.

I don't know how long I sat in the bathtub but it sure felt like an eternity. I open my eyes when Cameron's hand leave my hair.

I notice him grab a shower head and proceed to rinse my hair.

"You good Skylar?"

He asks after a while.


I nod.

"Okay. Can you drain out the water from the tub and refill it with fresh water?"

It was more of a rhetorical question.

I nod my answer as he turns away while I drain out the water from the tub.

I then open the tab to refill the tub with fresh water.

"I'll be outside while you rinse yourself. There are fresh clothes hanging up there"

he points to where the clothes hang with his back still turned to me. I hadn't even realised he'd brought me clothes.

"Thank you"

I mutter wincing at how scratchy my voice comes out.

Cameron nods and walks out.


I walk into the bedroom later to find him waiting for me on the bed.

"Come here"

he beckons to me and I dont hesitate. I rush towards him, practically flinging myself at him, needing his warmth and comfort to keep me same. I bury my face into his chest, settling between his spread legs and curling myself into a ball.

"You wanna eat something princess? I'll order you some food"

he runs his hand through my slightly damp hair.


I mutter, eyes closed.

"Okay I won't push you. Just let me change your bandage okay? It's wet"

Before I can reply, my hair is pulled into a ponytail.

He takes off the bandage and wipes around the wound with a cotton.

Done, he bandages it with fresh ones.

I lean back into him immediately he's done, closing my eyes.

We stay like that for a while in silence.

I do not felt like talking.

After what seemed like twenty minutes in silence, I felt Cameron slip from beneath me, adjusting my head on the pillow.

He must be thinking I've fallen asleep.

My eyes continue to remain closed as he covers me with the duvet.

I still lay in bed even after I hear the door shutting, willing for sleep to come so bad.

Suddenly my phone begins to chime loudly from somewhere in the room.

Begrudgingly, I begin to feel around the sheets on the bed until my hand grasps the phone. It was a message.

I know I shouldn't be opening it but I still did.

"Meet me at the beach, same time tomorrow. Bring my son along. It's time he meets his father. Maurice..."

Maurice, so that's his name.

I don't even want to start thinking about how he got my number.

Right. Miss Glen must have given it to him considering I'd only spoken to her just a little over two months ago.

I drop my phone, not bothering to reply.

I don't even feel anything at this point.

I feel numb. Just numb. I turn on my side, facing away from the phone. I'm not going.

He can rot in hell.


"I waited Skylar Sampson, and you didn't show up. Don't force me to take drastic measures because you wouldn't like it. Meet me at the beach in an hour. Again, bring my son along.. Maurice"

I drop the phone after reading the message.

It's a Friday.

I was supposed to go meet Maurice or whatever his name was yesterday but I didn't.

Not even when Sean and Cameron returned from the hospital after the appointment checkup.

And today, he just sent me another message threatening me. Like always, I ignore it.

I'm not falling for his sh*t.

Who does he think to destroy my life in a second, disappear and then come back to demand for a right he doesn't even have? I stroll into the bathroom.

Again, I'm not going.


Another threat.

My eyes skim over the messages.

I drop the phone like I always do anytime such messages come in.

It's Sunday now, four good days after the incident at the beach and he's been sending me threatening messages over and over again.

If he thinks his little threat can get to me then he's f*cking wrong.

Mr Park has been suspiciously quiet these days too.

He hasn't even called me once.

We've been living in Julian's apartment more than the penthouse these past few days maybe that's why he hasn't called yet .

But given the situation right now, I really couldn't care less.

The moment I drop my phone, it begins to ring.


"Hello my dear Skylar. How are you doing?"

My fists clench. How dare she pretend with me?

"Why? Were you expecting someone to pick uo the call and announce I'm dead?"

I seethe.

"What? What's gotten into you? Have you no respect for elders? It is I remember?"

"Elders who do not respect themselves do not deserve to be respected miss Glen. Or should I say Mrs Glen? Oh wait, do you prefer I call you Patricia instead? Such a nice name you got hmm?"

I sneer, fighting the urge to cuss profanities at her.

Some nerve she has to call me, sounding all sweet and caring.

There was silence for a while, her sharp intake of breath being the only evidence that she heard me loud and clear.

"Skylar listen.. It's not what you think..I.."

She begins but I cut her off before she starts ranting some bullsh*t.

"It's not what I think? It was the work of the devil? Isn't that the clich line people use when they are caught in a bad act? What? you're gonna tell me it was the work of the devil too? Well then I'd agree because you're the devil in the flesh!"

"I'm..I'm sorry.. Look I love you, genuinely. I loved you like a child..I.."

I let out a bitter laugh. Pathetic.

"You love me? You've got a nice way of showing love Patricia. You played with my life, deceived me for years, I could forgive that but you played with my son's life too and for that I'll never forgive you. I hope your children never find out what you've done because they'll be so damn ashamed to have a conniving mother like you"

I snap, hot tears burning my eyes.

Her betrayal still cuts so deep, words can't describe it... I hear soft sobs at the other end of the line.

"I'm sorry. I... I had no choice.."

"Of course you had a f*cking choice!"

I snap, my patience at it's wits end now.

"You always had a choice. Every human being on earth has a choice. As long as you're alive and breathing, and you wake up every morning, you have a choice. A choice to eat, a choice to go to work or stay home. Every one has a choice and you had a choice! Even after I left the country, you had a choice to tell Maurice whether I'd left you a letter or not. When I called you to tell you I was now living in new York, you had a choice to lie to Maurice that I hadn't called you. You had a f*cking choice but you chose not to. You chose not to and that's the choice you made. But you know what miss Glen, even I have a choice too. And you know something else, I'm not going to cower in fear and surrender to a man who has no right over my son. No. I won't. I will fight. I will fight for my son until the last drop of my blood is wasted. Maurice isn't going to have his way. I will fight and that's my choice. Now go and tell your boss what I've just told you"

I get up from the bed, wiping my tears. No more.

"Skylar wait.. I.. "And don't you ever call my line ever again. Let this be the last time you pick your phone to call me else you'll regret it"

. I hung up, ready to throw my phone somewhere in the room when it vibrates in my hand. It was another message. I click on it to open it.

"It surprises me how you take my warnings for granted miss Sampson. Like they say, when persuasion fails, force is applied. Sean is mine and I'll prove that to you. Tomorrow, my lawyers will contact you. Get ready to make an appearance the court. P.S: Make yourself beautiful. I'll see you in court.. Xoxo."

This time, I smash my phone to the wall, storming out of the room to find Cameron.. It's now or never.

I know what I need to do.

Cameron must be in the gym.

I quicken my steps.

Reaching my destination, I push the door open and sure enough, Cameron was running on the treadmill, panting.

I walk towards him, pressing the button to stop the treadmill.

He stops and turns to me, eyebrows scrunched together in confusion.

"You okay? Need Anything?"

He steps down grabbing a towel to wipe his face.

"I'm ready. Let's get married."




"I said I'm ready to get married"

I repeat. Cameron stops wiping his face and stares at me shocked.

When he recovers, he shakes his head.

"Look princess, you don't have to make decisions in a rush."

I cut him off.

"I'm not in a rush Cam. I've thought things through and I've come to the conclusion that I want to be your wife. Make me yours Cam"

He cusses loudly, running a hand through his hair, closing his eyes like he's in pain. He moves to sit on the bench.

I follow. When he opens his eyes a moment later, they were clouded with emotion.

Ones I couldn't decipher.

"Jesus princess. When you say things like that, it's just... It's hard to control myself"

he groans.

What did I say?.

Make me yours?.


I bite my lip,realisation dawning in me at my own words.. I look up when Cameron's hand rests on my chin, thumb releasing my bottom lip from between my teeth.

"I've missed you princess"

"I've always been here"

"Physically yes but your mind wasn't. I missed you biting your lips like this when you're nervous, I missed how your pretty eyes go wide anytime I come close just like right now, I missed your snarky and sassy remarks. I missed hearing you talk, chirping like a parrot all day".

I frown.

"I do not chirp Mr Knight"

He laughs.

"And I most definitely missed you disagreeing with me on everything"

I crack a smile.. These past four days, I barely said a word to anyone unless Sean was near.

I must have gotten him so worried.

"I'm sorry Cam"

"Don't be"

he leans in to kiss my forehead and I sigh.

I love it when he does that.

He pulls away slightly after, locks of hair falling over his eyes. Instinctively, I reach out and push it behind his ear.

His eyes follow my every movement.

"Kiss me Cameron. it's been so long"

I blurt out suddenly.

"I thought you'd never ask princess"

he growls before smashing his lips to mine.

I sigh in contentment.

I missed this.

My hands find their way up into his hair, gripping and tugging at the roots.

He groans, gripping my waist to pull me tighter, his tongue pushing past my lips into my mouth, fighting mine for dominance.

He seems to react anytime I pull his hair so I do it again, tugging at the roots.

He groans again, kissing me much harder, lips leaving mine and begin to trail hot kisses past my chin towards my neck.

I throw my head back in ecst*sy, biting my lip as he delivers sweet kisses to my neck, setting my body on fire... He makes me forget my problems with just one kiss. He drives me wild. With his lips still on my neck, his hand leaves my waist, sliding upwards and stopping at the swell of my br*asts.  

The door to the gym suddenly bursts open.

"Keep it down people! There's a child in the house"

Julian growls making us jump apart.

Cameron glares at his friend who smirks in return before he turns and shuts the door again.

I bite my lip, panting from our hot make out session.

I steal a glance at Cameron to find him staring already.

His lips were slightly swollen from our kiss.

I blush.

"You're so beautiful princess"

I blush furiously, still not used to how he easily compliments me every day.

"Come" he gets up, stretching out his hand.


I ask, slipping my hand into his as he pulls me up.

"To call a wedding planner"

"A w..what?"

I blink.

"Wedding planner baby. You're going to be the most beautiful bride to ever walk the face of the earth"

By now, I'm grinning so widely my lips are threatening to split.

My cheeks even hurt.

"Thank you so much Cam"

I throw my arms around him.

"You're always welcome. Come on"

he tugs at my hand as we exit the gym.


Sean yells suddenly barreling into me so hard I stumble slightly.

I look down at him and frown.

"Where were you Sean?"

He was covered in flour.

From head to toe and the fact that he was grinning at me wasn't helping my anger issues.

I wanted to scold him.

"In the kitchen... Making cupcakes with uncle Julian"

he announces proudly, holding out the cupcakes that were displayed on a tray.

I squint my eyes.

Was that strawberry cream on the cupcakes? Hmm. Must be tasty. I grab one cupcake, licking off the cream first before pushing the entire thing into my mouth.

I groan. Damn, my son is a better cook than me.

Well I'm sure Julian did most of the cooking but you get what I mean.

I grab another cupcake and lutsh into my mouth.

I grab another and another until I hear a loud groan behind me.

"Wow princess, you should be ashamed you're enjoying your son's cooking more than your very own cooking. Very sad"

I lick the remnants of cream off my fingers and turn to him.

"You. Did not just say that!"

"Oh you bet I did"

he clicks his tongue.

I turn grabbing one cupcake and slapping it to Cameron's sweaty face, making sure to smear it all over his face.

He glares at me.

"You did not just do that!"

"Oh you bet I did"

I mimic him, clicking my tongue In victory.

Without warning, he grabs a cupcake and smashes it to my face.

I gasp.

"I just took a shower Cameron Knight!"

"Yay! Food fight!"

Sean suddenly yells, grabbing two cupcakes ready to throw.

He aims it at me.

Oh no.

The moment he swings his small hands and throws the cupcakes, I duck, pushing the unsuspecting Cameron forward making the cupcakes hit his face directly, hard.

I laugh, moving away, knowing fully well he'll come after me.


He growls at me, ready to lunge when another cupcake hits the back of his head.

"Food fight!"

Cameron turns to Sean.

"You! You little.. Come here!"

He runs after Sean who squeals and jumps onto the couch, pushing a cake into his mouth.

"Hey! No one stands on my couch! Get off boy!"

Cameron yells.

"Oh for f*cks sake! I spent hours preparing this cupcake and you guys destroyed it all in less than a minute!"

Julian suddenly yells emerging from the kitchen.

"And this is my apartment so technically it's my couch you idiot!"

He growls at Cameron who flips him the bird.

Julian disappears into the kitchen, returns later with a cupcake in hand and throws it at his friend. It hits him on the nose.

"Damn, nice shot Julian!"

I cheer. Julian winks at me.

"Take that you bozo"

"F*ck it's hot!"

Cam groans.

"Oops! I forgot I just took it out of the oven"

Julian shrugs and Cameron ditches me, going after his friend.. I smile at the sight.

This is what real happiness feels like. I never want to lose it. Ever.


Natalie stares at the man she called a husband, relaxed in the couch, legs propped up on the glass table and flipping through channels, sipping wine with his left hand..


Natalie growls loudly.

"Shut up woman."

Chris snaps.

"I've been talking to you for the past ten minutes and you keep sitting there sipping wine like some damn bastard!"

"Don't you f*cking talk to me like that ever again, I'm your husband!"

Chris yells, springing off the couch and smashing the remote control to the floor. Natalie doesn't flinch.

"Oh? My husband?"

She let's out a humorless laugh.

"When was the last time you touched me? Made love to me? Sat down to have breakfast or dimner with me? Treated me like any husband treats his wife? When Chris! You're just my husband on paper so don't you dare exert your right on me got it?"

Chris run his hand through his hair in frustration.

That b*tch who was with Cameron had insulted him.

He gessbt been able to get over it.

Cameron seemed happy with her as they walked around the compound.

He clearly saw the glint in his eyes when he looked at her.

Clearly, his plan of going there to anger his brother had failed and now Natalie was adding her own baggage.

Not wanting to argue, he gulps down the entire wine and proceeds to walk past her into his study.

"Where is Cameron? I know you know where he lives"

Natalie's voice stops him.

He growls.

"Why are you so obseesed with my brother?"

"I'm not Chris. I need him. We need him to help save the company. The company won't last a month before it collapses entirely. Cameron did it once, he can do it again"

Chris laughs.

"You think you can fool me? Hmm? Is that the main reason you want to find him?"


"Good. I'll find someone else. There are thousand of people who studied business management. I'm sure I can find someone"


Natalie's reply was fast and loud.

He raises an eyebrow.


"I...I mean.. Why find someone else when there's a family member who can do it and not charge any amount? This is a family business and there's no need to bring in a stranger"

Chris turns to face her, both hands planted on his hips.

He stares at her, licks his lower lips and laughs.

He points an index finger at her, wagging it to and fro.

"You.. You're still in love with the d*ckhead aren't you?"

"He's not a d*ckhead"

Natalie shot back defending her childhood love.

"Oh yeah? I wonder if you defend me the way you're defending him"

Silence. "You're still in love with him aren't you?"

He asks again.

She bites her lips nervously.

"F*ck answer me! You're still In love with him aren't you?"

Chris yells, and in a swift motion was in front of her, gripping her neck. She chokes.

"Answer me Godamnit!"

He seethes. Natalie pushes him away with all her might, rubbing her neck which was bruising already.

"So what if I am? What will you do? What will you f*cking do?"

She shot back.

"Yet you married me? You love one brother yet you married the other?"

Natalie grips her handbag hard.

What could she do or say? Of course she loved Cameron.

She always had.

He was her childhood friend, first love, the first man to ever make love to her.

She still loves him.

But her love for money and comfort seemed to outweigh her love for him.

She'd lived in a mansion all her life, with maids at her beck and call.

Hell she even had maids who bathed her while she stood idle at some point.

She had maids who washed her clothes, painted her nails while another maid fed her with her favorite cereal food.

She went to the best schools, drove her first red Audi car when she was fifteen, slept in a private dormitary at school.

Hell she was more than a f*cking princess in her father's home.

And there was no way she was going to live with a man who'd just lost his job, had no house of his own.

She wasn't ready to be a housewife who'll cook and have her hands smelling of onion and garlic all day.

So she had to choose. Money or love.

And she chose money.

"You claim you love Cameron yet you didn't love him enough to stay when he had no money? You're sick"

Chris spat, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Now listen and listen very carefully"

he continues, in a dangerously low voice.

"You're my wife now Natalie. Hear that? My f*cking wife. And over my dead body will you meet Cameron got it?"

He sneers.

Natalie's lips suddenly curl into an evil smirk.

"You're sure you want it to be over your dead body?"

"Read my lips. Over. My. Dead. Body"

he repeats glaring daggers at her.

"Believe me Chris I wont hesitate to make your wish come true. I'm going in search of Cameron and you won't stop me"

she made to walk past him when Chris suddenly gripped her by the arm and yanks her backwards.

She falls with the force, her elbow hitting the tiled floor.

"I swear to God Natalie I'll f*cking kill you! Don't try me!"

Chris was mad.

Livid. Natalie was the only thing he'd successfully taken away from his brother but now, even the b*tch wanted to go to him.. Was Cameron a f*cking magnet that pulled everyone to him? Natalie frowns, eyes glazing over with anger. Now she's fed up with Chris.

The damn bastard.

He had been a hindrance to her motives for so long she just wanted to put a bullet through his stupid dumb skull.

How dare he stop her?.

"Stupid psychopath who can't accept the fact that his brother is better than him"

she mutters.

"What did you say?"


"What did you say b*tch?"

Chris jumps on her, pulls her hair and slaps her hard.

"Stupid woman!"

He punches her, the side of her head hits the floor with the force of his punch.

Okay that's it!.

The pr*ck hit her but never again.

No one ever hits her.

No one! Reaching for her bag, she pulls out the gun hidden in it and pulls the trigger. BANG.!


*** There was a long defeaning silence as Chris stared at his wife.

Shock etched on his face.

He was numb for a second, unmoving until the pain hit him all at once causing him to stumble and fall away from Natalie.

He let's out a loud groan, gripping his shoulders where the bullet had hit, blood sprouting between his closed fingers, staining his shirt.

Natalie scrambles off the floor, pushing the gun back into her bag.

"This is just a warning. You dare to raise your stupid hands on me again, I'll make sure the bullet penetrates your skull. Idiot"

she seethes and walks out leaving him writhing in pain.

She knew he wasn't going to die but at least he was going to suffer.

Death was too easy for a scoundrel like him.

Now all she had to do was find her beloved Cameron and everything will fall into place. Everything.



I feel the presence behind me before I hear her voice.

"You smoke?"

Skylar's surprised voice fills my ears as her light footsteps get closer.

I ran a hand through my hair, a cigarette between my fingers, inhaling the smoke as I stare at outside at the street and moving cars through the glass window in my room.

Yeah, I do smoke.

When I'm stressed.


I exhale, watching the smoke leave my nostrils forming a circle in the air before slowly diminishing.

"You're stressed"

she says and I raise an eyebrow without turning to face her.

How does she know that?

"Is it that obvious?"

I ask.

"Well no. I haven't seen you smoke since I got here which clearly means you're not addicted to smoking. So I figured you're smoking out of stress"

I feel her arms circle my torso as she hugs me from behind, the side of her face pressed against my back.

I sigh, taking another drag.

"You do know that secondary smoking is the most dangerous right? Considering, you're just inhaling and exhaling the smoke back into the air and I end up breathing it in because it diffuses into the air.."

I roll my eyes

"Enough of this scientific sh*t princess. I get it" 

I drop the cigarettes into the glass plate, squishing the butt to make sure there's not an ounce of fire left on it.

Skylar giggles, pressing her face into my back more.

"it's so hot when you cuss like that"

I turn to face her, smirking.

"You saying I'm hot huh?"

She rolls her eyes in annoyance.

"You're so cocky it makes me wanna puke"

she fake fags causing me to laugh.

I wish I could stay here and listen to the sounds of her beautiful laughter and giggles, watch her bite her lips in nervousness and every single thing she does that almost drives me wild but I can't. I've got to go.

"Alright princess, I've got to take a shower and get ready for work now" "Okay.... I'll be in my room"

I peck her on her lips before trudging into my ensuite bathroom.

The more we talk, the faster she's gonna notice I'm up to something and I can't have that.

Not now, especially when I know she isn't going to agree with whatever I'm planning.


It was exactly 8:00 am on the dot when I step into the building.

I hate lateness.

I groan in annoyance when loud chatter fills my ears.

I stand at the door way, watching all my workers chatting, chirping and laughing like it's what I pay them to do.

I cock my head to one side, lips set in a thin line, anger coursing through my veins.

"I'm so glad to know this is what i pay you all for" 

I seethe, voice dangerously low.

The chatter stops instantly, everyone scurrying about towards their respective positions, some muttering good mornings as they pass by me. 

I ignore them and proceed to walk towards my office, pointing at the guy I had put in charge of my absence.

"You. In my office. Now"

he nods shakily following me.

I thought he was capable enough when I left him In charge just for two days but turns out I was wrong.

"Good morning sir. Your coffee is ready"

my secretary follows me into the office, holding a cup of cappuccino.

"Put it downy l and leave. You sit"

I gesture to the young man.

My secretary walks out just as Julian and a lady walks in.

Ah, just what I've been waiting for. 

I turn to the young man.

"Out. Come back when I'm done"

he scurries out immediately shutting the door behind him.

"Please sit"

"Right away amigo"

Julian salutes and I roll my eyes.

"Not you d*ckhead. I was referring to this beauty"

she blushes at my words as she takes a seat. Yea, Cameron the charmer.


back to to business

"I'm guessing Julian here has briefed you on everything?"

"Yes Mr Knight he has"

she replies

"And you agree?"


"You do understand that this is a very risky job miss..."

I eye her carefully.

She looks perfect for this job.

"Tracy. Tracy Wyatt"

"Tracy. You do understand it's dangerous right?"

I ask. I've got to be sure. I don't want to be blamed unnecessarily incase this entire plan fails.

"I do Mr Knight"

"And you agree with the payment conditions?"

She nods.

"Perfect. You know what to do Julian. You do have Park's address right?"

I turn to my friend

"I tracked his location long ago."

"Good. It was nice doing business with you Tracy"

I get up, offering my hand for a handshake. She takes it.

"Likewise Mr Knight" 

I slump back into my seat as Julian leads her out. Good.




Julian parks the car a few miles away from the white mansion.

"Remember Tracy, in there your name is Bridget, not Tracy. Never forget it and be careful. Park Greene may seem like an adorable kind old man at first sight but believe me he's a f*cking devil, so do not be fooled and play your cards right. He shouldn't suspect you in any way, got it?"

"Got it"

the Blondie nods, tearing the front of her shirt open, revealing her bra.

Next, she ripped one side of her skirt and released her blonde hair from it's ponytail, letting it cover the earplug Julian had given her.

Alighting from the car, she bends, fetches some mud and smears it on her face and arms making her look dirty and homeless.

Satisfied, she began to trudge towards Park's mansion wearing only one slipper.

On the way, she pulls out the pepper spray she had and sprays it into her eyes.

She hisses loudly, throwing the spray away as the pepper burned her eyes. She blinks rapidly.

Good, now it was gonna be easier to cry.

Turning one last time, she gives Julian the thumbs up and continues walking just after he drives away before anyone caught him.

Tracy only walked a little longer when two heavy armed men suddenly sprung up from nowhere, grabbing her.

Wow, this place was heavily guarded just like Julian and Cameron had warned her.

"Who the f*ck are you and what are you doing on this property?"

One of them sneers, gripping her tighter.. She begins to fake cry, the pepper in her eyes making it so much easier.

"H..have mercy... I..I was being chased by some people a..and.. I got lost a..and I don't know where I am.. I...please let go"

she stammers.

"You're lost? You don't know where you are?"

They ask, an evil glint shinning their eyes, proof of whatever unpleasant thoughts they were harbouring..

"Y..yes.. I..I'm lost a..and very hungry.. P..please don't hurt me" she cries some more. "She's very pretty. An American too. Light skinned, slim, curvy, Blondie. She'll bring the boss a lot of money, don't you think? I think the boss will like her"

The second man whispers into the first man's ears, too low for her hearing but thanks to her incredible hearing abilities, she did. She pretends to cry louder, hiding her smile.

Wow, this was gonna be so easier than she thought.

She had come here in hopes of meeting Park Greene but then thees fools were taking her to him personally without she having to lift a damn finger.

Perhaps, this is how Park Greene worked.

Picking up homeless and naive girls from the streets with the promise of good things ahead only to enslave them.

"S..spare me.. P..please.. L..let me go.. I promise you won't see me again..p..please. I won't.. Say a word, p..please"

she sobs louder and begins to run, trying to escape which was entirely a weak attempt on her part.

Both men grab her harshly and begin to drag her towards the gate of the mansion.

She notices the second man, speak into a Bluetooth device attached to his ears.

Tracy squints her eyes, trying to read his lips.

He was telling someone, they had found a new merchandise, if she wasn't mistaken.

She? A merchandise? Pfft! Julian better increase her payment for having to endure such bullsh*t.

"The boss wants to see you beautiful. Trust me, you'll love it here"

"No. Let me go.. Let me go!"

She begins to fight and trash, throwing her legs about frantically but the men were too strong for her.

"Shut up!"

"Let me go! Please! Let me go!"

She continues to thrash about, making sure her voice appeared weaker and weaker by the second.

She had to make it believable.

After all, this was her job. It was what she did for a living.

"Please. Let me go"

she pants dramatically, letting her eyes droop slowly, slowly until they fall shut as she forces herself to faint, falling limp into the hefty men's arms.

"The f*ck man! She just fainted. Damnit!"

She hears one of them cuss as she lies at the foot of the gate.

"Just shut up and let's drag her inside man"

Tracy uses that tiny opportunity to click on her earplug discreetly.

"It's done"

she whispers lowly.

Thank God her hair was long enough to cover the earplug. She better find a way to take it off now before they find it on her.


Cameron smirks clicking on his own earplug.

"Perfect Tracy"

He didn't know where Julian had gotten this Tracy from.

He claimed she was a good actress and knew her job well.

They had paid her millions to pose as a homeless girl who'll get trapped by Park Greene.

Judging from Skylar's story, Park had trapped her when she was helpless and desperate. It seemed like Mr Park liked to lure homeless girls and use them.

And so, even he was using that same trick.

Park had sent Skylar to him as a spy so even he had done the same.

Park wanted to destroy him right? Well two can definitely play the game.

In the game of chess, it was a rule to protect the king but in this case, he going was protecting his Queen.

Park wouldn't know what hit him.



Good morning. I wrote this chapter while having severe writer's block so please pardon me if it's not well organised.. love you..



"So judging by the look on your face, I guess Tracy got in?"

Julian's voice cuts through my thoughts as I disconnect the earplug.

"Hmm. Where did you get that girl?"

I slump into my seat, twirling in my seat.

"I know right? I'm am expert"

he gloats.

"Yea. I give you that but don't you dare remind me of that all the time"

I point my pen at him and he chuckles.

"Can't promise that princess"

"Oh my God don't you ever call me that again, you idiot"

He laughs getting up.

"Ive got a few documents to take care of. Bye princess"

he walks to the door pushing it open.

"I swear to God, I'll f*cking seal your mouth shut with a stapler one day"

I groan hearing his laughter fade as he shuts the door behind him.

Leaning back in my seat, I log onto my laptop to check my emails.

The door opens just then and the young man walks in.

"May I sir?"

"Sit. Now Start explaining why my workers were chirping like birds instead of working when I left you In charge"

I glare at him. He gulps hard.

Good. That's what I want. He's so getting fired today.


After work, Julian went to pick up Sean from Mrs Monroe's home while I went out in search of a jewellery shop.

I know it would have been much easer if I'd given the school my address because then, the school bus would bring Sean home directly from school. But at this point, I'm not willing to risk anything.

We're currently staying in Julian's apartment and pretty much abandoned my penthouse after that whole fiasco with those thugs who ambushed Julian almost two weeks ago.

Not that I'm scared, frankly I could beat the shit out of them all within a heartbeat but not when Skylar and Sean are under my protection now.

Besides I think I need a break from Park stupid Greene listening in on every conversation we have that house.

Disabling it will also alert him and I'm having none of that also.

I sigh, tapping my fingers against the steering wheel, eyes darting around carefully for a jewellery shop.

I recall sighting one a few times on my way to work but I never really paid attention.

Great, when you don't need something, it keeps showing up in your face every damn second but the one time you desperately need it, it suddenly disappears.

I almost cuss in frustration when I sight the jewellery shop on the other side of the road. Perfect.

I bring the car to a halt, alight and make my way inside, both hands stuffed in my pockets.

"Good day"

I greet the young man behind the counter.

He looks up at me from the book he was reading. I take a glance and almost puke.

Romeo and Juliet, the title read. Really? I scoff inwardly.

I hate this Shakespeare novel with passion.

"Good day sir. What can I do for you?"

I pull my hand out of my pocket, revealing the tiny thread tied into a small circle.

I had tied the thread to Skylar's finger last night while she was asleep.

It was the best way I could think of to get the measurement of her finger without getting caught.

I hold the thread out to him.

"I want to purchase umm...a ring and I was hoping this could help you get the right measurement of ring"

His blue eyes sparks with excitement as if he's the one I'm buying the ring for. Sigh.

"Oh certainly Sir. Certainly! What type of ring would you like sir? We have different types!"

He speaks excitedly in a high pitched voice, making my eardrums hurt. God. "I want a diamond ring. A simple but elegant one"

"Oh.. S se or. I will bring you some samples!"

The man dashes somewhere to find what I asked.

He returns a minute later with several rings, arranged on white cushions.

"These are a few of the rings that matches the size you want. Please have a look"

I sigh, gazing between each ring.

This is utterly ridiculous. I don't even know what came over me to make me drive all the way here in the first place. I mean, this is just a marriage of convenience right? So why am I bothering myself with a proposal ring? I never even bought a ring for Natalie when we were together.

She always did the buying and I paid.

Natale was always browsing the internet, searching for huge diamond studded rings with high price tags but here I am today, in a jewellery shop looking through rings for my girl.

My girl? Damn, why does that feel so good to say! I blink, my eyes settling on a ring at he farthest end.

It was a slender ring that had just one diamond at the top, shaped intricately into two entwined hearts.

It was sparkly and catchy.

Simple yet stunning. I found myself pointing to the ring I had set my eyes on.

"That one"

"It's beautiful Sir. I'll package it right away"

he scurries away and returns with a ruby coloured box.

At least it's not the clich deep red coloured ring boxes I see in movies.

He tells me the amount and I pay.

"Keep the change"

I grab the box, pocketing it as I walk out towards my car.

Great Cameron, you just purchased a ring now how are you going to give it to her? The stupid voice in my head asks and I shut it down.

I'll find a way to give Skylar the ring.


The moment I open the door to Julian's apartment, a tiny voice squeals barreling into me.

I stumble back slightly, looking down at the head of thick dark hair.

"Hey Buddy, what did I tell you about running?"

I bend to his height.

"Umm. Nothing?"

He asks grinning widely and I laugh.

He gives cheeky answers just like his mother.

"Did you get me pickles?"

"Do you have to eat pickles every day?"

"I love it and.. It's good.. It contains.. Pro...prot.."

He trails off, biting on his lips, thinking hard.


I offer.

"Yes protein!"

"And who told you that pickles contains proteins?"

Kids these days.

"Umm. I told myself"

I laugh again, stretching out the paper bag to him.

"Here you go" He squeals again, wrapping his arms around my neck.

"Thank you uncle Cam. I Iove you!"

"Love you too Buddy"

he scurries off. I straighten up, walking into my room to change my attire.

After changing, I make my way into the room Skylar occupied and find her seated on the bed, both legs crossed Indian style with her gaze fixed on the screen of her phone.


I sit by her on the bed.

Her head snaps in my direction before throwing herself at me.

"Everything okay?"

She shakes her head, burying her face in the crook of my neck.

"M..Maurice wants my address"

she mutters. I frown

"What for?"

"Because his lawyers need to deliver the..."

She pulls away, gulping hard like the words are stuck in her throat. I feel like I know where this is going.

"His lawyer needs to deliver the notice.. Notice for me to appear in court on Friday"

Really? So the bastard really took her to court? Wait, did she say Friday? Today is Monday.

Hell that's so soon. That damn basrard.

"But I'm not dumb Cameron. Maurice will most definitely use this opportunity to find out where I live. He already has my number"

she continues.

"Do not give him any address. Give him my email account instead. His lawyer can e-mail it to me and I'll go print out a copy. No need to come here"

I call out my email account for her while she types away on her phone.

"Did you send it?"


she nods.

"Come here princess"

I stretch my arms out, waiting for her to embrace me.

She does, wrapping her arms tightly around my torso.

I stroke her hair lightly, loving the feel of her body against mine.

Loving every warmth radiating off her.

Loving the mint scent of her hair. I could stay with her like this forever.. What's gotten into you Cameron?. I blink.

"You eaten?"

I ask, trying to stop my mind from wandering.

"Hmm. I have You should eat too"

she mumbles.

"I'll eat later. Rest"

I lean back into the bed, my back resting against the headboard, pulling her with me, settling her between my legs.

She curls herself into a ball, humming softly until her breathing begins to change, going soft and steady.

God, this girl is literally my home.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

When Skylar doesn't stir for a few more minutes, I take the opportunity to pull out the ring I had taken out from it's box long ago and grab her left hand discreetly. I hope she doesn't wake up.

Carefully, I slip the cool metal unto her third finger and it fits perfectly.

Suddenly Skylar stirs in my arms, blinking her eyelids.

Sh*t. I thought she was deeply asleep.

"Cameron what.."

She trails off with a loud gasp when her eyes land on the ring on her finger.

"W..what's this?"

"Umm.. Well.. I didn't properly propose to you and since we're getting married, I figured I'll get you a ring uhh to wear for the time being until the"

Why the f*ck am I stuttering? Someone please tell me.

"Oh..oh my God Cameron!"

She squeals, eyes brimming with tears.

Not again.

Why do women always have to cry when they're given a ring? Is it some kind of ritual? I've never understood this notion at all.

If I were a girl and my man proposes to me, I would snatch the ring from him, put it on my finger myself and f*ck him right there.

Skylar should be dragging me for a kiss right now not crying.

Okay shut up your horny freak! I slap myself mentally.


I fall back on the bed with force when Skylar suddenly tackles me, her legs on either side of me, planting several kisses to my face.

"It's so beautiful. Oh my God thank you Cameron!"

I catch a tear with my thumb, shaking my head at her.

"No tears princess"

"It's just.. I'm so over whelmed. I love it Cam"

"Despite the fact that you didn't propose like a normal man and had to sneakily slip the ring on my finger like a thief, I still love it"

She continues. I raise an eyebrow, placing my hands on her hips and pulling her forward, making her fall flat on my body, chest to chest..

"I never said I was a normal man babe"

I smirk.

"Yes I know. You're a mad man. Totally insane."

I burst out laughing at that. Only Skylar could make me laugh with an insult.

"Really, thank you Cam. Hell I could kiss you right now!"

"What are you waiting for then?"

She grins before closing the distance crashing her lips to mine.

If this is my reward for getting her a ring, then I'd f*cking buy her an entire jewellery shop.

After a while, I swipe my tongue over her lips tasting, savouring her one more time before pulling away. I flip us over with me on top and climb down the bed.

"Come on"


Her eyebrows pull together in confusion.

"We need to go meet the wedding planner"


"Yes now. I just need to make a video call so you both can talk things through. I had scheduled a meeting with her Wednesday but we have to move everything up now. The court hearing is on Friday, we can't waster anymore time"

I explain.

"Okay. So what do we do now?"

She gets off the bed. I smirk

"Get you a wedding gown and make you the most beautiful bride to ever walk the face of the earth. So, ready to become Mrs Knight?"

She grins infectiously.

"Ready when you are"


*** So sorry guys. The internet here has been really down. I couldn't even access the site for two days.


I let out a deep sigh, rubbing my temple as we step out of Cameron's room.

We had just finished speaking to Marie, the wedding planner and it turns out we are getting married tomorrow.

Shocking, I know. I'm still trying to wrap my head around all this.

Everything seems to be moving so fast I'm unable to grasp anything.

The first court hearing is on Friday, just four days from now and it's understandable that Cameron has to arrange for our wedding just tomorrow.

He had said it wasn't going to be any church wedding or anything fancy.

The only thing we need is a marriage certificate that certifies that we are husband and wife.

We are probably going to get married in this same apartment, I'm not sure.


I feel Cameron's arms pulling me to him.

I let myself go willingly, resting my head on his chest as I feel a migraine coming on.

All this too much.

I sigh.

Cameron's hands slip into my hair and I relax almost immediately when he starts to massage my scalp and temple at intervals.

I hum in content.

I really needed that massage.

"You okay princess?"

His warm lips descends softly on my forehead.

How I love his forehead kisses.

"I am now"

my arms go around his firm chiseled torso.

"Good. I think you should speak to your son. About everything. After tomorrow, he'll become my stepson. He has the right to know"

he whispers softly. Great, another problem. I reluctantly pull away, nodding.

"I..I know Cam but I..."

"Together. Remember? You aren't speaking to Sean alone, we both will".

I flash him a grateful smile.

"Now come on, we better talk to him while he's still eating pickles. That way he can understand better"

he grins and I chuckle as we make our way into the living room.

True enough, Sean was sprawled on the tiled floor, his gaze fixated on a book, a pencil in one hand and his other hand in his mouth, licking each finger. 

A paper bag, which I'm sure contained pickles lay near the bed.

"Hey baby"

Sean immediately springs up, pushing the paper bag full of pickles under at the couch, a failed attempt might I add as he wipes his hand on his shirt hurriedly.

My eyes narrow.

"You were eating and doing your assignment at the same time right?"



I raise an eyebrow.

"Sorry mom" 

I sigh, join him on the floor.


I pat the space beside me. He moves away from his spot and joins me.

"Umm there's something I need to tell you Sean. I need you listen carefully okay?"

He nods, eyes staring up at me attentively.

"There's going to be umm.. A wedding tomorrow"

"Wedding?" He cocks his head in confusion.

"What's a wedding mom?"

Great, what do I say now? I turn to Cameron for help and all he does is just smirk, obviously enjoying my dilemma.

I scowl and turn my attention back to Sean.


I drawl

"A wedding is a ceremony held for two people who want to ermm.. Stay together forever."

Wow, nice explanation Sky. Wat to go.

"Forever and ever?"

"Forever and ever and ever"

He bites his lips, still looking at me. I continue.

"And it's mine and uncle Cam's wedding. We are going to stay forever and ever" I add.

"You and uncle Cam?"

"Yes baby"

"You and uncle Cam will stay forever and ever?"

I gulp, blinking. I can see the hope of having a real family shining in his innocent eyes.

Maybe not Sean.

This is just a marriage of convenience.

An agreement and when all this blows over, I'm sure we'll get divorced and go our separate ways.

"Forever and ever Sean"

I lie Cameron and I may never have a future.

"And..ermm. Uncle Cam will no longer be your uncle. He'll become your.. umm. Papa"

I add. Sean stares at me for a while and then without a word he gets up and starts to walk away.

My heart sinks.

What's was I expecting? He's lived his entire life asking for his real father and now I'm dumping Cameron on him as his papa?.

My thoughts get interrupted when I spot Sean stopping in front of Cameron who stood a little farther.

"Is that true uncle Cam?".

Cam unfolds his arms and bends to his height.

"Yes Buddy. It's true. Will you like me to be your papa?"

Sean doesn't say anything for a minute and then suddenly throws his arms around Cameron's neck.

"I love you.. Papa"

Sean exclaims and I choke on my tears.

He's only a temporary father Sean.

Only temporary. I'm tempted to say but I know better.

"Don't princess"

Cam's voice filters into my ears while he continues to hug Sean.

I look up and see him shaking his head, asking me silently not to cry.

I nod, pushing the sad thoughts and concentrate on the scene before me.

A scene I will captur in my minds eye for years to come.


"Get up"


I groan, pulling the duvet over my head.

"Get up"

"Go away!"

I turn away, nuzzling my face deeper into the pillow.

"Get up. We don't have much time!"

"F*ck off"

"Okay that's it!"

The duvet is suddenly pulled off my body, the cold chilly air hits my body and I groan, snapping one eye open.

Who the hell is disturbing my sleep so early in the morning? I rub my eyes, yawning before snapping both eyes open.

I'm met with the sight of a very petite and curvy lady with brown shiny hair, curly at the ends tumbling past her waist, beautiful tanned skin.

I recognize her instantly.

She's the wedding planner.

"It's too early"

I groan, falling back on the bed, pulling the duvet up.

She pulls the duvet away again, grabbing me by the arm and pulling me out of my bed.

So hard, I loose my footing.

I glare at her.

For someone as tiny as her, she sure has a lot of energy stored up.

"We have so much to do! We need to go the spa, do a face treatment, waxing, fix those bushy eyebrows of yours and then go to the bridal shop for your wedding gown and the jewellery shop! Your earrings, tiara.. Oh my God, so much to do in one day!"

She squeals like she's the one actually getting married.

I so want to tell her to f*ck off but she's too damn nice and extremely beautiful. Lethal combination.

Makes it hard to hate her.

"Get in the shower now"

she practically drags me into the bathroom.

"Are you going to bath me too?" 

I rub my eyes. God I'm so sleepy.

"If I have to. I will. Now chap chap!"

She claps, shooing me.

I feel like a puppy being shooed into it's cage by its owner. Is this how she acts with every stranger? She acting like we're BFFs.

"And oh.. Don't wash your hair. We'll take care of it later"

she eyes my hair.

"Hmm. Your hair is so thick and full. I'm envious" 

I eye her long hair which is practically at her waist level.

She's got that and she's envious of my hair?

"I'll be waiting. Make it quick"

and she shuts the door in my face. God.


Thirty minutes later, Marie is literally dragging me out of the house while Cameron waves at me from the door, smirking.

"Here, you'll need it"

he throws a card at me. I pick it and realise it's a credit card.

"I'm going to make sure to empty your bank account Cameron!"

I yell, still being dragged because a certain wedding planner says we are late.

Hell, it's barely six in the morning!

"Bye mom!"

Sean yells from where stood beside Cam.

I sigh when we reach the car. Julian is leaning against it, arms folded, looking as handsome as ever.

"Ready to go ladies?"

He twirls the car keys. I bite my kip waiting for Marie to answer since she seems to be the one doing all the talking today.

When I get nothing, I turn only to see her blushing, biting her lips nervously.. Oh. A smirk grows on my lips as I quietly slip past them into the car leaving them to stare at each other like they do Indian telenovelas.

I'm just waiting for the part where Marie slips and Julian catches her then a song begins to play in the background.

I grin. This is gonna be an interesting day.


Turns out it wasn't as interesting as I thought.

The moment Marie coaxed me into stepping foot in the spa, I regretted it.

They plucked out my eyebrows, waxed my legs until it was as smooth as a baby's butt.

That sh*t was painful.

Next, they put a certain heater on my face, long enough to make my entire face hot.

They claimed it was meant to open up any clogged pores in my skin and clear all the Whiteheads and blackheads.

The only relaxing thing was the face mask they applied.

I ended up chewing the cucumber slices much to their disdain.

They painted my nails bright red,made sure there was not a single hair on my face.

I sigh, staring at my face in the mirror as the hairdresser pulls and tugs at my hair.

Sadness tugs at my heart.

All this.. Spa treatment, manicure, pedicure, hairstyling, makeup, wedding gowns, cakes... They were all just for show.

For a marriage that isn't even real.

A marriage that may end as soon as all this is over. I'm scared that this dream of mine will come to an end one day.

Because deep down, I know.

It's an inevitable truth that I'm falling in love with Cameron Knight.


I stare at myself in the mirror, adjusting my tie.

I study myself.

The last time I had taken my time to dress like this, was three years ago.

This is happening.

It really us. In a few hours, I'd be a husband, Skylar's husband.

She'd be my wife.

I search my inner self for anything, doubt, panic yet surprisingly I get nothing. 

All I get is peace and calmness.

Peace, liberation, yearning is all I feel when I think about my impending marriage to Skylar.

Why do I feel like I want this marriage to be real? Why does the thought of Skylar becoming my wife excite me? Godammit Cameron.

"Uncle Cam" the small voice calls and I turn. I'm met with the sight of Sean wearing a tuxedo identical to mine. I must say he looks handsome.


I bend to his height. "Will there be cake?" 

I chuckle.

"Yes Sean. A big cake"

"Hmm" he bites his lips nervously just like his mother always did when she was nervous. I can tell he has more to say

"Tell me Sean. What do you want to say?"

"I love you. Papa" F*ck. There, that's the word. Papa. That single word is enough to make me cave. I gulp. This boy has already accepted me as his father. God.

"Mom always says my father is in heaven but I don't like him because mom always crys when I ask her about my papa. But You make my mom laugh uncle Cam. And I like you too. Will you be my papa forever? Please?"

Pleading eyes look up at me. God. F*ck. How can I make such a promise? How do I promise you such a thing Sean, how?



What to do, what to to? I look up at Sean and realise his lips are trembling.

He blinks rapidly, his eyes watery with unshed tears.

F*ck. He's going to cry. Just say it already Cameron.

"I promise buddy. I'll be your papa forever and I'll even be a horse if you want me to." I finally say and the joy that lits his entire face knew no bounds. "So I can call you papa now?"

"Yes buddy"

"A..and I can tell all my friends at school that I have a papa now?"

"Yes buddy" 

I nod again.

"And I can tell Mrs Monroe and my best friend Christian that you're my papa now?"

He squeals louder.

"Yes Sean. You can tell anyone you want"

"Give me your phone, give me your phone!"


I slip my hands into my pocket and retrieve my phone.

He snatches it from me instantly and literally skips away.

I wonder what he's going to do with my phone. 

I shake my head, standing to my full height.

"He loves you"

Julian's voice says suddenly from behind and I turn to find him leaning against the doorframe.


I nod.

That boy loves me, so much so that he's accepted me wholeheartedly without questioning. I blink. What am I doing? Why do I need to do this? I snap my head in Julian's directions.

"Your phone" 

I don't wait for him to ask anything and I snatch it from him. 

I begin to type in Marie's number when I realise it's already been stored on his phone. Oh?

"You have Marie's number already?"

I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Shut up"

he huffs.

Oh, someone likes a certain wedding planner.

Hmm, interesting. Quickly I dial her number.

She picks it up on the second ring.

"Cameron speaking"

"Oh hello Mr Knight"

"What time is it?"

I ask. Weird question, I know.

"Uhh 9:00?"

"Is Skylar there with you?"


"Change of plans. Can you plan a proper wedding? I mean a proper wedding ceremony in less than five hours? Don't tell me you can't because then I'll fire you"

"A Church wedding?"


I answer almost immediately.

"Beach. I want the ceremony to be be at at the Manhattan beach. A ceremony fit for not more than twenty people"

I notice Julian raising an eyebrow at me but I ignore him.

"Okay got it. Do you have any wedding theme? Particular colours?"

She asks

"Do whatever sh*t you have to do, just make sure this ceremony is perfect for Skylar"

"Okay got it!"

"And do not tell Skylar anything or else.." "Else nothing big guy" and she hangs up on me. I cuss.

"What is this I'm hearing?"

"Exactly what you heard Julian. If this marriage is temporary then I have to make it memorable for Skylar and her son"

This may be temporary but it doesn't have to be fake. Skylar deserves a dream wedding, just like any other woman out there and I'm going to give her exactly that. She too deserves to walk down the aisle, with a veil covering her face, holding a bouquet. She deserves it and I'll give her exactly that.


After the call, Marie pushes her phone into her bag.

"I got to go. Make sure she looks extremely beautiful"

she says to the hairdresser and make up artist and practically runs out.

"Hey Marie, where are you going?" 

I shout but she was already gone. 

I frown.

What sort of wedding planner is this? What is so important that she had to leave?


Four and a half hours later, I'm staring at a stranger in the mirror.

I can't believe it.

The one staring back at me in the mirror is so beautiful. She's not the Skylar I know.

The Skylar I know is simple, plain, not beautiful but pretty.

I blink, my flattened hands running over the smooth silk material of my gown.

It was a simple beautiful fishtail gown that clung tightly to my bust throughout to my waist, enhancing my curves and flowing a little freely around my feet in a flare.

The sleeves of the gown was made of lace with beautiful intricate embroidery.

My short hair was styled elegantly to one side, the ends braided In loose french braids.

The front curled loosely, falling over my forehead on one side.

The shiny tiara that held my veil in place sat on my head with pride. Diamond earnings adorned my face, a beautiful emerald necklace graced my neck. My face was glowing. I blink.

"You look very stunning"

I turn at the voice.


"Did you think I wasn't going to return?"

She takes a step forward..I eye her. She was wearing a blue sleeveless gown, her long hair pulled up into a tight ponytail. "You're beautiful Skylar" she pulls me in for a hug. I'm startled at first but then I relax and hug her back. We pull away after a while.

"Shall we? It's time" 

I nod and walk ahead, Marie picking my long veil from the floor behind me.


I frown when we step out of the apartment.

It was totally empty. Definitely not something I was expecting.

"Where are we going? The house is empty"

I say to Marie as she leads me towards the red Rolls Royce that was parked outside the apartment.

"The wedding isn't happening here Skylar"

"Then where?"

She pushes me into the car without replying.

The car hits the road immediately.

Oh God, I'm panicking.

Am I being kidnapped?

"Stop the car!" 

I begin to panic.

Cameron told me we'll just sign the marriage certificate at the apartment.

No ceremony whatsoever.

"Where are you taking me?!"

Tears blind my vision as I start to trash about.

"Relax Skylar. Don't ruin your dress"

That voice.


The driver turns and that's when I catch a glimpse of his face.

He smirks.

"The one and only. We'll be there shortly"

"B..but I don't understand. Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise."

"And here, take this"

Marie cuts in, handing out a bouquet to me.

"What do I need a bouquet for? It's not like I'm going to walk down the aisle or anything"

"Trust me, you'll need it"

She pushes the bouquet into my hand and reaches behind me, pulls the veil forward to cover my face.

"What's going on?"

I ask in utter confusion yet they both turn away from me, smirking.

None of them say a word. 

I bite my lip.

What surprise are they even talking about?

"Don't bite your lip. You'll smudge your lipstick"

Marie's voice interrupts my thoughts and I scowl at her. 

I slump into the seat, feeling grumpy that they won't tell me where we are going.

"Don't sit like that, you'll crumple your dress. Sit like a bride"

"Yes mama" 

I growl sarcastically and she giggles. 

I roll my eyes, looking out the window untill the surrounding begin to look familiar.

I squint my eyes when we pass the Brooklyn park.

Oh no.

No way.

No f*cking way.

"W..where are we going?" 

I ask again after a while, Marie just smiles likes she knows I've figured it all out.

"No way"

tears sting my eyes when the car comes to a stop. I'm met with the most beautiful sight.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the long red carpet starting from where Julian stopped the car all the way to where not more than twenty chairs were lined up, each chair decorated with green and white flowers.

There was a white erected alter, facing the blue sea, decorated with white flowers, so many flowers you'd think the alter was made out of flowers only.

Behind the alter, my eyes settle on him.

Wearing an all white tuxedo, his hair pushed back in a low bun.

Oh my God. No f*cking way.

"It's time"

Julian alights and helps me get down, my heels making contact with the soft woolen carpet.


Marie rummages through her bag and pulls out a red lipstick.

Lifting my veil a little bit, she applies some lipstick and I smack my lips together to even it.

"There. Much better"

she nids Satisfactorily


I look down, Sean was staring at me, grinning, his small hands outstretched.

"Take my hand mom. Let's go"

Okay what?.

"Did you think you were going to.walk down the aisle alone? No Missy, Sean here will walk you down the aisle and he'll be the one to hand you over to Cameron who seems impatient by the way"

Julian tells me and I have to bite my lip hard to stop the tears.

Marie will scold me if I smudge my make up again.. Oh this can't be happening.


Julian leads Marie away as they both take their seats.

The entire beach is empty, there's not a single soul lurking around save for the few guests who were seated.

Did Cameron rent the whole place?

"Let's go mom. Papa is waiting" 

I nod, taking my son's hand in mine as he begins to lead me down the carpet, a soft melody begins playing instantly.

Oh God, someone tell me this is real.

Someone please f*cking pinch me.

Shut up.

No cussing Skylar.

It's your wedding, no cussing. 

I feel everyone's eyes on me as I make my way towards the alter but I all I can concentrate on is Cameron.

He's all I can stare at as I walk towards him until Sean let's go off my hand and I realise I'm now standing beside him.

"You did all this for me?"

I whisper, feeling the cold breeze blowing my dress.

"You deserve a fairytale princess. By the way, you look very beautiful. Absolutely Stunning"

he whispers in my ear, taking my hand. I blush,searching his eyes for any kind of doubt but all I see is sincerity. It's all there. Every emotion displayed in those beautiful brown eyes.

"T..thank you. You don't look bad yourself"

"Shall we begin with the ceremony?"

the priest interrupt our staring contest.

We take our seats and the priest begins his sermon.

All throughout the sermon, I only concentrate on Cameron's thumb making slow circles on my palm.

F*ck, he's all I think about.

"And now, may the couple please step forward so we begin with the marriage vows?"

Feeling giddy, I get up, Cameron does too.

We face each other.

"Do you Cameron Knight, take Skylar Sampson to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish, to hold and to respect, for better for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, until death do you part?"

"I do"

he answers in a heartbeat.

"Do you Skylar Sampson take Cameron Knight to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish, to hold and to respect, for better for worse, In sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer till death do you part?"

"I do"

"If there is anyone here, for what reasons whatsoever is against this holy matrimony, he/she should speak up now or forever hold their peace"

the priest asks.. I bow my head, waiting, dread filling me. One minute, two, three minutes, nothing. No one comes.

"Very well. Shall we have the rings please"

the priest speaks up. Marie comes and takes the bouquet from me as Sean walks to the alter, bearing the rings.

He gives it to the priest and scurries off.

"Miss Skylar, please" he gestures to the rings and I nod, picking it. I turn to face Cameron.

"I, Skylar Sampson, wed you Cameron Knight in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit"

I slip the ring onto his finger. It fits perfectly.. Cameron then picks up the ring.

"I, Cameron Knight, wed you Skylar Sampson in the name of the father, the son and of the holy spirit"

he slips the cool metal unto my finger.

Next, we are handed the certificate which we both sign and Julian and Marie sign as our witnesses.

"Now, by the power vested upon me, I hereby pronounce you.."

"Oh for heavens sake"

Cameron cuts off the priest with a loud groan, grips my waist and yanks me forward with one hand, practically pulling the veil off my face and then crushes his lips with mine in a fervent kiss. Loud cheers fill my ears as I wring my arms around his neck, kissing him back. We kiss some more. And more.

"Papa is sucking mom's face like the way I suck my pickles!"

Sean suddenly exclaims suddenly and everyone bursts into laughter as I pull away from Cameron, blushing. "....Pronounce you husband and wife"

the priest finally concludes glaring at Cameron for interrupting him.

"You're the most insane man I've ever come across Cameron"

"Plus I'm hot"

he adds and I chuckle.

With his arm still around my waist, he brings a hand to caress my face.

"Hello there wife"

Cameron whispers in my ear, holding me close. I inhale his Cologne.

"Hello there husband"

I giggle like a helpless school girl, burying my face in his chest.

"Wanna get out of here? Go somewhere else? Just you and I?"

"I'd go to the ends of the earth with you husband"


** P.S. Another chapter will be posted by evening.


"I'd go the ends of the earth with you husband"

"Hmm, I like the sound of that, shall we?"

Cameron begins to lead me out of there when Julian springs up from nowhere, blocking our path.

"Escaping so soon? Forgotten there's a little party being organized by yours truly back Home?"

Cameron cusses, glaring at his friend.

"You're such a big stumbling block in my path"

he grumbles.

"But you love me"

Cameron pretends to gag.

"Don't you ever say that In public, I don't want people getting the wrong idea"

"Wrong idea? My Cameron, you wound me badly. Why do you break my heart so?"

Julian places a hand on his chest dramatically.

"Oh shut up already you idiot" I giggle

"You're both adorable"

"I. Am. Not. Adorable"

Cameron snaps his head in my direction.

Wow, egoistic much?


I turn at the voice.

"Mrs Monroe?"

I rush into her arms, hugging her immediately.

"You came"

"I couldn't say no to such an invitation Sky" 

I pull back and she studies me.

"You look beautiful dear. I had second thoughts when I got a call asking me to attend your marriage ceremony because it's been like what, barely three weeks? But then when I watched you walk down the aisle, say all those vows with joy shinning in your eyes, I knew I had no reason to have any doubts. I'm glad you're happy Sky".

I nod vigorously, biting on my lip to stop the tears.

She almost made me miss my parents but I'm not going to think about them. I'm not.

I won't.

"Don't cry dear, today's a happy day"

she wipes a tear with her thumb. I nod again.

"Is Christian here with you?"

"He's with Sean"


I nod. "That explains why I can't find him anywhere"

"Here. I brought you this" she hands me a large wrapped box.

"A wedding gift"

"Oh Mrs Monroe you didn't have to"

"This is a gift from my husband. He couldn't come. And this.."

She pauses and pulls another gift bag from him behind her.

" from Christian and I"

"Thank you so much Mrs Monroe. I really appreciate it"

"You're welcome dear. I'll have to get going now"


my face falls.

"You're leaving with Christian too?"

Stupid question. Of course she is. Mrs Monroe turns to see Sean and Christian running around, a bucket of sand in their hands, giggling with reckless abandon. She sighs. I do too.

"Oh well... I guess I'll have to go alone and allow Julian bring him home. They seem to be having fun"

"Yes. It's been so long since they saw each other"

"Very well then. I'll go talk to Julian. Take care Skylar. Happy married life"

she waves walking away to find Julian. I wish me a happy married life too.

"Princess? Shall we go?"

Cameron's voice cuts through my thoughts.

"Hmm. A minute please"

I grab Sean just as he bumps into me, the bucket of sand spilling. I raise an eyebrow.

"Sorry mom. Don't scold me. Today is happy day"

Cameron leans in and whispers in my ear.

"He's smart. I like that"

I nudge him away playfully.

"Uncle Cam and I are going somewhere and we'll be back tomorrow. Can you stay with uncle Julian?"

"You mean papa?"


I'm confused

"It's papa mom, not uncle Cam"

he corrects.

"Oh..right. Your papa. Will you stay will uncle Julian? Christian is staying with you too"

"But what about the cake? Papa promised me a big cake"

he pouts.

"The cake is at home baby. You can eat all with Christian"

He grins.

"Okay go now. Go!"

He nudges me and I laugh bending to kiss him.

"I love you baby"

"Love you too mom"

He turns and sprints away.

"No running Sean!" 

I yell after him.

"It's so hot when you're on full mother mode"

Cameron again. I roll my eyes.


He chuckles, grabbing me and dragging me towards the car we had arrived in.

"Let's get out of here before Julian returns"

I giggle as he opens the door for ne. He eyes me.

"I think you need a change of clothes"

"On the contrary"

I trail off, my hands on my waist, searching for the tiny almost invisible bow made of silk at my waistline.

When my fingers find it, I grab and pull.

The bow comes off together with the lower part of my dress leaving it to look like a knee length strapless white body hugging dress. I throw the lower part into the car and pull the tiara and veil off my head.


I announce victoriously..


"I know right. It's a two-in-one gown"

"Sh*t! get in. Julian is coming"

I hop into the car just as Cameron sparks the car to life, speeding.

"Get back here you idiot!"

I could hear Julian yelling.

I giggle as Cameron speeds up more.

So much for a wedding reception. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


An hour and a half later, the car stops in front of a five star hotel.

I admire the entire scenery as I alight, following Cameron inside towards the reception.

The chandeliers look more expensive than my yearly house rent.

"Good evening. Suite for Mr and Mrs Knight please?"

"A minute sir"

the lady behind the desk punches the keyboard before she nods and hands Cameron a key.

"Enjoy your stay"

she nods politely.

"So.. Mr and Mrs Knight huh?" I link my arm to his as we walk towards the elevator, his other hand pulling a single suitcase he'd packed.

"Uh huh"

he gives me a smug smirk and I roll my eyes, stepping into the elevator.. So obnoxious.


Thirty minutes.

It's been thirty minutes since we arrived in our beautiful spacious suite.

Cameron had already taken a shower and I just finished mine.

I'm standing here, drying by body and wondering if my husband is thinking of me just as I am.

I stare at my legs which look beautiful and bare after the waxing I got done today. Does Cameron want me? Are we going to have a wedding night? You know, like consummate our marriage?.

Is he thinking about me? Is he waiting for me in bed?.

Okay shut up and get out Skylar! Sighing, I step out of the bathroom, tying the white bathrobe Cameron had offered around my body, combing my hair out when I spot him standing at the foot of the bed, wearing nothing but boxers.

He grabs a pillow and a spare blanket.

"What are you doing?"

He stops what he was doing to stare at me.

"Sorry if it mkes you uncomfortable but I don't sleep with clothes on" I shake my head.

"I wasn't talking about that. I mean where are you going with the pillows?"

"Oh. You can have the bed. I'll take the couch" 

I blink. My stomach drops. This. This wasn't how I had envisaged my wedding night at all. Not at all. He was going to bed just like that? He wasn't even sleeping in the same bed with me?

" Don't have to do that. We can share one bed" I push the feeling of disappointment down my stomach.. "I'll be fine Skylar" he makes his way towards the couch and without second thought, my hands shoot out to grab his arm, stopping him. He stops and I wring my arms around him immediately. "W..what are you doing?"

His eyes were wide with surprise. Ask me. I don't even know what the heck I'm doing. All I know is he's my husband, contract or not and I want him.

I want him so badly, like I've never wanted anyone.

This charade of a marriage may end anytime soon and I'm going to make the best out of it.

"I..I want you Cameron"

His eyebrows furrow in confusion for a millisecond before his face morphs into complete shock.

"Skylar? Do you know what you're saying?"

"I'm perfectly aware Cam. Please make love to me. I want you"

without further delay, I take a step away from him, grab the rope holding the bathrobe in place and pull.

It loosens. I slip my arms out of the bathrobe and shrug it off my shoulders and it comes tumbling down my body, pooling at my feet leaving me stark naked before my husband.

Cameron's eyes widen momentarily at the sight of me, his eyes scanning over my entire body slowly, from my head to my chest, down and down until they stop mid thigh.

He cusses lowly, running a hand through his hair, his face a mixture of lust and uncertainty.

" don't know what you're asking for princess"

he gulps hard.

"I do know what I'm asking for Cameron. Please, just for tonight, don't see me as some homeless girl you're trying to help. Just for tonight, I want you to see me as a woman. Make love to me like any man would his wife. Make me feel like a woman Cameron. Make me yours"

God I've never done anything like this before so where did this confidence come from? God I want this man so much it's actually insane.

We stand in the middle of the room, neither of us saying a word, me waiting for Cameron to say something and him practically standing there and cussing repeatedly. Bravery.

Confidence fill me as I take another step toward him.

I wrap my arms around his neck, my br*ast brushing against his bare chest.

My want and desire for this man is overriding my sense of judgement.

I feel no shame at all.

I want him.

I've wanted him for a while now.

I stand on tiptoe, planting my lips to my husband's.

He doesn't react.

He doesn't kiss me back.

Sadness and the feeling of rejection plunges me. I pull back, letting my hands fall to my sides in dejection.

"I'm sorry. I crossed the line. I didn't mean to.."

My words are cut off by a loud groan from Cameron before his strong arms encircle my waist pulling me back to him.

My gasp of surprise is swallowed when he crushes his lips to mine, sliping his tongue past my lips in a fervent kiss.

My hands find his hair, gripping them and pulling.

He groans kissing me harder, hands sliding lower to grip my bare butt. I m*an into the kiss.

Cameron's hands slide lower, stopping at my thighs and lifting me up momentarily. Instinctively, my legs wrap around his chiseled torso as he begins to walk us to the bed I presume, without breaking the kiss.

My back hits the soft mattress with a soft thud, Cameron follows, laying on top of me, supporting his weight with both hands planted on the bed on either side of my head.

He breaks the kiss and begins to trail soft featherlight kisses along my jaw to my ear.

His lips find them with ease, his teeth grazing my earlobe. Shivers run down my spine as I arch my back in need of more.

"Do you really want this princess? Think again. Because the moment I continue, I won't be able to stop myself from going further. Please princess, save me my sanity and tell me no"

he whispers in my ear, leaving me with no chance to think with his fingers tweaking my perky nub. I bite my lip.

"I want you Cam" "I want you too princess. You make me want you more than I've ever wanted any other woman in years. You drive me crazy. You drive me mad. You invade my senses. I yearn for you princess. You're my destruction. You're my sky princess" His words cause more shivers down my spine. His hands trail down my body, down until he settles between my legs. Cameron stops and lifts his head to smirk at me. "Hang on princess. This is gonna be a bumpy ride" "Wha.." Before I can finish my question, Cameron slips down my body and settles between my legs. His head disappears too and before my confusion can clear, I feel his... Cameron's head reappears from between my legs and crawls back up, a smug smirk plastered on his beautiful face as he licks his lips. "So good. Just like I had imagined" he purrs nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck. I blush. "Are you tired?" He questions, running lazy circles on my bare arm. "Uh no" I squeak. "Good, because I'm no where near done with you. By the time I'm done, you'll need crutches to walk. Don't say I didn't warn you girl" and with that he climbs down the bed to kick off his boxers. I sigh heavily. Oh boy, this is gonna be a long night.




Absolutely stunning. It's the only description that comes to mind when I look at my wife.

Wife. That word sounds surreal.

Funny how she turned from a an annoying stranger to a friend and to my wife.

This is the best decision I've taken in a while because today I got to wake up with her in my arms, her face being the first thing I see.

She's absolutely beautiful.

Her dark and thick short hair, falling over her eyes, lips pursed tightly, face relaxed in sleep.

Skylar squirms slightly, wrapping her arms around my torso, nuzzling her face In my chest.

She continues to sleep.

I push a strand of hair sway from her face and tuck it behind her ears.

My eyes fall on her lips.

Those lips that sprouted all sort of cusses as we made love last night.

How she held on to me, moaned my named when she came.

It wasn't like anything I'd felt with all the women I'd slept with.

This was beautiful in every sense.

Skylar begins to stir and I pull my hand away immediately.

Her eyes open, blinking at the sunlight that came through the blinds.

"Good morning princess"

"Good morning"

she blushes when her eyes fall on me, probably recalling what transpired last night.

"You're beautiful" 

I blurt out.

I can't help it.

She lowers her lashes, biting her lips.

"Thank you. Umm..I'll take a shower"

she climbs off the bed, wincing immediately.

"You okay?"

"Yea..I'm just..a little bit sore"

"Oh. Hang on"

I climb down the bed and approach her in nothing but my briefs.

Getting to her, I slip an arm under her thigh and the other around her waist and carry her bridal style, the duvet slipping off her naked body.

She gasps.


"Relax princess, I know you're sore. I'm not going to ambush you"

I chuckle, kicking the bathroom door open with my foot and stepping in. I lower her gently into the tub and then open the tap to fill it with hot water.

She sighs, leaning back.



"Can I.. Can I use your showergel?"


"Umm. I wanna smell like you"

she bites her lips. I mix the water in the tub with some drops of lavender.

"But I love how you smell Darling"


Big doe eyes glance up at me. So beautiful. So innocent..

"Really really".

I Lean in, planting a soft kiss to her lips.

She rings her arms around my neck, taking charge of the kiss immediately.

I like a dominating Skylar.

So hot.

I pull away after a while, biting her lower lips softly.

"You should take a bath princess before I'm forced to bend you over and.."

"Shut up Cameron!"

She gasps, cheeks flushing with mortification. I laugh, giving her one last peck.

"Call me when you're done hmm?"

She nods and I step out, pulling out my phone to call room service.

"Hello? I'm calling from suite number eight?"

"Good morning Sir, how may I be of help?"

"I need breakfast set up on the rooftop. Add every additional charges to my bill"

I say, moving over tp the couch to drag the suitcase.

"Certainly sir. What would you like to have?"

"Umm..a little of bit everything. Eggrolls, casseroles, omelette, cupcakes, burger and coffee"

"It'll be right up sir".

I nod, hanging up and dropping the phone to the bed. I begin to rummage through the suitcase.



I exit the bathroom to find Cameron rummaging through the suitcase. 

I shut the door and he turns to scowl at me.

"I thought I told you to call me once you're done?"

I roll my eyes

"I'm not crippled Cam. Relax, I'm just a little bit sore. Not my fault you're packing it really big down there"

I gesture to his briefs and he smirks smugly.

Great Skylar, you just fed his ego.

"But you were the one asking me to go deeper.."

"Oh my God, shut up"

I bite my lip, my face heating up.

This man has no filter.

I walk to him and stop near the couch where he stood.

He lifts a panty and a red lace bra, waving it in my face.

"Here, wear this"

he says like it's the most natural thing in the universe.

" went through my things and packed that?"

I hiss I don't recall packing a red panty and bra.

"..and you're selecting my underwear for me now?"

I add in disbelief.

"Yeah, I like the lace and well... red will look good on you. It'll totally turn me on when I get to tear your clothes off again tonight"

I slap my forehead.

"You have no filter Cameron. You're shameless a..and a pervert!"

He only laughs throwing the underwear at me..

"Put it on princess and get dressed. We're going to have breakfast"

he grabs a pair of blue jeans and turns to put it on.

As he bends, I can't help but notice his ass through the briefs before the jeans is pulled up to cover it.

I wish I could slap it. I'm sure it's as soft as it looks.

Oh, you're definitely the shameless one now Skylar.

"I know I've got a nice ass princess. To save us time why don't you take a picture, I'll gladly pose for you" he tells me as he pulls a shirt over his head. I roll my eyes, dropping my bathrobe and putting my under garments on.

"I wasn't looking. It's such an ugly ass".

Lies Skylar. Lies.

"Sure. Keep telling yourself that"

he teases reaching for his wristwatch on the dressing table.

In turn, I grab hold of the first dress I lay eyes on and put it on.

I run my fingers through my hair which still had a touch of lose curls from yesterday's hairstyle.

"I'm done".. Cameron turns.. "Aren't you going to smear some pomade?"

"We are just going to have breakfast and return Cam. I need to feed my stomach at the moment not my skin"

I reply, closing the suitcase and zipping it.

"I'm so glad to know I married someone as crazy as me"

I chuckle, walking to the dressing table and grab Cameron's lotion, squirt a little and smear my face with it.

Hmm, now I smell like him.

"Let's go" 

I link my arm with his as he leads us out.

We walk into the elevator and I watch as he presses the number ten.

"What are we going to do on the tenth floor?"

I mutter as the elevator begins to move.


Breakfast on the tenth floor? That's new.

Once the elevator stops, Cameron steps out making his way towards the staircase at the far end of the hall and I follow.

We climb the staircase only to stop at an empty space. 

I can see the buildings from here, even the Brooklyn bridge where Cameron had taken me.

Cool breze hits me in the face, blowing over my dress.

Are we on a rooftop? I look around and that's when I notice a single rounded table in the middle of the large empty space, two chairs facing each other with all sorts of food splayed out on the table.

Oh wow.

"This is beautiful Cameron"

I say in awe, taking a seat.

He does too.

"Do you like the view?"

He asks pouring us a cup of coffee each.

"I love it. I can see the bridge from here. And the east river. It's beautiful"

I grab a cupcake.

"I'm glad you love it princess. How do you like your coffee?"

"White, like my soul. I want lots of cream and sugar"

He rolls his eyes.

"You have a sweet tooth princess"

he says pouring three spoonful of cream.

"Only three spoonfuls? Add more"

He glares at me but adds more cream nevertheless.

Done, he hands it to me and I take a sip.

"Bon apptit"

he raises his black coffee to his lips sipping.

I do same, chewing on the cupcake too.

After our coffee, Cameron fills his plate with omelette while I fill mine with burger and fries.

We eat in silence.

Fifteen minutes into our meal Cameron receives a call and he excuses himself.

I nod going back to my food.




I bark as soon I pick up the call.

"Well, Hello to you too brother"

I sigh irritably.

Only Julian will call me just to interrupt my alone time with my wife.

"You better have a tangible reason for calling me Julian"

"Believe me Cameron, it's very important"

he answers.

I rub my temple.

"Shoot. What is it?"


he hesitates

"I don't think I should tell you right now. I probably interrupted you, I'll call later"

"You already interrupted Julian so get to it already. What is it?

"Well.. I had a call from one of the guards at your penthouse and well, they said someone came looking for you last night"


I'm bored already.

He hesitates and I almost growl.

He's wasting my damn time.

"You do realise that technically I'm on my honeymoon right? Just spit it out already. Who came looking for me?"





"I said Natal...."

"I f*cking heard you the first time Julian"

I hiss cutting him off.

"Which Natalie are we talking about here Julian?"

"I didn't know you knew more than one Natalie in your life dude"

"Do not sass me Julian" I growl

"Fine... I'm talking about the one and only Natalie. The same bitch who left you to marry your brother.. The.."

"Okay shut up already!" 

I don't f*cking need him to remind me of the details.. I'm very much aware of it.

I can still recall everything like it happened yesterday.

It's not something I'd ever be able to completely forget.

The pain, the humiliation, the way my name was plastered all over social media, the way my name made headlines on every social media account still haunts me.

I could never forget the looks of sheer pity people gave me whenever I stepped out.

Some even f*cking mocked me.

"I'm sorry dude, I just thought I should tell you"

Julian's voice snaps me out of my daze.

I sigh.

First my stupid backstabbing ass of a brother came to my home to taunt me about his perfect married life.

And two weeks after, his wife has come searching for me? After all these years of no communication whatsoever?

"It's fine Julian. Let's meet at the bar. You know where it is."

I say after a while, licking my suddenly dry lips.

"Cameron maybe you should wait till your honeymoon is over. I don't think..."

"Meet me there in an hour"

I cut him off and hang up.

I would not sit here enjoying breakfast and watch the past I've tried so hard to put behind me come back blowing up in my face.



I bite into my burger.

God I must be really hungry. Well for started I didn't eat last night.

After we had arrived at the hotel, we ended up making love throughout the night at intervals and then fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the night.

Woke up at dawn and made love again. What can I say? My husband is extremely good in bed, had me yearning for more and more.

I just couldn't get enough of him which explains the soreness between my legs this morning.

I blush at my own thoughts, taking anoter bite.

I savor the taste.. Cameron returns just then.

"Hey.. I was just know, I love to savor the taste of any food whenever I eat. I can even tell what Ingredients are used to prepare a certain meal once I taste it. It's weird I know but I think I have a knack for cooking..."

I pause when he takes a seat before continuing.

"You know after my parent's death, I was left to fend for myself. I had to cook for myself and when Sean was born, I had to learn a lot more recipes, prepare him baby food and change his diet while he grew up. I started to love cooking and well... I've been thinking of taking culinary classes, you know, I could become a chef one day or own a restaurant.. But With just my highschool qualification you think I'd be accepted into a culinary school?"

I ask, looking up from my food to stare at Cameron.

That's when I realise he wasn't even listening.

"Cam? What's wrong?" 

I shift my seat near him.


He doesn't look at me.

He doesn't reply either.

His jaw clenches as he pushes his seat back suddenly and storms out.

"Cameron? Where are you going?!"

I yell after him but he was already gone.

I slump into my seat, staring at the food on the table.

He left and didn't even acknowledge my presence.

I continue to sit for almost ten minutes before a waiter approaches me.

"Do you need anything else ma'am? "

"Uhh...I.. How much is everything?" 

I gesture to the food. I don't even have money to pay.

"Everything has already been paid for ma'am"

he replies with a smile.

"Oh..umm.. Okay can you please pack everything up for me? My husband had to leave for an urgent meeting and he barely ate. He might eat something when he returns"

"Certainly ma'am"

he smiles again and carries everything away.

Returns a while later with three paper bags.

"Here you go ma'am"

"Thank you"

I collect everything and make my way back into our suite.

Once I reach, I drop the food onto the small dining table in the corner, grab a remote, switch on the plasma TV and begin to switch through channels.

Eventually, I settle on a movie, a movie I couldn't even concentrate on. My mind was occupied with Cameron's abrupt leaving. He didn't even say a word to me.

I snuggle into the comforter which thankfully still smells like him.

I miss him already.

My eyes remain on the TV until my eyes begins to droop and I fall asleep.. I wake up later only to realise it's past four pm.

I reach for my phone.

No missed calls. No messages.

No voicemail. Six hours.

It's been Six good hours since Cameron left and he still hasn't returned.

My stomach grumbles.

God, I missed lunch and it's almost dinner.

Scrolling through my contacts, I dial my husband's number.

It rings severally before it's answered.


His gruff voice fills my ears. I sigh in relief.

"God Cameron, where are you? I thought something happened to you. Have to eaten? You barely ate breakfast. Should I order for something before you get back?"

Dear lord I'm a rumbling mess.


No reply.

"Cameron? Are you okay? Where are you? You left without saying a word to me. You didn't call me either, didn't text me. You should have at least told me of your whereabouts. I was so worried... I"

"Oh shut up already!"

I blink at the harshness in this tone.

"Now you listen here Skylar, just because we're married doesn't mean you have the right to call and nag do you get it? In case you've forgotten, you're my wife only on paper. This marriage is nothing but an agreement so do not try to exert any wifely duties on me. Just because we f*cked doesn't give you the damn right to stick your nose in my business, calling me every damn second to enquire about my whereabouts. Get that into your head!"

He hisses. I blink, my chest constricting with every single word he utters. I blink again.

"Right..uh..sorry. I crossed the line. I'm s..sorry"

I stammer and hang up, collapsing onto the bed, letting the tears flow with the pillow being my only companion.

F*ck my heart hurts.

It f*cking hurts.


Tracy stood with her arms folded in front of her, head bowed as she waited impatiently for her turn.

Three days.

She'd been here for three days after those hefty men had dragged her into the compound and she had fake fainted.

She'd woken up later in a dark room filled a bunch of other girls of different age groups Some were younger, much much younger and others were older than her.

She and the rest of the other girls had been held up in the dark room for three days until today when they'd all been dragged outside unto the huge compound of the mansion.

It was the first time Tracy was seeing the sunlight or getting fresh air after three days.

Outside, they had all been lined up while a ridiculously potbellied ugly man sat on the porch assigning each of them positions.

What positions?, you might ask.

Aside from the line which Tracy and the other girls had formed, there were three more lines.

And when it got to your turn, the potbellied man would either assign you as a prostitute, stripper, spy and con artist or a direct dealer of drugs.

The girls who were assigned prostitution and stripers were lined up on Tracy's right hand side, while the other ones assigned to be spies were on her left hand side and the ones assigned to be dealing in drugs were on the far end.

Tracy sighed.. This was ridiculous. Stupid. She just hoped they would assign her to be a stripper or something and not a damn prostitute. She didn't take this job to become a s*x machine or a drug dealer.


No response.

"Bridget! Hey you Blondie, step forward before I chop your damn legs off!"

The potbellied man yells and Tracy snaps out of her daze Right. Perfect, just great. She rolls her eyes mentally.

She had even forgotten Julian told her to use Bridget. She was known as Bridget here not Tracy.

Stepping out of the line, she made her way forward, feeling tempted to lift her head.

These people here wanted everyone's head to be bowed at all times but f*ck her neck was aching already.

She shifts uncomfortably from foot to foot, awaiting the decision.

"Hmm" the potbellied man mused eyeing her from head to toe.

She looks at him from the corner of her eye, doing a quick once over.

From everything Julian had briefed her about, this man looked nothing like the Park Greene she came here for.

Park Greene wasn't potbellied and he definitely didn't have yellow teeth or an ugly scar on his right cheek like this man.

If so, then Mr Park was somewhere. How long will it take to meet him?.

"Beautiful, Blondie, blue eyes, silky skin, curvy, nice boobs and ass..hmm... With a face and body like yours, I think you'd do well in being a spy. Don't you think?"

He turns to ask the man standing beside him.. The man nods.

"Hmm.. She definitely got the looks and can bring any man to his godamn knees but I think she will be better off as a drug dealer.

With that face and body, she can definitely charge our clients millions for just a tiny bag of cocaine or weed and they'll gladly pay.

I think she'll bring in more money and profit when we put her in that aspect"

Oh no no... No way.

No way in hell was she going to be made to do drugs.

No way.

F*ck. Julian and Mr Knight better make sure she gets out of here alive.

"Hmm. You're right Blackie"

the potbellied man addresses the other man beside him.

Blackie? Such a stupid name for a stupid man, Tracy snorts.

"Perfect. Join that line. Next!"

The man claps, pushing her aside and addressing the other girls who were still waiting inline.

Tracy sighs making her way towards the line at the far end.

Her earbuds with which she used to communicate with Julian and Mr Knight weren't with her anymore.

She had destroyed it the moment some of the guys were ordered to search them.

None of the girls here were allowed to wear any accessories.

No earrings, no bracelet, no necklace, nothing.

Hell, they had even taken her own earrings off and the wristwatch she wore.

She stares at the necklace dangling from her neck.

She pushes it further into her torn dress in an attempt to hide it.. Now all she had was this necklace which had a tiny webcamera built into the locket.

If they found it and took this too then she'll have to find another way to gather evidence.

She better make sure no one sees this necklace.

"Hey you! Blondie!"

Someone yells and she stops, her heart racing in her chest.

"What the f*ck is that around your neck?"




I glare at my idiot of a friend, watching him take a huge gulp of his gin and tonic.

Bad combination.

I tap my fingers against the shiny wood of the counter, waiting for him to say something.

But he doesn't.

He just blatantly ignores me, pouring himself another drink.

"Do you plan on getting drunk Cameron?"

No reply.

"What was that all about?"

I try again.

Still no answer.

I clench my fists, tempted to smash his pretty face in.

"I f*cking asked you a question Cameron don't make me beat the shit out of you!"

He glares at me from the corner of his eyes, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

"I'm a much more experienced fighter than you"

I groan in frustration.

That wasn't the answer I wanted.

I down my Scotch, letting it burn it's way down my throat.

"I'm not kidding Cameron. Answer me damnit, what was the need to talk to your wife like that?"

"She was constantly.."

I smack my hands on the counter loudly before he can continue his sentence which I'm sure is full of gibberish.

"She the f*ck up already. Skylar only called you once and that was because she wanted to know your whereabouts. There was no need to act like a d*ck towards her"

I seethe, eyeing the idiot in front of me.

He just gulps more alcohol running a hand through his hair in obvious frustration. 

I sigh, he's going to have one hell of a hangover tomorrow.

I glance down at my wrist watch.

It's almost five pm.

We've been here more than six hours and this idiot is supposed to be with wife on his honeymoon but no, instead here he is drinking gin and tonic and I just wish I can knock some sense into his head.



He doesn't look at me. He twirls his finger around the tip of the glass.. "You left Skylar all alone at a hotel, a place where she knows absolutely no one just to come here to get drunk? Get up. You should get going, it's almost six now."

"I don't wanna go"

he slurs, the alcohol in his system now manifesting.

I groan.

A Drunk Cameron can really be one hell of a problem.

"Let's go Cameron. You're wasted"

I reach out to take the glass when he snatches it away.

Dear Lord.

"My past will always find me won't it?"

He questions but I have a feeling he's asking no one in particular. I narrow my eyes at him.

"It's weird that you're actually getting drunk just because you found out some bitch who left you at the alter years back came looking for you. Is there something you're not telling me?"

Silence greets me.

"Cameron? What are you not telling me?"

He sighs.

Reaches into his pocket, pulls out his cell phone and throws it at me.

I catch it just before it can fall.. I stare at the phone for a while and wave it at him.

"What am I supposed to do with your phone?"

"Check. Messages."

He slurs, pouring more alcohol.

I do just as he said and scroll through the messages.

"Ok. What the f*ck?"

"That's what I thought too. What the f*ck"

I scroll through the picture messages, back and forth, back and forth.

I stare at the sender of the message.

No name. Just an unknown number.

"Do you.. Do you think this Is a coincidence?"

I finally ask, setting the phone down.

"First Chris comes looking for me, then his wife follows and now I'm getting anonymous numbers sending me photos of my past. I don't believe In coincidences"

he had stopped drinking now and was leaning away from the counter, all his weight pushed onto the barstool he sat on.

"I feel like screaming at someone. I want to smash someone's face in"

he blurts out so calmly you'd think he was just making a baseless statement.

But I knew Cameron better.

He was frustrated.

He's been frustrated for a long time now and all this is adding up to his frustration, building up bit by bit.

Sooner or later, he's going to snap.

I wouldn't be surprised if he punches someone just because they accidentally spilled a drink on him.

"Come on Cameron. Let's leave.. You need to go back to your wife. We'll talk after the honeymoon"

I get up, pulling him up with me.

He grunts in denial muttering incoherent words under his breath.

I slap some money onto the counter and exit.

"Get in"

He stares at me.

"Cameron get into the car"


"May God help me, Cameron get into the car right now!"

I shouldn't have let him take a single drop of alcohol.

"Yes father"

he mutters sarcastically, slipping into the car and slamming the door much loudly.

I sigh getting into the car.

He can be a child sometimes.

We arrive at the hotel almost forty minutes later.

With loud grunts, I drag a heavily drunk Cameron into the hotel, who's dropped his entire weight on me by the way.

"Are you trying to say you can't walk on your own? You're crushing me" 

I groan leading him to the elevator.

He may be drunk but I'm sure he can at least walk.

If anyone knows how to handle alcohol, it's Cameron

"Where's the fun in that?"


I grumble balancing him with one arm as I reach out with the other to press the button to open elevator.

It doesn't budge.

Perhaps it's occupied.

I stand back,waiting.

We wait for a while until the elevator dings and it opens revealing a man, a very young white handsome man might I add talking and laughing with Skylar.

It looked like they were hugging or something of that sort.

They were so engrossed in they're conversation they didn't even notice the elevator had stopped.

I turn to glance at Cameron and true enough, all the drunkenness seemed to have vanished suddenly.

His eyes were glazed over with rage, anger.

His jaw tightly set as he slowly let go off me to stand on his own.

Sh*t. F*ck f*ck.

Now Cameron is going to have a reason to vent out his frustration. On the wrong person too.

He takes a step forward and I know, I just know that the situation with Natalie and that anonymous threat message and seeing his wife cozy with another man and the alcohol still in his system was more than enough to make him blow up.

He was going to cause a scene.

I have to stop him.




I climb down the bed after placing the receiver down.

I'd just made a call to enquire if the hotel had a restaurant and they'd told me yes.

My stomach rumbles again.

I sigh, rummaging through my purse to collect the money I had on me.

Luckily, I hadn't spent any of it since I'd moved in with Cameron.

This is the perfect time to use it.

I just hope it'll be enough to buy me a plate of real food, not the Burger and casserole I had left in the fridge.

It's almost six pm now, two hours since I called Cameron only for him to say hurtful words to me. 

I blink, grabbing a brush to brush my hair.

I wipe the remnants of teardrops from underneath my now puffy eyes and exit the hotel room.

I make my way towards the elevator when I stop, deciding to take the stairs instead.

I turn and proceed towards the stairs when I bump into someone.

I groan stepping back.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry"

deep velvet voice fills my ears as I look up, rubbing my forehead. A red haired young man stood In front of me, breathing heavily.

"'s fine" 

I say

"I'm really sorry, I wasn't looking and... Are you crying? Did I hit you that hard? Christ I'm.."

'I'm fine. I'm not crying"

I was but now I'm not. He nods, sighing heavily.

"Uhh..have you per chance come across a little blonde girl? She's four years old and wearing a flowery dress"

"No, I haven't"

"Damnit, my wife is going to have my head for losing her again"

he grumbles and I smile.

"Uhh. I think you should inform the security, it'll be easier to find your daughter"

I suggest. He considers it for a moment before shaking his head.

"Nah, I'll find her"

he dismisses with a wave of his hand.

As if on cue, we hear a loud scream coming from the floors beneath and the red haired man grins.

"Told you I'd find her"

"Uhh, that doesn't sound like a four year old's voice"

I mutter under my breath.

"Yea but that scream was caused by her"

he says as a matter of factly and it takes me a moment before his words sink in.

I laugh slightly.

"She must be one hell of a troublemaker"

He groans loudly.

"You have no idea. I can't wait for her to get married!"

"You will have to wait for years to come then"

Another scream echoes through the walls and the man's eyes widen.


He practically runs towards the elevator and I watch on.

He turns just as the elevator opens

"Aren't you coming ma'am? Thought you were going down?"


I bite my lip. I was going to use the stairs.

On a second thought, I don't even know why I was going to use the stairs in the first place.

Sighing, I follow him into the elevator.

As we wait for it to take us to our destination, my feet wobbles slightly and the man catches me before I can fall, his arms around my waist.

"You okay?"

"Yea. Fine. Just dizzy"

I blink rapidly.

I didn't eat the whole of yesterday and today, all I had was a cup of coffee and two bites out of an entire burger.

I'm bound to feel dizzy.. As I try to maintain my balance, the red haired man says something about his daughter which has me remembering some of Sean's antics and I can't help but laugh.

The elevator dings suddenly as it comes to a stop.

"Oh well. I have to go. It was nice talking with you. I'm Logan by the way."


we shake hands.

"You sure you're okay Skylar? I could call for an ambulance"

"No it's fine. Thank you. You should go after your daughter"

"I should"

he grumbles and I chuckle, slipping my hand away from his, his other arm falling off my waist just as a loud clap interrupts us.

I turn.


"I leave for a few hours and you're already getting cozy with another man?"

I blink, taken aback.

"What? No. I was just dizzy and he helped me..that's all...Are you drunk?"

The smell of alcohol hits me.

I turn to Julian.

"I tried to stop him" he defends quickly.

"Uhh. I should go"

Logan clears his throat awkwardly.

"I'm sorry, my husband is drunk"

I send him an apologetic smile.

"It's fine. Bye"

he turns and walks away.

I step out of the elevator only for Cameron to lunge forward pushing me back inside harshly.

Julian jumps in too just before it closes.

Once the elevator comes to a stop, I step out and proceed to make my way towards our suite when Cameron's next words stop me.

"You're just like all of them"

"Cameron don't. You're drunk. You're frustrated but don't let it out on the wrong person"

Julian tries to hold him back but his efforts proved futile.

Cameron advances towards me, a certain look I'd never seen before flashing in his eyes, causing me to take a step back.

He's looking at me like I'm someone else.


He points a finger at me

"..are such a whore"

I blink.

"Pardon me?"

"I said, you are such a whore!"

He repeats louder and my eyes sting with tears.

I push it down immediately.

"'re drunk Cameron. Let's go inside so you can sleep" 

I say as calmy as I can to avoid any scene but he just continues.

"I left you for just a few hours and you're already getting cozy with some stupid white man?"

"We weren't doing anything. Logan was just helping me"

"Oh would you look at that? She even knows his name. Logan. Ha!"

I bite my lip, trying to keep my emotions at bay. Two wrongs don't make a right.

"Tell me. Did he f*ck you? Did you like it? Was he as good as I was in bed hmm?"

He sneers and I gasp.


"Cameron that's enough now"

Julian hisses but Cameron was having none of it.

He looked like he wanted to let his anger out and I was the perfect bait at the moment.

"F*cking tell me! Did you like it? Did he touch you like I did? Did you scream his name?" "He..he's a married man Cameron" 

I stutter, tears blinding my vision, emotions clogging my throat.

"Oh so you're into married men now?"

"Shut the f*ck up Cameron. You're crossing the line"

Julian warns.

"I asked you a question Skylar answer me damiit!"

He yells and I flinch.

From the corner of my eye I notice a few people popping their heads out of their hotel rooms to see what the noise was all about. 

I may not have known Cameron for long, but if there's one thing I know for sure, it's the fact that he doesn't get drunk.

Something might have happened when he left abruptly this morning after that call.

Something must be getting him worked up but that doesn't mean he can vent his frustrations on me. 

I won't let him.

"F*cking answer me? Did you f*ck him for information? Is he one of your victims hmm? Were you assigned to seduce him with your pretty face to get information just like you did to me? Did you like it hmm? You're such a great actress I'm sure...."


The back of my hand makes contact with his cheeks as I slap him hard.

Unable to control my rage, I slap him again, the sound echoing through the walls of the hotel.



My palm hurt from the slap.

The back of my hand hurt.

My eyes stung with unshed tears.

But my heart.

My heart was what hurt the most.

My chest heave up and down as I try to calm my raging emotions.

It's not working.

This freaking breathing exercise isn't working.

It's just increasing the pain in my heart.

I feel my heart break into a million pieces to the ground, buried beneath my river of tears.

It f*cking hurts.

I've been humiliated by men my entire life.

All the men who worked for and worked with Mr Park had gotten their own share of humiliating me, calling me unforgivable things.

But this, this one cut right through me.

I stagger backwards and Julian leaves Cameron's side to catch me. I shrug his hand off immediately.

"Don't..t..touch me"

my throat feels dry suddenly.

The hunger from earlier coming back with full force and dizziness washes over me again.

I plant my hands to the wall to steady myself, fighting back the tears. Without another word, I turn and find my way into our suite and into the bathroom.

Fully clothed, I sink into the bathtub, bringing my knees up to my chest as I let the tears flow.

I can't hold it back.

I sob into my knees, my tears mixing with the water filling the tub. Stupid.

You're so stupid Skylar.

Did you think he'd ever change? No.

He's always going to be the same asshole and inconsiderate heartless man you met.

Now you fell in love with him and he wasn't there to catch you. Instead, he laid a foundation full of rocks so you could fall on.

"I hate you Cameron. I hate you!"

The sounds of flowing water drowns my tears.

This, this has got to be the worst honeymoon to ever be recorded. The f*cking worst.

That's if you can call this a honeymoon at all.

I remain in the bathroom when I hear the door open, followed by footsteps.

Not even when I hear Julian calling out for me or when he tells me he would call me or when he tells me he's left some pills on the table for Cameron's hangover do I answer.

I remain quiet until the door shuts.

A while later, I drain the water from the tub and take off my wet clothes and dump it somewhere.

Wiping my body with a towel, I wrap a bathrobe around my body and exit.

Cameron was asleep when I got back.

I turn away from him, step into a pair of pyjamas and grab an extra pillow and comforter and settle on the couch.

I stared at the ceiling tfir what seemed like eternity until sleep carried me away.


It was barely 6am when I woke up the next morning.

Dragging myself off the couch, I walk into the bathroom to do my business and exit in fresh clothes to find Cameron awake.

He was sitting up, head against the headboard as he clutched his head in obvious pain.

Sighing, I puck up the pills Julian left last night and pour a glass of water from the jug.

"Here. For your headache"

I mutter


He takes the pills and swallows it before gulping some water.

I turn away from him and settle back into the couch, pulling the comforter up to cover my entire body save for my head.

I feel unbelievably cold today.

Silence hangs between us as I stare into space, thinking of nothing in particular.

I don't budge when I hear shuffling followed by approaching footsteps.

I don't turn not until I feel hands on my forehead.

"Your temperature is high"

"Don't touch me" 

I seethe hitting his hand away. Guilt flashes in his eyes. I look away

"I'm sorry Skylar.. About last night, I was drunk..I.."

"Stop talking. Just stay away. Don't you ever come near me"

I say as calmly as I can muster. There's no use In screaming my head off. It won't convey my message any less.

"Skylar please, I.."

He touches my shoulder.

I was off the couch in an instant, my palm making contact with his cheeks.

I slap him, hard.

"You're a bastard!"

"I deserved that.."

The ringing of his phone Interrupts him before he could continue and he turns with a loud sigh, picking his phone off the bed and answering.


I turn away, folding the comforter.

There was silence for a while as Cameron listened to whoever was on the line.

He sighs after a while and hangs up.

"Uh..that was the lawyer.. And we have to meet with him.

Uhh we have to leave Skylar.. I'm sorry our honeymoon had to be cut short".

I grab the suticsse that sat behind the couch and zip it open harshly, throwing everything inside.. "This wasn't a honeymoon anyway" 

I reply, blinking away the tears threatening to fall.

This was just a beautiful dream which I had to wake up from one day or the other.

I push everything into the suitcase, not bothering to fold them.

What good will it do anyway.

"I'm done. We can leave"

I say in a clipped tone, setting the suitcase down.

"Skylar we can have breakfast first.. Uhh..I can order something for us to eat before..."

"You can have breakfast if you want"

I cut him off, walking past him to set the bed, making sure everything is just the way it was before we occupied it.


Furing the ride home, I was silent,looking out the window. I could occasionally feel Cameron's eyes on me the entire time throughout the ride.

I didn't have it in me to acknowledge or look him in the eye.

Being drunk was no excuse for whatever he said.

Branding me a whore and barring out my secret about being a spy like that. I'm sure everyone on that floor in the hotel heard every single thing.

I jump out of the car immediately it comes to a stop in front of Julian's apartment. Walking to the porch, I ring the doorbell.

It opens a second later and Sean comes barrelling into me.


I crouch down to his height, wrapping my arms around his little frame.

"Hey buddy, missed me?"

"A whole lot. I missed you mom"

"I missed you more baby. You eaten yet?"

I pull back tucking in his shirt and fixing his belt.

"No. Uncle Julian was making breakfast"

"Hmm. I'll prepare you breakfast and pack some chicken for your lunch okay?"

"And lots of pasta" 

I chuckle

"Fine. And pasta. Come on" 

I straighten up, about to take his hand when he sets eyes on Cameron making his entry.

He rushes to him, screaming in joy. I sigh, walking into the kitchen. "Hey Julian"

I grab an apron hanging on the wall and put it on.

"Oh hey Skylar. You're back?"

"Yep. I'm back. Let me help"

I walk past him to grab a few oranges.

"You don't have to Skylar. I've got this"

"I practically live here too Julian. It's the least I could do to help. Do you have juice?" 

I set the oranges into a bowl of water and begin to wash.

"No. I was actually going to buy some as soon as I was done with breakfast"

"Well then I'll make the juice. I used to make homemade juice for Sean"

"Okay then"

He nods, flipping the eggs in the pan.


I call after a while of silence


He turns, turning off the stove.

I throw myself at him.

He stiffens.

"Thank you. For being there for me. You, you're like the big brother I never had"

He chuckles, hugging me back.

"And you're like the sister I never had"

he flicks my nose when we pull away.

I go back to juicing the oranges while Julian toasts some bread.

I could feel his eyes on me and I could tell he had more to say.

Perhaps ask me why our honeymoon had been cut short or perhaps ask me about the situation with Cameron after our argument but he didn't. And I'm glad he didn't.


After packing Sean's lunch into his bag, I pull out a few dollars and give to him.

"Here Sean. Buy some.." "Pickles?"

He finishes and I laugh.

"Yes buy some pickles. Be a good boy okay? And no running hmm?"

"Yes mom"

"Good. Bye"

I kiss him on the cheeks just as Julian begins to lead him out.

I watch until they leave.

I would have preferred Sean to go by the school bus but Julian had insisted it wasn't safe to take the tiniest of risks.

The bus could be ambushed, probably.

He'd said countless times that it would be much safer if he dropped Sean at school personally and made sure he got to his class.

I couldn't be more thankful.

I gather the plates from the dining table and take them into the kitchen to wash.

I felt his presence before I saw him. His intoxicating coconut smell invaded my senses as he stepped into the kitchen.


I cringe at the nickname.

"I'll serve your breakfast"

without looking at him, I grab a clean plate to dish his food when his warm hands grab my wrist. I suck in a breath at the electricity that buzzes through my entire system.

I suddenly feel like it's been ages since I had him so near.

Slowly, Cameron turns me to face him, his fingers under my chin lifting my head up.

"Look at me princess. Please"

his voice was incredibly low I can't.

I gulp.

He runs a hand through my hair as his lips connects with my forehead. I step away Immediately from his hold before my emotions could betray me.

"Don't come close"

"I'm sorry. Forgive me.. I just..I can't stand this distance betwen us. It's hurting me more than I would like. I.. I know what I did was uncalled for and really stupid but I want you to know that I won't stop until you forgive me. I won't stop until you can look up at me with those beautiful eyes again. Until you begin to tease me and make sassy remarks, until you begin to roll your etes at me anytime I say something crazy, I won't stop. I won't stop princess.I'm really sorry"

I blink. You're not helping the situation Cameron.

"I..made orange juice. Would you like me to pour you some? It's actually homemade and I don't know if you'll like it.."

I say instead, turning away.

"I'll take anything you give me princess"

he answers. I don't say anything.

I chose to keep quiet as I began to dish out his food.


An hour later, the lawyer who's name was Michael Norman and looked to be in his early forties arrived.

He was supposed to be our defense lawyer.

The meeting had been brief.

All he'd done was ask me to tell him everything I knew from the moment the doctor confirmed me pregnant.

I didn't know how all this information was going to help in winning the case because everything happened back in Ghana and well, I had no witness or evidence except for the doctor who'd confirmed that I was truly pregnant.

She was the same doctor who took pity on me and run several test on me to see if I had been raped or anything since I kept claiming I'd never had any s*xual relations with any man.

She was the one who'd put the doubt in my head that the pregnancy could be as a result of artificial insemination seeing as the test result didn't show any signs that I'd ever been penetrated.

As embarrassing as it was, I told the lawyer everything.

He'd later excused himself and left so he could finish some documents.

As I lay in bed that very night, my eyes couldn't stop glancing at the wall clock.

Tomorrow was a Friday.

The day of the first court hearing. I let out a sigh, tossing in bed.

Strangely enough, Maurice hadn't texted or called me after he demanded I give him my address so he could send his lawyers to me to deliver the notice of the court.

Of course, I had sent him Cameron's email account instead.

It's very strange he hasn't tried to call or text me.

He could be up to something.

I just hope.

I just hope we have a case strong enough to win custody of Sean tomorrow.

I just pray so.



I wake up to a cool sensation across my forehead.

I groan, blinking my eyes open to find Cameron seated at the edge of the bed, squeezing water out of a wet small towel into a bowl.

"W..what are you doing?"

I croak out.

My throat feels so dry.

My entire body feels like it's on fire.

"I came to check up on you during the night and well, you were burning up. I think you're coming down with a fever Skylar"

he explains.

I try to lift myself off the bed only to fall back again.

I feel something cold and soothing against my forehead and I look up as Cameron dabs my forehead with the wet towel.

I sigh, curling myself into a ball.

"You've been eating very poorly these past few days Skylar. Please let me do this. It'll help with your temperature unless you want me to call a doctor"

"No doctors" 

I mumble, pulling the duvet to cover my body.

My eyes feel heavy with sleep.

"I'm sleepy"

"Sleep princess. There's a few more hours till morning. Go to sleep"

his soothing voice fills my ears as I feel warm fingers brushing my hair out of my face and tucking it behind my eyes.

His lips touch my forehead in a light kiss.

I don't react.

I'm too tired.

I sigh when the cool cloth is placed back on my forehead and I fall into another deep sleep.


When I woke up again, it was past nine am.

Oh my God.

I begin to fly off the bed when strong arms grip me, pinning me to the bed.

"Relax Skylar"

I don't need to look to know who the voice belongs to.

"Relax? Are you f*cking kidding me? It's nine am okay and the hearing begins at ten thirty. Don't tell me to calm down"

I try to fight him off but he just pins me harder.

"Let go Cameron. Let me go!"

"I will. But not until you stop fighting me. Now I'm going to release you and you're going to go take a bath and I will be here waiting with your breakfast got it?"

I glare at him.

"Who the f*ck do you think you are to order me around?"

"I know I don't have the right. I probably lost every right I had on you but this is about your health Skylar. You were running a fever the entire night. I just want to make sure you have your food this time"

he says cupping ky cheeks


he adds and I cave, my stupid body betraying me.

I find myself nodding.

"Thank you"

he gets off me and I rush into the bathroom. I exit later in a bathrobe and true enough, Cameron was seated on the bed like a king, a tray of several plates of food on his lap.

I raise an eyebrow.

"Who's going to eat all that?"

I take a seat further away from him as he pushes the tray towards me.

"You. You need to eat to make up for all the days you went by on an empty stomach. Eat"

Sighing, I pick up the fork and knife and stare at the very well spiced fried chicken before me.

Who the hell uses fork and knife these days?.

Pfft! I drop the cutlery loudly and pick up a chicken piece with my hand, biting a huge chunk off and licking the spices off my fingers.

I don't care if I'm eating like a mad woman before Cameron, I just need to be quick.

Oh shush, you're just hungry.

My conscience snaps and I roll my eyes taking more bites off the chicken.

I turn to the second bowl.

"Is this, green bean casserole?"

I ask Cameron and he nods.

"How do you know?"

I blush.

"Well, I was going through new recipes on Julian's laptop and well I stumbled on it" 

I grab the spoon and scoop some into my mouth.

"You love to cook?"

"A lot" 

I reply and we fall into silence as I finish my food.

After eating, Cameron gives me some pills to take and exits so I could get dressed.

After dressing, I left to meet Cameron outside on the porch. Julian was nowhere to be found.

"Where's Julian?"

"He's sorting some things out with some clients at the office, he'll meet us at the court"

he replies and I nod, slipping into the car.

Throughout the ride, I was nervous and giddy.

So nervous that when the car came to a halt, I jumped in my seat.

Cameron's hand covered mine which was rested on my lap.

He squeezed my hand assuringly and I was tempted to pull my hand away but I recalled he's the one helping me.

Despite our differences, he's still helping me.

He got me a lawyer even.

The least I can do is to appreciate him.

No need to bring my emotions into this. He wasn't even aware I was in love with him. I sigh, giving him a small smile.

"Sean is going to be yours only. I promise you princess."



He opens the car door, ready to step out.

"Honestly, no" 

I say truthfully.

"If anything, trust me on this. I'll be with you every step of the way"

And for some twisted reason, I still trust him.

Taking in a deep breath, I alight.

Brooklyn Supreme Court, the words at the top of the building read.

Upon all the small courts in new York, Maurice had to bring his case to a Supreme court? There was a family court in new York for God's sake and he came to a supreme court? My palms feel sweaty.

"Hey" Cameron takes my hand. I look nervously at him.

"I'm here with you. Together remember? We're in this together"


I squeeze his hand.

Mr Norman, our lawyer approaches us just then.

"Good morning Mr and Mrs Knight"

"Good morning Mr Norman"

"I just want to remind you never to let yourself get intimidated. The prosecuting lawyer may ask you tricky questions but please no matter what, keep your cool, they might use that as a leverage against you. And don't say anything you haven't discussed with me yet okay?"

My head is already spinning.

I manage a small yes.

"Very well, let's go take our seats, the judge will arrive any minute"

Silently, I follow him into the courthouse.

We take our seats and my eyes find Maurice immediately, smirking at me.

I look away.

"Court rise!"

The clerk announces and we all rise as the judge makes appearance.

He takes a seat and we all do too.

"Let the proceedings begin. Prosecutor, present your case"

the judge says and Maurice's lawyer gets up to present the case.

I tune out as both lawyers start talking.

"Skylar Sampson, please if you may" 

I perk up when the prosecutor calls me.

I sigh, get up and walk up to the witness box.

A Bible is brought and I swear to tell nothing but the truth.

Funny, because everything Maurice is accusing me of is a blatant lie.

"So..Miss Sampson.."

He begins

"Mrs. It's Mrs Knight. Skylar Knight"

I correct him.

"Excuse me what?"

"I'm a married woman. It's Mrs Skylar Knight"

I flash my ring, Cameron smirks.

Maurice and his lawyers mouth hangs open in shock. I smirk.

" Pardon me for my error Mrs Knight.. So umm...."

He clears his throat and starts questioning me and I do my best to answer him trying hard to stop myself from grabbing him and pulling his head off.

He's asking me really incriminating question.

"I and everyone here has heard you and your honor, I'd like to put it to you that everything you said are lies.

The thing about artificial insemination is a cutout lie because I have evidence here with me which shows that you and my client were lovers and the pregnancy was as a result of mutual s*x.

You knew my client Maurice way before and are lying about not knowing him until just a week ago"

What the f*ck?


I can't help but yell.

Evidence? Maurice and I lovers?.

What nonsense!

"It's not true. I didn't know any Maurice until he showed up suddenly to demand custody of my son"

I try to keep calm just as Mr Norman instructed.

God knows I want to slap the damn lawyer.

Me and Maurice? Lovers?

"Miss..sorry.. Mrs Knight, I'm a lawyer and I do not speak until I have evidence to back my words. And right now, if you have evidence to back your own words then please the defense lawyer is free to present it to the judge otherwise I might as well sue you for blatantly lying in a court and trying to slander my client"

What the bleeping f*ck! Sue me? I turn to Mr Norman for help.

I don't know what to do. F*ck I have no evidence.

"Pardon me your honor"

Mr Norman gets up.

"I'd like to ask for a little time. My witness is on her way"

What witness is he talking about?

"Very well. The court shall go on a fifteen minute recess. You have fifteen minutes to get your witness ready"

the judge announces, hits his plank with the wooden hammer thing and gets up.

"Court rise!"

I wait till the judge leaves before I rush to Mr Norman.

"What was that? Witness? Where did you get this witness from?"

I seethe.

"Remember you told us about a certain doctor who run some tests on you? Well I searched her name up online last night in the hospital you'd named and couldn't find her. So I called the hospital and asked about her. I was told her shift had ended and was off duty. I pleaded for her number and well I called her. It was difficult to persuade her to come all the way to America and testify in favour of some patient she took care of nearly six years back. I wasn't even sure she would remember you but Luckily, she remembered you because you were the only patient who had come to her with the case of artificial insemination. It was rare. After pleading nonstop, she accepted to fly here. I arranged everything for her to fly here. She promised me she was taking the next flight here. And well, she was supposed to land in new York an hour ago yet I haven't heard from her. I've been calling her and it's not going through"

Cameron explains. I blink in surprise. He did all that?

" got hold of the doctor?"


" you think she'll make it? We have only fifteen minutes before the hearing continues. Cameron what if...what if.."

"Don't say it princess. The doctor is fine and safe. I'd like to believe this isn't a movie where the witness doesn't show up in court because he or she was shot or murdered or that sh*t. The doctor will be here princess. I know she will"

I hope so. She's my last chance.

I hope she arrives soon to testify in my favour.

If not I'll lose Sean.

I'll lose my son.

She's my last chance at winning this case. My last.


*** I'm sorry guys. I had a lot of assignment to do this week. I made this chapter as long as I can. Happy reading..



I lean against Cameron's car, biting my lips nervously as I watch him dial the doctor's number over and again.

I tap my foot to the ground repeatedly, trying to think of something, anything to get my mind off things.

I'm scared.

Really scared.

Maurice came really prepared, so prepared he even managed to fabricate evidence that we were lovers.

That's f*cking absurd.


familiar hands entangle in my hair, massaging my scalp softly.

I sigh. "Cam"

"She will be here. I promise you"

I look up at him to find him staring at my lips.

It's been what? Two whole days since we kissed or had any sort of physical contact.

God it feels like forever.

I bite my lip and his Adam's apple bobs as he swallows.

He tips his head, lower and lower until his lips are just a few inches from mine.

He's going to kiss me.

I plant my hands on his chest and pull away, putting distance between us.

"Don't. Don't kiss me"

He steps away instantly, running a hand through his hair.. "I'm..I'm sorry."

"It's fine"

I say looking anywhere but him.

I can't afford to look him in the eye.

I'd cave and want to be in his arms once more.

That's how much he affects me.

We stood in awkward silence for a while until he spoke up again.


I blink.

He's never called me Sky before.

It's always either Skylar, princess or girl.


"Can we..can you promise me one thing?"

"You're not in the position to ask me that Cameron"

"I know.. I know.. Just this once. Please"

Please. Cameron never uses that word.


I sigh

"Can you promise me that after this court case is over you and I will have a talk? Just you and I?"


I reply without much thought.

Mr Norman approaches us, sharing eye contact with Cameron who shakes his head at him.

Mr Norman sighs.

"Have you called her?"

"Severally. It isn't going through"

Cameron answers.

"The fifteen minutes are over Mr Knight. We should get going"

I nod meekly and follow silently behind the two men, every ounce of hope I had left slowly shrinking away.

Once we reach the huge door, Mr Norman turns to address me.

"And always remember Mrs Knight, never allow yourself to get intimidated. Keep your cool at all times and stand firm on every statement you make. The prosecuting lawyer for all we know, could be lying about having evidences of you and Maurice being lovers. Perhaps he's using the fact that we don't have substantial evidence to his advantage. He's trying to corner you, make you panic and with the slightest slip of tongue, he'll hold your words against you even if they are lies. No matter what he says, don't change your story and..."

"Always keep your cool"

I finish for him and he nods satisfactorily and we proceed inside the court room.

We all stand as the judge makes appearance.

"Alright. Let the court proceedings continue."

The judge begins and gestures to Mr Norman.

"Defense, is your witness ready yet?"

I gulp, eyes darting towards Cameron.

He nods slightly, reaching out to squeeze my hand in assurance.

"Pardon me your honor but the defense doesn't have a witness. He is just wasting our time. Shall we please continue with the proceedings?"

Maurice's stupid lawyer chips in and I feel like throwing something at him.

God he's so infuriating.

"Your honor, if you'd please give us just a few more minutes. My witness must be stuck in traffic I'm sure. Please just a few more minutes"

Mr Norman gets up and Maurice's lawyer snickers. "Who the f*ck certified him to practice law?"

Cameron grumbles beside me and I couldn't agree more.

"I'm sorry but we've given you enough time and can't wait any longer. The proceedings will have to continue.."

"Sorry I'm late!" 

A feminine voice yells from behind and I turn, my eyes finding the woman we had been waiting for standing at the entrance.

Mr Norman gets up and rushes to meet her halfway.

"I'm sorry I'm late. Our flight was delayed by an hour"

she apologises and I shake my head.

No apologies needed.

"It's fine. Come. Come on"

"Your honor, this is doctor Claire Newman, my witness. Pleses if you'd allow"

Mr Norman says taking a stack of files from the doctor.

The judge nods, motioning for her to step inside the witness box.

She's made to swear after which the prosecutor steps forward and the questions begin.

"So Claire Newman is it? Are you a doctor?"

No, she's a damn carpenter.

What a stupid question

"I am"

she replies.

"And aside from being certified, you practise it too right? I mean you're not just a doctor on paper but you're a medical practioner correct?"


"And Mrs Knight here" he points at me.

"Was once your patient?"

"Yes she was"

"And that was almost six years ago right? So I'm curious, how do you still remember her after all these years? I mean as a doctor you get over fifty patients on daily basis so how is it you remember her after all these years? How much did they pay you?".

What the f*ck? "Objection your honor!"

Mr Norman gets up.

"The prosecutor is making frivolous accusation against my witness and I"

"Prosecutor, refrain from asking such question"

"Pardon me your honor" the lawyer apologises and turns to the doctor "So as I was saying.. How was it possible that you remembered this particular patient after five good years when you deal with hundreds of patients daily?"

Doctor Newman takes a deep breath before replying.


She shrugs and continues "I'd say Mrs Knight's case was unique.

In all my years of medical practitioning, she was and is the only patient who'd come to me with the case of artificial insemination.

When she had come to me with complains of constant vomiting, nausea, tiredness and all, I'd run series of tears on her which proved she was pregnant.

I remember how she had began to laugh hysterically after I gave her the news.

When she realised I was being serious, she went totally ballistic and passed out later. When she came to, she kept insisting she couldn't be pregnant because she had never had s*xual intercourse whatsoever.

I was baffled. She was so loud and persistent the entire hospital heard of her. I had to do something.

I knew of the artificial insemination but I'd never dealt with it before. We run more tests on her and true enough, Mrs Knight was a virgin. It was proven so then our options were narrowed to one. And that was insemination.

It was the only way to get a woman pregnant without penetration.

All the test results are with Mr Norman. Though they're a bit crumpled. I had a hard time finding them." She finishes and Mr Norman hands over the files to the court clerk who in turn hands it to the judge. "No more questions your honor"

the prosecuting lawyer says and walks back to his seat as Mr Norman gets up to question the doctor.. Of course he has no more questions, idiotic lawyer.

After doctor Newman left the witness box to take a seat beside me, Maurice's lawyer called out certain people he claimed to be witnesses of I and Maurice's supposed love affair.

I'd never even set eyes on these damn witnesses before for heavens sake! They're all lying. I'm sure they've all been bribed.

I sit uneasily biting my lips as both lawyers argue back and forth, to and fro so much so that I lost track of what they were saying.

I zoned out.

The judges sudden scream.

"Order!" Brought me back to reality.

"The court has been adjourned to the first Tuesday of next month which is next week. Both parties have one week to present their final evidences. I shall give my final verdict next week. This court has been adjourned!".. He hits his plank and gets up. We all rise.

The moment the judge exits, Cameron and I exit too.

"Good too see you again Skylar"

doctor Newman grins the second we step outside.

"Believe me doctor the feeling is mutual"

I tap my feet, wondering if it'll be appropriate if I pulled her into a hug.. "Aren't you going to give me a hug?".

That was all the invitation I needed as I threw myself at her practically tackling her.

She laughed hugging me back.

We hug for a while before pulling back.

"Thank you for coming doctor. You don't know how much this means to me. Thank you so much"

tears prickle my eyes and she catches it before it could fall.

"Don't cry Skylar. You should be thanking your husband. He spent almost three hours on the phone with me just to convince me to come here. You wouldn't imagine how much money he spent in just taking care of our flight tickets. You know, he bought tickets for my entire family just to convince me. He loves you, you know"

I turn to glance at Cameron who was discussing with Mr Norman.

"I love him too" I admit. I would never be able to tell Cameron this though. Our marriage is only short lived. "I'm glad you're happy. You deserve it. Come on" she leads me towards the car where Cameron was.

"Hey" he turns to us

"Are we going home?"

I ask

"Yes. But before that.." He trails off, stuffs his hand into his pocket and when he pulls it out, he was holding a pair of dangling diamond earrings.

"What's this Cameron? This isn't the time to be giving me gifts!"

I hiss.

"Relax princess. This isn't just a pair of earrings.. Uhh well, there's a recorder in these earrings"

he explains, pushing my hair back and taking off the earrings I wore.

I blink.


"Look over there"

I glance at where he pointed, to see Maurice making his way towards us.

"He's coming towards us princess. And I'd like to capture everything he says."

"B..but Cameron.."

"Relax. Mr Norman, the doctor and I are going to leave you alone so you both can talk. Remember, people let their guards down when they're sure no one is watching."

He says as he puts the new dangling earrings on me. I bite my lip.

"You look beautiful"

he plants a kiss to my forehead. I sigh.

"And don't forget, men literally feed on ego"

"Yeah I know. You're a perfect example of that"

I mutter and he chuckles.

"I'm glad you're aware. Just remember to always hit the nail right on the head. Make sure to say things to anger him. Things that would make him lose control and snap. Make sure to bruise his ego. I'm sure he's going to say something, anything we can use against him in court next week yeah?"

He covers the earrings with my hair. He pulls away.

Maurice was near now.

"Alright princess. Mr Norman and I are going to discuss something. We'll be back soon. Please stay here and don't talk to strangers"

Cameron says rather loudly and I can't help but roll my eyes. He's such a lousy actor.

"Yes baby"

I say loudly too and he grins pecking my lips.

"I'll be back"

he disappears with Mr Norman. Immediately, doctor Newman also speaks up

"Oh.. Look my husband is calling me. Please excuse me Skylar"

she disappears too.

Jeez, these people are bad actors.

Her phone wasn't even ringing.

I sigh, readying myself as Maurice finally stops in front of me, glancing at cabeeon who was now crossing the street.

"So don't talk to strangers huh? Your boyfriend.. Oops sorry, your husband is hilarious"

he taunts.. I remain quiet, leaning against the car.

He sighs dramatically, reaching out to caress my hair. I slap his hand away, glaring at him.

"You're so beautiful Skylar. If you weren't do hot headed and stubborn, we would have been a happy family. You, sean and I"

I fake gag

"You? And I? Family? You must be going crazy. Do you even call yourself a man? A real man? I'd gladly choose a dirty pig over someone like you"

His eyes darken instantly and I know I hit a nerve. Way to go Sky.

" ungrateful dirty mouthed b*tch!"

"What? Me ungrateful? God you're so damn delusional aren't you? After destroying my life, you still call me ungrateful?"

"At least I gave you a gift. A son. You should be grateful I didn't r*pe you that night."

He scoffs.

I smirk.

He just confessed.



This man has a lot of ego problems and he sure likes to talk a lot and bluff and gloat like a pregnant frog.

And I'm going to use that against him. Next week, I'm taking Sean home as mine and mine alone.

"I'm going to win this case Maurice, and I'll sue you for defamation and performing artificial Insemination on me without my permission. It's illegal and a crime punishable by law. I'd make sure you go to jail, trust me"

Maurice laughs

"Me? Jail? You will sue me? Don't make me gag Skylar. I have the money and with just a few dollars, I can buy the judge and he would do everything I f*cking say. You know what they say, money talks bullsh*t works".

I grin. Keep talking you stupid old buffoon.

Keep talking.




Cameron asks the moment he appears in front of me after Maurice had left looking glum, thinking he'd managed to corner me.

"Where are Mr Norman and the doctor?"

I ask instead

"Mr Norman went home and I took a cab for doctor Claire. So tell me, did you catch the fish?"

He asks impatiently and I grin.

"I did not just catch a fish Cam, I caught a f*cking whale!"

I squeal and he covers my mouth instantly.

"Shh..language princess. We are in public"

I nod slapping his hands off my mouth.

He smirks.

"So you caught a whale huh?"

I nod vigorously, throwing myself at him.

He laughs, catching me before I could tackle him to the floor

"We did it Cam"

"No princess. You did it. You're my brave little flower"

I frown, pulling back.

"I am not a little flower"


he flicks my nose instead of replying me and slips into the car.

I roll my eyes, slipping into the car too and he drives off.

Throughout the car ride, my eyes didn't leave Cameron.

His brows were knitted in concentration as he drove, occasionally looking behind us through the rearview mirror to see if we were being followed.

Before I had arrived in his life, I'm sure Cameron never bothered to look behind him anytime he drove.

But today, here he was, constantly looking behind him as if his life depended on it.

I had taken too much of his freedom.

Too much.

Not to forget his money too.

I don't even want to think about the amount he'd spent in buying plane tickets for doctor Claire and her family.

I don't want to think about how much he was spending paying for a lawyer like Mr Norman and buying of foodstuff almost everyday to feed my son and I.

He was a saint.

My saint.

Sure Cameron had hurt me but it was nothing compared to everything he had and is still doing for me.

Though it may be temporary, he literally gave me a new life, a kind of happiness I've never felt.

He gave me the chance to be a wife, his wife, his princess.

And he gave my son a father.

Why can't I forgive him then? It was just a mistake.

A drunken mistake and I have every reason to forgive him.

All that matters is that he's here, and hasn't for a second let go off my hand.

When the car finally came to a stop in front of Julian's apartment, I tackled Cameron the moment we stepped inside.

I grab him by the collar and push him backwards violently until his back hit the dining table.

I kiss him.

Hard and fervently.

He stiffened for a while at my sudden action.

I won't blame him.

I had pushed him away when he tried to kiss me earlier.

Cameron pulls away, refusing to kiss me.

"W..what are you doing?"

"Kissing my husband"

I pout

"Skylar. You still haven't forgiven me yet remember? I don't want you kissing me because you feel indebted me. No don't do that. No matter how good I've been to you, it still doesn't surpass how much I've hurt you and I curse myself everyday for that. I promised you I was going to work hard to earn your forgiveness and I'm going to do just that"

I blink, feeling flustered and needy for his mouth on mine.

"Okay but can you just kiss me already?. I really want to kiss you Cam"


he grips my waist and pulls me to him.

His lips was on mine instantly, kissing me in ways no man could ever.


One week flew by within the blink of an eye.

Mr Park still hadn't called me once.

I was starting to feel he already suspected I was lying.

The thought scared me but right now, I couldn't think of Mr Park or anything.

All I could think of was winning this case.

I couldn't lose to Maurice. It wasn't an option to even consider.


I snap out of my trance, turning to Cameron who grabs my hand.

"I'm scared. What if we lose?"

"We won't"

he assures

"How can you be so sure? We don't know what else Maurice has up his sleeves"

"Even I've got a few trucks up sleeve. We aren't leaving here without full custody of Sean, believe me"

I sigh. "It's gonna be okay Skylar"

Julian who had been quiet initially spoke up.

I nod, rising with the rest as the judge makes an appearance.

I zone out again after that, both lawyers begin to bicker and argue back and forth.

"And now your honor, I'd like to call my witness Mrs Patricia Brown to the witness stand if you may"

"Permission granted"

My head snaps up so quickly I almost had a whiplash.. Patricia? As in miss Glen? The same miss Glen who was my neighbour and who's real name was actually Patricia? The same one who helped me under the instructions of Maurice? No way.

This can't be.

I blink rapidly when I spot miss Glen making her way towards the witness stand.

I turn to Cameron hoping to get answers but all he does is squeeze my hand.. My brain is in a daze and I could hear only bits and pieces of what she was saying.

Something along the lines of working under Maurice's instructions to stay close to me to kept an eye on me and sh*t... The moment she was done, Mr Norman called another witness.

It took me a while to realise he was Miss Glen's husband.

The man who worked for Maurice and the man through which Maurice had managed to blackmail miss Glen into doing his bidding.

I turn to Cameron.

" all this?"

My voice came out scratchy and hoarse.

"I know a lot princess. I'd seen how you always ignored calls from.a certain miss Glen. I was curious. I took the number off your phone and called her. She told me she was willing to do anything to earn your forgiveness so I asked her to come here and testify in your favour in exchange for her protection. It was easier to convince her husband because well... It turns out Maurice isn't just a disgusting piece of sh*t, but he's also a cruel boss. Her husband was ever ready to leave and teach his boss a lesson. I told you princess, no one would take Sean away from you. From me. He's my son too"

"Oh Cam" 

I can't help the tears that begin to flow as I wrap my arms around my husband hugging him with every ounce of strength.

"Thank you Cam. Thank you so much. I'd be lost without you. I really would" I sob into his chest and he shushes me, pressing my face into his chest to muffle my sobs.

"Don't cry princess. We don't want to draw attention to ourselves do we?"

He asks soothingly as I pull away. 


I sniff and he wipes my tears.

"Do you promise to kiss me once we leave this court?"

He chuckles slightly.

"I'd do more than kiss you girl".

I blush, looking away.

"Now let's pay attention shall we?"

I nod and turn in my seat just as Miss Glen's husband steps down the witness stand and walks to his seat behind us.

"Your honor, may I please have the permission to provide my last evidence? It's a video actually"

Mr Norman speaks up.

Damn, he was on a roll today.

Maurice's lawyer had barely spoken today.

"You may"

the judge nods and Mr Norman gives a pen drive to the clerk.

He steps out for a minutes and returns later with a projector.

Projecting it to the white wall, we watch as he connects it to the laptop beside him, inserts the pendrive and a while later, the recording I'd made last week began to play.

I smirk, enjoying the moment.

Murmurs and whispers break out the in court room as they watch the video.

"Order! Order in the court!"

The judge yells and there was silence but just for a few seconds and the murmurs erupted again when Maurice began to bluff and gloat about how he could easily bribe the judge to do his bidding.

I notice the judge's eyes narrow infinitesimally at the comment and oh, I just know that Maurice can't save himself now.

That comment is enough to make anyone turn against him.

He's so screwed. I glance in Maurice's direction.

Our eyes meet.

I smirk and raise my left hand, giving him the middle finger.

Julian snickers beside me as Cameron pulls my hand down.

"My God Skylar"

he scolds me

"What? After everything he's done, I can at least give him the middle finger right?"

He shakes his head in amusement.

"You're crazy woman. So crazy"

he pulls me to him, gripping my hand tightly just incase I decide to give stupid old buffoon Maurice the middle finger again.

I roll my eyes.

Halfway into the video, Maurice suddenly springs up from his seat, yelling at the clerk to stop the video.

His lawyer's attempt to stop him proves futile.

"That's a lie. A bunch of f*cking lies. Stop that video! Stop that damn video you stupid idiotic clerk!"

He shouts like a madman.

"Watch your tongue! Control your client prosecutor!"

The judge thunders.

"Yes of course your honor. Forgive me your honor"

the lawyer bows like a horse with a broken neck. I grin. He who laughs last, laughs the best indeed.

"Let go! Let me go! I said stop the f*cking video! It's a lie! Lies!"

Maurice struggles against his lawyer. He points at me. Seemingly, he was no where near ending his rant.

"You b*tch! I'll destroy you! You cunt! Stupid b*tch!!"

He struggles to get out of his seat. He's fitally out of control now.


The judge yells and immediately, two men in uniform run Into the court room.

They grab the hysterical Maurice and forcefully hold him down.


The judge thunders much louder and the room becomes as quiet as a cemetary.

"Defense, will your client like to sue the prosecutor for slander and false information?"

He asks Mr Norman who gets up, turning to me.

I didn't have to think.

Of course I was going to sue him.

There was no way I was letting him of the hook.

"Yes. I want to sue him"

I say to Mr Norman.

"Yes your honor. My client will like to sue the prosecutor"

"Very well, then.." The judge nods and grabs a pen.

I wait impatiently as he scribbles something down before lifting his head again.

"Now, to my final verdict.." 

I hold my breath, my grip tightening on Cameron's hand. I hope whatever he saw today was enough to convince him otherwise. I hope he doesn't suggest my son goes to child care services.

"By the power vested in me, I hereby grant Mrs Skylar Knight full custody of the child in question, Sean Knight. I also sentence Mr Maurice King to two years in jail for artificially inseminating Mrs Skylar Knight without her consent and he is to pay a fine of $30,000 as compensation to the Knight family. This court has been dismissed"



Miss Glen or should I say Patricia Brown approached me the moment we stepped foot outside the court.

I didn't even get the chance to kiss my husband like I promised.

"We'll be waiting by the car"

Cameron tells me and walks away with Julian and the lawyer. I sigh.


Miss Glen greets.

I glance at her husband and at her.


I reply, stuffing my hands into the pocket of my jeans.. This is the first time I wasn't yelling at her in weeks.

We stand in awkward silence for a while before she speaks up again.

"How are you doing?"

"Good. I'm good"


she nods slowly.

"And Sean?"

She looks around as if trying to find him.

"He's good too. At school"

"Oh...I bet he's already a big guy now"

"He is"

We fall into another awkward silence.

"Look Skylar, I'm really sorry for everything. I know I have no right to.."

"It's fine miss Glen"

I cut her off

"The most important thing is you rectified your mistakes and that's all I wanted. It's fine. Really"

"I really am sorry though" 

I nod, turning to her husband.

"Thank you too Mr.."

I trail off realising I don't even know his name.

"Ben. Ben brown"

he chips in.

"Thank you Mr Brown, for what you did back there. And it's really nice to meet you"

"Likewise Skylar"

he smiles. "Okay. Umm I have to get going.. It's nice to see you again miss Glen"

"Wait Skylar"


I turn.

"Uh, actually we will be staying here a little longer. Perhaps a few more weeks before we return. You think we can meet up sometime to talk? And well perhaps I could see Sean too. I miss him"

"Sure Miss Glen. You can call me anytime"

"Sure. Bye Skylar"

"Bye Miss Glen"

I turn and begin to walk away from them, my eyes finding Cameron immediately.


I yell, all eyes turn to me. I couldn't care less though. I only had eyes for my s*xy hunk of a husband. I run. I run towards him and throw myself at him. He coughs, catching me before we could fall.

"Jesus princess, wanna kill me?" 

I giggle pulling away.

"I thought I would be your dumbbell today"

His eyebrows scrunches together in confusion.

"My what?"

"Your dumbbell. You know, since you're always in the gym, lifting weights and dumbbells, I thought you are tired of lifting those damn things everyday so you could use me as your dumbbell today. You'll gain muscle faster that way. Use me as your dumbbell today honey"

I pout, loving how his fingers make small invisible circles on my waist. Cameron throws his head back and laughs.

"My God.. You're crazy baby girl. Very crazy" 

I grin. "So now I'm baby girl huh?"

"Yep, my baby girl, my little flower, my princess, my wife"

He pulls me to him.

"And you are my baby boy, my little sunflower, my prince, and my sexy husband"

I attack his face with a thousand kisses.

"I'm s*xy huh?"

He raises his eyebrows when I stop attacking him. I roll my eyes.

"No. You're not the least bit s*xy. In fact you're ugly. Very ugly, I can't stand to look at you"

It was his turn to roll his eyes.

"Yea sure princess. Whatever sails your boat" 

I open my mouth ready to give another snarky comment when the car's horn blows loudly. I jump.

"Can't you two keep your hands off each other for a second? Get into the car before I run you over!"

Julian yells from behind the steering wheel.

Cameron flips him the bird as we slip into the car.

My happiness was short lived as a certain realisation hit me like a moving truck.

Our marriage was over now, wasn't it.


She was happy.

Or at least I thought she was.

After Julian had disappeared into the kitchen to make his special cupcakes, Skylar had withdrawn.

She was no loner smiling and giggling with every single thing.

She was quiet.

Too quiet. I'd reckoned she was going to offer to help Julian in the kitchen and then prepare a certain fried cheesy pickles for Sean.

A new recipe she'd found on the internet.

But no.

Instead, she sat quietly leaning against the headboard, her legs pulled up to her chest.

"Skylar what's wrong?"


she mutters.

"Don't tell me it's nothing princess. There's something.. Hey look at me"

I hook my fingers under her chin and lift her head up.

She blinks.

Her eyes were glistening with unshed tears. Lips were trembling. Panic fills me at the sight.

"Skylar? What's wrong? Who hurt you? Did anyone say something to you? If so may God help me.."

She cuts off my threats with just a single tiny gasp.

She grabs my hand in her small ones and squeezes.

My anger deflates instantly.

"What's wrong princess? Talk to me"

Still no response.

A single tear escapes and I cuss.

Of course.


Of course it's my fault.

It's my damn fault she's crying.

I hurt her.

I hurt her with my words.

I said things to her I didn't mean, humiliated her In a hotel full of people.

My stupid drunken ass.

Curse you Cameron Knight. I pull my hand away from hers, suddenly feeling like I'm unworthy to touch her. I run my havds through my hair, tugging at the nods.

I need a f*cking cigar.

"I'm sorry princess. I know you're still hurt and I promised to do everything to gain your forgiveness. I must have forgotten my place... Look, I'll just.."

I get off the bed.


Her voice came out low and scratchy.


"When Cameron? When are you going to do it so I can prepare myself?"

Okay I'm confused.

"Do what?"

She licks her lips, supporting her chin with her hands that lay on her knees..

"When are you going to bring the divorce papers? You married me so we could prove to the judge that Sean has a stable family. But it's over now. So when are you going to divorce me? Please tell me so I can...can.."

She trails off with a blink, another tear rolls down her cheeks.

So this is what this about? God.

In a flash, I join her on the bed, pull her startled self to me and crush my lips to hers.

She let's out a gasp at my sudden action and I take that opportunity to send my tongue in, tasting her properly.

God, she tastes so good. I bunch my fists in her clothes and pull her closer with it.

I nip on her lower lips, something I know she likes and she m*ans, wrapping her arms around my neck, her hands finding my hair and tugging at it.

A growl escapes my throat as I kiss her ferociously, wanting more, needing more.

I pull away after a while, resting my forehead against hers, our breathing ragged.

"You stupid, stupid girl. What makes you think I'll divorce you huh?" I mutter against her lips.


She pulls back slightly to peer into my face.

"We are not getting divorced princess. Sure, the reason for our marriage no longer holds but every single vow I said at the alter, I meant every word. I'm not divorcing you princess. Unless you decide you don't want me anymore"

"Cameron.. aren't leaving me? You want to stay with me?"

She was baffled.

"Today and forever. Do you want to stay by my side princess?"

It was my turn to pull back and she looks at me like I've grown two heads.

"Do I want to stay with you? Do I? Do I? Of course I want to Cameron! I want to be with you!"

Her voice increases with each word she utters as she flings herself at me. We Fall back on the bed with her on top of me.

"Oh Cameron. I thought.. I thought..."

She bites her lips

"Thought what? That I was going to divorce you? No sensible man will leave a gem like you princess.. In fact.."

I pause, twirling a strand of her hair around my finger.

"I was thinking of asking you to move in with me.

I don't like that we're husband and wife yet stay in separate rooms.

I wanna wake up with you in my arms every morning and go to sleep with your beautiful face being the last thing I see.

Hell, I'll let you put your clothes in the closet and dump mine on my floor.

I'll let you paint the walls pink and use yellow bedsheets.

I'll let you throw all my shoes away and arrange yours on the shoe rack instead.

I'll even let you buy me a pink phone cover with a Barbie picture at the back woman" 

I grin. Her head falls back with laughter rumbling out of her.

"Oh my God Cameron. You're the most insane man I've ever met"

she grins, eyes shinning with joy.

"And you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met baby"

She blushes. I grip her waist, flip us over so I was now on top, my hands planted on the bed on each side of her head to support my weight.

"I want you Skylar. Heart, mind, body and soul. I want you baby. All of you. Just as I've given you all of me"

It was true. I'd given her all of me without even realising it. She was my sanity, my princess, my girl.

"I've always been yours Cameron Knight. Always"

her legs wrap around my waist.

I search her beautiful eyes.

"Do you wanna say our marriage vows once more baby?"

She asks, a hand going into my hair to massage my scalp.

"I Cameron Knight take you, Skylar Knight to be my lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish, to hold and to respect, for better for worse, In sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer till death do us part. And I swear to pluck out the eyes of any man that dares look at you for more than one second"

I grin and she laughs, pressing her forehead to mine.

"I Skylar Knight, take you Cameron Knight to be my lawfully wedded husband, to love and to uphold, to cherish and to respect, for better for worse, In sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer till death do us part. And I swear to pluck out the eyes of any woman that dares to look at you for more than a millisecond and pull out her hair"

I laugh.

"I hereby promince us husband and wife for the second time. I may now kiss my bride" I lean in to kiss her and she turns sway making my lips land on her cheeks. "Not so fast dear husband" she trails her nails over my clothed chest. "We need to lay down some rules first. Rule number one..."

This woman.

I zone out as she mentioned the rules.

I couldn't careless.

I'd adhere to whatever rule she makes.

My eyes are fixated on her as she continues to talk on and on, rolling her eyes and giggling to herself.

Then it hits me all at once.

I'm the reason for her happiness.

She was sad until I told her I wasn't going to divorce her.

Likewise, she makes me happy.

She makes me laugh more than anyone has ever done.

She makes me want to say the goofiest and cheesiest of things.

She makes me want a future.

A future where we're married, with babies that look exactly like her running around.

She makes me want to wake up everyday to find her in the kitchen wearing nothing but my shirt and preparing breakfast.

She makes me want it all.


I know, I know now that It was stupid to hide what I felt. It's stupid, useless.

This woman deserves more than my love.

And I don't care how cheesy this sounds but I'll f*cking gladly wear a skirt and blouse to work tomorrow if she asks me to.

I'd move heaven and earth for her.

I'd hurt anyone who makes her cry.

She's my purity, my sanity, my rarity.

She's my Sky.

The bright Sky that lights up my cave of darkness.

And that's how much I love her.



To say I was happy was totally an understatement.

Cameron was currently on top of me, still in the sane position after he'd flipped me over.

We were silent, chest pressed against each other, listening to our heartbeats.

He didn't want to divorce me.

He wanted me to move in with him, like literally sleep on one bed, share one closet.

He wanted me, as much as I wanted him. Is it safe to say he loves me too?


he calls out after a while.


My face was pressed in the crook of his neck, fingers in his hair and legs wrapped around his waist..

"You should take your legs off my waist. You're not helping the situation"

he groans and as if in cue, I feel his hardness pressing against my thigh.

I blush, slowly releasing my legs.

"I think I need a cold shower now"

he gets off me, sliding gown the bed. I sit up.

"I'll join you"

I blurt out and he raises an eyebrow, smirking.

"Just to save water you know. Just to save water" 

I add quietly and his smirks widens into a grin. I roll my eyes. He's so cocky.

"Just to save water huh?"


I get on my feet

"I'll go grab my towel and some fresh clothes"

"We can share my towel."

"No way. Are you going to wrap the towel around the both of us?"

I raise an eyebrow.

"Why not? And I have a few of your clothes in my closet too. I kept some when you went shopping."

"Fine. I'll get some underwear then"

I huff. There's no winning when it comes to Cameron.

"Oh that's sorted out too. I have all types of women underwear. Your size too. I have cotton panty and nylon. Color red, white, black. Oh I even have lingerie and corsets and some g-strings..."


I yell, my face heating up quickly.. He had my underwear size in his closet? He laughs.

"You're a pervert! My God!"

I cover my flushed face.

I stomp past him dramatically into the room he occupied.

I didn't bother to check out the room I was going to be staying in now.

I went straight for the closet and yanked it open.

I gasp. Red lacy bras, panties.. I blink, shutting it close immediately.

Cameron walks In just then and I turn ready to yell at him when he starts to take his clothes off until he was stark naked, his hard member staring right at me.

I blink, my mouth falling open at the gloriousness of his body.

I could pour honey on his abs and lick it.

"I'll be waiting princess"

he says and pads n*ked into the bathroom, leaving me to gather my thoughts.

My God, this man.

When I joined Cameron later, he was washing lather off his body.

I pull the curtain aside and step in, hugging him from behind, pressing my face into his back.

He washes his face and turns in my arms.

"I want to wash your hair"

I blurt out without thinking.


he goes to sit at the edge of the tub as I grab his shampoo.

I step In front of him, lathering the shampoo into his hair. He hums, his arms going around my waist, his face plastered on my belly.

"Do you wash your hair often?"

I ask trying not to let myself get distracted with how he was nipping at the flesh on my belly.

"No. But if you promise to always wash it, then fine"

I nod and continue washing. After a while. I grab the showerhead and begin to wash the lather off.

"I love you"

I freeze, nearly dropping the showerhead.

"W. What?"

Cameron pulls away and looks up at me from where he sat. Droplets of water rolled down his face.

"I said I love you princess. I'm in love with you"

he repeats more firmly this time and I suck in a breath.

I search his eyes for any doubt, any hint that he might just be f*cking with me but none.

His eyes were clear, portraying his words.

Oh God.

Cameron loves me too.

He loves me! Of course he does you stupid girl.

I suddenly burst out laughing and he frowns.

"What's funny?"

"I just... I have spent days imagining how perfect it would be if we finally confessed our feelings to each other but never in my wildest dreams did I think it'll happen in a bathroom while we're both naked and dripping with water."

He grins

"I told you I am a different kind of specie baby girl. My kind is rare"

I burst out laughing, crouching to his seat.

"My God I love you! I love you!"

It feels good to finally say it out loud but it feels so much better to know he feels the same way.

"You do?"

He asks with uncertainty.

"Of course I do! You were just to blind to see it. God I love you!"

Tears of joy stream down my face.

Damn you Cameron, for taking so long.

He cups my face gently.

"I love you Mrs Knight"

he c*resses my cheeks.

"I love you more Mr Knight. I love you. I really really am madly and insanely in love with you"

"And I'm head over heels over you babygirl. I love you"

he kisses my forehead and pulls away. "Come let's get you cleaned up yeah?"

He gets up from where he sat, pulling me up.

I nod and he gets under the running water with me.

After our shower, we lay in bed, doing nothing but staring into space enjoying each others presence. We were alone.

Julian had left a while ago to Cameron's penthouse to grab some things.

I snuggle closer, tightening my grip around his torso.


he breaks the silence.


I plop my chin up with my hand that lay on his chest and look up at him.

"I want to tell you about Natalie. My past with her. Wanna hear it?"

"Yes" I wanna hear about the b*tch that hurt him.


The doorbell rang as I stormed into the living room.

Julian had returned barely five minutes ago and was in the study with Cameron. I was fuming.

Fuming mad at that Natalie girl.

Cameron has just finished telling me all about her and I wanna wring her neck so bad.

Only a heartless and soulless person will dare leave their groom-to-be at the alter only to marry their younger brother.

She was the devil's incarnate.

A greedy monster.

"Who's at the door?"

Cameron asks emerging with Julian and Marie, the wedding planner on their tail. When did she arrive?

"I don't know" 

I grumble, reaching for the doorknob and yanking it open.

Behind the door stood a pink haired lady wearing ridiculously long eyelashes staring at me.

I swear I thought the eyelashes were about to fall when she blinked.


she waves. Jeez her nails were as long as a mermaid.

"No f*cking way"

A voice sounding much like Julian's cusses behind me.

"She must have followed me after I left the penthouse. F*ck!"

He cusses again.

She must have followed him here? Why? Who was she? As if she recognized Julian's voice, she popped her head inside and then pushed me out of the way entering without permission.

What the hell? She stops, eyes fixated on my husband.

She looks like she was in some kind of shock for a while before she snapped back to reality and flung herself at Cameron.. What the f*ck? I glare at them.

She begins to sob.

Like literally cry.

Cameron hasn't said a word.

He didn't react.

He didn't hug her back either.

When the fake pink haired Brazilian wig b*tch decided she'd had enough of the crying, she pulled away.


she sobs.

He regard her for a while, arms folded in front of him.

"Natalie. It's been long"

he replies and my eyes bulge.

Natalie? This woman that looks like a fake Barbie is the famous Natalie? The ex? The b*tch who hurt my husband? And she's here? Hugging my husband? Oh I feel like committing murder.

I watch Cameron carefully, trying to see if he's going to react.

To see if her presence affected him.

Did he sill feel something for her? He wasn't.

He was totally cool.

Expression neutral and unwavering as he regarded her.

He looked like her presence didn't affect him.

At all.


At least now I'm sure he holds no place in his heart for her.

Now, I must teach her a lesson.

I shut the door and motion for Julian and Marie to sit. I walk towards her.


I'd always dreamt of the day Natalie and I will come face to face again.

I had thought of all the things I would feel.

Anger, hatred, pain.

I had thoughts of all the things I eould say.

had thought of how I would find satisfaction in throwing her out when she came crawling back to me.

But surprisingly nothing.

I feel nothing.

I'm at peace.

I don't feel anything for her.

No love, no anger, no hurt.

Not even pity.

I didn't realise I had completely moved on from her until now.

I regard her cooly as she pulls back from the hug.

I felt nothing when she touched me.

I don't even feel like screaming at her for her betrayal because she's not worth my time.

"Oh Cameron. It's been years.. have no idea what I've been going through. I've been searching..."

Lying b*tch. She was cut off when Skylar approached us.

"Ma'am, will you pleses have a seat?"

She addresses her respectfully. I raise an eyebrow.

She must have figured who this lady was so why was still acting cool? Natalie takes a seat.

I do too, further away from her.

"What can I offer you ma'am? Water, juice or some food"

Skylar asks.

What's she up to? I glance at Julian.

He was giving me questioning looks too.

I shrug. Whatever it is, I'm sure Natalie is going to leave here crying.

I see that fire in my wife's eyes.

" just juice."

Natalie replies and turns to say something to me when Skylar interrupts again..

"What kind of juice ma'am? Orange, pineapple or tomato juice?"

I almost choke.

WTF! Tomato juice? Natalie scrunches her eyebrows.

"Orange juice is fine"

"Would you like homemade orange juice or the processed one?"

"Uhh...processed one"

"Would you like it in a glass or cup?"

F*cking hell!. I almost crack up with laughter.

Skylar is torturing her.

"What is this? An interview?" Natalie was getting irritated.

"Im sorry ma'am but I'm a trained house help and I can't help these things. Pardon me"

My wife bows so deeply her head almost hit the couch. Say what now? House help?

"Fine. In a glass"

Natalie sighs.

"Wine glass, champagne glass, beer glass or tumbler?"

I bite on my lip, trying to stop my laughter.

I could see Julian and Marie snickering.

"Wine glass!"

Natalie snaps, clearly irritated.

"The wine glass, do you need the decorated one or the plain one?" 

I didn't know we had decorated wine glass.

Natalie throws her hands into the air in exasperation.

"Of my f*cking God! I don't know where you got this dumb stupid maid from Cameron! You know what, why don't you serve me the juice in a damn toilet bowl since you're so full of sh*t!"

My jaw clench.

Oh no she didn't.

She didn't just insult my wife.

I spring off my seat, ready to grab her and throw her out when Skylar begins to walk away quietly.

"And where do you think you're going stupid maid?!"

Skylar turns with a cool expression.

"I was going to the guestroom. To see if I can pull out the toilet bowl and serve your juice in for you to drink since you seem to like sh*t so much"

My anger suddenly deflated as I burst out laughing.


Julian was laughing too.

Damn, I love my wife.

"What did you say? You b*tch!"

Natalie was off the couch in an instant and dashes towards Skylar. She raises her hand to hit her when Skylar snaps, catches Natalie's hand midair and twists it behind her.

"Don't you f*cking think you can come into my home, hug my husband and raise your stupid hand to hit me."

Skylar seethes and kicks Natalie forward harshly.

Natalie stumbles forward with the force and falls, her face sinking into the plate of cupcakes Julian had made.

Ohhh. That must hurt. Damn, who doesn't want a badass wife?

"Now, listen and listen good, If I ever see you come near my husband or glance at him, I will strip you naked, chop your body into pieces and bury it someplace no one will ever find.

Now get the f*ck out of my sight before I gladly slap that stupid fake Brazilian wig off your head and pluck out those long fake sticks you call eyelashes that look like the sponge used in bathing dead bodies at the mortuary!"



Holding my breath felt like an eternity.

It was almost like in movies where everything happened in slow motion and everyone was glancing at each other to see what will happen next.

I take a glance at Marie and Cameron, they were both snickering, clearly enjoying the karate happening live before them.

I can't say I wasn't enjoying it either.

Like hell I was.

I look up at Skylar.

Her face was flushed with fury.

Her chest was heaving up and down.

She was mad, livid. Fire burned in her eyes.

I can now comprehend why Cameron is so smitten with her.

She may look like a single delicate rose flower in the mist of thorns but when angered, her thorns sprouted right out.

And right now, Natalie was at the receiving end of her thorns.

My eyes drop to Natalie who's face was still planted in my cupcakes.

I pout. My precious cupcakes. It has been destroyed by this b*tchs face. Oh well..

"Didn't you hear me you pink haired b*tch?!"

Skylar roars. Ohh.

"I said get the f*ck out of my sight before I drag you like a doormat!"

Natalie scrambles off the floor, glaring at Skylar, making no attempt to move.

"Oh you wanna play hard? I'll give you hard"

Skylar grabs her pink hair and drags her with it.. I mean literally.

I mean she practically grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her out, Natalie's screams and yelps falling on deaf ears.

The moment Natalie was on the porch, Skylar shut the door in her face.

And I mean literally, like practically.

She shut the door in her face.

It even hit her nose I'm sure.

I snicker.

This has got to be the best live action movie I've ever watched.

Remind me never to get her angry.


I collapse into the couch, grabbing a cupcake from a separate plate which thankfully, was still not destroyed by the pink haired witch's face.

I push it all into my mouth, ignoring the full blown laughter around me. This isn't funny.

In fact, I feel so hungry after my little encounter with the witch.

It's like she sucked the energy out of me.

I take another cupcake.

And another and another.

When I feel satisfied, I grab the jug of water and chug it down directly from the jug.

Done, I place it down and turn to my dear husband who was still having the time of his life, laughing.


I get up and march towards him, jabbing his chest.

"Yes baby"

he sniffs through laughter.

"Do not baby me! You let her hug you! You let her touch you with those claws! You..."

My angry ranting is cut off when Cameron smashes his lips to mine.


I struggle against his hold, trying to push him away but his lips on mine was distracting me.

Who am I kidding? Eventually I give up and return the kiss, kissing him hard with all sort of emotions attached.

Anger, annoyance, jealousy, passion, love.. You name it.

"Oh my God get a room!"

We pull away, panting.

"Wow, I love it when you dominate me"

Cameron whispers, ignoring Julian.. I bite my lip. No blushing Skylar. No blushing.

"I'm mad at you Cam. You let her touch you"

"Oh princess"

he cups my cheeks and I turn sway with a huff.

"Do not princess me either" He sighs behind me.

"I didn't know you would get jealous. Believe me I feel nothing..."

"I believe you"

I cut him off, turning to face him again.

"It's just.."

I sigh, leaning in to him, wrapping my arms around his torso and looking up at him from where I'd planted my chin on his chest.

"She hurt you Cameron. I'm not jealous. I couldn't be jealous of a fake Barbie like her. I just hate her for hurting you. She didn't even look remorseful" 

I add. Cameron smiles tenderly.

"I don't need you to fight my battles princess. I can take care of myself. I could have taken care of Natalie"

"I know. I just wanted to get the feel of beating her."

He chuckles. "And how did you feel after beating her?"

He teases. I smirk.

"I felt like I had taken a sh*t after keeping it in for a long time. You know, like when you're in public and you suddenly feel like you wanna sh*t yet there's no toilet around and..."

Cameron bursts out laughing again, cutting me off

"I get your point princess. No need to go into details. My God, you're one crazy woman!"

I roll my eyes.

"But I love you. I love your craziness"

he wipes a tear.

He had laughed so much he was crying.

I grin like a Cheshire cat

"You do?"

"More than you could think of"

he kisses my forehead.

"And I love you Cameron."

"Oh my God!" 

A loud groan interrupts us.

"You guys, this is getting too soppy and mushy. Get a room, my ears have heard enough!"

I turn In Cameron's arms to face Julian.

Marie was seated by him, blushing hard at our public display of affection.

I had totally forgotten she was here.

"Shut up you idiot"

Cameron snaps at him.

"You know baby?"

He turns to me.


"You should go out. Have fun. Here take my credit card"

he pulls a card from his wallet and hands it to me.

"You girls can do as much shopping as you want. Go to the movies, the salon, get a manicure and whatever you girls do to have fun"

"B..but Cameron"

this offer was too tempting.

"The cupcakes that were meant for our celebration has been destroyed. Julian and I would go pick up Sean and the three of us will go out to have some man time while you go and have your girl time"

"Man time? Sean is hardly a man"

I raise an eyebrow and he shrugs

"Well I could teach him a few tricks"

"You wouldn't dare Cameron!"

I gasp.

"Relax princess. We'll be fine. Now you and Marie go have fun yeah?"

"Yes. Let's go!"

Marie grabs me and drags me away from my husband before I could protest.

"Bye Julian"

she kisses Julian on our way out and I blink In surprise.

"You're dating Julian?"

I finally ask when we settle in a cab and Marie gives the direction. She turns to me with a blush.

"Well.. No.. But I'm hoping we will. I'll tell you more when we arrive at the salon"

Hmm.. Julian and Marie huh?


Tracy sucked in a deep breath, licking her dry and chapped lips.

She let out a groan, trying desperately to stretch her legs which had been in the same position for too long.

But like it had been for the past two weeks, the only thing that echoed through the dark walls were the sounds of chains that were bound to her feet.

She rolls over on the floor, the smell of dried urine hitting her nose immediately.

She groans again, pulling and tugging at her hands which were bound by chains also.

This had been her daily routine for two weeks now.

Struggling with the chains around her arms and legs everyday yet all she got in return was the sounds of rustling old chains.

Resigning to her fate, Tracy let out a choked sob.

This wasn't what she had signed up for.

They had caught her. That very day when they were assigning roles to each of the girls.

The damn necklace. When they forced her to take it off, one of Park's men had destroyed the necklace, crushing it under their feet.

She had almost gotten away when they spotted the tiny small red blinking light that had fallen out of the pendant.

To say they were livid was an understatement.

She didn't get the chance to say anything. She couldn't.

Two men, the same men who had found her in front of the mansion had dragged into the deeper parts of the mansion.


Several dungeons where many other girls like her had been chained and kept.

And with the two weeks that she'd stayed in this underground dungeon, she had watched.

She had watched them chop off the fingers of any girl who had tried to lie or refused to speak up when asked a question.

It was obvious that every single girl here had committed a crime according to Mr Park.

Most of which were attempted escape.

They had tried to escape and were caught.

Others had refused to work in the strip clubs or offer their body to men.

Others had refused to do drugs.

And Tracy had watched every single one of them bleed.

She had listened to their cries of agony as their fingers were being chopped off like meat ready to be sold at a cold store.

Some who weren't so lucky had been murdered.

Hanged to death.

Right before her eyes.

And right now, as she lay on the floor, there was a girl barely nineteen or twenty years of age hanging from the ceiling of the dungeon.

She was killed two days ago and she was still hanging there.

The smell of decaying flesh was beginning to fill her nostrils.

She felt sick just thinking about it.

The body was decaying and she was in the same room with it watching it rot, watching the nails fall off one by one, watching flies begin to hover around it.

She blinks, licking her lips again.

She was hungry and thirsty too.

If only. If only.

Tracy snapped her head up at the sounds of keys jiggling.

Soon, the metal door to the dungeon was pushed open.

She was expecting a plate of measly looking food and a cup of water to be pushed towards her because they always fed her every three days.

And it had been three days since she last ate.

Tracy sat up, eager to get some water into her system but instead a slightly potbellied dark and tall man strolled casually into the room.

He looked up at the dangling body and grinned.

Tracy cringes instantly.

He must be the infamous Mr Park.

Finally she had come face to face with him but unfortunately she was going to die right here.

The man looks down at her and points to the dangling body.

"Enjoying your companion huh?"

She doesn't reply.

"Hmm Bridget.. Bridget, is that even your real name?"

He mutters to himself and furrows his eyebrows as if in deep thoughts but then smiles a second later with a shrug.

"Oh well, it doesn't matter now. My boys have told me you've been very disrespectful. They also told me you refused to tell them who you really are and who sent you that's why I came here and decided to have a nice little chat with my Blondie. I'm so generous don't you think?"

He flashes her another grin.

"Well.. Have you ever been told that I like cutting off fingers a lot?"

Park questions, pulling a small knife from his breast pocket.

Tracy gasps, fear gripping her. No, no, no.. Not her too.

"Ah, I'm sure you've seen my men chopping off fingers here a lot. You see, I'm not a monster. No. I just... I just love to hear their screams when I chop off their fingers. It gives me indescribable pleasure. Moreover, I enjoy it more when I hear the sounds of bones breaking and flesh tearing... So.... Blondie, I'm gonna ask you questions and you're gonna answer me like the pretty little thing you are hmm?"

Tracy was already crying.

She wasn't going to survive this.

She could see her life flashing before her eyes and it scared her.

More than anything ever had.

"Tsk tsk tsk, don't cry my little Blondie. Haven't you been told I hate tears? Makes me wanna pluck out your eyeballs"

Parks voice was cool, calm and collected yet the venom behind it was dangerous than a pythons.

"So, to my first question, who sent you here? And remember, every time you lie to me or refuse to answer me, pshh! One of your fingers will come off with one slice of my beautiful beautiful knife here. Now, I ask again Blondie, who sent you here?"






"Cameron! Hey dude!"

"Hmm? Yes?"

I snap my head up, confused.

"What are you thinking? We've been calling you for a minute now"

Julian asks and I sigh.


I brush my hand over my face.

I look down at Sean to find him staring at me in confusion.

I cuss myself.

I'd been so deep In my own thoughts I'd forgotten we had gone to pick him up from school and brought him to a movie theatre.

He was supposed to be having fun.

"Are you okay dad?"

I lower myself to his height, ruffling his hair slightly.

"I'm fine buddy, why do you ask?"

"You look sad"

he pouts, brushing his small hand over my face.

I sigh, taking his hand and kissing his palm.

"No buddy. I was thinking of what movie you wanted to watch"

Lies. His eyes lit up.

"I want to watch 'How to train a dragon'!"


I look over at the posters pasted around.

There was no movie with that title that was to be shown today.

"They aren't showing that movie today Sean. Uhh look over there"

I point to one of the posters.

"It's 'The Incredibles'. Wanna watch that one?"

He squints his eyes.

"Is that Superman suit they are wearing dad?" 

I chuckle.

"No Sean. It's their own special Superman suit"

"Let's watch that papa"

"Alright. Let me buy some popcorns"

I straighten up, turning to the vendor.

"Excuse me. Can I have a large packet of popcorns please. I want the salt flavored one and any drink you have suitable for kids" 

I run my hands through my hair as I wait for the vendor to finish my order.

"Here you go Sir"

I'm snapped back to reality as I take the popcorns and hand it to Sean.

"Would you like the orange or pineapple flavoured one?"

He asks gesturing to the drinks In his hand.


Sean answers before I could.

I nod at the vendor, taking the drink and paying.

I grab Sean's hand with the other hand and turn.

Two ladies were standing in a corner, eyeing me.

Ugh.. Few months ago, I would have wasted no time in approaching them and flirting with them like crazy.

I would even probably be banging them in less than hour.

But not anymore. I've got eyes for one woman and her son, our son is holding onto my hand with all the trust any kid could give to anyone they love.

So to be polite, I just give a small smile and walk past inside them and into theatre after handing out our tickets.

When we settle in our seats and the movie begins, Sean begins munching on his popcorns.

"Are you going to tell me what's been eating you up?"

Julian asks.

I knew he wasn't going to keep quiet about it. I glance at Sean. He was deeply engrossed in the movie. I sigh.

"It's nothing Julian"

"You should know who you are lying to Cam. What's wrong, tell me"

"This isn't the right place to talk Julian. Let's get home first and I'll tell you"

He narrows his eyes at me like he doesn't believe me.

"I promise"

I add and he sighs, leaning into his seat.

The rest of the movie goes by in a blur and by the time I realised, we were out of the theatre and slipping into the car with Sean rambling on and on about how awesome the characters were.

Thirty minutes later, I pull up at the front of Julian's apartment.

I don't bother to park in the garage.

I wait until Julian and Sean alight and head into the house before grabbing the huge heavy box I had kept in the backseat and make my way inside.

Skylar wasn't back yet.

"Hey Buddy"

I say to Sean dropping the box carefully on the table. He turns to face me, unbuttoning his school uniform.

"Remember I promised you something?"

He pulls his eyebrows together in thoughts.. "Alright never mind. I got you a surprise"

He gasps

"A surprise?!"

"Mm hmm. Guess what it is?"

"A new toy car?"

I shake my head.

"A phone?"

I chuckle.

"Mummy will kill me if I buy you a phone at this age"

He pouts.

"Show me dad please!"

He whines.

"Alright fine" 

I pull off the thick seal tape and lift the glass container out of the box. Sean gasps and squeals loudly when he sights the gift.

"Papa! That's an.. Aqua.. Aqua..."

"Aquarium. A small aquarium"

I nod at the glass filled with clear seawater.

It was a small aquarium, filled with three fishes, colourful seashells and tiny seaweeds at the bottom.

Sean rushes to my side, admiring his gift.

"Look at that papa!"

He points to the three small fishes swimming in the glass.

"It's called goldfish Buddy.. They are goldfishes"

"Is it mine papa?"

he looks up at me adorably. I ruffle his hair.

"It's all yours buddy. All yours"

"I love you papa"

he hugs my legs.

My heart lurches.

"I love you more Buddy"

The moment was broken when he turns to his gift, bouncing happily on his feet.

"Can I feed them papa? Please?"

I chuckle, pulling out the fish food.

"Sure buddy. But they don't eat pickles or meat. Here, pour some of this into the water and they'll eat. Here, try it"

I hand him the canned fish food which had been made into flakes. He grabs it happily and opens it.

"Do not pour plenty okay? Just a little. Pour it through this hole okay?" 

I point to the hole that had been drilled at the top and he nods eagerly.

When I was sure Sean was distracted with his gift, I make my way towards the gym to find Julian.

He was already waiting for me when I arrived.

"Are you going to tell me now?"

He asks, sitting up on the bench.

I lean against the door.

"Something isn't right Julian"

I say. He frowns.

"What do you mean?"

"How long has it been since we heard from Tracy? It's been more than a week Julian. Aren't you the least bit worried?"

I gather my hair tying it with the band around my wrist as I speak.. I had been so occupied with the court case that I had no room to think of Tracy.

Damn me if anything happens to her.

"The device we use to communicate with her hasn't been working for a while now. The location sensor we put on her isn't even showing anything. We can't locate her neither can we communicate with her. To top it all, Park hasn't called Skylar for once in several weeks. Doesn't all this seem off to you?"

He rubs his beard, frowning much deeper.

"Come to think of it, you have a point Cameron. Tracy contacts us at least once every three days but suddenly everything stopped. It's been more than two weeks now. Do you... Do you think.." He trails off, letting the rest of his words hang in the air. I shake my head.. No. No way.

I sent Tracy there with the full assurance that she would be fully protected and no harm shall befall her.

She accepted this job fully trusting us. No.. I can't let an innocent person's blood get spilled.

Knowing Park from what my wife has told me so far, he wouldn't hesitate to behead Tracy and dump her body in an ocean.

Park was the type of man who loved to kill in silence.

Slowly and silently.

If he hadn't contacted Skylar up until now, then he must know something. F*cking Park can't have his way this time.

I quickly reach for my phone and just about the same time, it dings with a new message.

Tapping on the icon, I open the message.


Dammit! F*ck! F*ck!

"What is it?"

Julian flies off his seat.

"Call Skylar and Marie. Tell them to come home. Now!"

"What? Why?"

"Because you and I are going to the arena. We can't leave Sean alone at home"

"Look you're confusing me Cameron. I thought you didn't have any match till next week or so? So why are we going to the arena?".

I pace the length of the room, frustration gnawing at me.

"I don't. But we need to go to the arena. Now."

I hiss

"Will you at least tell me why?"

"Because he knows dammit! He knows. He knows Skylar has been lying to him all this while. He knows we got married. He knows we sent Tracy to him for information. Hell, I don't know how but he knows everything. Even where we are currently living. And we need to leave right now and put the second part of our plan into motion because Park f*cking Greene has found out everything and he's coming for our heads!"



I'm sorry for the long wait guy